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Sunday, January 2, 2011

La Pelirroja Connection

Scene of the place where "La Pelirroja" was found hanging from a bridge.

Two women executed in Montemorelos
Two women were found executed with what appeared to be several shots to the head. They were tied up and left with a message on a embankment in the Community Tanguma in Montemorelos.

Reports say police suspected that the execution of two women was allegedly committed by a criminal group in revenge for the disappearance on Monday of the kidnapper Gabriela Muniz Elizabeth Tamez, "La Pelirroja" who was found murdered yesterday, hanging from a pedestrian bridge.

An official source informed that they have evidence to confirm the relationship between the two homicides.

The discovery of the bodies of women, still not identified, was made around 22:00 hours on Thursday in some bushes about 100 meters from a ditch that connects the Community El Fraile in Montemorelos with the Community Estación Vaqueros in Cadereyta.

The area where the discovery was made is located in the Community of Tanguma in Montemorelos.

The informant stated that the bodies were found by a man on horseback passing by and he noticed a foul odor.

The person, who decline to give his name, said he was riding by the ditch when he detected the strong smell and though it might be dead livestock, which prompted him to go investigate.

As soon as he discovered that the source of the odor was coming from the bodies of two women, the man went to report it to the Magistrate of the Commonwealth of Tanguma, who in turn reported the incident to the police.

The source said that the deceased women were tied up by the hands, gagged and blindfolded with strips of cloth.

According to experts the bodies showed an advanced state of decomposition from three to four days.

One of the deceased looked to be about 35 years of age was wearing a gray pants, black blouse and black suede boots.

The other deceased was about 40 years of age and was wearing a jeans, white shirt and gray boots similar to those of the other woman.

Authorities did not find any spent casings or projectiles from bullets, and it is assumed that the offenders committed the double homicide at another location and dumped the bodies there.

The source said that located next to the bodies was a message directed from one cartel to another, threatening that this will happen to their enemies.

At the scene police did not find any evidence to could lead to the identity of the victims.

The police source confirmed that the cause of death for both women was from gunshots to the head.

He explained that authorities did not have any missing person reports that would match with the characteristics of the deceased.

The source said that based on the initial investigation so far, it is suspected that women may have been abducted and executed in revenge for the disappearance on Monday of "La Pelirroja" who was in custody of the Mexican government for kidnapping and extortion.

The prisoner, "La Pelirroja," was being transported by prison guards of Topo Chico penitentiary to University Hospital for feigning abdominal pain, at which time, allegedly, an armed commando took her.

"La Pelirroja" was found hanging from a pedestrian bridge and had the word "Yair" written on the back and abdomen.

"La Pelirroja", daughter of a wealthy merchant.
Gabriela Elizabeth Muñiz Tamez, "La Pelirroja", 31, had been arrested on July 8, 2009 and was said to be the leader of a kidnapping ring that operated in the farming region. She was considered dangerous by the Attorney General Office.

The reason she was considered dangerous was from the way in which she threatened her victims to obtain a ransom.

It is also presumed that she was romantically involved with a major hit man (sicario) of a group of organized crime operating in the state.

But "La Pelirroja" was not always involved in organized crime, she came from a middle class family where her father is a wealthy business man.

Family of the alleged kidnapper recall that at the age of 20 "Gaby," as she was called by family and friends, was married and a year later had a son. The following year she divorced.

A source said that Gabriela's father received a phone call from one of his sons, who said his daughter was dead and that her picture were being broadcast on television.

The father turned on the television and was devastated after seeing her daughter's body hanging on a rope from a pedestrian bridge.

A couple of days prior to her death, family had visited "Gaby" who appeared calm and spoke of trivial topics. The father who use to visit "Gaby" frequently in prison, told her he would visit her at the start of the new year.

"La Pelirroja," The Redhead, was called that because she always dyed her short hair. She was being held for trial on two counts of kidnapping, but she was also being investigated of a series of extortion in the region.

"La Pelirroja” was hung from a bridge while still alive.

The kidnapper who use to abduct her own family members was tortured and hanged.

They hung her alive. Gabriela Muñiz Támez, aka La Pelirroja, suffocated from being hung from a pedestrian bridge over the streets of Monterrey.

Her young body of a woman of 31 years wearing jeans and nude from the top showed signs of torture and a word written along her entire back, "YAIR," a Hebrew word that is not clear what meaning it has to the crime. It was the stamp signaling the end of another bloody year in Mexico.

