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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Another tragedy in Juarez.

Sunday evening a group of six gunmen fired on several youths playing soccer in a community center in the Francisco I. Madero neighborhood of Ciudad Juarez, killing seven individuals and leaving at least a half dozen wounded, three of them in critical condition.

According to eyewitnesses the six gunmen entered the enclosed pitch where 12 youths were preparing to play a game of “futbol rapido”, a form of soccer played on a roughly basketball size court with six player teams.

The “sicarios” pointed their guns at the players, apparently seeking a street level drug dealer who was on the court and shot him first, then opened fire on the other players and the dozens of spectators that had gathered to watch the game.

Three youths died at the scene, and four others died of their wounds in an area hospital.

Some of the spectators were injured, including a 12-year-old girl who was shot in the foot.

Police investigators recovered around 180 empty cartridges fired by the attackers.

The unintended bitter sarcasm of a government slogan was painted above the goal, over the body of one of the dead players. It read "Para vivir mejor" (to live better).

After the shooting, the scene was chaotic as distraught parents searched for their children, and outbursts of grief and rage were overwhelming.

Monday morning at 11:00 AM , three other males, a 52 year old, a twenty year old and a 15 year old were executed, a short distance from the previous night’s massacre. As their bodies lay on the street their distraught relatives and neighbors gathered helplessly.

Another normal day in Juarez was only half over.

El Agora: Iban por narcomenudistas en matanza de jovenes.,30446.html
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  1. This has to stop, christ. I don't even have anything else to say.

  2. OMG!!! This is outrageous! I'll keep praying for Mexico. I hope, that one day these cartels just do about selling their drugs and leaving innocent people alone. Which I know, that's just asking for too much....

  3. The devil lives in Mexico..

  4. never feel safe in matter where you are...even in church

  5. Man its starting to feel like the end, like Christ is gonna come soon. Shit is just getting worse every day. In the US 11 cops shot in 24 hours and no words needs to be said about the violence in Mexico. Hasta cuando va a parar.....

  6. and then they just ran away, to live to kill another day...

    and i am sure AFTER the incident there was a very impressive show of police and militares on the scene,

    this should make the people feel more protected , knowing that after they are killed the police will come and gather all the evidence

  7. did any of the people who were involved in the police shootings get away, or were they all killed at the scene

    i doubt they are all kicked back in a safe little whorehouse somewhere drinking tecate lights and laughing about it, like they would be in Mexico

  8. Prediction: 5000 will die in Juarez this year

    I just read this article by the LA Times

  9. This just makes me sick, mad and very sad to know that and individual or individuals have no sympathy towards inoccent children. These scumbags are a piece of shit in my book just like child molesters and rapists. They need to be shot on the spot. These MFs need to be taken out by their bosses if they so claim that women and children will not be hurt. This is all murder now its not about business no more. They are instilling fear in people just like in Cuidad Mier. Mexican Citizens need to get weapons themselves and fight back fuck it!

  10. La Linea is still killing youths, bunch of pussies and child molesters.

  11. dang!!!...I rather get caught with a weapon by the police than need one if there was a situation like this near me, I'm just saying the people need to protect themselves, enough is enough geeze!!!..

  12. La Linea is trying to hold the line in Juarez, and I'm sure retail drug sales are bringing in a good income, to fund the war against Chapo, the dealers that work for Chapo, or work with his product are a detriment to business, but this isn't right. When you have grown men executing children, over selling a little meth, coke, or weed, it's time for a change.

    Half of this is Chapo's fault too, what did he expect Juarez to do? Give up their lives? Give up their trade? Cross product thru Juarez, let the retail sales go to the locals.

  13. maybe the mayans were on to something . 2012 not too far from now. bible says a ton about whats going on right now worldwide , i mean think how many disasters have happened recently among all this violence . kinda sobering.

  14. The Mexican people support the cartels

  15. A prediction of 5000 deaths in 2011? Man, that seems like a very high number. Right now juarez I think is averaging about 8 deaths a day. Even that is too much. Its hard to believe that 5000 deaths will occur in 2011 with less people living in juarez and the majority of the people are scared to go outside. Many parts of juarez are real quiet right now. But then, who ever thought that more than 3000 people would have died last year in a city the size of el paso. In los angeles, the gang capital of the world, there were only 297 deaths last year, the lowest since 1967.

    A week ago my cousin's american stepfather was kidnapped in juarez going to the dentist in broad daylight. They beat him up the first day and called his wife, asking for $40,000 but all she could collect was $10,000. They said that 10,000 was acceptable and gave her a drop-off location that was next to a police station(WTF!) Where his brother left the money. They later gave the victim $5 and left him on the outskirts of juarez. He had to walk about 3 miles till he found a phone to call his brother to pick him up. They also stole his truck but they did not kill him. "Thank god". He said that they kept
    him blind folded and bound for 3 days but he believes that it was a family that was involved because he could hear women, kids and a baby in the background. These are crimes that happen in juarez all the time but are not even noticed. One morning, you're walking towards a dentist office in a commercial area and the next second you have three guns pointed at you.

    I believe this year in juarez, there is going to be more crimes committed on americans(homicides, kidnappings and robberies). These same
    Kidnappers who took my cousin's stepfather,
    Probably have their next victim gagged and bound in a room right now as i'm typing this. But if his family cannot get the money in a few days, he will die.

    This is just another day in juarez.

  16. Ajulio

    I thought the same thing, but I just did the math and it comes out to 13.5 murders a day to equal 5000 in one year. At an average of 8 a day, its not inconceivable to come somewhere close to that number.

