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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Milenio Cartel asks Governor of Jalisco to mediate conflict


The Milenio Cártel hung several narcomantas in Jalisco, during the day on Friday.

The message was directed at Emilio González Márquez, governor of that state, and repudiates recent actions against the cartel by the SSP.

It also claims that the authorities are taking money from rival criminal organizations in exchange for political and police protection. It asks the governor to mediate the issue or he "risks" bringing chaos to Jalisco.

The messages were laminated and hung near roads and bridges of busy intersections. One of them was place next to the remains of several dead animals.

A few pictures were taken before the police were able to remove them after some effort. The perpetrators had secured them with great care, so the messages were difficult to remove.

The Text.

Al señor GOBERNADOR: Si quiere que termine la violencia en Jalisco solo tiene que poner orden en la S.S.P. al mando de LUIS CARLOS NAJERA Y ALEJANDRO SOLORIO Y CARLOS ALEJANDRO CARDENAS EL CHARLY enlace de NEMECIO OCEGUERA alias el MENCHO y evite que Jalisco se convierta en otro Tamaulipas o Guerrero no arriesguen la vida de sus elementos por unos cuantos pesos que reciben directores a cambio de brindar protección a los torcidos que se hacen llamar NCJ mientras la S.S.P. nos levanta a nuestra gente para entregársela al NCJ nosotros no fomentaremos la violencia de lo contrario prepárense para que Jalisco arda en llamas al ustedes piensan que esto ya termino se equivocan apenas va a comenzar Michoacán tiene su guerra con la PFP evite que Jalisco la tenga la suya con la S.S.P. De los Traidores y de los torcidos y secuestradores nosotros nos encargamos como lo hacíamos antes hasta que los dejaron operar a estas basuras y lacras que dicen llamar Jalisco NUEVA GENERACION y que ni de Jalisco son. Usted tiene la solución en sus manos. Atte. Cártel del Milenio MFG

Mr. Governor: if you want the violence to end in Jalisco, all you have to do is tell the SSP led by LUIS CARLOS NAJERA and ALEJANDRO SOLORIO and CARLOS ALEJANDRO CARDENAS EL CHARLY envoy of NEMECIO OCEGUERA alias el MENCHO, to stop kidnapping our people and handing them over to the group who call themselves the NCJ (Nuevo Cartel de Jalisco). If you want to avoid bringing chaos to Jalisco you must end this, or you risk turning the state into another Tamaulipas or Guerrero, you are putting the lives of your officers on the line in exchange for letting your directors take bribes from the NCJ.

We are not the proponents of this violence, but prepare yourselves for Jalisco to burn in flames. You think this is over? You're wrong. Michoacan has barely started its war with the PFP, and you must avoid Jalisco having its own war with the SSP.

In regards to the traitors, the murderers, the kidnappers: we will take responsibility of wiping them out, like we did before you guys let this trash who call themselves Next Generation of Jalisco start operating in our state: They're not even from Jalisco!

The solution is in your hands.

- Atte. Cártel del Milenio MFG



  1. I thought the Mileno Cartel was essentially rolled into CDS. I'm surprised that they are still and independent entity. Va la figura.

  2. Who is this? I feel like I am up to date, but then I have no idea about this.

    Milenio cartel and the Valencia cartel are the same right? Or two separate?

  3. They are the same from what I read. For that matter, Zapopan is Nacho Coronel's old stomping grounds. I'm not sure who the "New Jalisco" cartel is.

    BB article here says Jalisco is getting more violent.

  4. They are the same cartel, but i think they changed there name when "El Lobo" got arrested in 09'.

  5. Yes the Milenio Cartel is the same as the Valencia Cartel, but like someone else said, the united the cds. This is weird, does anyone know if the Valencias are still running things?
    I am glad the comments in this blog are smart. I saw this article at blogdelnarco and people were just posting stupid comments and uneducated comments. Someone even said "who are these guys? They think they can create new carteles?", goes on to say about the type of readers they have there.

