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Thursday, January 20, 2011

El Boxer Arrested

AFN Tijuana

Juan Miguel Valle Beltrán, alias El Bóxer has been arrested today. The details of the investigation reveal a violent man with mental problems and sexually deviant nature, according to Julián Leyzaola Pérez, SSP for the state of Tijuana.

El Bóxer and his gang "los Chaneques" were surrounded by military personnel during their presentation to a group of journalists. Leyzaola Pérez stated that El Boxer, who was the lieutenant for “Güicho” Eduardo Guajardo Hernández, was a “mugrosillo” (scumbag) who wanted to be famous and had the blessing of the Sinaloa cartel.

When his former boss “Teo”, Eduardo Teodoro García Simental was arrested, he took his rogue contingent of sicarios and allied himself with Güicho and El Tomate, Jesús Israel de la Cruz López.

Valle Beltrán, has been fighting alongside Alfredo Arteaga (a) el Aquiles for control of the plaza. According to SSP Leyzaola, El Boxer “is a murderer who consumes 14 to 18 bags of crystal meth on a daily basis. This persistent drug use has caused him to be mentally unbalanced and develop a sexual deviancies, the extent of which includes an incident in which he abducted and raped of a 14 year old girl."

Leyzaola said the victim was later released by El Bóxer, who had escaped to previous attempts to capture him. After three months of police investigations, the sicario was located in a rural area of Rosarito. The ensuing gun battle led to the death of one cartel members.

Since the arrests, his crew has been giving the investigators statements that indicate El Bóxer was in charge of ordering executions and he would often decapitate targets himself. He was dedicated to eliminating the proprietors of rival "tienditas” (drug retail outlets) who were insubordinate to El Güicho. Once located, the victims were abducted or murdered on the spot. Often these people were dealing crystal meth.

This individual (along with el Güicho), is also a major source of corruption among local police elements.

The SSP went on to explain that it was difficult to say that “we are going to put an end to the cartels anytime soon." He did state however that the fight against organized crime was important “and even these events” show that the state is doing everything it can to combat the scourge of drug gangs.

“Now we have to move forward and go after these delinquents directly. We can't keep arresting them by sheer luck, or scrambling to find them after they have committed a series of crimes. I insist these arrests become the fruit of the labor of our investigations; such as this one. This will eventually lead us to Güicho."

“And now that these delinquents are going to whatever fate has in store for them... They can see they have no power over society or the government; we must treat them like the common criminals that they are, so that we may show society that the narcos are not invulnerable to justice."

El Ingeniero is not psychically here

In Tijuana, the cells of the Sinaloa cartel maintain a strong presence. There are still remnants of the organization led by the Arellano Félix brothers. These groups are now controlled by “El Ingeniero” Fernando Sánchez Arellano, and although he doesn't stay in the city, it should be said that he controls most of it.

“He continues to control Tijuana by overseeing most of the drug shipments that are headed to the U.S. through his city. He has contracts with la Familia Michoacana, and although LFM's presence hasn't really been felt, they "paga lo que se llama piso," (they pay-to-play) for the privilege of operating in the area."

Leyzaola explained that although the arrest was significant, it didn't qualify as a "high impact" event against the criminal organizations. The smaller groups operating here will likely be fighting for positions now that there was a temporary vacuum of power.

Authenticity of the Pictures of El Inge Questioned Once Again.

On October 11 of last year, a vigilant reader of BB in the comments section gave us a link that showed vacation pics someone who resembles El Inge. We argued back and forth about whether or not it was him. A few days ago, some of the news agencies and the Mexican government got a look at the link and the debate continues. I won't bother translating the stuff they have written about it but here is the Pic off his wanted poster and the video for comparison.

Judge for yourself.


  1. nombre pos wow. . el gobierno sabe donde estan todos los capos grandes. pero no nomas puedan parrar el crimen organizado sin tener que esposar as los propios y mismos que estan en posistion de poder.

    what you thought i only spoke english.

    im ok in two other languages

    not fluent in any.


  2. nah not the same person hairlines kinda off lol

  3. Bad guy. Good to see people like that get taken out of business. A meth user, rapist, women abuser, all around scumbag? Half of these Teo guys aren't even drug dealers/traffickers they are just low level criminals and killers. Just brutish, classless thugs. Sinaloa is using these guys, you see how quickly they get arrested. Now Achilles and Guicho, and that pretty much takes out Sinaloa's leaders in Tijuana. See, in my mind, there is a clear cut difference between a guy like this, and like 'El JJ', while still cirminals, they are selling drugs, to people who buy them. Not extortion, rape, (senseless murder) and kidnapping.

