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Monday, February 7, 2011

La Pelirroja case Update: Yair captured

Press Secretary for the office of state security, Jorge Domene, said that the killer of accused kidnapper Gabriela Elizabeth Muñiz Tamez, dubbed "La Pelirroja", was arrested last week during an operation conducted by elements of the federal police in  Colonia Bosques del Contry, in Guadalupe. In the initial article, it was overlooked that this was Yair Pérez López. On the 31rst of December, "La Pelirroja" was hung from a bridge in Colonia Mitras Norte. She had the name "Yair" written in black marker across her back. The circumstances behind her killing have been a source of great controversy, it is alleged that members of a rival cartel broke her out of a prisoner transport only to murder her a few hours later. It is suspected she was simply handed over.

On a side note, there are many theories about why she was killed, some say it was because she was romantically involved with a well known sicario, another rumor said that she was guilty of abducting friends of her fathers for ransom money, and this a settling of accounts. The case also gathered a lot of attention because her death was predicted on several Narco message boards and on banners that were found before her death. The name 'Yair' has been the subject of debate on Borderland Beat.
- Smurf

Federal Police have brought down a cell of 15 presumed criminal, one of them a minor, and have uncovered a large cache of weapons, ammunition and stolen vehicles. The events leading up to the massive arrest were innitiated near kilometer marker 32 along the Monterrey-Reynosa highway.

It was here that federal officers detained Roberto Pérez Mallorga, alias El Mallorga, age 38, who was driving a truck loaded with 10 large caliber rifles, ammunition, and radio-communication equiptment. Pérez Mallorga confessed that the arms were headed to a criminal cell operating in Guadalupe.

Acting on the information of the suspects whereabouts, an operation began that culminated with the arrest of the entire cell around 11:00 pm last Friday, at a house in colonia Bosques del Contry. The police had set up several roadblocks along neighboring streets before the arrests.

“Once they were alerted to the presence of the authorites, (the gumen) attempted to confront them, but they were quickly apprehended and found to be in possession of a large cache of weapons." In two security houses there was a total of 658 ammunition clips of different caliber, 9 AK-47's, two .308, an AR-15 and one 9mm handgun.

En la colonia Bosques del Contry aseguraron esta casa de seguridad.
One of the Security Houses
 Among those detained was Yair Pérez López, alias El Chicano, 36 yeays of age; Olga Lidia Rodríguez Guerra, alias Lidia, 39; Juan Pablo Guerrero Ibarra, alias La Sirvienta, 21; José Roberto López Noriega, alias El López, 21; Mario Pérez Alvarado, alias El Mario,  26; David Castañeda Carrasco, alias El Davis, 22; and Rubén Dagoberto Padrón Guevara, alias El Dago, 23.

Also arrested was Jesús Alejandro Sánchez Link, alias Chuy, 20; Héctor Roberto Saldaña Serrato, alias El Flaco, 22; Fernando Argueta Salguero, alias El Oaxaca, 21; Enrique Martínez Puentes, alias El Quique, 25; Manuel Alejandro Treviño Padilla, alias El Alex, 20; y Marcos Ernesto Becerra Marrón, alias Marco, 36.

A minor who was identified as Luis José ‘N’, alias El Julio, age 15 was among the 14 people arrested and the weapons seized.

All 15 who were arrested, except for the minor.

**Thanks to OveMex for help with sources
Source Articles By: El Norte and Milenio


  1. Smurf, good to see you back man. All that craziness over Yair is funny in retrospect, rogue military squads and all that lol.

    These were CDG sicarios right? I saw this a few days ago,

  2. what a bunch of ugly mugs

  3. Why dies it say yair?was that her man?

  4. @ J

    Yes, these are alledgedly CDG. They were arrested in Bosques del Contry in Guadalupe, NL, after a massive operation of more than 150 elements over the weekend, blocked all entrances to the subdivision, not letting anyone in or out.

    The info on Yair "El Chicano" being responsible for la Pelirroja's death was just made public around 8 pm this evening.

    There are still alot of doubts and rumors floating around. Many are still saying something seems off, as if this YAIR might have simply been tagged for her death because of his name and because he is CDG.

    There are alot of rumors saying Yair (not this one)was her boyfriend ,others say it was/is her son, and yet, others claim Yair was a victim of hers who's family paid her group ransom and she killed him anyways.

  5. Thanks for the extra info. I always thought and still do everyone made too much of that name painted on her, like you gave examples of, there are dozens of reasons why that was written on them. Those narco messages and all the executions have hundreds of loose ends and unanswered questions, the nature of death and murder, I think.

  6. Great! Glad they are secured, hopefully they will remain that way.

  7. so its true, you do shit after you die from hanging...(medical examiners said she was alive when she was hung)

  8. Ovemex......I thought I read a report last night on El Norte and El Mileno that these fools were caught in a caseta at Cadereyta, N.L.??? Not that it matters I'm just trying to keep up with all the stuff going on in Guadalupe becasue I have family there. For the record not trying to bust BB's chops :) ......

    Chavo Martinez

  9. The killer wrote his name on her victim and it took this long to catch him? Only after a fluke during a trafic stop? No wonder Mexico doesn't catch anyone amd murder is done with impunity!

  10. Something isn't quite right here i think....are they claiming Yair did the murder or she was killed because of her connection to Yair?

  11. @ Chavo Mtz

    Roberto Pérez Mallorga, alias El Mallorga, WAS stopped in or near Cadereyta(por la caseta) and was found to have weapons. He confessed to being with CDG and told authorities (allegedly) he was transporting them to two CDG safe houses in Bosques del Contry, Guadalupe.

    With this information, authorities prepared their ops and went in around 11 pm, hitting both safe houses and making the arrests..

  12. @ anon 7:18 am

    You're right it still doesn't make much sense. Supposedly they are still investigating and will be giving more info after the investigation..

    Right now, extraofficially, they are saying YAIR, el Chicano, was her boyfriend. (thus it seems doubtful he is the one that killed her)

    There are a few interesting comments stating she was killed because of YAIR..that they grabbed her after finding out who her boyfriend was (from seeing his name in her cellphone). Supposedly (according to some) YAIR was to turn himself in, when he never showed up, the gal was grabbed and a message to El Chicano/Yair.

    We'll have to wait and see if abny other info is released.

  13. Yeah, that's what i'm getting from it, too Ovemex. It was a message to him.
    Another article mentions the redhead and says it was part of the ongoing push by CDG to grab control of Topo Chico from the Z. Sort of like CDG saying "Look what we can do in your backyard, in one of your strongholds"... Topo is basically Zeta Academy.
    The article sums up alot of what's going on in NL right now.

  14. "Topo Chico" is a prominent hill in the northern sector of Monterrery.There is a CERESO (state prison)located in that area.

  15. Did you guys see the latest article on BDN? Some family members of the activist that died last december were picked up by a group of armed men?

  16. I too believe this was a message to CDG and Yair.

  17. What's sol special about this broad? I mean why the big deal?

  18. I would be happy to have any of those clean cut friendly bunch of fellows date my daughter and watch my house while i was gone.
    What a bunch of happy go lucky guys. I bet a Bar-B-Que at thier house would be a fun time with lots of laughs and feel good moments.....
    They all look Law abiding and thats what i like most about them..


  20. I heard it was zetas that killed her because she was the girlfriend of this Yair guy, why else would he kill his own girlfriend? Yh n topo Chico is a joke a penal ran by Los zetas and the attacks on the penal was done by CDG


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