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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Feds charge 34 Arizonans for trafficking weapons to Sinaloa cartel

Robert Anglen
The Arizona Republic

Federal authorities announced charges today against 34 Arizonans accused of buying about 700 guns in gun stores in the state on behalf of Mexico's Sinaloa drug cartel.

The arrests and seizures are proof that Arizona has become an iron highway for guns headed south of the border, according to federal authorities, who say they don't know how many weapons are being smuggled into Mexico every day.

Dozens of AK-47s, and .50 caliber rifles were among the semi-automatic weapons legally purchased in single-day transactions at Arizona gun stores by straw buyers paid by the cartel, said U.S. Attorney Dennis Burke.

"This is a huge problem in this state. It is a strange phenomenon," Burke said at a press conference at a federal office in Phoenix, where guns similar to the types of those seized were laid out side by side on a table. "Drug cartels go shopping for their war weapons here in Arizona."

At least 17 people were arrested Tuesday in five cases involving a joint crackdown by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, Immigration and Customs Enforcement, the Internal Revenue Service and the Phoenix Police Department.

"Straw buyers have as much blood on their hands . . . as the ones who pull the trigger," said Bill Newell, special agent in charge of the Phoenix ATF.

All of those indicted are U.S. citizens or legal residents. The indictments were unsealed Tuesday and included both ring organizers and straw buyers.

An example of case is that of defendant Joshua Moore, who bought six AK-47 type rifles from a gun store in Prescott in 2009, according to the indictments. Three days later, he bought two AK-47s from a gun store in Glendale. Seven days later, he bought 10 from the same Glendale store. Two days later, he bought five more. Less then a month later, he bought 20 from the same gun store. Three months later he bought 10 more from the same Glendale gun store.

The purchases themselves are legal. Nothing in the law prohibits citizens from buying guns. But authorities say Moore lied on federal firearms applications by declaring that he was buying the guns for himself.

Guns were traced back to buyers after they were seized by customs inspectors at border checkpoints or after being used in crimes in Mexico, authorities said.

In all, 560 of the ring's guns were recovered, a third in Mexico and the rest mostly in Arizona.



  1. These Bastard's should hang as well

  2. This was not all Sinaloa cartel!!!!!! print the real headline.......

    The defendants allegedly acted as "straw purchasers," falsely declaring on federal forms they were purchasing the weapons for themselves, rather than their real clients: the Sinaloa Cartel and other Mexican drug trafficking organizations across the border, the officials said.

  3. ...its awfully quiet around here after a story like this... Where are the gun zealots? know...

    ...the ones that'll tell you that this isn't really happening in the US... ...that its a liberal media conspiracy and that now the BB is clumsily (but malevolently, of course!) doing George Soros' bidding...

    ...the ones that like to argue as they whistle past the graveyard...

    ...or in this case, past bloody bullet riddled bodies of Mexicans lying at their feet...

  4. ^^^ They got caught didn't they? What would satisfy you, that they change our laws or Mexico's? So straw buyers are getting them from here, so what? If it was legal to purchase a tank and they were ending up in the cartel's hands it would still be wrong to change our laws because of Mexico's inept measures at checking border crossings. You want U.S. bridge inspectors searching both the people that are crossing into Mexico as well as the those coming back? That's ridiculous! Why don't you cry about their inspectors failing to do their job? Why don't you cry about their lack of border patrol agents refusing to catch illegals before they get here? I got a great idea, why don't we set up X-Ray machines to nuke your ass as you're coming and going. Fuck that, let's put chips on every gun so we know where your guns are. If we see one crossing then we just cut your balls off. Magnificent.

  5. It should be pointed out that the 50 cal weapon in the picture is a 50 cal machine gun and not a Barnett rifle. It is not a weapon that could have been purchased in the United States but had to come from a military source.

    Three Barnett 50 cal rifles which are not machine guns are mentioned in one of the articles as having been purchased, but are not in the picture,

    While I am not sure, I suspect the picture shown was actually taken at a different time in Mexico. Certainly several other pictures showing weapons that were published with articles on this weapons buy, that show weapons, were clearly taken in Mexico at earlier dates.

  6. Hey 6:59 pm...your comments are right on. The gun nuts have been convinced that the guns are not coming from the US in spite of overwhelming evidence to the contrary.

    7:34 pm, I understand your point about the guns crossing into Mexico should not be our problem, but does anyone in their right mind think one person buying 53 rifles makes any sense?

    Sometimes you have to do the RIGHT thing, even when it isn't popular. In order to lower the spillover crime, I am willing to give up some of my individual rights (like buying an unlimited supply of semi-automatic rifles) in order to have a safer society. AK-47s are only designed for one thing and that is to kill people. Who needs 53 of them. And why are the gun zealots so determined to keep those rights?