    Smurf, I knew this guy was a strung out mess lol

  4. How old is this "El Ingeniero?" Doesn't look older than 25 years of age.

  5. @ J, I think this guy "El Boxer" was just a disposable sicario that has survived a quite a while that he got his own crew of sicarios, he is just lucky he didn't get killed when Teo was fighting the Arellanos. Just a lucky scumbag, nothing to see here people.

  6. Something I find it very comical is the speed at which these punks roll over on their own people. It either shows that these guys are nothing on their own without a crew to back them or there is a serious amount of low level thugs that are unhappy with upper management. If it is the latter, that could be something easily exploited by Mex.Intelligence/army/marines/whoever.

  7. the photo of "El Ingeniero" is wrong.
    just read an article where the poor guy in the photo had to go clear his name.
    some of his friends uploaded his pic as a prank and the Government just now saw ita error.

  8. wow looking at the video it seems like el ingeniero is a pretty regular dude. Hanging out with his girlfriend, going to dates, ect. doesn't seem like the regular narco type.

  9. dosen't this guy get a shirt...i will give him is out of style anyway...

    paint this mug with miel y stake him over an ant hill..what a nice guy

    @ dbgh

    jaja..same here not fluent in any language either...except the smack down of flys...

    it is a wonder you haven't got some abuse for not speaking perfect spanish, or english...there are some any mouses , that from time to time make it their business to correct people

    this is off this topic ..but last night there was an attack against the policia federals on f.madero y e. carranza in el centro de Monterrey...the feds are quartered at the plazo del arco hotel, about four blocks up madero from where the attack happened...

    these guys have got to be plum loco to do this shit ..either coked out of their heads or methe'd out totally..the feds have a major presence just blocks away and look scary as hell in all black full combat regalia

    yo no se who launched the attack, or how many injured but they did show a car shot up and blood on the seats

    i drove by this very place yesterday and it all looked narmal and safe ..i even seen a mesero in front of the table bar on the corner who i have seen there for a long time ..standing out front like nothing was going on...looks are deceiving here ...really deceiving

    insanity ..desperation..death wish...who knows ..but i do know that walking around , mixed in the general population here are some really bold, dangerous pinche madres..and you would never guess who they are

  10. Lt. Leyzaola for President !!!

  11. i definitely think the one in the wanted poster and the one in the date videos are the same guy.

    do i believe that guy to be the engineer.Maybe, but not necessarily

    he looks maybe mid thirties at the latest, I know cuz Im there and am confused for a 21 year old all the time. I age very well probably hit me like a ton of bricks when i hit 45. so it could be him, he is doing alot of stuff that only a well off young man could be doing. so maybe it is him and his young looks match his wits. I mean he is called the Engineer right?

    im a little confused on the other, story maybe i should re read it again. or not. now the prank was sending the guys' pic who looked like ben to the authorities as an update, or was the original that is posted on the wanted poster-the supposed prank.
    cause if its the latter, that would really suck.

    remember the greatest trick the Devil ever pulled off was convincing ppl he doesn't exist. Maybe the same can be said here

    as for the ugly rapist, yeah meth will do that to ya.
    rule number 1 dont get hi on your own supply , rule number 2 lawyer up sucka!


  12. @J

    He def looks like a tweaker. Check out the awful skin condition on his neck... I bet his teeth are also hurting, but you wouldn't know cause he prob don't smile too much.

  13. Leyazola cracks me up, but I do think he's done some bad things in pursuit of his work. He mentioned the Enginner was in Mazatlan, and then Hawaii in a New Yorker article from October 2010.

    The picture on the wanted poster is him, it's a yearbook shot, they found it when they arrested his uncle. The other shots are not him, was a joke, but they fooled me too the other day. And, I wouldn't be surprised if Engineer looks something like that, like a normal person, and lives like that also. To answer someones question, he is alleged to be 35.

  14. Sending the DEA to you're boy's house because they think he's El Inge would be the being episode of Punked! ever.

    That guy is dead ringer for him though.

  15. The Mexican government is going to present the passive international corporatized press with a constant and endless supply of supposed 'news' items about how various inconsequential rateros have been captured, all thanks to God and the Mexican National Security State. My question is, is Borderland Beat, too, just going to follow along rejecting most political interpretations of any of this smoke storm of the US and Mexican governments in favor of just 'informing' us about the endless supply of El Tomates, Chapo Guzmans, Tony Tormentas, 'Boxers', et al hit by forces of Law and Disorder?

