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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Pink bikers fight Mexican drug war by helping poor

Photo: Christian Torres / El Diario

Julian Cardona

A group of middle-class Mexican women on pink motorcycles is handing out food and medicine to the poor in one of the world's deadliest cities to both protest and allay the widespread deprivation it says is fueling the violence.

Braving drug gang turf wars in Ciudad Juarez that have killed some 6,700 people since 2008, including hundreds of women, the club that calls itself "Las Guerreras" (The Female Warriors) rides out on custom-made choppers every Sunday to dangerous neighborhoods that ring the factory city bordering El Paso, Texas.

In cramped, metal-roofed homes on unpaved streets, the 10-member group comprising teachers, off-duty police officers and businesswomen volunteer their time to help single mothers, addicts, the elderly and the jobless, many of whom have no access to welfare and feel completely abandoned.

They hand out cash, medicines, food, clothing and even birthday cakes, paid for out of their own pockets. Sometimes they just provide a sympathetic ear.

"There are people who have nothing, or almost nothing," said Lorenia Granados, a co-founder of the group set up two years ago, just after gunmen killed seven young men on a soccer field not far from the place she was volunteering on Sunday.

The women say their pink bikes aim to project a less threatening, feminine image that sets them apart from drug hitmen sometimes known to kill targets from motorcycles.

Despite playing host to 340 factories exporting to the United States and handling billions of dollars in cross-border trade every year, Ciudad Juarez has become one of Mexico's most desperate cities.

In a forlorn desert region with few schools or opportunities, poorly paid or unemployed youngsters are enticed into joining gangs to kill rivals for as little as $100 a hit.

Many social workers and drug trade experts blame years of political corruption and mismanagement for the lack of support for the poor. President Felipe Calderon, who assigned the military to fight drug gangs from December 2006, launched a major social program aimed at rebuilding Ciudad Juarez last year, but locals say progress is slow.

"No one does anything," said 60-year-old Sanjuana Flores, whose daughter, a drug addict, was shot dead in 2008, leaving behind four children that Flores now looks after. Flores, receiving a handout of meat and vegetables from the pink bikers, said she was frustrated. "I've asked for help from the town hall and from town councilors. They promise things, but they are all lies," she said.

The Warriors say so far they've not been threatened or attacked on their weekly rounds. "We're just trying to make a difference in the hope that someday peace will return," Granados said before pulling on her helmet, revving her engine and riding away.

A group of Mexican women arrive on their pink motorbikes in a low-income neighborhood in Ciudad Juarez January 23, 2011.
REUTERS/Gael Gonzalez

Mexican woman ride their pink motorbikes in Ciudad Juarez January 23, 2011.

A woman applies lipstick while riding her pink motorbike along with other women in Ciudad Juarez January 23, 2011

A group of Mexican women arrive with their pink motorbikes at a low-income neighborhood in Ciudad Juarez January 23, 2011

A group of Mexican woman who ride pink motorbikes stand around a resident of a low-income neighborhood in Ciudad Juarez January 23, 2011

Photos: Reuters Gael Gonzlaez


  1. hooray for these tough 'ol broads..

    the women in Mexico have more nerve and organizational skills than the men

    where are the groups of men?, fed up with it... meeting to formulate a plan of action...

    these woman face more danger than anybody..but they have COURAGE and continue on

    the men should be ashamed

    it seems Don Alejo Garza died in vain

  2. They'll get killed just watch.

  3. Damn I didnt know buela drove a motorcycle haha.

  4. @ 7:13 AM

    JAJAJAJAJAJAJA!! Bad-assed Buela!!! Wheeeeee... so this is the mental pic you want everyone to have of me? JAJA...that's ok...these are "Sheros" and kudos to them and their work...

