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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

600 kilos of Cocaine found in Sonora

MÉXICO DF January 25 2011 (AFN Tijuana).

* 48 kilos of crystal meth also found
* One person detained

The Mexican Army delivered an important blow to narcotraffickers when they found a large shipment of cocaine in Sonora, about half a ton in all. Estimated street value is 126,285,000 million pesos.

According to SEDENA, the arrest was made by members of the 45/a. Zona Militar, a contingent of soldiers that control the “Cucapáh” area locate near kilómetro 176.5 on federal highway NO. 2, in the town of Sonoyta- San Luís Río Colorado, Sonora.

The latest details released gave the official weight of the 580 packages at 621 kilograms .

When the arrest was made on January 24th, the army also found 77 packages of crystal meth that weighed 48 kilos 350 grams.

The drugs were found in possession of an individual who has not been identified. The large shipment of drugs was found in the back of a tractor-trailer and was packed to the brim.






  2. Interesting stuff. This, I'm assuming was a Sinaloa shipment, going to top level Sinaloa guys in various Mid western and western cities/states, as well as local Arizona, (I imagine) even big wholesale dealers don't get their kilo's with their name on it. Probably disrupt local product in cities for like a week, Sinaloa's top guys can;t get their product, wholesalers can't get their kilo's, dealers can't get their half ki's, etc etc.

    However, I'd assume that only the very elite don't just call up another person, probably moving another groups coke, and get their desired amount until things straighten out. The top guys probably don't have that luxury.

  3. Lindsey Lohan would have a heart attack if she read this article. That's a lot of yeyo. By the way, the woman in Sonora are gorgeous!

  4. Those aren't necessarily people's names on them. Think it as more of a code directing where parts of the shipment are headed.
    And 600 kilos is a drop in the bucket to them, it won't disrupt anything at all. They got one shipment (or part of one) but that's a fraction of what didn't get caught. They don't put all of their product in one shipment or one place at one time. It would be far too risky.

  5. somebody didn't pay somebody else off

  6. that failed shipment frm el chapo y el mayo zambada is nothing to them,that shipment didnt make it but 3 other semitrucks did!GAME REGOGNIZE GAME!!!!!AQUI PURO MICHOACAN RIFA!

  7. Somebody def didnt get paid off. Funny how they dont say anything about the driver, they prob let him go right after. I wonder where all of that is going to end up? im sure the gov. will take good care of it

  8. Good points, thanks for the clarification 6:10 A, so, a name means a city, or something like that, not a nickname for who gets a (portion) of the shipment? As far as not disrupting things, if everything is organized beforehand, then the other parts of this load already have recipients, or they could cut peoples orders to make up for the loss temporarily.

  9. that shit goes back on the streets for resale


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