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Monday, February 7, 2011

$11 million worth of pot seized in Pharr, Tx. - Zeta attacks continue in Matamoros

The Monitor
Jared Taylor

PHARR — Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents seized more than 13,000 pounds of marijuana during a bust Friday.

ICE investigators received information Thursday about a storage unit along Owassa Road near Pharr being used as a marijuana repackaging and distribution point for marijuana.

Undercover agents conducted surveillance outside the storage unit, but did not observe anyone in the area. No one was inside when agents tried to obtain consent to search the storage unit, either.

Agents brought in narcotics detection dogs from the Hidalgo County Sheriff's Office to examine the outside of the unit. The dogs alerted to narcotics odors coming from inside the storage unit.

Agents obtained a federal search warrant for the property. On Friday, they raided the unit and found about 20 commercial produce boxes filled with bricks of marijuana, as well as several rolls of packaging tape and clear plastic wrap.

Agents seized a total of 510 bricks of compressed marijuana that weighed 13,314 pounds. Agents also found and seized three assault rifles and two shotguns inside the unit.

The drugs carried a value of more than $11 million. No arrests have been made in the case.

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Municipal police on alert, Matamoros Tamaulipas
Attacks continue in Matamoros

The Brownsville Herald

At least two grenades were thrown Monday evening along a busy boulevard in Matamoros that lies close to two international bridges.

Sources confirmed that two explosions went off at approximately 7:30 p.m. along Alvaro Obregon Boulevard near the intersection with Calle Sexta.

Five minutes before, a grenade had previously gone off near the Colonia Jardin neighborhood, which is close to a military base belonging to the Mexican Navy.

Details of the damages or if the explosions caused any injuries or casualties were not readily available, but at least two ambulances were called to the scene as authorities cordoned off the area, while a military helicopter patrolled the skies looking for any suspicious activity.

After the blast, all three international bridges in Brownsville remained open, confirmed U.S. Customs and Border Protection spokesman Eduardo Perez.

“We’re in communication with our Mexican counterparts and continue to monitor the situation in Mexico,” Perez said. “Our officers are constantly on alert and all of our ports of entry remain open and we continue to process traffic as it comes. Most important to us is the safety of our officers and our travelers.

A source with firsthand knowledge of criminal activity in Matamoros stated that the attacks are a continuation of the tactics of heating up the plaza or stirring things up which began a few weeks ago. The source stated that a group of Zetas are responisible for the attacks after they snuck into the city recently. They have had several heated forefights with the Gulf Cartel and the Mexican military during that time.

The group that lobbed the grenades is the same group that lobbed two grenades at the Matamoros General Hospital Friday night, the source said

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  1. pharr out man..looks like those guns are some walmart charles daly 12 guage autos and some gunshow sks rifles...sort of down from full auto ak's

    some dumbasses try to convert sk's to full auto..but they wont hold up..the piston rod is too skinny and overheats, that big banana clip is asking for disaster...carbine versus assault rifle

    if you really want to screw the narcos drop a whole load of tec nines over to them..after two or three shots they hang up....and then???


  2. Now that's Pharr out, man...

  3. CDG product probably. I wonder what the retail distribution is like in Brownsville and Mcallen, Dallas, is it all CDG controlled, or are Zeta's trying to move in?

  4. Zetas have existed in the valley since 07 as far as I know from people accusing others of being from that organization. Now its pretty common to people point the finger in the valley and say "that one there is a Zeta or CDG" Most are Zs. I wouldnt doubt a second if theyre not in Houston San Antonio and Dallas already.

  5. BB, aqui les dejo este enlace....mucho ojo lean la nota haber si se dan cuenta de la conneccion con el arresto de YAIR......

  6. Damn I could have used that to pay my rent for a few years.

  7. Fuk the Zetas. Kill them all

  8. bricked/compressed mexican schwag weed. dunno why anyone would even want to smoke that crap. used to sell for $125-$150/lb a couple of years ago.-pure garbage, compared to the high grade varietys that are available now.

    and why bother trying to smuggle that crap across anyways, everyone knows those cartels are growing in all the national forests across the u.s. now, with much better strains, and less risk.

  9. im from houston...there here...been here for a while

  10. The last time I was in Matamoros and I was driving back to into brownsville, to come back to houston, I was surprised by a white unmarked suv which had its sirens on, ran me off the road, and was chasing a blue suburban. Further up on Alvarado Obregon, heading towards the bridge, there is usually a loooong line, but it was deserted, the US Border Customs Patrol officers had their guns drawn out, and were looking into people's cars. There were probably less than 10 cars trying to cross over to Brownsville. This was either september or october last year. When I got into brownsville, I was told there was a grenade threat. I was shocked then. Scared. I drove thru that and I'm a mother of two.


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