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Thursday, January 20, 2011


José Jorge Balderas Garza, aka JJ, and Edgar Valdez Villarreal, La Barbie, showed, upon being presented to the media, a very similar taste in their dress: Ralph Lauren Polo shirts tight to the body, casual pants and Nike tennis shoes.

The cameras caught the aggressor of Salvador Cabanas in the Command Center of the Federal Police in Iztapalapa, wearing a blue shirt with the Polo logo on the left chest and the number 3 stamped on the right arm. He also wore cargo pants in khaki and Nike Shox sneakers without laces.

For his part, Edgar Valdez Villarreal, La Barbie, was wearing on the date of his apprehension the same style brand shirt except it was green but with the number 2 in both arms and the words "London" in the chest. His outfit was completed with faded jeans, tennis of the Nike brand, and also without laces.

However, it is noteworthy to point out that at the time of the presentation at the center of the Federal Police, La Barbie was wearing the same exact shirt design that was worn by JJ when he was also presented: The Blue Polo with the number 3.

Following the arrest of La Barbie, some merchants started selling the same type style polo through the Free Market at a cost of 400 pesos, although the actual price of the authentic polo goes for around 650,000 pesos.

The curiosity of the circumstance of both criminals wearing the same polo shirt went without noticed by users of the Twitter network, who this week managed to turn the dress in to a topic of current trends only minutes after the news begin circulating in the media.

Colombian model arrested along with "JJ" who is romantically involved with Balderas Garza
In company of model
Colombian model Juliana Sossa Toro was also arrested together with José Jorge Balderas, aka JJ, who is responsible for the shooting of soccer player Salvador Cabanas, who survived a head wound.

Sossa Toro, 25 years old, was identified as Garza Balderas girlfriend by Ramón Eduardo Pequeño, head of the Drug Enforcement Division of the Federal Police.

Sossa Toro adds to the list of models involved with organized crime. Mexico's Sinaloa Laura Zuñiga "Nuestra Belleza 2008" was arrested in Zapopan along with Angel Garcia Urquiza, one of the alleged leaders of the Juarez cartel.

From crown to prison

Sossa Toro was born on May 7, 1985 in Medellin, Colombia. At a height of one meter 73 centimeters, light skin and blue eyes she represented the department of "Antioquia" for the National Queen of Tourism in 2008.

She studied social communications at the Remington College Foundation for their interest in media and performance.

She was described herself as a woman that was "spontaneous, sincere and with a definite plan for her future. Seeing herself like a professional is how she responded when she answered questions for the title of Queen of Tourism.


  1. Articles says Cabanas was murdered but he wasn't. As far as I know dude survived didn't he?

  2. His girl is cute, damn. Not a bad life for JJ, up to that point. Maybe still, Barbie seems to be doing alright in prison. I liked his interview, came across pretty well, all things considered. It's funny how the Mexican media interviews these guys, you would think they were celebrities, or on '60 Min' or something. Guess he should have stayed in the house. As far as the narcos go, this guy seems like one who was in just the drug business, and kept it mostly clean, I don't see any allegations of torture, extortion, or kidnapping. As far as the incident with the soccor guy, who knows what really happened? Don't act like an ass in narco clubs in Mexico City.

    As far as the fashion, those large print polo shirts are ugly and tacky as hell. But, that style is popular, the Nike shocks, True Relgion jeans, and polo shirt. I see people wearing that all the time, my only objection is those over the top polos.

  3. ha ha.. go to my website for shirts I got them now

    for 49.99 a piece.


  4. Is the Calderon Government holding a Fashion Runway now,"What the Well Dressed Captive(For Now) Narco is Wearing" this Year ???

  5. They all end up wearing the same thing in the coffin or the jail.

  6. Is this really news coverage or is it more like soft core porn?

    'José Jorge Balderas Garza, aka JJ, and Edgar Valdez Villarreal, La Barbie, showed, upon being presented to the media, a very similar taste in their dress: Ralph Lauren Polo shirts tight to the body, casual pants and Nike tennis shoes.'

    In other words, the Mexican government dressed the two up in the same clothes for their pr shots about how great the war war on thugs supposedly is going for the government. If they had been lower level thugs and lower level police they would have been presented to the press with bruises all over them and a frightened look. That's how 'choreography' works with Mexican police and military in charge.


  7. Is this really News? WTF!!!

  8. I had no idea JJ had even been captured, does BB have any information about where he was hiding? Any background info about the arrest? I find it interesting that he says he never worked with or for Barbie. Why would Barbie go out of his way to protect this guy than?

  9. She's cute but I've had better. Can't model for shh.

  10. For 650,000 pesos a shirt.... I will quit my job and go be a drug kingpins tailor any day.

    "Following the arrest of La Barbie, some merchants started selling the same type style polo through the Free Market at a cost of 400 pesos, although the actual price of the authentic polo goes for around 650,000 pesos."

    That has to be a typo. Almost 55,000 USD for a tight polo shirt? Screw drugs, money is in the clothing!

  11. Crazy Canuck, J.J. was living in Bosques de Chapultepec en el DF, according to a Mx news story he was found because his girlfriend had posted their address on her facebook page (who knows if that version is true)

  12. Thanks for the info Gerado, that would be quite interesting if it were true. I can't imagine how upset he would be (most likly try to kill her at some point). Anyways i was doing a little searching on the shirts and it appears some people are already trying to cash in on the narco style!

  13. yeap.. differen't treatment for the big time guys..but i don't think they put up a fight as much either..they know they are gonna live pretty good in jail anyway, and have a good chance to escape use getting marked up for nothing. look at don Arturo..he didn't look so good for fighting it out

    funny shit tho' them wearing the same shirt

  14. JJ and La Barbie were both known to frequent the "Bar Bar" where Cabanas was shot. The Bar Bar has been the hangout of the wealthy, politicians (including pressidential hopeful and PRI big dog Enrique Pena Neito). Here is an informative bit of information I ran across.