    For the record...the bravest I can be is hopping on my ATV, sissy style with automactic shift, with resverse and all the comforts as I fo thru the roads of the national forest. WHile my family goes on the rugged roads of difficulty I look for the "flat Line" trail signsm, its bad enough to be on the edge of a 1 mi drop

  5. I give these ladies a standing applause.!!! Because we live in a world where 'loving strangers' and risking your self for it is to say at the very least 'AMAZING". It would be very sad if one of these ladies got killed because of what their doing, and considering what these thugs are doing, their very act of killing someone who is trying to help their people instead at least 'honoring their good will' would show me that their 'less than human' and it would be grounds for me understanding GODS position on some day destroying these evil souls. WOMEN OVER ON MEXICO ARE SURE MAKING A STAND ON THEIR STRENGTH AND IT SHOWS AGAIN THE STRENGTH AND COURAGE OF THEM AND YET THEIR TENDER SIDE.!!

  6. great job ladies , just be carefull out there , because there is always evil , behind , belive me there are a lot of people like don alejo , even if they come as wamen , i take my hat off to u ladies , keep up the good work , and stay safe , we are on the lost days of our times, a time that a brother will fight againts it brother father againts son and neighboor againts neighoor , god will return soon , but not before hell breaks loose , and is happenning right at this moment , it will get worst before it gets bether , but it will get bether , suerte viejas chingonas , felicitaciones que tienen los huevos que muchos mexicanos hombres no tenemos , en bes de hacer el vien hacemos lo , malo , viva la mujer mexicana y de donde sea , POR UN MEXICO LINPIO DE BASURA ,

  7. This is kind of a small circus Freak side show in the Lucha Libre drug war zone, is it not? The article is not clear at all on FROM WHERE these few press hanging women ride out from in their search for media attention? Do they start out of El Paso or do they start out from Juarez? It does make a big difference here....

    Do they retreat back to El Paso safely after their jaunt? We can't really say from just this Reuters article alone. Not great reporting but more like hey... 'Here come the Super Women all dressed out in their pink capes' sort of silliness. ... and even that was reported wrong as the colors I saw looked like purple, red, and motorcycle black.

    It's going to take more than cartoon projects such as this one to make even a small dent in the mess in Mexico. Try JOBS, JOBS, JOBS instead, USA/ Mexican government alliance. Where are they?

  8. @E1

    The best I can tell, these women are from Juarez.

    While you are right: jobs, education, and over all reform in the judicial system and socioeconomics structures are most defiantly needed, I hardly think you can say these women's efforts, or any persons efforts to make a better Mexico, even if it is in a small way for that fact, are mere cartoon projects.

    While employment and true reforms (and so many other issues) are in government hands, the people, do have power make a difference, to create change.

  9. No, Ovemex, I guess I shouldn't be denigrating these women's efforts since people simply are getting desperate to try anything to make the violence stop. What a mess here, so who can blame the people stuck in this horrible situation for trying anything and everything at all, when basically all resources to stop the violence are lacking from being in the hands of the common folk who live in Juarez? I don't really see the women themselves as being cartoonish at all and was wrong to imply that they in any way were.

    What I do see cartoonish though is the international press (Reuters, in this case), which grabs hold of all these desperate efforts by desperate people doing basically ineffectual and utterly desperate things such as this action, and actually turning these efforts into a global Freak Show for world viewing and morbid entertainment. This pro drug war press turns peoples' under the gun desperation into supposedly being a kind of freakish support for the US and Mexican governments' totalitarian 'drug war'.

    I do totally agree with what you said here, Ovemex....

    'While employment and true reforms (and so many other issues) are in government hands, the people, do have power make a difference, to create change.'

    Security is one issue, but behind that one is the even greater problem all of Mexico is facing. That is the collapsing economy there that now gives an entire younger generation only one employment possibility... carrying a weapon.

    An international press effort is being made to sidetrack the people of Mexico into focusing on only their rotten and corrupt government's efforts into supposedly being able to provide national security with US government help, while the Mexican government along with the US government at its side is completely failing to provide a functioning economy that employs the working population of Mexico at wages that can feed families. The US government pushed maquiladora industries promised everything and yet have delivered The Border into Hell.... if not all of Mexico itself. Let's stop just blaming cartel thugs for what's going down.