  17. 1. Step up the military training with the Columbians. Roll em in, roll em out, get them on the streets. They have to be hiding in the corners, waiting for these attacks--ahead of the game.

    2. Regular citizens need to ban together and do some research on what happened in Ascencion and how it helped an entire community learn to protect their town. Then get proactive.

    La Chona Lights the Fuse,” headlined Ciudad Juarez’s Lapolaka newsite, whose director was just granted political asylum in the United States (should not have had to happen). The news organization couched the report in historical and contemporary terms: “The new Mexican Revolution could have begun this Tuesday in Ascención…”

    3. Keep the fuse lit. Keep the faces of all these children who have been slain in your mind as you prepare to fight for them, in the name of them, and for their future.

    World War II was fought and won in 6 years.

    citation: BB, Sept 23,2010, Ed Diario, Sept 21, 22, Frontera NorteSur,

  18. Y cuantas personas matan las maquiladoras en Juarez cada ano por sus pesimas condiciones y horribles sueldos? Mas que los trafficantes actualmente....

    Lo que ya vemos en Juarez es la herencia de los Estados Unidos y sus planes anteriores para Mexico.

  19. There's blood in the streets it's up to my ankles
    Blood in the streets it's up to my knees
    Blood in the streets in the city of Juarez
    Blood on the rise it's following me

    Blood in the streets runs a river of sadness
    Blood in the streets it's up to my thighs
    Yeah the river runs red down the legs of the city
    The women are crying rivers of weeping

    Blood screams the pain as they chop off her fingers
    Blood will be born in the birth of a nation
    Blood is the rose of mysterious union

    There's blood in the streets it's up to my ankles
    Blood in the streets it's up to my knees
    Blood in the streets in the city of Juarez
    Blood on the rise it's following me

  20. the photograph on top is a great image. on top you read the phrase "vivir mejor" with a friendly design around it and right below a dead body lying on the grass with a white sheet hanging over and the silhouettes of the soldiers with their heads hanging low with slouched shoulders shows defeatism.

  21. El gobierno federal, trabajando para que vivas mejor!

    And Layla2, where's this Columbia you are talking about?

  22. The Mexican president is not doing enough. Mexican mil needs more training on how to fight this war. The gun runners in the usa shuld get the death secents. This is become another Athganistan. The usa had better their butts in gear and get ready for another war on the USA Southeren border. Mexico army is reactive It needs to be more proactive. Search and distroy the enemy is what needs to be done. And if the Militry can gain the trust of the people in the war zone, It would best thing could happen. They people need to rise up an fight back and get back there beautiful country. I love Mexico.

  23. Even though saddening this youths between 19-26 years old had previous criminal records-in other words, drugs so stop making them seem like they are a bunch of saints and shit cuz they are not! If you in the drug business there is only two ways out-jail and death! Shows them a lesson!

  24. for US's previous plans for Mexico, the Mexican gov't and businessmen agreed and perhaps even dreamed up these maquilladores factories and US companies were built in MX offering jobs to people who had no work.

    Now, gov't and business should have decided on decent wages to pay the people--and Mexican workers have to be proactive about that too. If wages and conditions are no good, don't work there. If businesses can't find good workers, they will have to improve wages and conditions.

    But you say, there are no other places to work. It's then up to Mexican citizens to create these companies. And if they HAVE to rely on American businesses for survival, they may have to take conditions that are not the most suitable. Mexico is known for paying poor wages, look at the police and military.

    The workers of your country should rely on the wealthy businessmen and women who can create businesses to provide livelihoods in Mexico. Where you have businesses, you have jobs that need to be done. And they need to keep their businesses in Mexico instead of taking it to the US.

    But now, the wealthy are leaving in droves. Drug cartels and violence are running them off. That hurts everybody, especially people who rely on them for jobs.

  25. RE: Columbia training MX soldiers--see BB's post

    Colombia Stepping up Anti-Drug Training of Mexico'...

  26. @ Shows them a lesson--

    These were soccer players playing a game in a community center--what youth is supposed to be doing instead of hangin on the street corner.

    Maybe one or even two was into petty crime (and this is petty in MX). For killers to go in and shoot to kill anyone, much less all of them, is horrendous and unthinkable. Anyone who thinks that it serves them right should examine their own perverted ideals.

  27. @January 26, 2011 8:29 PM
    Of coarse an American who knows nothing about Mexico would say "examine their own perverted ideals" when you live comfortably on the other side of the border and talks shit behind a keyboard right?? How about you live in Juarez where I live and then come talk to me about perverted ideals. Kill all these little bastards. A good criminal is a dead criminal and that is how all los juarenses feel. And learn how to spell its Colombia not "Columbia"

  28. Well I say Mexicans who become killers need to know for sure they are killing REAL CRIMINALS and not a bunch of kids--that, like you said--had to grow up in this environment.

    And I CAN spell--typos are allowed on blogs--although I have very few...

    Hopefully, the purpose of all this is to share and pass on that solutions may be found...among the people as well as the politicans...

  29. If your criminals are being killed by other criminals, there's nothing solved. You've got a select group of powerful men running an internationally infamous sex-murder ring that's been going on for twenty years. Many of us around the world have been reading about this in the news since we were kids. The men with guns on your streets are resolving nothing. Your politicians in Juaréz are either corrupt or just afraid. We agree something needs to be done, but killing more troubled youths on the street won't fix anything - you need to capture the big boys. There has been a lot of bravery from the citizens of México lately, and many of us around the world are watching. We want your country to succeed, your girls to be free and safe, and your serious criminals to be locked up until they're reformed and whole. We REALLY REALLY WANT THE GIRLS OF JUAREZ TO BE FREE AND SAFE. Tell us what we can do to help!


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