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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Nancy Davis Told Friends She 'Might Not Come Back Alive' From Mexico


Nancy Davis, the American missionary killed in Mexico by what police suspect were drug thugs, told friends when she last saw them over dinner this fall that she "might not come back alive" from her next visit to Mexico.

Nancy and her husband Sam Davis, both Christian missionaries, were aware of the escalating drug violence in Mexico and had been chased by gunmen on previous occasions. But they kept going back.

"Every day that passed they had personal friends, people in Mexico that they were acquainted with who were dying. It was all around them. They were constantly getting threats. Many, many times they had been chased and managed to elude danger," Jennifer Christner, a friend of the couple, said.

Christner and her husband, the pastor of the Christian Chapel Church that Nancy Davis grew up in and the couple visited each year, said that the couple discussed the dangers of living in Mexico over dinner in November of last year.

"They knew that when they left, we might not see them alive again," Christner said. "They said, 'We know when we go back in, we might not come back alive and if that's the case, know that we died doing what we were supposed to do.'"

Nancy Davis told Christner, "If I don't see you here, I'll see you in heaven."

Nancy and Sam Davis were riding along a highway 70 miles south of the border town of Reynosa, Mexico, on Wednesday when they approached an illegal roadblock. Rather than stop, they continued driving and were chased by several gunmen in a black pick-up truck, according Pharr Police Chief Ruben Villescas.

Rather than stop, Sam Davis gunned the engine of their blue 2008 Chevrolet pick-up, a vehicle popular with the dangerous Zetas drug cartel that controls the area. The pursuing gunmen fired at Davis' truck, and a bullet hit Nancy Davis in the head.

Her husband raced the 70 miles to the Pharr International Bridge, speeding the last part of the way against on-coming traffic to avoid the long lines of northbound cars at the border checkpoint, arriving at 12:25 p.m., according to police reports.

Nancy Davis was rushed to a hospital in the border city of McAllen, Texas, but she was declared dead at 1:54 p.m.

Christner said that the couple spent 90 percent of their time in Mexico.

"They lived, breathed, ate, slept Mexico," Christner said. "That was their life...they would come out long enough to get mail and take care of any business that they needed to."

The couple raised two sons in Mexico.

Their son Joseph Davis told the Associated Press that the couple knew the risks of Mexico's escalating violence and said "it would be easier" to count the number of times that they had not been targeted during trips to Mexico in recent years.

The couple's family is in shock, Christner said, and she worries about how Sam Davis will handle his wife's death.

"They came as a package together and I cannot imagine one living without the other. They're very, very in love," Christner said.

Nancy Davis, an Ohio native, married Sam Davis at Christian Chapel Church in 1972. It was a church that her father helped found. The two left shortly after being married and became missionaries in Mexico.

The two loved to sing. Nancy Davis has released several songbooks, Christner said. A YouTube video shows the couple performing at Christian Chapel Church in October of last year for the 60th anniversary of the church's founding.

Nancy Davis can be seen playing the accordion while her husband plays the guitar. As she sings, she lifts her arms in the air.

"Praise God, he's marching on he...he can still guide the darkest night," the couple sings in the video.

Police said anyone with information about the killing should call 956-787-8477

The shooting was similar to the attack on an American couple earlier this year while riding jet skis on Falcon Lake which straddles the U.S. and Mexican border.

Shooting Death Similar to Killing of David Hartley
David and Tiffany Hartley had driven their jet skis to the Mexico side of the lake on Sept. 30, 2010, but were ambushed on their way back to the American side. David Hartley was shot and fell off his jet ski and Tiffany, unable to pull him from the water, said she raced away under gunfire to save her life.

Hartley's body was never found and no one has been charged with his murder.

The area is infested with Zeta cartel members. The lead investigator on the Hartley case was later decapitated and his head was delivered to a military post near the U.S. border.


  1. I know she is where she always wanted to be. It means alot for someone like her to do what she did, and as a result of, die like she died.