  10. Them old ladys need to stay at hme and cook and clean up the house around..they hav no business roaming the streets of chihuahua in there pinkpanther bikes tryn 2save the hood!so now what they think they are erick estrada from the show "chips"..them old ladys need 2com 2there senses and stop playn around!Those gunmen outder aint playn no patty cake games,this real life shit,these cartels r fightn for border stay at hme and mind yo own busniess and let the crooked cops and crooked feds handle all the crime organization!......words fr the aguila real de michoacan!

  11. Always there is an ignorant ass complaining when good people do good for others being critical of what-how it is done. I read "give medicine to the poor" many children die from not being able to purchase simple medications that will save their lives.

    I have no doubt those who bitch have done nothing but brag about hiding people in a car trunk from immigration or buying tacos on a train for a hungry man 20 years ago.

    Always critical of humanitarians..Dispicable

    thanks for the story Ovemex

  12. @ anonymous January 28, 2011 12:40 PM

    Perhaps a better idea would be that some of the idle Mexican men stay home with the children and cook and clean then the streets of Mexico can be cleansed of the antiquated machismo personification.
    ma·chis·mo (mä-chzm)n.
    1. A strong or exaggerated sense of masculinity stressing attributes such as physical courage, virility, domination of women, and aggressiveness.
    These gallant women are a display of defiance against violence and are the very definition of the word courage.

    Any group of uneducated cowards can pick up goat horns and shoot people; kill innocents in the crossfire, kidnap and destroy innocent lives - on the hand getting on a motorcycle to defy fear and to help others in need in one of the most dangerous places in the world takes real cajones.

    Should you ever decide to to take the opportunity to educate yourself it might be possible to accumalate enough intelligence and character to actually grow a pair for yourself.

  13. Why, Buela, you just seem to be totally falling in love with me so! How excited I am...NOT.

    FYI I've also bought toys and clothes for farm worker kids, taught English to their parents, and many other horrible horrible deeds... like sending hundreds of dollars to some needy folk in Nicaragua and Argentina. Worked some with destitute children in Colombia, too, though my health couldn't keep it going for very long (I have diabetes.)

    Just because I don't prance around talking about being the supposed Great Lady Humanitarian, as your Ice Highness does all the time, does not mean I'm such a bad sort after all, Buela Limbaugh.

    'I have no doubt those who bitch have done nothing but brag about hiding people in a car trunk from immigration or buying tacos on a train for a hungry man 20 years ago. Always critical of humanitarians..Dispicable thanks for the story Ovemex'

    I love the effort to ass kiss at the end, Buela.... Nice touch.

  14. E1...u suck...what a bitter ole hateful thing u are...

  15. yeah urhny know all about kissing ass i bet

  16. Those ladies are tops! They are not crime fighters so they don't pose a threat.
    They are just helping people feel better and bring some joy in to their lives with out Bible Thumping bribes.
    Just big hearts!!
    All the Best to them!

  17. It is a lovely idea that brings joy to the receivers and to the givers. Sometimes people just need to know someone cares.

  18. Ernest1 is correct about something being not right.

    Has anyone ever seen a woman operating a motorcycle in Mexico before? Seen a group of women riding together like that in Mexico?

    "Oh girls, let's put on our Pinks and ride through hell and see if we live and don't get raped."

    Red flags ought to be popping up.
    This is some kind of a stunt.

  19. Notice how all the John Birch Society, tea baggin 'Border Narcotics Intelligence' types posting their hatred of me, good Ol' Ernest1 here, all have nothing much bad to say though about their good buddies over on the next thread discussing whores in Monterrey and how best to go running after them?

    Duty. Honor. God. Constitution. Country. Chasing whores in Mexico of the organization, Border Narcotics Dopes. What a true collection of anti Mexican nitwits BB unfortunately seems to pull together here these days.... most of them expressing their supposed loving concern about Mexicans...LMAO.... as they insult them in the same breath. Secure the Border Clowns.... On the march, goose stepping nits! Makes me want to wave our grand ol' flag... NOT>

    (Now I've probably gone out and offended these oh so sensitive and oh so patriotic people??? They're such babies.)