    Good discussion all around....sadly Lito Brito will weigh in soon with a conspiracy theory or two....

  7. goody goody..some gun control nuts get to polish each others asses..

    guns don't kill people ..people do

    every law-abiding military-age Swiss male is issued a firearm and he must keep it at home to perform his mandatory militia obligation.

    lucky for you you aren't wouldn't be allowed to shirk your duty

    i really do like it when gun control nuts don't choose to own guns...

    at least they are sane enough to realize it is too much responsibility for them

    i would feel even safer if the anymouse, mentally deficient posters would recuse themselves from the debate due to bias

    I think it is great these guys got caught, i hope they receive the max punishment

    we should go further and really secure our borders...both contraband out contraband in

  8. to me, this is a tricky subject. do i believe that we would be safer if they made guns illegal in the U.S.?...yes. do i think that they should illegalize guns?

    we should have the right to protect ourselves. i am a proprietor of guns. i would feel unsafe without my glock's. especially in the type of business i'm involved in.

    the flow of drugs travels north and the flow of guns travels south so i do believe that if the U.S. legalized drugs and illegalized guns, it would break this cycle and make north america a better place. it seems like the proper thing to do. but to me, it does'nt matter if the government makes guns illegal or not, i will always posses guns and i would only use them in self defense. especially now with the economy getting close to a double-dip recession, i will be ready to defend my businesses and home to any desperate bum who dares to test me.

    if i lived in mexico, i would have two ak-47's, two shotguns and my glock's too. not my fault that there's a minority of evil-sick-scum that exist just to terrorize the majority of the good people. i believe that mexican citizens should all find a way to carry guns to protect themselves. who gives a rat's ass if it's illegal! if a government does'nt care for you, you need to find ways to defend your family. they really need to start to prepare themselves for the worst instead of thinking to themselves that they will not become victims to a violent crime. violence does not discriminate, especially in mexico.

    the mexicanos need to stop being reliers of faith and take matters in their own hands and stop relying on the mexican government.

  9. get ready for a onslaught of hate and ignorance from the any mouse division of gun control nut central kommand

    don't forget while you are foaming at the mouth , and screaming ...

    peace and love children..peace and love ...


  10. @ ajulio...

    brother i think the people in Mexico have lost the will to stand up for themselves a long time ago

    disarmed , disenfranchised, the mercy of the armed segment of the population

    kinda what the gun control nuts envision for all of us some day

    i am always amazed how they will rail against private gun ownership ...but are so willing to put their faith in big brother,

    and are too blind to see that criminals wont obey the gun laws...that is what makes them criminals ..they don't obey laws,

    so the people who should have the guns wont have them,,,and the people who shouldn't have them is called Mexico


  11. i'm ready if you are lito. we can take them on. i have my glock ready. j/k

  12. First of all, guns in the U.S will never ever be banned. There are too many repercussions from such an act. Look at Mexico, In various cities and states, the cops work for the cartels, not for the residents. If one day a rogue commander instructs his officers to search your house, rape your women, torture you, because the cartel boss told him to do it, what do you have to stop this? I mean, c'mon liberlas and leftists, i understand your views of gun control, but the fact is the majority of you are compromised. Meaning your judgement towards such issues is tainted, biased, because you've been taught to say no no no, towards guns. The U.S, is has been, and always will be the most greatest nation, most civilized and advanced nation this world has ever seen. Even tho there are civilizations and nations that thrived for hundreds of years, non e have ever had the compassion and understanding the US does. However, let me remind you, one of the reasons for this is that we allow citizens to protect ourselves. Mexico is a mess, yes were part responsible, but Im OMD, (of mexcican descent) and I will tell you, were bad ass fuckers, we dont back down from fights and the majority of us are good people who stand up for whats right. In mexico, the average man of the family cannot stand up for whats right, were not allowed to own guns, yet every scumbag, dirt-bag in mexico has a gun. So they control us. Is that what we want for the U.S? this should be a lesson, never put your complete trust and safety in the hands of ANY institution! I'd rather die on my feet than live on my knees! Arriva Mexico! Sorry libs and lefties, In this world you can NEVER have peace until you stand up against the aggressor. Im a big follower of Americas oldest and most brutal war (mexico) i will make my presence here more often. Only the strong survive, its a fact it the truth its the way!

  13. ATF is trying to divert attention from the weapon that killed BP agent Brian Terry back in
    December. That weapon was smuggled by ATF informants into Mexico in an effort to "pump up" the number's in Project Gunrunner. The project name for that operation was "Gunwalker". The problem for the ATF is that the agents on the ground were strongly opposed to allowing ANY weapons to cross the border and made that known to their superiors who overruled their misgivings.

