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Saturday, January 29, 2011

PGR Release Suspected Killers of Prosecuter's Brother

Marco Quezada, said that they are free to go, and the officers may return to their former posts within the police department.

Milenio/El Universal

The mayor of a municipality of Chihuahua, Marco Quezada, confirmed the police officers who were arrested last November in connection with the disappearance and subsequent torture and death of Mario González Rodríguez, brother of former state prosecutor, Patricia González have been released.

The mayor said that at the moment, there was not enough evidence to hold these officers on the charges of kidnapping and murder. Since the 60 days of arraignment are up, their rights must be respected and they are allowed to continue working in the department if they choose to do so.

PGR officers and Federal Police agents found the body of Mario González Rodríguez, in November of 2010, he was kidnapped on October 21rst.

The PGR admitted the weren't able to prove a connection between the municipal officers and the death of Mario González Rodríguez, who was beaten and murdered before his body was dumped in colonia Granjas del Valle, a neighborhood just north of Ciudad Chihuahua.

The officers were detained late November of 2010, Federal Police set up roadblocks through the North and South command posts and quickly arrested Gil Noé Estrada Martínez, Antonio Gerardo Ortega Legarreta, Jonathan Manjarrez Manjarrez and Víctor Javier Hernández Leyva. Federal Police later arrested alleged cell leader Héctor Daniel de Luna Chávez.

Mario González Rodríguez, brother of Patricia González, abducted October 21rst 2010.

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  1. These guys admitted what they did in front of cameras and they still get let go. CHAPO must have huge influence down there.

  2. and i am glad they are back on the farce

    ..why i have never seen a more stalwart looking crew...a real credit to Mexcian policia everywhere..

    an its sure enuff now that they were innocents , and to be treated so badly..

    what a travesty to use these noble souls so wrongly


    vacations over boys ..back to work ..we got people to kill and bodys to chop



  4. Mexico-- I wonder if from space there is a green haze over the entire country??

  5. Trust me...these cats are going to wind up disappearing (murdered). What your not hearing, is the potential information (intel) they gave up to the authorites, while they we being detained for 60 days...and even if they did'nt utter a word...they'er former employer isn't going to take any chances...better to silence "loose lips."


  7. you can never trust a mexican !!!!!


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