  20. ignorant females!riding bikes and having an idea is dumb! c'mon

  21. you made a diffrence.....o no u didnt!!!!!!!duhhhhhhh

  22. pink bikers better have firepower!!!! u ladies are ignorant!

  23. I did think of Buelita when I saw this in the news a couple of days ago, I thought she was fed up and organized a gang of her own. My hats off to these ladies who have more balls than most men especially more balls than ernest1.


  24. hey E1...I aint no right winger(voted D 80+%). I am just really turned off by your bitter, cynical comments (like most on the fringe of both right and left.

    These ladies are truely inspiring

  25. E1....jajajaja...fall in love with you? you are everything I hate in people. as for your good acts, even if true, which it is not, it is shit, out of abundance nothing mor., but I do not believe you because in the past you have begged kudos for buying tacos for a man on a train.

    Here is how I got there. at Christmas you stated you were putting your hat on and going to So Texas...I jokingly said "water my plants" as I have a home there. but then all of a sudden you say you are in Mx. Plans can change thats cool, but here is what I think. If I am in Mx, expecially only for a few schedule would be 14-18 hrs day going to hogars, CAMs,DIF clinics, doctors, clothing stores, schools, my therapy centers, visiting the old folks homes, visiting old folks in their homes, taking food to the hungry, blankets to the cold, etc etc etc. Good acts do not take a vacay they seize the opportunity.

    If you in fact have done some of these deeds, good for you, but diabetes is a poor excuse for not doing anything, my incredible son is a fire captain on the border and has been diabetic for 17 years...AND he assists in the family foundation. I mean you are able to travel right Urn?

    I do not give a rats/urny ass what you think of me, but I hope that by sharing what I do in life I can motivate others to help. One of my proudest successes is the fact I am able to use only Mexicans volunteers in my efforts, teaching folks that it does not take money to help others. I have a 90 yr old beautiful lady with diabetes that is a volunteer for my foundation, and she has been a volunteer cook for poor kids for 10 yrs 5 days a week, she says "it is what I can do, I can volunteer my hands" SHe is my hero/shero ...just like these ladies are..

    I am not sure what you mean about ass kissing, I guess a little thank you; an expression of gratitude for running a story that no other blog ran ( no blood, no gore) is out of the urn book of manners, especial when the book is comprised of blank pages., then again, Urn is a piece of shit who makes no sense, who says the same garbage, has blinders on, a bore on castro street, with no manners...

    you called me a man, a hussy, a fake...even when Ovemex explained to you he has helped me with projects in Mx you still do not believe it. You can not believe a woman who throws out a curse word and does not hang in a pew with rosary beads can be a humanitarian. it simply does not compute. You are sexist. You are ignorant, stubborn, closed minded and bitter. Sorry the Aquarius age didn't quite pan out for ya Urny.

  26. Thank you for thinking of me when reading this story, that's a compliment, I love these ladies and all citizens that do acts small and large. Mx needs heroes/Sheroes to break the chains of fear and help in anyway they deem possible. In juarez there are many heroes, and these ladies are awesome. SO many children die in Mx simply by not being able to pay the 10 bucks for meds. There are a few charities in Mx that concentrate on medication needs, but the need is huge. The fact these ladies use their own money is amazing.

    pease do not be critical, this is a good thing. and one thing to keep in mind before you say these women are marked for death. Their acts do not disparage anyone even the bad guys, I doubt they will be marked for death, and in Juarez as elsewhere older ladies are not usually among the drug war dead. But if it were to happen these ladies made their choice and we should honor that. Messico needs heroes.

