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Thursday, January 27, 2011

2 Police Officers Dismembered in NL

Milenio / El Norte

This is the same area that the video of the dead Zetas was filmed by CDG member, Metro32 only a few days ago, which appeared yesterday online.


Montemorelos, NL.- The bodies of 3 people were found this morning in the citrícola zone of Nuevo León.The victims had visible signs of torture and were dismembered.

Authorities began receiving calls around 5:00 a.m. from concerned citizens in the community of El Llano. There had been murder victims dumped by kilometer marker 12 on a local highway that stretches between the municipalities of Montemorelos and General Terán.

Federal and Ministerial Police, along with members of the Mexican Army joined the Municipal Police from General Terán, who were the first to arrive on the scene.

At least two of the dead men are thought to be police officers from General Terán, they had been missing and were presumed to have been kidnapped since this past Monday. One of the men was wearing a shirt with the emblem of that towns local police. The name on the badge read "Cabo José Ramón Rodríguez".

The body parts were put into plastic bags and left in front of a car alarm business.

The narco emssage left on the ground and was held in place by the head of one of the murder victims.

According to witnesses the letter was bloodstained and read: "Esto les va a pasar a todos los que se metan".

"This will happen to all those who to start shit with us."

Authorities have not revealed whether the note was signed by a particular criminal group.

Police Officers Kidnapped.

On January 24th two municipal police officers from General Terán were abducted by an armed group of men from the Transit Police Station. The officers were drawn to the scene of a automobile "accident" that occurred in front of their office building when they were quickly surrounded by assailants who wasted no time hustling the pair into the back of a waiting truck. Witnesses say the group was last seen headed in the direction of the China municipality.

The testimony also reveals that the same group of armed men returned that same day, at 1:30 in the afternoon and robbed a gasoline station on Plutarco Elías blvd, only block away from where the police station they had just assaulted.

The names of the missing officers were Bernardino Rodríguez Franco and David Serna Navarro, the third man has yet to be identified.



  1. All these stories say "signs of torture" but they never say what those were. They are dead and mutilated so how can they tell if it happened before death or after?

  2. To put it bluntly,

    When they kidnap and dismember someone, the body is usually covered in bruises. The victims have been tied up or handcuffed, beaten or abused in other ways. Most people don't get a simple shot to the head; if the killers wanted to do that they would just gunned them down in the street.

  3. I think this is more counter Zeta action by CDG, really making a push into Zeta territory. I haven't heard much on them lately, but this is (the whole last week) has been a pretty strong show of force. We'll see what happens.

  4. Who polices the police? Who protects the protectors?

    These cartels and sicarios are going to get so powerful that nothing can stop them. I hope its not too late...

  5. And in follow up to Smurf, about a week ago it was reported that a "torture" house was found in Nuevo Leon. Amongst the power tools, they also found 60 used condoms. So that would seem to indicate that lots of these victims are raped as well, and many of them surely must be men. There was also a news story out of Tijuana the latter part of last year about two male deportees being kidnapped and raped. So that is what it has come to and it should not come as a surprise with everything else that is going on. Also I have heard it argued that raping a man is not a homosexual act for the aggressor, but for the victim. Perhaps this idiotic mindset comes into play.

  6. It IS said to be against Zetas...It's been going on all month.They started and continue with alleged polizetas (18 police in 27 days killed in Nuevo Leon) and then moved on to narcomenudistas (the pushers)/ kidnappers, etc..

  7. @ first anon, you can tell by the amount of blood in the body or on the ground. If the heart is pumping and someone is being tortured the scene is more likely to be really bloody. However, when bodies are dumped, the body is "different" without blood.

  8. As far as the condom thing goes, I imagine these sicarios probably have hookers brought in to pass the time, ease the tension, esp. if it's a local stash spot, not outsiders. but I could be wrong, I'd like to think they weren't raping kidnap victims, that's more disgusting then the torture. Who knows how civil a bunch of coked up power tool wielding sicarios are to the hookers though.

  9. Montemorelos, 2 cops (with another unlucky guy) and 5 pushers. Looks like a cleanup going on there.
    The sicarios worked in different ways on the bodies, probably different teams: the cops' limbs were cut at the joints, with a knife (you see the clean femur head out of the thigh.) The pushers's limbs were cut with a chainsaw, strait cut through the flesh and bone. Fast but messy.
    After the pile of body parts, will they evolve to some more elaborate artsy setting? Or will they keep the meaty setup, like kebabs and burgers?

  10. @ anon 7:04 pm

    I dont know if they were raping men in the "bodega of torture" they found in Nuevo Leon, what DID catch my attention is there were, like you said, over 60 used condoms and THREE sets of bloody womens women, just their bloody clothes..

  11. I know the way these groups are dealing with their rivals is by killing them. But do they really need to do this? What about the simple execution? Even as boss in the cartel org, you don't want to have people that thinks is ok to mutilate and do other grotesque things to bodies. You don't want soldiers that are so out there that might turn on you or go rogue, you want to keep on a short leash (ex. CDG and Zetas). The CDG failed to control them, and now they need to deal with a group that knows how you operate and who your connections are. If you read The Prince by Machiavelli, he says you should never let your mercenaries get too much power. If you look at Chapo, he has a better functional wing of sicarios. By spreading the groups, calling them different names and appointing different commanders you diversify your armed forces. Which in the end, it makes it a lot easier to get rid of the one that is not following orders...

  12. I think the CDG are pretty compartmentalized too, with each plaza having basically it's own leadership/gunmen/bosses, and they just kick up to the boss, like the dude that signed that sign in the video, is Metro 32, from the Metro 3 groups, who (assumedly) has people under him, and theres probably a bunch of 'Metro's out there.

    Then theres the R1 group, which has it's own chain of command. So, pretty similar to Sinloa having 'Gente Nueve' & El Peinando's crew which I forgot the name of.


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