  15. @12:28

    He did survive the shooting, they took the bullet out of his head during surgery.
    The whole incident turned into a big deal and the "Bar Bar" owner Simon Sharif has been involved in a shitstorm of stuff with the authorities. It is said that there is a big Televisa connection as well, Charaf is partners with a few of their heavies. Of course it is also rumored that Enrique Pena Nieto has a suspicious relationship with Televisa and they are doing everything in their power to get him elected El Presidente! SO one might say that the cartel is doing what they can via the media to see to it that their boy is elected. And just a reminder, Humberto Moreira of Coahuila is Neito's boy, he just resigned as governor of Coahuila to take up his job as president of the PRI. Ta-da!

  16. You know Ernest and Brito already ordered their shirts.

  17. They the Sinaloa cartel members dress in VERSACE clothing and the word or medusa tattoos, gold medallions.

  18. I read it was the model posting on her facebook page, their address, that led to the capture. What an idiot, how could someone be so unaware of the reality of their situation?

    On another note, he was moving 60-70 ki's a month, with Mexico City as a base of operations, so is that product being distributed locally, or sent to other local cities? And while, he wasn't 'working' for La Barbie, he was working with the blessing of La Barbies's group?

  19. Paraguayan soccer star says he wont return to Mexico to testify..he says he has no memory of it ..maybe he dosen't want to return to Mexico to be killed

  20. mira any mouse / fly

    you have nothing to add .. you are either too lazy or too stupid to post any interesting or informative comments..

    you are like a fly that can only buzz around bothering people and feed on their scraps

    i thought you were gonna skip my comments ...but here you are again... so not only are you a carrion eater you are a cowardly liar as well

    you are not the first idiot who has shown up here trying to ridicule people who post comments on BB, and like all the rest you will eventually get smacked down and go away

    your feeble attempts to insult people who are your intellectual superiors only make you look foolish , and your obvious attempts to suck up to the BB moderators while doing it only magnify your stupidity

    as for me i will respond to you no more , but you keep it up and i will enjoy reading the forthcoming put downs that you will so deservedly receive

    maybe it would be best for to you fly away to some other site and do what you do best..

    PS i really hope this makes it through moderation

  21. el pinche Esmurf y Boggs de BB ya ordenaron su camiseta polo con el caballo palomo chingon....

  22. What!! Who the hell believes a Ralph Lauren T-shirt costs almost $54,000 dollars!!! AHAhahahahaha!
    Stupid! Do research next time!
    650,000 pesos is 53,937.43 dollars ! Stupid!

  23. Ha ha.

    nelson muntz tone!


    i like how everyone is signing off on their comments with initials now..

    lb and e1 dbgh is the shyt tho!

  24. "he was moving 60-70 ki's a month, with Mexico City as a base of operations, so is that product being distributed locally, or sent to other local cities? And while, he isn't 'working' for La Barbie, he was working with the blessing of La Barbies's group?"

    J.J. was feeding the Mexico City retail market. Let's look at some arbitrary numbers. Mexico City metro area has about 20 million residents, say there are about 100,000 people (0.5% of the polulation)using 1 gm/week of "soda". Thats 400 kilos/month(800 lbs)to feed Mexico City area.
    Thats close to 5 tons/year. Thats why 14 gangsters get beheaded in one day in Acapulco. Now that the Mexico City airport is much harder to smuggle coca in (since el Mayo's brother got busted) Acapulco is one of the top sources for Mexico City. Again these numbers are picked at random but I would not be surprised if "los chilangos" are using more that 5 tons of soda per year, not counting the "cut". Ever been to Mexico City?..pinche party city, puro pase.

  25. I was in Mexico City, Tepozlan, and Cuernavaca in 1999, I was about 15, so I didn't really see that side of the city, sure it's true though, so there is an expansive retail market in Mexico City, feeding the elite and semi elites cocaine habit. So, Sinaloa doesn't really control Mexico City distribution? More of a Beltran Leyva area, I guess.

  26. never trust a woman or an automatic pistol

    "John Dillinger"

    he was betrayed by a woman...and died with a 45 auto in his hand

    some things never change

  27. crazy canuck is right some guy is selling these on ebay. it's quite funny actually.

  28. Although amusing, i couldn't sleep at night knowing I was making money off celebrating the actions of guys like El JJ and La Barbie. Even if its just a polo shirt.

    Why don't we just paste Chapo's mug on a black tee, write Puro Sinaloa on the back with a map of Mexico and a star for the state. We can call the line "A Toda Madre" and sell the to any cartel wannabe that is stupid enough to wear such a thing. I mean if we're gonna do it lets go balls to the wall on it and don't skimp on the tacky design.

    For Real, this guy should be ashamed of himself for marketing his shit in such a way.

  29. smurf, its been done bro. check out the link, its a clothing line called "anvem"

  30. If it weren't for movies such as "once upon a time in mexico", el machete, etc. and actors like Cheech Marin and Danny Trejo, zetas wouldn't even know how to comport themselves.

  31. Saw a shirt like that in Marshals for twenty bucks. Who would pay 65k for that mierdero!!!!! I'll bet everyone in Laredo is wearing that shit or something similar. So much better looking clothes in the fashion market and choose that shot .

  32. These guys need to get some purple label Ralph Lauren with that cash! Guess I need to send out the memo.

  33. I don't like the shirts, but love the bracelets!

  34. I Love how they dress

  35. It's not Ralph Lauren! It's U.S. Polo Association, the shirts are a cheaper company that has its own stores. See:


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