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Monday, January 3, 2011

La Familia Michoacana announces 1 month Truce


A toda la sociedad michoacana primeramente se les desea un feliz año nuevo 2011, a todos los michoacanos en general, a continuación la familia michoacana les informa que se deslinda de todo acto vandálico ocurrido en este mes de de diciembre del 2010 ya que las autoridades federales nos quieren hacer responsables de este tipo de sucesos, lo cual negamos rotundamente por lo que señalamos directamente a la Policía Federal Preventiva (P.F.P.) Y que con estos actos de abuso de autoridad han atacado sin mira y sin importar si son mujeres, niños, adultos mayores, por lo que las autoridades han manejado una información falsa y totalmente a su conveniencia, y culpando a la familia michoacana, cuando la única verdad es que la P.F.P. Fue la que inicio y ataco a nosotros y a toda persona que por desgracia se les cruzo en su camino por lo que de forma reiterativa nos deslindamos de toda responsabilidad.

Aprovechamos este comunicado para informarles a toda la sociedad michoacana decidió continuar con su repliegue de no seguir con actividad alguna por un mes más el cual será por todo 2011 para con esta decisión seguir demostrando a las autoridades, gobierno federal y sobre todo al pueblo michoacano que la familia michoacana no es culpable de todos los actos delictivos que las autoridades y gobierno federal hacen públicos en los medios de comunicación.



A letter purportedly signed by La Familia drug cartel announcing a one-month truce circulated Sunday in the western state of Michoacan.

In the one-page message, distributed by e-mail and in some cities door by door, the gang claims it will halt all crime activity during January to demonstrate that the cartel "is not responsible for the criminal acts federal authorities are reporting to the media."

Prosecutors have not verified the letter's authenticity, according to an employee of the Michoacan bureau of the federal Attorney General's Office who spoke on condition of anonymity because he is not authorized to discuss the matter publicly.

The government says La Familia has been weakened by a recent string of arrests and deaths of top leaders.

In another letter that circulated in November, La Familia purportedly offered to disband.

Last month, gunmen torched vehicles across Michoacan and used them as barricades to block all entrances into the state capital of Morelia after federal police killed alleged La Familia leader Nazario Moreno Gonzalez.

La Familia has occasionally made public pronouncements seeking to convince the public that it is defending Michoacan against other drug gangs.


  1. I don't know what there tactical stregth is, but in light of all the Fed activity in Michoacan, LFM is coming off a little desperate these days.

  2. Didn't I just read a thing last week (on here?) speculating that LFM wasn't going to survive losing their leader? If so, is this them trying to buy themselves a month to regroup?

    Of course, we've seen that the Beltran-Levya's have not been completely destroyed by losing almost all of their leadership.

  3. @1:15

    That's pretty much the case.

    La Familia is trying to avoid the fate of the Beltran Leyva cartel after THEIR main leaders were arrested and killed; in essence the BLO splintered into three groups that act like wild cards at best, and they (former BLO) are completely unpredictable in what they will do to maintain their increasingly smaller territory.

    The same thing will happen to LFM if they don't figure out a way to re-organize and re-supply their depleted ranks and weapons stashes. They also need someone LIKE Nazario (or Arturo Beltran) to keep the core group together, otherwise they won't have to worry about the FED GOB: the infighting alone will destroy them as a cartel.

  4. LFM is the biggest hypocrite out there. They claim they do not kill innocents, or women y Ninos. Bullshit! Meth is their greatest export and drugs like that amplify the craziness already inside the person. Ive seen plenty of hell being in the USMC, i was down there in panama when we wrongfully invaded and I've seen lots of blood shed in el Salvador. Fields of children massacred, some were raped. So back to LFM, they r just bullshiting us and they don't have as much power anymore. But for real Sinaloa,Tamps, Michocan have always been dangerous (I know for a fact how dangerous, I was shot at in the 80's in culiacan. Be safe and god bless.

    -rem my

  5. If you believe this crap, you may as well believe in the tooth fairy. They will continue to kill and extort innocents but in higher numbers to blam the government. Think about it, if they stoped operations for 1 month zetas would just go in and take over.

  6. the Z has won..but not without the help of the PAN will rule for a long time

  7. So....if anything bad happens in Michoacan this month somebody other than a LFM crew did it?


  8. Being men of honour, the LFM declares a truce for a month and invites all to witness the continued carnage during that time, thus proving them innocent? They will see to it that enough violence continues to prove their point and use their dwindling resources to re-group.

  9. Nachos old crew will probably take over with some help from Sinaloa......ON A SIDE NOTE, the Sinaloa cartel is growing coca leaves in Peru and Ecuador -according to EL UNIVERSAL newspaper.If this is true,their profit margin will expand a lot.Are they trying to cut out the Colombians? or the demand cannot keep up with supply?Either way this is getting GLOBAL......

  10. Just last week the govt declared LFM was broken and in tatters. You would think if LFM had any strength left at all they would want to do something to prove that wrong. Instead, they develop an excuse for why they will do nothing. I'm starting to think the govt is right.

  11. @ LFM TRUCE
    What a bunch of Pathic assholes. Begging for mercy?
    This serial killer terrorist group of common criminals is asking for a break after picking a fight with the Mexican Goverment and its people.
    Leaving blood, guts , bodies , terrorizing the young and old with absolutely no reguard for the rule of law and order and public safety.
    These ARE the Living Children of Satan Himself and have and continue to prove it through thier gruesome blood thristy actions.

  12. @DFL
    You hit the nail square on the head. Its true these people are against thier own people and should be looked at as the enemy of all the mexican people.

  13. These assholes will be on the Hwy 200 robbing people.
    They will have banners with 3 old farts with machetes saying "please help us keep the Government from taking our land" and about 40 men in the woods with AK 47's.
    They stop cars then out comes the assholes with AK 47's to rob. When there is a foreign journalist around the old farts with machetes get there pictures taken and every non-profit organization in the world jumps in to protect them when the "shit hits the fan' and the Military or Federales step in.
    They can all go Fuck themselves the women and children too!

  14. The truce is all but propaganda, it's just a break while they re-organize the few resources they have left.

  15. this cartel has got be the most annoying cartel in mexico! i'm sick of hearing about their public announcements. who cares? they are a fake cartel portraying themselves as robin hood gangsters. they are scum just like the other cartels. no different. but now it seems like they are very desperate. now that the sinaloa cartel has departed, LFM does'nt pose as much of a threat. and they know this.

  16. I was in La Piedad Mich this winter and there was violence among the government and LFM. I do not know if any of you are from Michoacan, but what I heard from the people is the LFM is guarding the State from other gangs. LFM does not want to see their State taken over by other people that do not have business in Michoacan. I also heard from the people (La Piedad) that they take care of the city and of the people. If they see somebody vandalizing they will put them on check. I think this is logical to do, why would you want other people like the Z's and the Beltran Leyvas to come to your State and run it like if it was theirs.


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