    End result of that chinese fire drill is one dead BP agent, and an explosive oversight situation once the senate and the house oversight committees get back to work.

    Yes folks the ATF encouraged and aided in gun smuggling into Mexico to make their numbers look good.
    For more background google "browns sporting goods+rene fuentes Jr".

  14. Good thing that one government is prosecuting anyone related to the Sinaloa Cartel.

  15. so because mexico can't secure itself and keep it's shit together, i should have to limit one of my constitutional rights? how about no, and like a lot of other people have said, most of the weapons in mexico probably come from the south and mexico's police and military itself. that is who makes up most of the cartel gun men is it not?


  17. If you gun control nuts are so serious about no one owning a guns, try posting a sign in your front yard that says "Gun Free Home" and tell me how that works out for you....:)

  18. Recently retired from the USMC and as a counter terrorist/guerilla warfare specialist, I can tell you this...the majority of weapons enemy combatants have are obtained from the local police forces and local military…especially heavy weapons like 50 cal, mortars, LAWs etc. The gun traffic coming across from the US is a part of it, but is never enough to go around to the seven plus cartels...the majority of weapons resident in mexico have been obtained locally. rtc

  19. January 26, 5:16PM
    Gun Free Home ...That was the best post on this thread.

    Ajulio..jeeze..need the Glock "for the business your in?" Hole mind is doing backflips on that one.

    There are folks that should not have a gun. See my hand raised? Yep, me and guns don't mix. My husband takes me to the shooting range and I just can't keep my eyes open I am scared to death of guns, so I point-close eyes-shoot. Being alone often at a home on many acres and many floors, I should learn to befriend a gun, but I cannot get over this fear.

  20. Hearing all these ignorant people just makes me realized why Mexico shouldn't even fight this stupid drug war, at the end of the day its a U.S problem, always has been and always will be. Like January 25, 2011 7:55 PM said "Who needs 53 of them." Seriously who the fuck needs 53 weapons?

    -And hearing statements like this "so because mexico can't secure itself and keep it's shit together, i should have to limit one of my constitutional rights?"

    How about the United States stop with its massive drug addiction and all of Latin America wouldn't have to suffer because Americans can't stop using drugs??? How hard is it to stop using drugs???...I guess its too hard for you right?? If we just stop fighting this drug war and let the DTO's traffic drugs to the US who is gonna end up loosing..Mexico?? No...just let Americans suffer for once on this issue cause obviously they don't care about us and we shouldn't care about them..that simple!!

  21. @ buelita

    Jewelry business buelita. I really don't want to reveal (too) much about myself on the internet but I think that gives you an understanding. I have been robbed a couple times before. One time violently. It ain't pretty. I don't know if they still do this but in colombia, they use to teach classes on how to rob these types of businesses in los angeles. The sophisticated way that they robbed me the second time, makes me believe that it was them. They stole about 1 million dollars of gold from me. Wiped me out. And the police could'nt do jack for me. But I was able to get back on my feet, moved to a safer city and now I protect myself. But I am not a gun collecting maniac. I just learned that this business attracts many bad guys. Now that the economy is in the toilet, there has been a spike in robberies, but this time, im ready. From all of this, i learned that sometimes you just have to rely on yourself and not your government (city or federal).

    @ any mouse(good one Lito) 7:30 pm

    I feel your anger but you need to stop blaming the U.S. and start blaming the mexican government for your own problems. Mexico also has a huge drug problem. I would sometimes buy weed in juarez while my friend would buy coke in a street crossway in a residential neighborhood and to my surprise, one time i counted about 50 cars coming from all four directions with about 10 drug dealers in the middle selling weed, coke, piedras, and heroine. It looked like when I use to cruise in pasadena with my friends. Lines of cars from every direction continuously moving. All drug users. I even saw a guy driving his public transportation bus in line. You know the guys that drive people around the city? (WTF!) You dont think that the police knew about this place? So stop crying and accept the fact that drugs are a world problem. Mexico also has its share of drug addicts.

    When you say that americans don't care, you are disrespecting people like buela chivis who work hard to help the mexican people. especially the youths. She does this because she cares, so you need to stop showing self pity and think of a way to better YOUR country instead of just blaming the U.S. for everything. Llorona.

  22. Ajulio...
    I have a friend in your business and I know exactly what you are saying to be true...Especially true in a bad economy! stay safe, keep the Glock close.

    To all...speaking of Arizona & Sinaloa..I saw a news report today from Okla, and this little fact blew me away...