    "Courage is not the absence of fear, but rather the judgement that something else is more important than fear"

  27. hey there uhrny..

    just because a mexican woman is in a dance club..usually with her novio o esposo...don't mean she is a whore

    and the girls who charge to dance ..they are not whores is an honest little job...just like American girls in the fortys ..they did the same thing

    and the women in Barrio are mostly young professionals..secretarys ..maybe students ..nurses..etc...

    shows where you are at in regards to as to how you view Mexican women

    and also shows your almost complete ignorance of latin american culture

    you know uhrny..the more you talk ..the more i am convinced you have never even been out of the USA at all

    i think you are just a wannabe , street corner revolutionary hanging around the coffee shop telling lies ...and are probably barely tolerated by the other customers

  28. y una cosa mas uhrny..

    tu hijo de are getting personal now ..i met my esposa in a dance club...

    and are you calling her un ramera?...

    you better hike that good leg up y corre bigmouth bolsa de kaka



    Amen brother. but you mean you never thought E1 was sexist before? Not even when he would slam my use of "ass" and say nothing to your bad using the "C" word?

    Just sayin

  30. @ B

    i am convinced he is all bullshit..

    he sounds EXACTLY like some of the coffee shop Che's all over the place ..who just spout bullshit about the USA because they have never been anywhere else to compare it to...

    one absolute sign of ANY person who has traveled , is that they will always say

    .."yeah Americas has problems,, we meddle too much..we have too many military basses ..etc, and so on...but the last thing they will say that with all our problems...the USA is still a great country and they are glad to be home...

    plus 'ol uhrnino calls me a tough guy out of one side of his mouth ..and trys to make fun when i say my ass is scared...

    that tells me for certain he has never been in any dicey situations...

    like my daddy used to say "son the grave yard is full of men who wern't afraid"

    to me you have to be some kind of godamn fool to NOT be afraid in Mexico here lately

    and this last stumble ..cantinas...jajajjaja

    and another little "tell" is the use of the term "mongering"..that is a very specific term ..and applys to a very specific type of person ...right uhrn?

    he is SO celoso of anybody that does anything to help , or talks about their personal experiences..because he has no storys to tell other than the tired 'ol hippy revolutionary rap.." hey brother you hear the latest about what is goin down with the government "....

    sad ..failure to mature

    but i gotta say he is fun and sure likes to soak up abuse..a true rude ,crude 'ol dude


  31. what is castro street some street in miami named after castro or something

  32. Castro street san fran; google it

  33. Brito..

    Yeah...well I jump into tthis round and stirred the pot, but the guy is always contentious. I figured him out long ago when he could not answer one question or give his opinions of solutions..."its complicated" WTF? DUH Urn...not a bad handle "Duh-Urn" jaja..
    he is obviously into S&M, baiting the comment torture, and I do believ you are correct he is fantasy..

    Basta...lets not waste energy..

  34. Castro street in Miami? named for fidelCastro, OMG..that is as likely as a street named for Rev. Joel Osteen in Castro Street in San Francisco..

  35. @ Lito and buelita

    I agree with you guys. Ernest is definitely a sexist who is intimidated by a woman's success(especially buela's). Anyone who is careful...Ernest is reading your comments and collecting your information so he can use it against you to degrade you. He is an intruder. He will say anything that borderland beat allows him to say just to rouse up the herd. That is the basic nature of his character. Intrude, collect, insult and degrade(hard-on accomplished).

    He never forgets either. If you embarrass him, he will wait until he has another chance to get back at you. He is a vindictive lil' prick.

    But this world would be kinda boring without pricks like Ernest because afterall, he is a harmless lil' prick. He can only get to you if you let him.

  36. @January 28, 2011 7:56 PM
    Anonymous said...
    "Has anyone ever seen a woman operating a motorcycle in Mexico before? Seen a group of women riding together like that in Mexico?"

    Yes.. two are personal friends and I have seen many women going to or from school/work or home on scooters and mc's.

    Next misconception?

  37. @ 3:09 pm

    Where i live there are alot of women on motorcycles too, mostly ATV and smaller bikes, they take their kids to and from school, run to the little store etc..BUT on weekends the motorcycle clubs roll through..One day deportivas and BMW, the other choppers.. and YES there are many women at the wheel, not just along for the ride with their husbands, boyfriends, etc.