    Although she didnt have to, she did it and it caught the attention of the local, national and soon global headlines. watch for it on bbc. So her death was not in vain nor was Don Alejo's or the other farmer whose name we can not remember, but died fighting off so called Sicarios that come in number and incredibly armed, that it may as well be any trained monkey. He fought them off but they returned deeper and heavier to burn the town down.We've already forgotten about them and soon will forget about Mrs Davis. But this will not stop until A the Demand is curved or B the US military intervenes in even a remote control mode , drones and baby scuds. These well trained and Hand Picked combat ready soldiers are itching for a fight and already have everyone considered a target in their cross hairs. In case the visit from Madam President wasn't enough. the next barrage will be. You guys keep it up, and deal with the ying, or figure it out and do like Juan Camanay .. LA COSA ES o eve de ser CALMALDA. so se calman ye se ponen a trabajar o los van a calmar.

    Al publico, Point out all the foreigners and get them deported, chances are they are scouting you.

    Dont act stupid you know exactly what needs to be done.


  2. second.

    I wrote the first comment with out even reading the story in a hurry to be first, but as I started to type seriousness came out instead of my usual banter, any how anyways\

    i somehow managed to hit the nail on the head,

    i guess everyones mind is made up as to who did this and who the bad guys are.

    the fact that chevorlet has had such a marketing coup in the last few years is pretty amazing. i guess ppl see the cia and fbi in them fancy new square bodys and are instantly in awe. they are pretty bad ass.

    i wont say this couple had a death wish or that they knew better like some of you lames on here

    they should as well as any one else in MI QUERIDO MEXICO be able to do what ever they want to do and drive what they please. even red audis, still laughing at that one.

    and this couple did just that, they chose not to live in fear or change their habbits. they hadn't just started this lifestyle, they chose not to stop it when everyone else told,even begged then too. they're faith was tested and she passed. He will most definitly not ever leave mexico nor will anyone else who loves it, like they did. if thats where she died, thats where he'll die and he'll do it trying to make sure it never happens again. Like another martyr ..ooops did I just use that word too. Mrs Marisela Escobedo.

    Enough light on a dark corner eventually reveals the nastiness with in.

    Deep in your
    How much you hate this


    nov 27,1997

  3. only the good die young

  4. She knew what she was getting in to.

  5. @anonymous
    Yes, people SHOULD be able to drive whatever they want in Mexico...just like I should be able to leave my doors unlocked at night. But knowing what I do, I DON'T!! Grab a brain.
    I admire the fact that this couple devoted such a large part of their life to helping others. On the other hand, the fact that they ignored warnings and common sense is just unbelievable to me. You can put your faith in god all you want, but stupid is as stupid does...besides...Mexico is the devil's turf.

  6. This tragedy is why Calderon must reform Mexico. Thugs trying to hijack a truck. Almost every SUV TRUCK etc used in Mex Crime is a stolen vehicle,so what is the penalty for "unauthorized use of a motor vehicle" How about minimum 20 yrs.A state of emergency has existed in Mexico for several years now,the govt needs to be able to arrest and indefinatly jail people for some time without judges turning them loose.

  7. Sorry, don't see her as a Martyr... Just plain Stupid!
    How can one compare her to Don Alejo? !!!!!$&^^$^(
    He had no choice and she did!
    She didn't fight for anything! She just went where she knew she shouldn't be going!
    So Fuck the martyr shit!
    It's not even her country! She didn't have to be there!
    If GOD told her to go there I would love to see him on CNN say it's his fault for calling her!
    Crazy People have voices in their heads too....
    They messed up and paid the price that's all and it's an insult to compare her to Don Alejo who stood and fought for his land!
    Enough Said!

  8. you go ahead and use your brains. you obviously have not heart or spine. They knew they were doing their gods will. they didnt have to be smarter than the rest just braver and in return their death will start wheels in motion.

    and im not any mouse


    Dallas Bound Grey Hound

  9. American religious pushers are not really doing 'God's work' but the work of pushing the US way of life off onto others. They are often rightfully resented for what they do because of that.

    This woman, Nancy Davis, fairly typifies the self righteous stupidity of many of these church workers and it got her killed. One ignores the presence of known war zones at one's own risk. This war zone wasn't even really the woman's own war zone, nor that of her husband and son.

