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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

La Familia Michoacana: Mexico says cartel 'in retreat'


The Mexican government will continue to pursue La Familia drug gang which has been weakened since its leader was killed last month, a top official says.

Security spokesman Alejandro Poire said there would be no truce with the cartel, which he said was "in retreat".

His comments came as mysterious banners appeared in several cities, announcing that the gang was disbanding.

La Familia has a reputation for extreme violence but also claims to be defending family and religious values.

Banners purportedly signed by La Familia Michoacana were hung from bridges on 25 January, announcing that the gang was dissolving itself.

The signs appeared mainly in Michoacan, La Familia's stronghold, but a few were reported to have been seen in Guerrero, security consulting firm Stratfor said.

It was unclear who was behind the banners nor what the motive was. Local legislators said it could be a ploy to divert the focus of the security forces, the Associated Press news agency reported.

Mr Poire did not comment on the signs at a news conference in Mexico City, but he said La Familia had been weakened over the past two years, especially since its leader, Nazario Moreno, was killed in a gun battle with police in December.

La Familia has seen several of its key leaders arrested or killed recently.

As well as facing an offensive by the federal police in Michoacan, La Familia has also seen another drug-trafficking organisation - known as the South Pacific Cartel - move onto its turf in southern parts of the state, according to Stratfor.

La Familia is involved in cocaine smuggling to the US along Mexico's Pacific coast as well as the production of the synthetic drug methamphetamine.

The gang, which is also involved in extortion and kidnapping, often tries to present a populist view of itself as the defender of Michoacan society from attacks by rival gangs and government forces.

In 2006, La Familia came to prominence when suspected members threw five severed heads into a disco. A letter accompanying the heads declared: "Only those who deserve to die will die."

In December that year, President Felipe Calderon, who is from Michoacan, deployed troops to the state to take on the gang, later extending his drug fight to other parts of Mexico.

Since then, more than 34,000 people have been killed in drug-related violence.


  1. Corran conejos veloz, corran!

  2. Well this could easily be bullshit I mean why would La Familia hang banners wanting everyone to know that they are in trouble and disbanding? maybe its a tactic to try and get the government off their case.

    If its true though then its certainly good news 1 less evil cartel but then the Zeta's also have 1 less rival to worry about and that ain't good.

  3. Adios! La familia de hypocrite-backstabbing-wanna be religious-extortionists-kidnappers-drug pushers! Im tired of hearing about their public banners talking about how they are fighters for the people and their religious propaganda. They have to be the most annoying of all the cartels. How they portrayed themselves as a blue collar group of fighters of the citizens and protectors of michoacana. Be gone forever............fin.

  4. anon 11:24 pm

    LFM is known for leaving banners, they (along with flyers) are their way of communicating..More to the people of Michaoacan than for the government.

    It has also been said flyers are circulating in various cities of Michoacan in Support of the LFM...wanting them to stay.

  5. B S Misinformation, propaganda,if you chase a rat into a hole dig him out ,kill him,do not walk away.

  6. 7:49 am...I don't think anybody is just going to let leave the "rat in the hole".This isn't over.

  7. For a DTO on the retreat and on the verge of collapsing they still make the nicest banners. None of this sloppy hand written on a dirty blanket BS. So kudos to the LFM for producing the neatest narco-banners. I don't think we've seen the last of them though. They've become far to adept at operating on U.S. soil, especially the American south. Probably just attempting to buy time so they can reorganize.

  8. lol "For a DTO on the retreat and on the verge of collapsing they still make the nicest banners"

    thats true! very neat.

    "yes we are getting killed in droves, but thats still no excuse for sloppy banner work"

  9. disband disappear regroup later continue the fight sound tactics

  10. It has been rumored some of the LFM members have already left and integrated into the CDG, enforcements.

  11. "que dios lo tenga en su santa gloria" lol...I'm sure that piece of shit isn't with dios.


    They are in retreat says Gov, not retired.


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