  38. Ajulio, BB allows you to discuss your whore mongering futures in Monterrey with Brito blatantly and openly on this thread, and then you start in on me calling me 'sexist'?!!! Comical....

    I guess the moderators of this blog think that the readers of BB are just too out of it to ever notice discordant details like this, so they disallow multiple responses by me to your guys' babble and don't publish what I have to say about your garbage. All the while allowing the chorus of Right Wing baboons coming into the site via the 2 huge Tea Bag links that head up this site to machine gun crap at me nonstop.

    People can put two and two together about those 2 big links at BB though and figure out where the remarks are coming from? ...the Far Right and the two sponsors of this blog.

    It's not hard to figure you guys out, ajulio, because you, like Brito and Buela simply find it too difficult to keep up the pretense any. You guys always lapse into your Border Patrol and 'law enforcement' patois when left to your own devices for more than a day or two.

    Now let's see if the moderators will allow this to go into print? If BB allows this sort of one sided linkage to Far Right groups and allows Right Wing thugs to bash liberal and Left people who come here, then BB will lose all its credibility for that. I think that it is already happening, in fact.

  39. Do you eat cheese with that whine E1?

  40. Ajulio...

    Yep, E1 is good for a vebal punching bag, I will give him that. but now that I know he may have diabetes perhaps I should back off since stress can elevate the sugar level...I will think bout that. But to use that lame excuse (diabetes) for stopping good acts was pretty weak I would say.

    I better be nice..for the remainder of the day.

  41. Let's see Ajulio and Buela? Both of you are so concerned with my personal life details of buying a deported guy taquitos on a bus headed for Mazatlan 37 years ago, and things about my diabetes that happened to me while in Santa Marta, Colombia with my own kid a year and a half ago. It's really touching, Guys. Thanks for being so concerned. You are true humanitarians.... both of you.

  42. @ ernest uno

    whatever ernie. getting into an arguement with you is like running in circles. tonight i'm going out on a date with a very attractive woman(not a whore) while you stay home and harass people on your computer.

  43. sound wounded ...geez, alright can tag along uhrny...i know some clubs you would probably like too...i wont go in with you ..but i will take you there ..jajajaa


  44. I love you E1...and I am sending you a big ol virtual abrazo fuerte! Hear my pink motorcycle roar? I'm coming to find you and bringing you some herbal tea-bags and a shot of insulin.,,,

    Smurf is sending the cheese, so you can CHILL THE WHINE..jeje...

  45. Buela, IMO your knowledge of diabetes is really only about the standard Texas level.... nil to cliche 'understanding', in fact. And South Texas must certainly be the dialysis and amputation capital of the country. The purest epicenter of ignorance and neglect and epidemic in regards to the rising levels of international diabetes.

    But thanks for offering to have me come in to some clinic supposedly under your management. ...for what though? To give me a nickel's worth of Metformin?

    I do use about $150 worth of meds and equipment per month, and since the US has a medical system that sucks, it comes out of pocket.... Mine. Don't think you'll be helping me out much with any of that, despite all your expressed 'concern'.

    You say that you're a big shot humanitarian and what all? Is your attitude about my problems with diabetes an expression of all that? Just curious.... Once again, you come off merely as a crass fraud.

    'But to use that lame excuse (diabetes) for stopping good acts was pretty weak I would say.'

    I'd say having an episode of severe hypoglycemia while playing with low income kids under the hot sun of a Santa Marta, Colombia ghetto is not 'a lame excuse' to perhaps re- evaluate just what I was doing for those kids, and my own. But you're the Big Buela and supposedly know more about all this than I do....

    Besides, buying taquitos for a guy without pesos is a big crime when Ernest1 does that for someone according to you. He got deported and Buela the Right Wing USA Today 'Christian' thinks I should have been spitting on the guy, I guess? You're something else, Buela. One ugly hussy.

  46. It is the right thing to do--to want to help others who are poor, destitute, and live in a situation not of their making. These are the heroes.

    As long as it's not cartel people "helping by providing jobs and buying expensive presents for the children." Because they ask for your soul in return. And take your future.