    At a time when millions of people are rising up against US imposed dictatorships in places like Yemen, Egypt, and Tunisia with great danger to themselves by doing so, there are many many very real and genuine heroes out there. Like the Tunisian fruit vendor who fought back and sparked the overthrow of the Tunisian dictatorship. It was his war zone though, and his sacrifice made a great amount of sense and was heroic.

    All Anglos should be aware that traveling in certain hot spots in Mexico right now is just plain stupidity if one chooses to do so. You are going to stand out like a sore thumb if you enter these zones and you are inviting your own harm.

  10. Unfortunately, it was a horrible accidental incident. Reports are that it happened not in san fernando but 7 miles from reynosa. it was a checkpoint they setup for zeta patrols. all they wanted was to question the couple and they would have let them go and would not have stolen the vehicle or harmed them. unfortunately it was a suspicious vehicle. That vehicle is similar to a preferred zeta vehicle. What the media doesnt tell you is the couple ran over a guy that tried to flag them down. They blew through running over a guy and they couldnt see inside due to glare from the mid morning and tinted windows. That resulted in shots being fired. ANYONE heading to northern mexico beyond the bordertown should get in contact with the local CDG ( all you have to do is call the local police dept in the town and tell them of your intentions) first and make them aware theyll be in area and DO NOT TRAVEL IN A SUV, 4 DOOR TRUCK ETC. CDG are not wishing or wanting to harm the public from roving zetas. It is suggested to travel in a non-luxury car. Theyd even provide protection for you from zetas. Please be safe and use your head people.


  11. Hey 'Chepe Chayote", it's takes 'courage and selflessness' to put yourself in a 'war zone'. Qualities such as 'humility' is often confused with weakness, and in fact shows someones strenght and tolerance with 'idiots''drug pushers' that have a self serving agenda. It takes strength to step out of your self serving agenda, and help those in need. LOVE IS STRONGER THAN HATE, if your a self serving person, at least respect those that care about others beside themselves.!!!

  12. Guess God saw them as Dumb asses as well and went bang! Bang!
    They were testing their FAITH!
    Well see what happened!
    Stay in the States and Bible Thump!
    Mexico has enough religion!

  13. If we want to fix the problem, it begins in the US. People want drugs, so cartels flourish. Eliminate the need for drugs and the cartels go away. M-21, thank you for clearing up the situation. You tend not to hear all the truths from the media. It was plain stupid for the couple to be in that area in that type of vehicle.

  14. To Chepe...
    This couple has been in Mexico not to overthrow a government or cause a coup. They were quietly dedicated to feeding, clothing, and sheltering the most indigent humans of Mexico who repeatedly go neglected and ignored by their own fellow countrymen. They looked beyond race, citizenship, and economic status to selflessly take care in whatever capacity they could. You, I, and countless others could learn a lesson from them. Maybe, just maybe some of these young punks could be provided an alternative to joining the thug life.

  15. wow..lots of people ready to beat this dead lady up...

    no respect for the dead..but what can you expect from this nation of proud unruly children...

    but after all she is anglo ..right?

    i agree she shouldn"t have been there ...

    Mexicans already have enough religion, and should do their own charity work

    and from some of the comments here, Mexicans are pretty ungrateful in their attitude towards people who want to help them out


    Buela....if something ever happened to you do you ever wonder how your memory would be treated here?..

    .maybe you should...there are lots of Americans that could use some help ..and probably be more thankful for it

    Mexico needs to learn how to change it's own diaper

  16. wow there cheepy..

    you sound like a real heartless, anti american, rascist kind of guy...

    the whole world is a "war zone" there small mind...

    you ever heard of the old battle between good and evil..they talk about it on tv

    maybe she was Proselytizing ...but she was still trying to help out poor people

    what are you doing...disrespecting a dead woman who at least died for what she believed

    respect lost

  17. I hate to be so cynical here, but...

    'They were quietly dedicated to feeding, clothing, and sheltering the most indigent humans of Mexico who repeatedly go neglected and ignored by their own fellow countrymen.'

    ....but this statement of yours, Anonymous, has to be taken with a gigantic grain of salt. For one thing, how is it that you can just state that Mexicans neglect and ignore their own? And like that is any way different from what can be seen in your own country, the USA? Bull.