  6. Yes, Los Valencias and the Milenio Cartel are the same but the Valencias or "Milenio Cartel" are more like an extension of the Sinaloa Cartel than anything. Los Valencias and Nacho Coronel's group aka "Cartel de Jalisco Nueva Generacion" have been at war for several months before the death of Nacho Coronel which was presumed that the Sinaloa Cartel themselves or someone told the Mexican militaries where Nacho Coronel was since everybody knew where he was since Nacho Coronel wasn't hiding at all, hence the mansion he was killed at. The reason the Valencias and Nacho Coronel's group where at war was because the Valencias accused Nacho Coronel's group of setting one of their family members up, the Valencias are very close to Juaquin Guzman.

  7. Well yeah, because the Milenio Cartel is running Jalisco with the backing of the Sinaloa Cartel.

  8. My guess is that Valencia's group aka "Cartel del Milenio" serves as the link treaty between the Sinaloa Cartel, La Familia Michoacana and Gulf Cartel hence the abbreviation at the bottom in red "MFG": M for Milenio, F for Familia Michocana and G for Gulf Cartel. Also Nacho Coronel's group aka "Cartel de Jalisco Nueva Generacion" is at war with "La Resistencia" or the armed wing of La Familia Michoacana also. Don't you guys remember the videos??


    Are they still connected to Sinaloa?

    Lobo was extradited today to the U.S.

  10. @Sahidmarquez

    Thanks for the insight...I thought they were too, I got a little confused with the Zocalo link from Aug 2010, commenting that they were on the oust with Sinaloa

  11. 4 people kidnapped and executed in Jalisco today, among them a 89 year old man.

  12. This may have been a a desperate move by LFM or "la resistencia", they probably hung them up. They are worried about all their men getting killed in Jalisco. If milienio was at war with cartel de jalisco, why haven't we seen any narco banners signed by them before recently (it is believed that after el lobo was captured milenio started working directly for coronel and no longer exists)? Coronel and valencia's people have always been operating together and i doubt this has changed. After Coronel was killed, LFM thought it was going to be easy to take over jalisco and set up shop. The fight put up by Jalisco against LFM has suppressed them (LFM).

  13. @6:51pm
    You theory makes sense. El cartel del Milenio has not been heard of here in Jalisco for a long time. No one in jalisco wats those la familia rats in our state to take the few pesos that we might have. I'll add my own theory. Sinaloa cartel is not backing up LF, there in no evidence of this besides sone stupid narco corrios out there. La resistencia comes from Michocan to kidnap and exotort poor people and innocents. You think el cartel de Sinaloa wants any part in this? Why would they just hand over Jalisco to LF? La plaza de Jalisco is a very strategic one because of the close proximity to manzanillo and the amount of marijuana grown in the sierras here. Those narco messages were installled by la resistencia in response to all thier people captured by the law in chapel, la resistencaia is furious that they cant bribe local law enforcement.

  14. Sahid, everything you say makes perfect sense, and fits together. The death of Nacho seemed very fishy since day one.

  15. i think the day the report from the states came out stating Nacho was powerful enough to start his own cartel;that was end of him...

  16. As a resident of Guadalajara. The Milenio Cartel is no mystery here. They own legal business as well as act as a general medium between Sinaloa and La Familia.

    Most people are generally greatful that there has only been one 'power' group here for so long. Some of them attribute the stability of the area to the Milenio Cartel's long time presence. They are the Valencia Cartel.

    The NCJ has managed to stay out of the spot light up until recently, but they have been responsible for a lot of the meth and extacy that has become rampant. I have heard a lot of rumors that NCJ is sponsored in some way by Los Zetas, but I haven't seen or heard anything solid to back that up.

    Personally I think they are an upstart that went unchecked or a group that may have broke off the Colonel's. They could also be the outsiders brought in by the Milenio Cartel a while back.

  17. I live in Zapopan and the fighting started getting bad there about 6 months ago. They began finding bodies in the Primavera directly after the Zeta's started stirring the pot. The problem is a lot of the fighters are out of touwn and have been since shortly before Christmas. Now that they threw up the blockades last night, things will definately get more interesting. I predicted a few months ago Zapopan was about to explode and it looks as though the fuse has been lit.

    Da Truf


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