  47. urhny..either you are Mercilessly attacking people ..or whining about maltreatment

    there are folks here who i know have offered you the hand of among them...but you refuse to relent in your attacks

    i remember well my first encounter with told me i should shoot my self... do you remember? ..i do

    so at least be consistent

    either be tough or make peace ..

    don't dish it out if you cant take it, and don't whine about being overly moderated

    ...believe me stud...if everything i said to you got printed you would need to up your dosage just to cope

    why can't you just express your opinion without the constant abuse ...

    you cry peace all the time ...
    peace begins within you ...

  48. E1...
    Here's the deal, take it or leave it I don't care...

    1. Texas, especially so Tx finds itself in the situation of amputations and kidney failure for one reason: they do not work the program, you eat horribly and think meds will take care of abuse so forget exercise, the insulin will do the trick, watch the sugar? nah meds will take care of that. Texas is among the 3 fattest states in the US. I was diagnosed with type 2, 9 yrs ago, I refused the meds and went on a stronger exercise program and limited all grams of sugar (even hidden like milk etc) to 35 per day or less. in 3 mos I had and have maintained optimal blood chemistry, it ain't easy but I sure did not want to have diabetes. until the cancer I have been extremely healthy. and I am happy to say I have beat the big "C". My meds are 1500-3000 per mo, but I can well afford it and know others cannot.

    2. Now, I would never slam anyone doing good deeds of any kind, but I have earn the right to slam you. You have heckled and pecked at me from day one. I could give a Urny-ass/Rats-ass if you think I am a fake. Boo-hoo E, you are sexist plain and simple. You have no wife, have no life and are the biggest fraud on the blog. I am not a church woman but committed to my belief in God, I curse when I deem no other word will do at the moment, but you do also. you are a hypocrite. The God I believe in will not judge me that I said ass on a blog, but hopefully on the humanitarian work I have done for decades. I believe in the goodness of people, I believe that most people are good and want to help others, I see this everywhere. So when I see a sick ass as yourself, nasty with everyone, spiteful, un happy, angry with everything in life, I don't care about you, your words, your life, your "good deeds" ...and No diabetes is not an excuse, deal with it! Jesus, come see the kids I work with, that is real suffering. I did not let "C" stop me, nor 2 other humanitarians in Mx, such as "Norris" of so texas, in his 80s working his Mx foundation for 30 yrs, tho dying he is determine to work until he can no longer stand.

    that is why I said what I did. you need to really take heart to what people say and learn, you will never learn anything worthwhile solely listening to the man in the mirror.

    My dos centavos etched in stone..

  49. E1

    ps...for the record...the guy on the train?
    SInce I started "PROJECT 72" helping CAs in honor of the 72 slaughtered in Tamps...I have paid for the train & Bus tickets for 2-4 of them a week to return home. It is apx 200 USD to Chiapas from the No Border then another 30 into CA. I give each a backpack with supplies, food, clothing, first aid, phone cards, and 300 pesos for food. most do not want to go back they want to return to the US those I simply give a backpack. So don't tell me anything about wanting anyone deported, I now much more than you what is happening, you know nothing.

    You want to get pissed? at the US? Because I am pissed at the US, they have for decades been dumpting the CA deportees in Mx, at the No Border! That is illegal in itself. Let them try dumping undocumented persons in Canada, see how works for them. and they complain about Mx human rights violations against the CAs...and so they dump these poor people back to get abused again. NOW THAT i am very pissed about.

  50. CARBOHYDRATES. No one ever mentions carbs. Carbs turn into sugar. Does'nt matter how much you stay away from sugar if you have a high carb intake. Did'nt mean to get off the subject but a lot of people don't even know this. Stay away from carbs, diet and exercise are the best natural treatments for diabetes.

    Man buela, you have been through hell and back. You are one tough woman. My mom also had cancer and recovered. Then they gave her a false diagnosis that she had diabetes. Freaked her out for months. But through exercise and diet, she lost 25 lbs, then found out that she never had diabetes. Now she's new and improved.

