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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Mexican Mayor Vows to Continue Her Work Despite Attacks


The mayor of Tiquicheo, a city in the Mexican state of Michoacan, used the one-year anniversary of the latest of three attacks on her to show the public her wounds and vow to continue doing her job.

Maria Santos Gorrostieta showed photographs of the gunshot wounds she sustained to her torso and back during a press conference on Monday.

“I wanted to show you my wounded, mutilated, humiliated body because I am not ashamed of it, because it is the result of the misfortunes that have marked my life ... it is the living testimony that I am a whole and strong woman, who, despite my physical and mental wounds, continues standing,” Gorrostieta said.

Gorrostieta’s husband, Jose Sanchez, died in the second attack staged against her in Tiquicheo, which has been plagued by drug-related violence blamed on the bloody La Familia Michoacana cartel and other gangs.

Gorrostieta, who has three children, said she would continue to serve as mayor of Tiquicheo because she had a responsibility “to the children, the women, the elderly and the men who break their souls every day without rest to provide a piece of bread for their children.”

“The internal strength that has moved me to get up moribund, has served to show and make obvious the great commitment I have to my ideas,” Gorrostieta wrote in the latest issue of the city’s Contacto Ciudadano magazine.

The magazine published three photographs of the mayor’s scarred body, with her colostomy bag clearly visible.

“Many people have wrongly doubted the severity of my wounds, but today the proof is in your hands, my mutilated body speaks for itself,” the mayor said.

A total of 17 mayors have been killed in Mexico in the past year, and three have been murdered this month.

Earlier this month, a brief statement purporting to be from La Familia Michoacana said the criminal organization was declaring a one-month truce.

The gang said in the statement released Jan. 2 that it “decided to continue with the withdrawal and not have any activities for one more month.”

The goal is to show Mexican officials “and, especially, the people of Michoacan, that La Familia is not to blame for all the crimes that the authorities and the federal government make public in the media,” the one-page statement said.

This is not the first time that La Familia, considered the largest trafficker of synthetic drugs in Mexico, has announced a cease-fire.

The cartel said in a statement released Nov. 11 that it would withdraw and disband if officials and the security forces took control of the western state of Michoacan “firmly and decisively.”

The cartel’s reputed leader, Nazario Moreno Gonzalez, was killed on Dec. 8.

La Familia Michoacana, infamous for decapitating and dismembering enemies, as well as for mounting attacks on the security forces, broke with former allies Los Zetas, considered Mexico’s most violent drug cartel, in 2005 and began operating independently, especially in Michoacan.

La Familia has carried out a number of killings, including those of 12 Federal Police officers in 2009.

Michoacan, considered the cartel’s main base, is one of the states where the federal government has deployed police and army troops to fight criminal organizations.

The federal operation has resulted in the arrests and killings of several La Familia leaders.

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  1. She's pretty, damn. I never knew about this, she was attacked a year ago? By LFM? That's really brave of her, for revealing herself like that, especially as such a beautiful women.

    Is the colostomy bag permanent because of stomach damage or is she still in recovery?

  2. this woman is a real bad-ass! she get's all of my respect. she can stay in my foxhole anytime. and as far as LFM, they are complete hypocrites. taking a month off. the balls of these cartels. they show absolutely no fear towards the mexican government. the whole mexican government should be ashamed of themselves for allowing this macabre circus to exist.

  3. @ ajulio..

    yeah no shit ..the gob de Mexico should be ashamed of letting it get to this

    she is brave , but unfortunately probably doomed

    they will want to kill her just because she shows bravery..can't have symbols like that in Mexico

  4. One more story to remind me that I am not doing enough to combat the evil among us.

  5. Ovemex, not sure if this is connected to her shooting, but I found this as I was looking through some articles about her.

    After the attack on October 15th 2009, Mrs. Gorrostieta withdrew her membership in the PRI party and sided with the PRD over the poor security detail they provided to her and her husband on the day they were attacked, She further states that she felt the bodyguards were "contrarios."

    In another article, one that was addressed to the citizens of her town in Tiquicheo, Mochoacan on 1/24/11 where she claims the PRI have been pressuring her to keep quiet about the incident, but she felt she had to speak out, to give her 3 sons an example of someone doing the right thing.

  6. After the first attempt on her life she should have recieved more protection. How sad that the scum of the earth are free to terroriZe Mexico. Mexico has no choice but to continue the battle against the narco terroriZt threat. (An attack against a government official to destabiliZe the established government is terroriZm.)

  7. God bless her and the work she does! I'm impressed with anyone so brave as she!
    Mrs. Gorrostieta is a bright spot and wonderful role model.

  8. I seen some pictures of the banners that La Familia put up yesterday saying they're dissolving completely. We'll have to wait and see how that goes down.

  9. This woman should be recognized for her balls! internationally. Shoot, if I were the leader of LFM, i would give her a pass just for standing up like that. But of course, I would also tell here, stay the hell out our business!

  10. Smurf, don't want to derail the thread, but did you see the half ton of cocaine seized in Sonora today? Sinaloa isn't have a great new year so far.

  11. Reading about this remarkable woman gives me hope that Mexico will survive these dark times, she is truly one to be admired and respected. Unfortunatly her leadership traits are what just might get her killed. My thoughts and well wishes go to her and her sons and for her husband that is protecting them all from above. My respects Doña Santos Gorrostieta and may God look after you and your family.

  12. @ Lito brito

    Yeah pobresita, she knows that her days are probably limited. She better start preparing for her children. She is too much, a symbol of bravery and strength. They fear these types of people. In this war, there is usually no happy endings.

  13. incredible bravery.

  14. What a brave woman- beautiful inside and out. An inspiration. Should have received the Nobel Peace Prize.

    In Mexico the saying: "Only the good die young" seems true.

  15. She is a Godess. So good lookn and with a beautiful mind to top it off. I hope she stays alive to see her grandkids grow up in a safe Mexico. Dear God please help her.


  16. Que orgullo de mujer! Bien por mis compañeras mexicanas que son mujeres fuertes.
    She makes me proud to be, first a woman, and second, Mexicana!
    God bless. Que Dios la proteja.

  17. @J..

    Not all colostomy procedures are permanent, however, in her case I would venture to say it is...its been a year since the lastest attack on her life and she's still using a colostomy bag. Obviously, she sustained serious damage to her intestinal tract probably as a result of infection from the bullet wound.

    Regardless, this woman is a pillar of bravery and righteousness.."Thou I walk in the shadow of the valley of Death...I shall fear no evil.."

  18. Tomen nota, y sigan su ejemplo, seguro que si siente temor, pero eso le impulsa a tener valor, todos tenemos temor,pero que vamos a hacer para terminar con lo que nos causa ese temor. Eso da mas constancia al valor de esta noble mujer. Si no tienes miedo, no existe el valor!

    Take note and follow her lead, she surely is fearful for her life, nonetheless, this drives her courage. We are all afraid, but what are we willing to do to end that which causes our fears? This is a testimony of this noble woman's courage. If you are not afraid, you cannot become brave!



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