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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Mutilated Body Left in Front of Acapulco Church

Acapulco, Guerrero - At 07:00 hrs., a mutilated body was found in front of a church in colonia las Cruces, which sits near a bridge that overlooks the busy Acapulco-México federal highway. Authorities at the scene described the victim as male, about 35 years old, thin build and kept a short hairstyle. His cranium and extremities had severe lacerations, indicating torture and he most likely died of head trauma. The killers had dismembered the body and left it laying in the street.

Police have no suspects in custody at this time.

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  1. WAY TO GO...whoever killed this guy. God will surely grant you your wish to spend your next life as a piece of turd.

  2. Wow no respect for nothing.
    When will it end? all this madness in mexico..
    Instead of killing people create JOBS!!!

  3. So who's fighting who in Acapulco and whole state of Guerrero again?

  4. just to show you all that deep down we can be savage animals capable of the most extreme violence...........

  5. from what im hearing it was the work of Gente Nueva the armed wing of the Sinaloa Cartel.

  6. According to 3 other blogs I read daily......The body was dumped along the Highway NOT in front of the church....As u can see in the pictures its obvious its not a street its a Highway....I cannot imagine drivin and runnin over a chopped head...eewwwww....haahah

  7. damn acapulco is a really violent city, must have alot of swinglers or something cuz they really let them have it down their.

  8. 4;55 please translate this part:

    Acapulco, Guerrero. Siendo aproximadamente las 07:00 hrs., sobre la carretera federal Acapulco-México, a la altura del puente peatonal de la colonia las Cruces, frente a la Iglesia, fue arrojado un cuerpo mutilado.

    a altura del puente = at the height of the bridge

    frente a la Iglesia = in front of the church

    And for the record the initial shot with the yellow railing is a STOCK PICTURE. I only used it so I didn't have to put the gory pics on the front of the page.

  9. God bless everyone in mexico

  10. Do something like that in America and for sure you would be hunted down , Arrested, Put on trail and have a cold needle full of stinging posion shoved deep into your muscles or condemmed to The famous United States Prison system for long endless years, Where they would be raped and gangraped by men. LOLOLOL- Dirty, filty criminal Men who all smell like Dirty ASS, treated like the punk ass bitch that they are.
    Can You Imagine? Wow! How fucked up that would be.
    living with men all the time with no Females to hold, screw, hang out with , sleep with, chill with, travel with, it would be worst than hell on this earth.
    Attention :: Mexican cops- "Go find the Dirty sons of Street Whores who did this and bring them to Justice".
    If these criminals are allowed to get away with this there will be no stopping them.

  11. Clarification:

    There were 2 dismembered bodies: One in Colonia La Cruce, and one in Colonia 20 de noviembre (which happened on a busy highway) I will be covering that story later.

    So 4:55 was HALF RIGHT, there was a confusion as to which event he refered to, because both executions were very similar


  13. Those loser sorry traitors that are committing these crimes would be no match for American Military or Law Enforcement. The Americans would chew them up and feed thier sorry bones to the dogs whos owners they have murdered.
    Mexican citizens should pull thier resourses together and help out thier own country by offering cash rewards for the capture of these wothless criminals.
    Set up Neighbor Hood watches and armed patrols and gather lots and lots of information on them- then use it to destroy them and all of the roaches that follow them..
    Juan Pablo Smith

  14. @ Anonymous (Jan 30-7:17PM)

    I've got news for you...this type of drug related violence has occurred before in the United States! Take a look at Miami, Florida, back in the early to late 80's...the days of Griselda Blanco and the "Cocaine Cowboys." At the time, Miami was the "murder capital" of the much for American law enforcement, "kicking ass."

    Again, its easy for Gov't (law enforcement) to lose control of the situation, when they have to play by the rules and the criminals do not...justice is often slow...which always gives the appearance of being in-effective.

    Eventually, the Mexican government's efforts to curtail the drug violence will occur...just not in the time frame, we can predict....

  15. we all know who did this the muther fucking Zetas!!!!we all know who did this the muther fucking Zetas!!!!

  16. When Jesus comes again, He will bring justice.


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