    No US Anglo church 'saviors' needed for Mexico... PLEASE. In Guatemala it has been seen where that sort of 'saving' can lead to... and it was not pretty.

    This couple was in Mexico PRIMARILY trying to convert people to their ideas about God and CHURCH, and went into a foreign country obliviously and blindly driving a newer model 4 door Chevy pickup into a war zone like they had some special immunity from the obvious dangers of this behavior given to them from the Heavens up above by God. I guess not though... Somebody decided they wanted to rob this truck from this couple.

    If you don't know what I am talking about when I mention the example of US 'evangelists' in Guatemala here?... then I give you a link to a nice little National Geographic film in 5 parts on youtube about a Southern California 'missionary', Rios Montt, and how his American church 'helped' out Guatemala by killing hundreds of thousands of them.



  19. This is how you pay your respects to someone who devoted her life in helping the poor in Mexico. No wonder Mexico has lost any and all respect in the world, espcially like the comments above, I'm not angry, I just feel sorry for you poor bastards. It will come soon when you pieces of shit will try to flee to the U.S. because the very same people you admire will be the same ones who will put a bullet in your dumb ass one day.

  20. I wonder if it really happened like that, (to M-21), CDG will never admit it if it did, to easy to hang it on the heads of roving Zeta's, or common criminals. It's a little mind blowing how much control CDG has over the area.

  21. @ Chepe Chayote:

    Perhaps all Euros, Americans and Canadians should withdraw their kindness, charities, investments and tourist dollars from Mexico.. where would Mexico be then hmmm?

  22. Briiito...
    My family does not define need by country borders, we define it by need. we have worked and contiue to work in many countries, however as I have posted in the past we have a family foundation for US kids. I have worked with US kids needs for 30+ years. Presently it is a legal grant funding. Targeting single mothers with autistic children, strong in advocacy for their child but being jacked around my the government and not getting the resources that are the legal right of their child. I have 6 pro-bono atty's we partner with, and I select the family and pay for all actual court costs and trial prep. It is apx 15-20K each case.
    I also assist Head Start.

    But honestly, helping a child in the US is no different than helping children in Mx or Iraq, my heart feels no difference.

    My 8 yr old grandson is non-verbal and has autism

  23. And I'm not religious whatsoever, but if she converted people to her religion through kind-heartedness & selflessness, then she is more human then i have ever been able to be.

    All in all, sympathy and empathy seem to be in short supply all around.

  24. The Zetas, if they would have found this couple would have murdered them in cold blood and more than likely raped the old lady. They have no conscience. The newspapers out of fear do not post what really happens here in northern mexico. There have been many a family traveling outside of reynosa etc to be slaughtered in cold blood for their vehicle or money by the zetas. We have roadblock posts outside city limits to make sure zetas do not return. Reynosa and Matamoros has been extremely quiet due to our patrols. CDG are here to get rid of the vermin so that it can get back to what it once was. Safe and no zetas. We do not do drugs nor extort business or kidnap people. I am no gangbanger. This world we live in here in mexico is brutal. You have no idea the horrors ive witnessed from the hands of the zetas. Sure we had to make examples, but those desicions are not my own. In fact, though I am trained in weoponry and skilled, I serve more in an accounting and intelligence area. How many CDG sicarios have you seen? We dress and look just like you. If fact, you wouldnt notice a CDG sicario standing next to you at an HEB in mcallen! Be safe and stay out of harms way. If you must travel to mexico, please be safe. Do not drive a luxury vehicle ie mercedes, escalade, bmw. Do not drive in 4 door trucks or big SUVs. From reynosa to nuevo laredo, it is extremely dangerous to drive past the bordertowns. Please be safe and remember CDG is not your enemy.


  25. Marc
    The truck they were driving was a sure magnet for sicarios, especially Zetas. I would taken an old beater vehicle as not to attract any unwarranted attention. I had friends an aquaintances going to Mexico in their late model GMC Denali's and Escalade and I would tell them this can be suicidal.

  26. This is one funny question really, Anonymous One...

    @ Chepe Chayote: Perhaps all Euros, Americans and Canadians should withdraw their kindness, charities, investments and tourist dollars from Mexico.. where would Mexico be then hmmm?