    I myself appreciate a strong woman. The truth is, this world would be shit without women. Once again, I quote robin williams:

    If women ruled the world, there would be no wars. Just intense negotiations every 28 days....I think that says it all.

    Ernie, stop hating on women and appreciate them because they are beautiful creatures. Plus all that anger and stress is not good for your diabetes.

  51. Let's see if my response goes online if I tweak it and put it through a second time...?

    Brito, you and Buela are both hopelessly full of lies and bs, as is ajulio, too.

    'there are folks here who i know have offered you the hand of among them...but you refuse to relent in your attacks i remember well my first encounter with told me i should shoot my self... do you remember? ..i do'

    No, I did not tell you to shoot yourself, Brito. I said that if I were you I would would rather just go out and shoot myself. That is not exactly the same thing as telling you to go to shoot yourself though, is it? You guys simply have trouble keeping details of what is said to you any way straight in your tiny dinosaur brains.

    Now here is Buela getting lost again in similar manner to you, Brito....

    'ps...for the record...the guy on the train? ...(blah, blah,blah, I am a great humanitarian...), Ernest and So don't tell me anything about wanting anyone deported, I now much more than you what is happening, you know nothing.'

    Buela, I have told you this simple story several times trying to correct your incessant and incorrect babble about me and there is no train in it, Dude. Get it? If you can't keep a simple detail like that straight in your head then I feel sorry for you.

    My story is....I was on a bus going to Mazatlan from Nogales in 1985 and bought a hungry and dead broke man a few taquitos while traveling alongside of him South. No big deal. Only a twerp like you, Buela, would make such a big deal out of such an inconsequential and innocent moment.

    You have read all sorts of things into it over the weeks here at BB though you can´t remember any details about it or what my story was about! In your head it has something to do with a train though I have sadi several times that it was on a bus!

    Also, I am married and have one teenager living at home with us. You don't get that right either despite me using this info in multiple posts. I've only said that I am married with a kid about 20 times at BB now! Hard for you to get that straight?

    ´I could give a Urny-ass/Rats-ass if you think I am a fake. Boo-hoo E, you are sexist plain and simple. You have no wife, have no life and are the biggest fraud on the blog. I am not a church woman but committed to my belief in God, I curse when I deem no other word will do at the moment, but you do also. you are a hypocrite.´

    I, Ernest1, am an Anglo from Texas originally and my wife is regia/ Tamaulipeca. You dope heads still get this simple info all mixed up with your own idiotic lies and bullshit within 5 minutes of reading it though. So I know not why I repeat it again?

    And then you go on, Buela, to complain about Central Americans being dumped at the Border by your beloved Border Patrol. Well some do and some don't. You don't exactly get that one right either. Some get flown back in a plane....THAT IS PLANE, NOT TRAIN, Buela.

    And from you description of your supposed diabetes, Buela, I can tell that you are a know nothing about the disease. You basically rejected treatment for it except for trying to control it by your will power, exercise, and diet. Since you never told me a single detail about what your sugar levels are, I can only think that you are full of bullshit here in this new story line of yours. You simply know not diddle about DM, whcih is par for the course for you though, Buela.

    HERE IT IS- Why the BB moderators didn't want to print my response to Buela.

    Ernest1 says that Borderland Beat simply has the biggest crowd of Anglo buffoons posting as if they were a group of at least semi knowledgeable Borderland Hispanics, of anywhere on the internet.

    Not allowed to say this? Well why not?

    It's a sad display at a circus though, Buela. People see through the carnival act. You and the others simply are not believable.


  52. I think all of you who are typing all this bullshit and ruining the post of Ovemex should really reconsider what you are doing. I am really disappointed in some of you who just post BS that honestly no one cares to read here. The comments is meant to discuss cartel issues, and I could give a rat’s ass what political or social issues you lean on, it is disrespectful to BB and all the readers who come here to learn about serious cartel issues and they have to read this bull shit.

    Stop now and take the shit someplace else! That goes to everyone who continues to post off topic and play head games at the expense of the readers of BB.