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Friday, January 21, 2011

Mexican Army Makes Record Seizure of Opium Gum


Mexican army soldiers confiscated 245 kilos (540 pounds) of opium gum, the country’s largest-ever seizure of that substance, the Defense Secretariat said.

The operation, in which two people were arrested, was carried out at a home in the capital of the southern state of Guerrero, Chilpancingo, the scene of a bloody turf war among drug cartels in 2010.

The 245 kilos had a street value of 148.2 million pesos (some $12.1 million) and could have been processed to make 612,500 doses of heroin.

The army, given a leading role in the fight against drug trafficking in December 2006 by newly inaugurated President Felipe Calderon, did not indicate when the seizure was made nor how it learned of the consignment.

The strategy has led to the elimination of several crime bosses and record drug seizures over the past four years, including the confiscation of 23 tons of cocaine in a single operation in November 2007.

Yet the amount of seized drugs represents a small percentage of the estimated total that originates in or is smuggled through Mexico.

Some 400 tons of cocaine from South America are smuggled into Mexico annually. Much of that total is taken across the border to the United States, although in recent years a sizable portion has remained in Mexico to meet local demand.

More than 34,000 people have died in drug-related violence since Calderon took office.


  1. Every time the Gob makes one of these big seizures I always wonder about the poor guy that has to go back to the jefes and tell them they're short $12 million dollars worth of drugs. I know these guys at the top are loaded with money, but that's a lot to simply write off.

    Someone must have forgot to pay a cuota.

  2. The article states 12 million in street value!!!! who cares? The Cartel probably spent a fraction of that.Did they pay for the land?labor?seeds?water?workmans comp?insurance?ect? Hell no- This loss is probably under 100,000 dollars.........

  3. all that opium will probably be sold to american or mexican pharmaceutical companies. or maybee just maybee resold back to the drug bosses.

  4. like I said, I'm sure the top brass doesn't really feel the financial impact of the loss of $12 mil in product, but the mid level and lower operators will feel the pinch.

    SOMEONE will miss $12 mil. Maybe not Chapo, but I bet it cost someone their job (or life).

  5. Colombia offers help to Mexico by training their soldiers to combat DTOs...

  6. Talking Parrot Arrested For Being A Lookout For Colombian Drug Dealers!

  7. The Opium in Mexico is grown in Oaxaca (San Jose Del Pacifico) Such a beautiful place.
    Opium use is leagl in the northern part of India and the old men smoke just a little in the evenings like having a drink.
    They don't abuse it. The Bad thing is when it is sold to make Heroin and Morphine unfortunately that is what people in the West like...For sure it's going to be sold to somebody and end up in The USA anyway.

  8. POPPY BUSH's opium distribution network may not take kindly to his stuff being stolen! lol

    Too many differnt variable at work with the CIA, NSA, DEA, DHS, FBI, Narcos, Federales, Military.

    What a disaster,


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