    Here is the type of article that doesn't seem to make it much into being published here at BB... It can be found at today's edition of CounterPunch though.

    from The Murdered Women of Juarez

    'Women and men have demonstrated throughout the country to demand that Marisela's and Rubi's cases be solved, to call for an end to the impunity that protects murderers in hundreds of other cases, and to force the government to comply with recommendations to protect women and prevent more deaths. Their protests have united with a new nationwide citizens' movement called "No More Blood" to reject the current drug-war strategy. A tipping point has finally been reached.

    Marisela's murder practically at the steps of the State Capitol symbolizes the relationship between gender violence in the private and the public spheres, between the lethal sexism of men who kill women and of governments who let them get away with it, between an out-of-control counter-narcotics war and the long-boiling situation of unpunished gender crimes.

    No one in the Mexican government acknowledges these relationships. The same holds true for the U.S. government. The last State Department report gave Mexico a pass on human rights to authorize more Merida Initiative support for the drug war. The current indignation over Marisela's murder and the new "No More Blood" campaign demonstrate that the Mexican public has had enough excuses for the violence it has been forced to live with.

    Until both governments turn their sights to the hypocrisy of their legal systems and policies, the downward spiral of violence will only continue. To honor Marisela and all the others who have dared to defend human rights and justice in Mexico, it is time for civil society on both sides of the border to demand an end to bloodshed.'

    Author, Laura Carlsen, is director of the Americas Policy Program in Mexico City.

  16. The condition of the skin on his neck looks fine, aside from the bruises from being choked by the policia. He also looks awfully muscled up to be someone who snorts that much crank a day. Can't eat, can't sleep, can't build muscle. But he does have dark circles under his eyes typical of a tweaker, and he definitely looks "disturbed"

  17. I wonder from the people who post here what the percentage is of those who have used or keep using drugs? Hmmm. 50%? More than 50%? Tobacco, Liqour, and beer are drugs too.

    What's the big deal?...According to some experts it all has to do with where these drugs come from. Tobacco was one of the first things grown and sold here in the U.S. It's what made this country wealthy in the first place therefor its cultivation, prestige, and status still resonates within the American psyche whereas coca, heroina, and marijuana use are filthy and disgusting habits brought here by the 'mongoloid' mexicans. But who were the first ones to synthesize heroin and cocaine? Why the Germans of course who else. Delightful. Doctors can use cocaine on your heart operation and nurses can shoot you up with morphine but that's it no more for you Jr.

  18. Why is "El Ingeniero" so called? Also, I couldn't help but notice that the man in the slideshow (whomever he is) never looks happy. Pleasant, perhaps, but not happy. The girl seems genuinely over-joyed in every picture, however, and a bit "tipsy" in a few!

  19. To 7:02--
    Just because one CAN do something doesn't mean one SHOULD.

  20. Well the girl is scum also if she knew what he was doing and still stayed with him but in fairness he may had kept it secret.

  21. El supuesto "Inge" es en realidad un joven de 27 años llamado Raúl Inda González. Al parecer va a demandar a la PGR por manchar su imagen y perjurios, a que pinche gobierno tan pendejo tenemos.

  22. It's not him in those pictures, and he is smiling in one of the shots from what looks like Cabo, in a cave or something.

    He is called 'Ingeniero' because he went to college, and supposedly got his degree in the US from engineering, before taking of over CAF, from his uncle Francisco Javier, El Tigrillo.

  23. Article says the guy in the supossed Ingeniero photos is a factory worker from Baja California on vacation. I'm not sure what they mean by factory worker, I don't see a lot of Mexican factory workers vacationing in Cabo or wherever the hell he is. It looks a lot like him. I'm still not convinced that it's not him.


    Well, it's definitely not him, as the kid has come forward, poor guy, what a complete embarrassment by the PGR, they out up a picture of a wanted drug cartel leader, without verification? We are debating on the internet, no consequence, these are professionals, very incompetent and whoever was behind it should be let go. Not that I think CAF would hurt him, but still, he's been hiding out, lost days at work. What a nightmare.

  25. uh 5:19pm, you know there are skilled workers in factories, right? The guy is an industrial engineer...

  26. Thats not him!

  27. Smurf...
    The guys mistaken for Ingeniero and his pics posted by the Mx Prosceutors office wants to sue. He lieves in Baja but ran to SD when this broke out, for safety.

    WHen it broke about El Ingeniero pics being used for the Mx Most Wanted, even then I had my doubts because of how long it took. Remember I said maybe they were having the same argument we were. now we know for sure.

  28. The saddest part of reading this. is that he is my dad.


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