12,658 people were killed by organized crime in 2010, that is one killed every 40 minutes.

Muñiz was one of the last victims of the year. And although she is the first woman to be hung from a bridge, this execution puts a lot of focus on her life and her death gives an open window to everything that went bad in Mexico last year: A convicted kidnapper, police who allow her to escape and the criminals who take justice into their own hands in a despicable and ruthless way.

As a threat to rival gangs, the Mexican cartels tend to expose the bodies of their worst enemies by hanging them from the bridges of the cities, but they usually do after killing them. But that was not the case of La Pelirroja. With her, they let her feel the horror of affixation. This is how they saw it from the preliminary investigation. They stripped her in the same bridge, where authorities found her shirt and bra.

Filtration of Wikileaks
Hours before the appearance of the body a leaked a news cable from Wikileaks appeared where U.S. diplomats reported to their superiors in Washington that the cartel of Los Zetas had control of the police in Nuevo León, including the capital, of Monterrey, where they know the leader of that band, Heriberto Lazcano, once lived. According to the cable, there is frequent fighting between Los Zetas and the military in the metropolitan area of Monterrey which is not being reported by the media.

Meanwhile, the sequence of violence and death continues in the New Year. With the new year of 2011 just starting, a commando executed a family that celebrated the New Year in Guerrero, one of the states hardest hit by drug trafficking. Among the six killed was a child.

Sources: El Norte, La Policiaca,

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  1. From another blog:

    INFO 7 La autopsia reveló y confirmó que `La Pelirroja`, se encontraba viva al momento de ser colgada de una cuerda y ser asesinada en lo alto de un puente peatonal de la avenida Gonzalitos y Tuxtla de la colonia Mitras Morte.

    Gabriela Elizabeth Muñiz Tamez, murió de asfixia por sofocamiento, de acuerdo a los resultados obtenidos por médicos forenses, quienes confirmaron que los últimos actos para consumar el crimen fueron realizados en lo alto del puente peatonal.

    En el lugar de los hechos se observaron varias manchas de tinta, con el que los homicidas pintaron el nombre de Yahir en pecho y espalda.
    Los homicidas ataron al cuello de la mujer una soga utilizada para escalar y el otro extremo a la estructura del puente para dejarla caer aun viva.

    Finalmente se confirmó que el cuerpo de la mujer que estaba semidesnudo y con el cabello rubio y con huellas de tortura, era el de `La Pelirroja`, tras comparar sus huellas digitales con el Sistema de Identificación Nacional de Reos en el Penal del Topo Chico.

  2. She pissed all over her self, she kidnapped people. Shit happens when you play with fire.

  3. It's common for a person to lose it all when they are Hung.


  4. Yair, Hebrew for "he will enlighten" per the search engine Bing.

  5. So Yair means 'He will enlighten' in Hebrew? That would lead one to suspect that this is a government run and/or business class death squad run summary execution of La 'Pelirroja'. These types of executions are often done by people who think that they are somehow doing Gods work by exterminating delinquents.

    What type of government turns over its prisoners to the likes of these type of death squads?

    'Filtration of Wikileaks
    Hours before the appearance of the body a leaked a news cable from Wikileaks appeared where U.S. diplomats reported to their superiors in Washington that the cartel of Los Zetas had control of the police in Nuevo León, including the capital, of Monterrey, where they know the leader of that band, Heriberto Lazcano, once lived. According to the cable, there is frequent fighting between Los Zetas and the military in the metropolitan area of Monterrey which is not being reported by the media.'

    NO, I don't think we can blame this on infiltration by the ZETAS into Monterrey area police forces, but rather by just the endemic death squad mind set of the Mexican Federal government and its own allied forces. Time will most likely give us yet more details to evaluate better the situation in Monterrey...???


  6. I 'kind of' agree with E1 in the sense that La Pelirroja was most likely handed over to her kidnappers and not "broken out" by an armed convoy as the media reports it, therefore it was most likely an inside job to give her to the rival group of the Federation.

    I don't think that proves that Mexico's government has a death squad mentality, that might be stretching it.

    Oddly enough the media also isn't making the BDN comment connection with her murder: the person posted it BEFORE the body was hung from a bridge and anyone had any idea that it was going to be a murder, not a rescue.

  7. La Nueva Federación already took credit for her "liberation" and execution in their recent message. Whatever was written on her is a message from them.