    Okla is the only state that has HISPANIC WIRE TAPPING....WTF?? I need to know the details of this...and you know I support the Az law...but his? Not on the face of it...NO WAY..

    and...they overheard sinaloa boss telling another not to go to Az because of the is the link

  23. All those guns in the pictures are semi automatic rifles, including the .50 cal. It is not a machine gun since it doesn't fire more than one shot per pull of the trigger. It just goes to show that all of us law abiding citizens will lose our 2nd amendment right just cause of these fuckers. Won't be long till the someone uses this card against law abiding citizens just cause the cartel gets their hands on these rifles and kills anything. Mexico should also just stop blaming us for their problems, they can't secure their border so they typically blame someone else for their ignorance. I seriously hope the US does a better job at closing our border as well, it is not worth every American to lose their rights just cause Mexico has a problem.

  24. To those that think that the US's military gun culture is totally insane, Borderland Beat is not going to disillusion you about that any at all.

    This site brings together the largest collection of posers and pretenders possible, many of them Anglo clowns with backgrounds as grunters in the military, ex cops, Migra, jail guards and wannabe private security guard hireouts of varying degrees of sanity.... most pretending to be Hispanic with fake-o Spanish language 'names', because they learned some basic cop Spanish over the years and want to continue spouting their cop pigeon Spanglish vocab online with their gun-aholic buddies.

    In short, we got a collection of piton pistoleros online here as pretend good guys out to do away with baddies.

  25. I support the Az law, I have made no secret about that or much else..jaja. But I saw this tonight and I still cannot believe it, i sent the link eariler but don't know what happened. It is an important story. It takes place in Oklahoma, where cartel activity is growing, so they created a "hispanic wire tapping"...WTF? I need more details on this puppy, it sound pure constitutional rights the story they speak of a sinaloa "boss" spekaing to a member in Az telling him to leave because of the az is the link..can anyone shead more light on this story?


    Now that makes sense, you are in a dangerous biz even in a good economy, but a hurting economy creates an even greater danger. Be safe.

  26. Buelita no te esponjes, Hispanic wire tapping means the OBN (Okie Bureau of Narcotics) only hired some "batos" to decipher Mx slang on Apaches scouts hired by the Govt to track down hostiles.

  27. Gerardo..

    Dang you are good! I read half this document including the wire intercept division. However it really does not address my concern. If you notice it describes the WID and Hispanic Wire Tapping as functioning "under state and city" laws. That in itself is illegal because cartels traffic over state line so is subject to federal laws and intervention. Essentially if one looks at Az law...the beef the gov has is NOT the law in itself but jurisdiction being federal and cannot be executed by state or city agencies. However, in this case they have. (Okie) and no where is it describe HOW the order to tap is attained. Lots of Qs here. I need to know. My cousin is a federal court judge in LA I am going to pick his brain.

    Another issue I am working on; you know I begun my "project 72" is an incredible, rewarding exp. I include a message from me explaining that the project honors the 72 slaughtered in Tamps. Sad, horrific stories from the CAs we help. But something I discovered and it is an outrage; the US dumps (deports) CAs to Mx border towns! In our town they are dumped by the hundreds at the Mx side of the bridge! and no one is objecting! deporting to a country those that are illegal migrants of that country is mindboggling. Thousands are being deported this way. Imagine dumping them in canada? yeah like that will happen. The priests at the shelter we are assisting says it has been going on forever and Mx gov does not complain. Looking at it pragmactically it is stupid, dumpimg them at border towns almost 90% tell us they will keep trying to go back to the close logistically..I have paid for a few to go back to Guate or Honduras, but most keep trying to get back to the US.

  28. Anonymous said...
    January 26, 2011 5:26 PM
    You are a LYING!!! I just got out of the Marines and there is no MOS (Military Occupation Specialty) called counter terrorist/guerrilla warfare specialist....get the fuck out here hahaha...fuckin wannabe!!!!

    Hey there Leatherneck try a primary MOS of 0302 Infantry Officer and a secondary of 0215 which is Technical Surveillance Countermeasures Trained Counterintelligence/ Human Source Intelligence Officer. I have been to Amphib Warfare School, Command and Staff College,been to Ft Brag Counterintel school and a counterintel school/personal protection in W VA, All this to be sent to Middle East (Israel and Egypt) to the United Nations with UNTSO to replace USMC LtCol Higgens who lost his life while serving is the same position. Oh and did I mention that while enlisted that I also enjoy a secondary mos of 8652 (now 03??) recon trained Parchuistes and have been to ranger school and if in the Army would be sewing on my tab with white thread (winter rangers only)?

    25 years in the crouch I can say, I have been there and have done that and have the t-shirts and plaques to prove it. Semper Fi. Oh and that is Fuckin Wannabe "Sir" to you.

  29. "I feel your anger but you need to stop blaming the U.S. and start blaming the mexican government for your own problems. Mexico also has a huge drug problem."

