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Monday, February 7, 2011

Three teenagers killed in Cd. Juarez - two were US citizens

The violence in Cd. Juárez claimed 16 more lives this past weekend. Just thirty-eight days into the new year it's already one of the deadliest years on record with 58% of all the narco-assassinations coming from the states of Chihuahua, Sinaloa, Guerrero and Nuevo Leon.

The state of Chihuahua however; continues to lead in the number of homicides throughout Mexico, with a total of 339 assassinations to date. The border city of Cd. Juárez just twenty five feet away from El Paso, Texas is the most violent city with 250 executions to date.

El Milenio, a large weekly publication in Mexico reported that the cartel violence has attributed to 30,713 deaths in Mexico since President Calderon assumed office. Calderon assumed office on December 1, 2006, and he was elected for a single six-year term through 2012.

Sadly the genocide on young men and women continues. In one of the brutal attacks that occurred Saturday, gunmen open fired on their victims at a used car lot on Gómez Morín Boulevard and San Antonio street killing all three teenagers.

The teenagers were identified as Juan Carlos Echeverri Jr., 15, Carlos Mario González Bermudez, 16, and César Yalin Miramontes Jiménez, 17. Two were US citizens living in Juárez, but who had been attending their respective high schools in El Paso.

The three had been next door to the used car lot eating tacos and had gone over to look at a few of the cars on the lot. As they looked at the cars four heavily armed gunmen arrived asking for the owner of the car lot.

When they discovered that the owner was not there, they began shooting. The boys were killed at 4:22 p.m., one of the teenagers was found inside a white Jeep Cherokee and the other two in the courtyard. At least 60 bullet casings were found at the scene. A couple of sales managers escaped unharmed and refused to give any type of statement.

The students were killed in one of three triple homicides that took place this past Saturday. In another homicide a teenager, a woman and a 40-year-old man died in an attack by unidentified gunmen, with the third triple homicide occurring at a garage that left a 13-year-old boy among the dead.

Little has been written about the murders of US citizens in Cd. Juárez. Ciudad Juárez has become one of the world’s deadliest cities amid a turf war between the Sinaloa and Juarez drug cartels. There were 37 US citizens killed in 2010. 112 US citizens have died in Cd. Juarez sine Oct. 2009.

One thing that the U.S. State Department continues to do is issue travel warnings for several parts of Mexico, including the state of Chihuahua. The department said in the warning that Ciudad Juarez is of special concern.

In the warning, the U.S. government advises its citizens to defer unnecessary travel to Ciudad Juarez and to the Guadalupe Bravo area, southeast of Ciudad Juarez. In both areas, American citizens have been victims of drug related violence, the warning states.


  1. ''lito'brito @ 7, 2011 at 9:22 PM

    man this is such bullshit...just shoot them just to kill somebody...this is the reality in Mexico today...walking down the street,,eating a taco...looking at a car...anything and you can be killed ...

    i have never defended drug use in the USA..or denied its effect on the situation in Mexico...but guys like this will be doing crimes even if there wasn't a USA

    the genie is out of the bottle in Mexico the long history of admiration of lawlessness has borne fruit...

    it makes some sort of sense to kill/die for what you believe in..or for money..but just to kill for do you adjust social conditions to deal with guys like this

    i just don't think poverty, drug war or any thing explains it ..just pure crazy evil...

    even if the USA is a police state..which is still a matter of debate..even if it is least in a police state the only guys you have to watch are the police...

    Mexico now a days is like a bad western..but nobody can change the channel

  2. This blog is a bad western and you are the star of the show

  3. Nobody is saying what type of vehicle these kids were driving, young men should not be in groups driving around in SUV's, they can and will be confused with active narco elements. If it turns out they were driving a 2010 Hummer without plates, they are just asking to get shot. It's a war out here, don't dress your kid's in camouflage, or let them were black ski masks - no matter how cold it gets.

  4. And I bet the US will do NOTHING about the killing of US citizens in mexico, as usual! Bunch of damn pussies! All they want is to be "politically correct" which is bullshit!

  5. The "US citizens" lived in Juarez, but went to school in El Paso. Unfortunately, they will not get much sympathy or support from majority of US citizens, as they do not acknowledge babies born to illegal aliens as citizens, although the current law does. Many states, responding to the demands of constituents, are debating proposed laws to make the status of babies born to illegals as non citizens.

  6. Thomas...
    Here is a link which has more personal info about these fine young boys. Good boys, great students, beautiful young men. Includes pics...and this paragraph;

    " One of the boys, Carlos Mario González Bermúdez, 16, commuted on a daily basis to attend Cathedral High School in El Paso where his older brother, Nick González, is the principal. The second victim, Juan Carlos Echeverri, 15, was also enrolled at Cathedral High School for some time but later decided to continue his education in Ciudad Juarez at Redford High School. The third teenager, who has been identified as César Yalín Miramontes Jiménez, 17, was a distinguished student at the Monterrey Institute of Technology. The first two boys have been confirmed as US citizens."

    and the link "JUSTICE IN MEXCIO PROJECT"

  7. Here is a link to Al Jazeera's excellent report on how especially health professionals are being negatively impacted in Ciudad Juarez by the fighting/ violence going on there...

    'Kidnappings rock Mexico's docs'
    Violence against medical staff and increased levels of mental illness are taking a toll on Juarez.

    Robbing doctors---
    Doctors, like other professionals and some lower class residents, are kidnapped by drug gangs and held for ransom. "In a few cases, the victims have been killed even when they pay," Zorrilla says.

    About 2,000 physicians have fled the city in the last four years, according to estimates from Leticia Chavarria, the president of the Juarez Doctors' and Citizens' Committee.

    In December, 4,000 health professionals across the city staged a 24-hour strike, protesting against the lack of safety, after gunmen kidnapped and later killed Dr Jose Alberto Betancourt Rosales.

    While police guard a checkpoint outside the hospital, there is no protocol for dealing with kidnapping or armed attacks on medical staff, Zorrilla says.

    "What should we do? Who should we call if someone gets kidnapped? These are plans that we must have," he says, adding that planning for safety becomes even more complicated when "much of the population doesn't trust the security forces" because of inefficiency and corruption.

    full article at...


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