    Speaking of ' kindness, charities, investments and tourist dollars'??? The US stole a good portion of Mexican territory and the European French occupied the country until they finally were kicked out. So Mexico got this national anthem out of these memories of these examples of foreign 'kindness'...

    Mexican national anthem translated to English:


    Mexicans, at the cry of battle
    lend your swords and bridle;
    and let the earth tremble at its center
    upon the roar of the cannon.

    Your forehead shall be girded, oh fatherland, with olive garlands
    by the divine archangel of peace,
    For in heaven your eternal destiny
    has been written by the hand of God.
    But should a foreign enemy
    Profane your land with his sole,
    Think, beloved fatherland, that heaven
    gave you a soldier in each son.

    Chorus II

    War, war without truce against who would attempt
    to blemish the honor of the fatherland!
    War, war! The patriotic banners
    saturate in waves of blood.
    War, war! On the mount, in the vale
    The terrifying cannon thunder
    and the echoes nobly resound
    to the cries of union! liberty!

    Chorus III

    Fatherland, before your children become unarmed
    Beneath the yoke their necks in sway,
    May your countryside be watered with blood,
    On blood their feet trample.
    And may your temples, palaces and towers
    crumble in horrid crash,
    and their ruins exist saying:
    The fatherland was made of one thousand heroes here.

    Chorus IV

    Fatherland, fatherland, your children swear
    to exhale their breath in your cause,
    If the bugle in its belligerent tone
    should call upon them to struggle with bravery.
    For you the olive garlands!
    For them a memory of glory!
    For you a laurel of victory!
    For them a tomb of honor!


    Mexicans, at the cry of battle
    lend your swords and bridle;
    and let the earth tremble at its center
    upon the roar of the cannon.

  27. wow...the comments posted here are really getting interesting and just a little bizarre

  28. ok cheepy...

    stole...WTF are you one of those aztlan morons? ..not only are you a thinly disguised heartless racist, you are an idiot as well

    read this through your haze

    Mexico started it

    one of your own bigmouth generales was even making big talk about taking New Orleans ...

    Mexico took the money and signed the paper...listo

    what you trying to instigate ANOTHER war with the USA...

    look around think it would take two years this time ...

    jerks like you always start shit from behind false patriotism or from behind some bullshit throw the first stone from a safe distance behind the crowd...then run like all hell while your friends are beaten

    to the winner go the spoils...this universal truth should ring true... even in your brutal mind

    oh say can you see......

  29. @m21

    QUE CHINGON ERES! babosso, ahorra dime una de vaqueros

    I don't think any CDG would be on here running his mouth. Must be some kid that watches Mario Almada movies and now he thinks he's a "Sicarrio"
    What is this BDN all of sudden?

  30. M21...hmmmmm..he sounds reassuring though.....but yeah ... i got to question the authenticity...

    but hey in this modern world ...who's to say a sicario couldn't be reading blogs about mexico ...

    he is marking him self though.... with references to HEB in McAllen bueno for a guy who should wants to remain invisible

  31. The teen ager playing the part M21 is nothing more than some punk ass bitch whose mommy puts him to sleep by 9:30.
    Nite-Nite M21- you fucking punk!!

  32. Mexico has already been "evangelized" by the Catholic Church....NOBODY down there has NOT heard about Jesus and the Gospel. So let the Evil Doers die and burn in Hell. That Civil War down there is a LOST CAUSE...I don't want to see American lives extinguished for nothing.

  33. Rumor has it that it is El Peinado that is trying to clean up the mess in Monterey and Reynosa, hopefully he will stop all these illegal blocks in these cities. I root for La Federacion to come through with there promises.

  34. Fuck the zetas, may they join satan in hell for all their crimes. RIP Nancy Davis, may god give you eternal life in heaven.

  35. Who knows about the CDG guy, I don't picture some of these guys at sitting in front of a computer in a truck posting on blogs, but who knows? Narcos and killers are definitely online and use it for years now, so I can't say one way or the other. It's not like authorities are going to kick down his door based on posts he made on a website.