    "I would sometimes buy weed in juarez while my friend would buy coke in a street crossway in a residential"

    Exactly its no secret that Americans would come into Mexico to starting buy drugs. So I have a question if we stop fighting this drug war. Would it be fair to say "I feel your anger but you need to stop blaming Mexico and start blaming the American government for your own problems. U.S has a huge drug problem!!!!"
    Haven't you ever heard of supply and demand?? You provided the weapons and money and Mexico provides the drugs simple as that. Mexico doesn't not have a huge drug problem like the United States. Compare 40 million drug addicts to 1-2 million last estimate. And most of the drug addicts that we do have are on the border which they picked up on the other side when they were deported back just go to CNDH and you will find the stats. So maybe you should tell you government to stop criminalizing this drug problem as start treating it like a health issue. Obviously some Americans have no sense of history its called "prohibition." Never work, never will work. Fuckin pendejo!!

  30. I for one love drugs and support the Mexi's in their valiant smuggling efforts. I'm happy that there are people in Mexico willing to go through this much trouble to deliver drugs safely and neatly to my doorstep. Sure the prices could be lower, the quality could be higher, but for me it's one of those things that makes life so much more enjoyable. What's with everyone coming down on drugs and drug users on this website anyway, we're not responsible for the cartels not having any business sense whatsoever. In other countries people manage to traffic drugs without killing 15,000 people a year.

    As for the gun control issue, I agree with the above poster, prohibition never works.

    Using that as our premise we shall examine this relevant issue using the complicated process of deduction:

    Prohibition never works

    If you prohibit guns, those willing to break the law will gain access to them anyway. Prohibition never works.

    If you prohibit guns, those unwilling to break the law will not gain access to guns. They are prohibited.

    From this we can draw that if you were to prohibit guns those willing to break the law (criminals) would still have access to them, while those unwilling to break the law (citizens) would not.

    Now for a real life example:

    In Mexico guns are prohibited
    In Mexico criminals have guns
    In Mexico law-abiding citizens do not have guns.

    Conclusion: Gun control seems to be counterproductive to fighting crime, it rewards the criminal and punishes the citizen.

    As an American I'm offended by the idea that Americans should give up our right to defend our very lives, the most valuable possession a person has, to further Eastern European arms trafficking. Especially since we'd be taking more jobs away from hardworking Americans trying to make ends meet. Enough with this furthering foreign businesses over American crap. I buy American cars and by god I buy American rifles too. Mexicans steal American cars but at least they make up for it by buying American guns in bulk. Why kill the only thriving American business in this time of economic crisis? With people like the commentators on this page around no wonder this country is going to hell in a handbasket.

    As for the people doing the dying it seems to be mostly Mexicans, and mostly Mexican criminals at that. I don't have a problem with Mexican criminals dying. Infact I'm quite proud that the US is helping Mexico rid itself of it's crime problem one 5.56 cartridge at a time.

    God bless the USA.

  31. jan 27 ...3:39 GOD BLESS AMERICA

    When you disarm citizens you impower criminals.
    But lets get this straight>>>>

    article 10 of the United Mexican States constitution reads:

    Article 10 of Mexico's Constitution states the following: "Article 10. The inhabitants of the United Mexican States have the right to possess arms within their domicile, for their safety and legitimate defense, except those forbidden by Federal Law and those reserved for the exclusive use of the Army, Militia, Air Force and National Guard. Federal law shall provide in what cases, conditions, under what requirements and in which places inhabitants shall be authorized to bear arms."[9]

    Translated...they can have certain types of weapons; 38 and 45 caliber, and certain types of shotguns/rifles. They are only sold through the army.

    So where did you get your unfactual fact? or simply assumption?

    God Bless America but Mexico first...they sure need it more since the devil set up residence there..

  32. @ buela

    i was thinking the same thing buelita. usually when a poster asks a question, borderland beat is quick to answer. respect to BUGGS, smurf, ovemex and gerardo.

    you know, when the bush administration announced that they were going to wire tap phonecalls, i had no problem with that. i personally have nothing to hide. plus the FBI has always wire tapped, it is a necessary procedure for them to exist. to me, if their intentions are to protect us, then i'm good with that. a great government always puts it's citizens first. but nowadays governments have forced their citizens to not trust them. so i understand how a person may become suspicious. great information to know buela. you are always on point. i have learned so much from you already.