  8. Could it be her son's name like someone on bdn wrote?

  9. From someone called king:

    yair is the name of her son and they did not killed her under her name. She was as girl I met when she was 13 years old and was a model as a girl, it surprises me to see this, her parents were good people, not rich but stable, too bad that it had to end like this, now it is clear to see that corruption is everywhere, and for what one has.

  10. Here are the names of some people who can back up my claim that the Mexican government has been involved quite some bit in using death squad tactics in the last few years, though these are just the larger massacres that are better known about than all the individual victims taken one or two at a time by varying Mexican government bodies and their many different police and military units.

    First from 1996, as Mexican troops stood by doing nothing while their death squads acted...

    Names and Ages of Those Killed at the Acteal Massacre
    Lucia Mendez Capote 13
    Vicente Mendez Capote 5
    Manuel Santiz Culebra 57
    Loida Ruiz Gomez 21
    Victorio Vazquez Gomez 22
    Graciela Gomez Hernandez 3
    Guadalupe Gomez Hernandez 2
    Roselia Gomez Hernandez 5
    Miguel Perez Jimenez 40
    Antonia Vazquez Luna 27
    Rosa Vazquez Luna 14
    Veronica Vazquez Luna 20
    Margarita Vazquez Luna 3
    Juana Vazquez Luna 8 months
    Ignacio Pukuj Luna unknown
    Micaela Pukuj Luna 67
    Alejandro Perez Luna 16
    Juana Perez Luna 9
    Silvia Perez Luna 6
    Maria Luna Mendez 44
    Nanuela Paciencia Moreno 35
    Maria Perez Oyalte 42
    Margarita Mendez Paciencia 23
    Daniel Gomez Perez 24
    Susana Jimenez Perez 17
    Josefa Vazquez Perez 27
    Maria Capote Perez 16
    Martha Capote Perez 12
    Micaela Vazquez Perez 9
    Juana Gomez Perez 61
    Juan Carlos Luna Perez 1
    Antonia Vazquez Perez 30
    Lorenzo Gomez Perez 46
    Sebastian Gomez Perez 9
    Daniel Gomez Perez 24
    Juana Perez Perez 33
    Rosa Perez Perez 33
    Marcela Luna Ruiz 35
    Maria Gomez Ruiz 23
    Catarina Luna Ruiz 31
    Marcela Capote Ruiz 29
    Marcela Capote Vazquez 15
    Paulina Hernandez Vazquez 22
    Juana Luna Vazquez 45
    Alonso Vasquez Gomez 46

    We can also mention here the death squads active working hand in hand with government agents in Oaxaca in 2006 that killed almost 30 people there working hand in hand, including the US citizen, Brad Will.

    So are these types of death squads still operative today in Mexico? Here is a most recent editorial about that in a Mexican newspaper, El Sol...

    'Dijo que "ese es el pensamiento de la derecha. Es una actitud empresarial de contratar personas para que ya no se tenga que respetar el Estado de derecho, esto ante el fracaso de las autoridades para brindar seguridad, y los propios particulares hacen a un lado a las instancias judiciales tales como la policía y el Ministerio Público, y prefieren que a una persona que la consideran indeseable o criminal sea ejecutada y se aplique la ley fuga".

    Gabriel Regino añadió que "sin duda estos grupos están operando en Nuevo León, sobre todo porque se ha localizado a personas ejecutadas con leyendas 'esto les pasó por secuestradores o rateros', y esto da una muestra de que sí están trabajando estos grupos".'

    from 'Escuadrones de la muerte, un riesgo más para el estado'


  11. this person king says that her son's name was yair. if it's true and they put her sons name on her body before they killed her, that's really cruel. then they said that she kidnapped her own relatives. she was real bad but i wonder if she killed anyone herself? i would'nt be surprised.

  12. People, can we please try and maintain a modicum of rationality, before we start flying off the handle with rampant speculation?
    Not to suggest that such a thing hasn't happened before, or couldn't happen again, but let's at least wait until there is a shred of supporting evidence before we start spouting off about government death squads and the like. The situation is confusing enough as it is.

  13. i too believe that she was handed over but ernests' assumptions that she was kidnapped, tortured, and murdered by a government run death squad sounds a little too radical. i'm not saying that it's not possible but i don't think it's the truth. i don't believe that this was done to send a threatening message from god.

  14. She was treated like a Red Headed step child......I'm just saying o_O

  15. ok so what was the connection between the two women and La Peliroja?

  16. Are people married with kids getting more back in their taxes this
    year or less. I am asking because of the new tax reform?
    There are some winners and some losers.


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