  36. I think the M-21 person is authentic. The CDG sends their junior "sicarios" to the local Cebtis.

  37. yeap.... this ain't the bigotes, sombrero, y crossed bandolier days...

    the new "bandidos" have iphones

    M21 could be authentico..and PR is big among the cartels these days... winning the hearts and minds of the people is still relevant..

    no guerilla band can exist for long without support from the local population

    and he is definitely reassuring the people that the cdg are gonna win .y are the good guys

    moral support can translate into tactical support

  38. One thing, why would he admit that the CDG killed this lady?

    What is Cebtis?

  39. Let us honor the dead. What a brave soul and let us never forget that freedom is seldom free, often one has to pay the ultimate price. Rip my sista. Via condios

  40. I just read a report that an American Photog escaped by winning a cartel chase to the border.. Sonora..

  41. As for the Davis'...I have read a lot about this couple, and tho I am still not clear as to what version happened, the lady was a good person and did wonderful good acts for 30 years in Mx. I am not one to support conditions with charitable acts, such as accepting christ, i think they should stand alone, and I have witness abuses effected in the name of religion in Mx. BUT... She established clinics and delivered many babies as a mid wife for mountain women. That truly deserves respect. Thank you Nancy Davis you are a hero.

  42. Buela you are an inspiration, I will keep you in my prayers!! I tend to always look forward to your comments. Your heart & compassion/empathy towards others is wonderful!!! I feel that unfortunately that is what is lacking in our great Nation of Ours....

    WindyCity Kid

  43. I think all these banter about Mexico and the United States is nothing, but silly talk. Bottom line, some day Mexico, U.S., Canada will be one continent, and reguardless of what the people of either Mexico or U.S, or Mexician govn. or U.S. government does or doesn't do for the people, 'THE ONES WHO CONTROL ARE THE ELITE' and what's happening in Mexico, is coming to the U.S. President Bush never did anything about the border, and money was appropiated for a fence, and it was never built. The govenments just give an apperance that something is being done just to shut people up, but they continue on with their a genda. Fighting among ourselves is only stirring the pot, and in the end, we the little people are the real losers. A process of elimination is going on at the expense of the young men dying in Mexico, and the people here in the U.S. are stoned out and worthless to make a difference. I rememeber once reading about a 'prisioner of vietname war'and he was held prisioner for a long time. His spirit and soul were broken to the point that-that he wanted death. And a vietaname guard gave him a half rotted peach, and the guard smiled as he gave it to him. The small act of compassion was enough to inspire him to continue on and try to live. So what difference if these couple were trying to love these Mexican people with gifts and they came in the name of Christianity. They represented what loving a totally stranger meant. It didn't matter if they were white brown, yellow, dark brown, etc, the act is what stands out. I really feel for the women that died, yet she did live her life and she's a good example and a good teacher to those that still have some humility and want to change themselves for the better. I feel for the dying young men and women who are dying. If their lives consisted of nothing but what's displayed,be killed or kill. What do you do when theirs nothing else and you feel traped??? I'm not saying it's ok--but if we put ourselves in the same position, would we do the same???? Did they lose someone they loved that created the hate they have, or do they love what they do??? We are not in any position to judge without knowing all the facts in all the stories posted here in BB. for the mature people who read the comments, maybe the better approach would be;TODAY I AM THE TEACHER AND TOMORROW I AM THE STUDENT.!!! We all have something to say and somethimes if we shut up long enough to listen, our eyes can open up and the least among ourselves can be the greatest that can teach us something that has some substance and worthwhile comment!!

  44. Yes , We can all shut up, listen and learn... Just not the hard way like this woman.
    No one is safe traveling in Mexico and especially with a Narco favorite truck.
    You push the limits you pay the price.
    She is not special because she died running. Maybe she should have stopped and had a long Sermon with these young narcos and put them on the path to God. They are God's children as well NO?
    So instead of fleeing she should have put her faith in God and helped these poor misguided people...Now that is something to be commended if she had converted the narcos... Gotta have FAITH

  45. If you religious FREAKS keep coming and sticking your noses in where not wanted... WHAT can you expect.
    Keep your filthy fucking religious shit on your side of the border and STOP coming here and abusing our kids.



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