    @ mousey 12:50 pm

    i did'nt mean to make you cry llorona but i'm sick and tired of any mouses who bitch about the U.S. being responsible for mexico's problems. every country is responsible for their current state. yes, the U.S. has a huge drug with it. now, what should be done to handle YOUR problems because the U.S. government has always helped the mexican government and yet, mexico is still a country suffering. i don't blame the people, i blame the incompetent mexican government and it's leader pendejo calderon.

    i don't know where you get your statistics but there are way more than 1-2 million drug addicts in mexico. those stats are bullshit. and how does mexico even know how to evaluate their own national stats if they can't even control a small city like juarez? you need to accept that both mexico and the U.S. are responsible for this supply and demand but mexico also needs to protect it's borders(north and south), becuase mexican immigration sucks big ones, then less guns will enter mexico. and the mexican military needs to stop selling the guns that the U.S. gave to them to defend their own people to the cartels.

    you need to talk to your buddy pendejo calderon and tell him to control mexico's border cities and to sustain monterrey before YOUR country goes down the toilet. and to stop complaining about mexico's problems and reinstate the death penalty and clean up your judicial system(2%!!??) and to stop taking advantage of THE UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT and to start helping your citizens.

    and if that does'nt make you happy, here's a big piece of cheese mousey. go and fetch it. just make sure when you come back, you have something intelligent to say.

  33. givm hell Ajulio y Buela

    like i say , there dosen't seem to be much desire to own guns for self defense among Mexicans..easier to leave it to somebody else,, and easier to blame the other guy

    you notice how there is no big movement to raise the true hero ...Don Alejo Garza up..because nobody cares

    they want us to come and change their diaper for them...and then get the blame for the smell

    no way ..Mexico is like a tar pit...stick one finger in and next thing you know you will have it all over you


    no more wasted welfare for Mexico"s "drug war"

  34. Ajulio..

    Joven you got a bit of the Brito coming out in your comments JAJA...fine by me, and also you had excellent points. Mx is cultivating a serious drug addiction problem, doubled in 2 years whereas US declined, and Pls I am NOT saying we do not have a huge market for DTOs it just not simplistic and to say it is our drug problem the cause, it ignorant, it is complicated but everything goes back to Mexico corruption that has existed since the beginning of their history, everything stems from that. Plain and simple. and the good people of Mx really need to look in mirror to see the person who has not only tolerated the corruption but even supported and promoted it by their votes and actions of support.

    Now to the Any Mouse saying Americans do not care. I will tell you are true sad story of fact. Every humanitarian I have befriended in Mx in a dozen states were usually the founders, and busting butt in dangerous and remote areas, and ALL are americans. To say Americans don't care is ignorant or intentionally ignoring. We are everywhere in Mx doing amazing work, and thankfully most Mexicans appreciate and recognize the work...

    Now lets talk about Mexicans helping Mexicans. One of my closest friends in Mx is married to one of the 5 wealthiest families in the state. The family have members in congress, and countless political office including senator. The money is old money being one of the founding families of the state. I know many wealthy families in Mx...I say this because i know first hand; They NEVER give to the poor, the needy, the ill, the educational system, the elderly, natural disasters etc. I saw this for years, yet at the same time my friend and her family go to Africa and build libraries! WHile children are dying without medical in their own cities. I was stunned when I conducted my ALex flood Project I was on TV, Radio, and print news and internet, photos and updates. SO one of the wives of the family calls my office, now this lady lives in a mansion by anyones standard, says she saw the footage on TV and wow what a great thing. I thought she was calling to offer help...nope. turns out, her little granddaughter saw the footage and saw the cute shirts we gave to each volunteer and she wanted one! and when she sent one of her household staff to pick it up she asked for 3 more and gave sizes. NOT ONE OFFER OF HELP.
    so if you want to look at those who do not care look at your own people before others. Now I will say many average citizen and poor folks love to help, and I have more than 300 permanent volunteers on my database without whom I could not conduct large projects. Many have said, I wanted to help but I had no money. I tell them human resource is the most valuable assett and invaluable.

  35. @Bbuela

    ..good rant mzz hussy...

    i doubt any country on earth gives as much away...accepts as many immigrants, and is as willing to go into danger to help other people as much as Americans...

    you always hear of some well intentioned , misguided American somewhere getting into trouble trying to help the poor

    ...while the wealthy of that country shirk their social responsibility charity at all costs

    good standing up !!!

  36. @ lito brito

    i get your style of writing. each one of your little paragraphs says so much. its like reading poetry.

    @ buela

    yeah, i think that we all have a lil' bit of brito inside of us. jeje. i have a feeling that it's the same loudmouth "anonymous" who gets a kick out of harassing people. i have no respect for a person who attacks everyone and hides himself. to me, that is a punk.

    you know who you are mouse.

    you are right buela. you are part of a minority that has wealth but is still giving to others. the rest are just self-centered. it does'nt matter what country they are from. el paso has gotten all the "fresas" from juarez. these people are good people but not generally the most friendliest bunch. some of these people are my friends from juarez. the only way they will accept you, is if you are introduced by a friend of there's but they generally stick to themselves and are creating their own hang out spots all around el paso. in juarez, these same people looked down at the poor and would not even give a dollar to a homeless person. i saw it with my own eyes. whenever i went to juarez, i would take a roll of ones to give to the poor vendors on the street or for propinas at the bars and clubs. but my fresa friends? hell no, they were cheap. so there's another example of mexican wealth. but that was a very interesting comment that you made.

