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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Zeta Leader and 7 Gunmen Die in Shootout with Army in Nuevo Leon


Eight suspected gunmen died in a running shootout with army troops in several cities in the northern Mexican state of Nuevo Leon, a state security official said.

Members of a drug cartel stole vehicles and blocked 11 avenues in Apodaca, Escobedo, San Nicolas and Guadalupe, all cities located in the Monterrey metropolitan area, state security spokesman Jorge Domene said.

The shootout started Monday in the rural city of Garcia and continued through the other three cities, Domene said.

Two gunmen died in Garcia, two in Cadereyta, three in Escobedo and one in the rural city of General Teran, the state security spokesman said.

“The death or arrest of a suspected leader (of a criminal organization) is suspected because of the magnitude of the incident,” Domene said.

A report issued late Monday by the Defense Secretariat said only seven gunmen died in the shootout.

Among those killed was a man identified only as “Comandante Lino,” considered the top Zeta cartel boss in Nuevo Leon and the individual running the war against the rival Gulf cartel in the area, the secretariat said.

The army, marine corps and Federal Police have established checkpoints on the main avenues in the Monterrey metro area, Domene said.

The army will set up at least 15 checkpoints daily in Monterrey, the capital of Nuevo Leon, focusing on enforcing federal laws, Domene said.

The army checkpoints will be permanent and in addition to the 28 already established by state police to prevent auto robberies, Domene said.

Youtube: Ejército abate a "El Comandante Lino" líder de zetas en NL
Source: Grillonautas

The Nuevo Leon leader of the Zetas, El Comandante Lino, was killed was Monday during a confrontation with the Mexican Army near the city limits of El Carmen and Escobedo, Nuevo Leon.

sources: Efe, Twitter, Grupo Reforma, YouTube, Milenio


  1. good to see them finally going after the Z

  2. Yup, the Z's are going to get hit hard.

    Hopefully they'll get wiped out by the end of the year, and let drug trafficking to the cartels that don't get innocent people involved.

    Looking forward to seeing a safer Mexico, the Mexico we all known and love before this drug war.

  3. I don't see the Zeta's going anywhere in a year, if ever, truthfully.

  4. wow they nailed another Zeta boss? damn these guys are taking a pummeling!

  5. @ ovemex

    very good photographs. these photos show the essence of the drug war. i'm glad that you guys are showing us a lil' bit of the gritty side of the war again. for a while, the reports were getting a lil' too clean. but then smurf shows us the video of the chopped up zetas. it was like "SURPRISE!"

  6. 8 down about a million to go but its ok the mexican army will get them.

  7. clean of all that trash please , i have not been in mex for 10 years because of those bastars , im hoping to retire in 15 years and mexico is the right place , i love the people and the colture and customs, and the food is the best too , those zerotes are making mexico lindo look bad , a dead zeta is a good zeta , for a mexico with out zetas, im a mexicanamerican and if mexican govertment cant do it let the united states arm forces take care of them , the us has bether intel , and dont back down , for a bether mexico yahooooo.

  8. Die you fucken zetsa. Die!
    Juan Pablo Smith


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