  37. The wealthy people of Mx are, as you say Ajulio, like many of the world, I have seen it in China, HK, Taiwan, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philipines wherever I have gone, the wealthy will step right around a poor dying person rather that help. They simply do not have the spirit to improve the life of a needy person. But Briiiito is correct us Americans are flawed for sure, but we sure assist the needy and injured of the world, it is in our culture. and it is culture, it is a taught responsibilty. My work has been the most fullfilling exp of my life and when I speak to my other friends in "the biz" they say the same, "if only people knew what it brings to ones life everyone would want to do something'. Relaity is I am old..whatever that is, I a wonder honestly how much longer I can do this work without compromising it. But hope is one the horizon, my little 10 Yr old granddaughter, a chip off the ol Buela wrote an essay this year stating she aspires to be just like her grandmother and take over the foundation someday....
    from her lips to God's ears..

  38. Brito...
    I have come to the same conclusion Mx don't want guns. But I wonder if it is that they fear if they arm themselves they will appear confrontational and draw the wrong attention if word gets around..I don't know I am simply trying to be in their shoes mentally and emotionally, and culturally. Maybe is is more complex than we think, and maybe expense factors in. I don't know all I know I do not understand why people think Mexicans can not bear arms and more importantly why they don't?

    Love the any mouse thing...I think you tagged that one. cool.

    La Hussy Extraordinare

  39. @ la extraordinare am convinced..every one is afraid..years of ingrained fear,... beaten into them first by the Aztecs...and finished off by the spanish and their descendants

    it is like a school of fish... each one hiding in the mass, each one trying to get behind the other..

    i was really surprised when i read your info about gun ownership rights in Mexico..i was under the impression that it was illegal for the common citizen to own guns...

    after i read what you wrote it really convinced me that being unarmed is because of lack of desire ...not lack of opportunity

    it made me even more opposed to US intervention

    i agree that the first people who organize resistance would be targeted and suffer greatly..but that is the way it always is, and those people become martyrs , and symbols for the ones to follow

    Martyrs are wasted on Mexico...look at Don Alejo Garza...there is a Martyr if a ever saw one brave . noble man to hold up ...but look how soon he was forgotten

    everyone knows this in Mexico , that is why no one wants to be the first to die, to be the hero...because he /she knows it will amount to nothing...just dead and soon forgotten

    when i am there i behave the same way..

    i witnessed two pitbulls killing another smaller younger dog, and did nothing...because i didn't want to draw attention..

    what if i intervened and hurt one of the bitbulls..and it belonged to a big narco...wrong move for me...

    that is the part i hate most about being in Mexico...having to bow to fear...

    Mexicans have adapted to it and take it in nation together, divided into small castles and conquered by fear

    to me its un American and hard to take...

    PS thanks Ajulio..thats a great compliment

  40. @ B ..

    yeap i am on to those annoying any mouses..sarcastic humor is a sharp sword...

    if only some of my best comebacks/ putdowns would have made it through moderation...

    ahhhh...what glories there could have been...jajjaja

    i am trying to get the term narcocracy into common usage ...i think Mexico is the first true "narcocracy" that the narcotics business is so ingrained in every aspect of life ..from top to bottom

    , economically,politically, culturally,socially,it has it's own religion, folk heros..etc...even people who are strong supporters of one group of outlaws over another...

    people cry...stop the drug use in the USA...can you imagine the repercussions if all of a sudden the USA didn't buy any contraband from Mexico....or wasn't the next door neighbor ..or as some would like "fell completely"

    overnight chaos..economic collapse?...who knows...generations have grown up hearing the tales of smuggling things over and selling them to the "gringos"...not to mention the thousands of missionarys , and other concerned helpers, who have spent time blood and fortune on Mexico.... and blaming it all on the Americans is a favorite pass time in Mexico...

    sometimes Mexico is like bad relations..where your cousins come over steal some things, break some others..and if you complain, they get mad at you ..and blame it all on you because you have it better than they do...

    believe me i love Mexico, and the people ..but i am not sorry for me being "sorry" for somebody is an insult anyway

    i do have compassion and feel the suffering ..but only Mexicans can fix Mexico....


  41. LB..
    Wow...heady stuff, introspective & keeping it real. So much truth in your words. I for one don't give a flying crap what race you are, some of my gringo friends are more Mexican than me, figuratively speaking. I know you love Messico, anyone reading your posts must know that. and the pit bull story, jeeze we are inslaved by fear in Mx. we cannot do the right thing, so you can imagine how the citizens feel.

    Me and my big mouth will get me in trouble someday, remember the little abused blind girl that attends braile class at my center for the blind? and she lives with her mom at a narco house? I tried my best, and it kills me, I reportted the abuse etc, and nothing was done. So frustraing, so wrong. We delice her and clean her up but everyone is afraid to do anything else. Terrible.

    But don't be so sure about DOn Alejo, he is so admired by the Mx people, he will not be forgotten. Mx needs heroes...
    "Unhappy is the country In Need of Heroes"

    I wonder why most people do not know about article 10 of the Mx constituion? Everyone assumes they cannot bear arms, noted the calibers are no match but shit, its something! I would arm up the limit. I think it is 2 handguns and 2 shotguns. WHat did Don use?

    Agreed, only Mexicans can fix mx directly but we can, and sghould help in ways that do not involve military intervention.

  42. It's a GOD given right by GOD himself to protect ourselves and family, including killing someone in defense of our family and property. FEAR IS A TOOL USED BY SATAN TO; UNDERmine humble people, and keep them hostage to thugs, and governments that allow evil to grow rampant in Mexico. It's no wonder that there is no fear on the thugs thmeselves. They know they can do what they want to, and get away with it.!!! I am women living in the U>S> that carries a gun and I am not afraid to travel alone. My insurance ; a gun and some common sense. Being using a gun for 27 years or so. People, don't be afraid. It's a GOD given right, if the govenments can't help, then help yourselves.!!!

  43. a couple of 1911 45's and automatic shotguns can raise a lot of hell..load the shotguns with 00 buckshot and slugs...fuuuuccckkkk!!!

    but like my daddy used to say

    "son, the gun is only as good as the man behind it"

    thats the mexico the wrong men are behind the guns

    they will chop each other up over money

    but wont raise a hand for the future of their country


  44. damn i though my head was itching too much...and yeap there it is ..a damn piojo...made it all the way through customs and emigre...damn bus seats

    time for the rubbing alcohol...faaakkkk!

  45. Glad you made it out of mexico alive brito.

  46. ROSE...

    Excellent, could have not said better myself. My wife and children are excellent shots because I have trained them to be...that is insurance! Insurance that my family will not be victums of thugs. You go girl. rtc

  47. Come on guys, I agree that a 45 and a shotgun is better than nothing but it is like taking a knife to a gun fight, you are going to loose against AR-15 or AK-47.

    Arm yourself with equal equipment ie assualt rifles...worst case you get sent to jail for minute. Worst case otherwise, you and your family DIE but; you die legal!!

    Lets see, alive possible in jail or my family and myself dead within the law...I personally choose to live. What say you? RTC

  48. Here's the low down on guns, or at least legally owning guns here.

    We CAN by a weapon for home security. BUT it is not easy.

    I was only able to pull stats from 2008, but from 2006-2008 there was a 30% increase in legal weapon ownership in Mexico. SEDENA states in 2008 there were 2.1 million registered owners across the country.

    I guess, probably, the biggest reason more people don't buy a gun legally is the cost.

    I personally couldn't afford to take off work, travel to DF, pay hotel/motel, food, taxi's, etc to go to RFAFCE and fill out/turn in my paperwork.

    The paperwork process is no big deal. Take proof of residence, proof that you earn your income legally, original birth certificate and curp, proof you have never been arrested, official i.d. and proof of completed military services (if you are male, aged 18+)...

    Then you wait 5-15 working days for the investigative process. IF you are approved, you travel back to DF and go to DCAM(unless you have the money to stay there 5-15 working days) and you can purchase A revolver, (a .38 SP or smaller, excluding .357 mangnum) or a pistol .380 ACP or smaller and ONE box of ammo.. This will cost anywhere from roughly $6-$12k pesos.

    Once you have been approved and chosen your gun, you must then start the paperwork to transport it back to your home,(you have 72 hours to legally transport) where it must stay, by law.

    We can also buy a rifle or a shotgun if we are a certified member of a registered shooting or hunting club. I believe for shotguns we are allowed up to a 12 gauge with barrels longer than 24 inches.

    Permits, I believe, are good for one year.

    That being said, not alot of people get legal guns. I guess another factor, I can't speak for everyone, is the feeling of, why bother? My .38 SP against their AR-15 or AK-47.

  49. Is anybody going to attach the ATF Operation Fast and Furious to this story? Or the information that the FBI, DEA, IRS and ICE with authorization from the Justice Department, (Eric Holder) to ALLOW this to happen?

    GOOGLE(tm) Operation Gun Walker, Operation Fast and Furious and Operation Gun Runner.

    Perhaps wnow would be a good time to gcreate a memorial fund for U.S. Marine and Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry whom was murdered by one of these guns?


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