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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

2 Car bombs explode in NL

Milenio/El Norte

Linares, NL.- The SSP announced that a car bomb exploded this afternoon. According to eyewitness accounts, three women jumped out a vehicle that blew up only minutes after they left the scene.

Although there were no injuries, there was extensive property damage. Two nearby vehicles withstood the blast; a gray Nissan Sentra and a Chevy Cavalier, both of which belonged to a local police official.

Transit and State police have set up roadblocks at strategic points in the city to prevent the suspects from escape. They are using every means possible to find the people responsible for this attack.

Local mayor Francisco Medina confirmed the attack took place between 17:00 and 17:30 hours.

“A car bomb detonated in our town. At this time we have little information of the type of explosive that was used. Please rest assured that we have experts who have arrived and are working on the case at this very moment."

The SSP also said there was a second bar bomb that was detonated in front of a police station in San Nicholas between 17:40 and 19:20 hours.

The bomb in San Nicolás was in a car that was abandoned only minutes before it blew up. A single man dressed in black clothing exited the vehicle prior to the explosion.

The car was a white Jetta, license plate number SCS 1867 from Nuevo León. It was left in front of a muni-police station on Jorge González Camarena avenue, and had been left in the reserve space of a high ranking department official.

Three people were wounding in the second attack. Most people who saw the man exit the car and begin running, took their queue from him and backed away from the car.

Police have no suspects in custody at this time.

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El Norte online.


  1. These Cartel hoodlum, common criminal are worthless rats who are Terrorists who are now targeting the innocent with true Terror Weapons.
    These people are Traitors to Mexico amd Must be hunted down and surpressed!!!

  2. ''lito'brito @ 18, 2011 at 10:47 PM

    lets all go play in the streets...there is no danger ...just a bunch of yokel chicken littles who don't understand the sophisticated machinations of the evil American police state...



  3. ah here we go, now were talking, now your getting the attention of the crime stoppers and everyone else you really shouldn't have disturbed.

    soon the border will be sealed and the drones will be a common sight.

    keep ratcheting the tactics and chatter. TERRORISM when branded is hard to get off, ask N. Korea


  4. Is this New Federation? Trying to send a message to Zeta cops?

  5. The reports in the last couple hrs say most likely grenades, which is a good thing folks...well I should say lessor than..

  6. consulate in Mty...keeping count of dead...
    report 59 so far in this 19th day of Jan..

    they report "no precautions for the violence" guess they don't miss their families who were sent home in 2010....

  7. hahaha..."Transit & State police are setting up roadblocks". That is a guarantee they will get away.....

    and lito brito, you keep trying to find a reason to blame decades or corruption and crime in MEXICO on the US somehow. Frankly, your conspiracy theories are getting old.

    As a Monterrey resident for the past 11 years, I can assure you this is a MEXICAN problem of our own making. Lito Brito's theories are idiotic and uninformed

  8. what is the point of this ..just to spread fear...were there any specific target(s)...maybe to gauge the reaction of the police...maybe to set them up for an ambush...whatever the reason...this and the grenades are the worst of all...
    it is so crazy here ...on the surface all is well, if you have ever been to Money terra know how modern it is and rich it is and how many people are put and about all over the seems really "civilized"..there are cops all over , and you don't see any obvious signs of any trouble...but then out of the comes a convoy of full combat gear , faces covered , guns at the wonder why?...everything seems ok ..what is up..sometimes i write things that to some people might portray Monterrey as a war zone in what we all visualize as a war zone ...bombs bursting in air ...pitched battles etc...but that is not the way it really is ...

    to the untrained eye ...not one thing is out of place ..but after a while you start to see it ..people run traffic lights...speed ...throw trash write graffiti everywhere ...borrachos on the street sleeping ...side walks all broken up lines on the roads to mark where you park or drive...people begging in the streets or at the intersections ...the halcones hanging out ..the strange guys with the mean look in their eyes..prostitutes ..underage prostitutes...the brothels ..painted pink with a neon sign that just says "open".. the dirty gritty streets, buildings half completed ...half falling down..horns honking ..busses all marked up painted a mix of diverse color schemes ...some brand new , others antigue looking, flying in all directions..exhaust fumes ..people who are either scurrying or seem to be in some sort of a trance walking right out in the street ..unaware of their own safety..

    and in the wealthier areas the trendy bars and restaurants, the new cars ..shiny people...expensive least as fancy and high tech as anything you will see in an American can feel the money ..and from the people the arrogant attitude ...

    there seems to be no concept of social conciousness from the upper classes towards the lower connectedness ..not even enough to to maintain utilities, roads or other systems used by everyone

    this is to me a social war, and is the most apparent war ... then when you watch the news and see the bodys ...or actually see the blood on the streets from a recent killing, it combines ...i used to tell people the most dangerous thing about Monterrey is the possibility of getting ran over by a bus, that is still there ...but now that is compounded by the possibility of being blown up by a car bomb

    is Monterrey a war zone ..not in the traditional sense , at least not yet...but it is a war zone, ..the kind that slowly creeps up on your mind

    it seems like there are two kinds of people here ..

    the poor who are uneducated , and have been brutalized to the point that they don't know how to behave properly...

    and the wealthy who are educated..but are so arrogant that they don't feel that they should have to behave in a civilized manner

    many of the wealthy here are just the descendants of criminals of some generations ago who were successful enough to kill their way to the top and become "legitimate"...they are proverbial educated, well dressed wolves...only now with perfect fangs and manicured claws

    the criminals and lower classes of today know this and also know that it is within their grasp to attain the same me that is why the corruption and lawlessness in Mexico is so hard to stop

    just a little yokel rant that occurred to me while i was fighting my way through traffic yesterday

  9. Brilliant, 'brito.

    Let's keep our head above the surface of the blood bath and see what really hurts Mexico: Its total absence of responsible social development. An inept govt that serves only its clients.

    US politicians are hookers with lobbyists as pimps. But it's peanuts compared to MX politicians. Their corruption and arrogance is embedded in their genes.

    So good to wake up every morning in a mildly corrupt country.

  10. Briiiiiiiiiiiiiito!!!!!!!!!
    WTF? before I initiate a Buela Beating...did you say grenades are the worse??
    if so...pls explain that one...because wrong is holding tight to the notion..I am not getting the yokel rant...K.I.R.

  11. BTW Brito...are you leaving Mty soon?
    I think the trip has messed with your head..I think you have been there since Christmas. Myabe you moved to mty...jaja I can go visit you Brito. I have decided to relax a bit, have no friggin idea why, about my Mty stance. I approved children to go to mty again for medical. I tried Saltillo for this pass year and there is no comparison in quality. I hope I am not making a mistake. Has there been any problems at the bus stations? we also pay for their bus transportation, 6 hr each way. I have not heard of any problems, but I wanted to check with a few people there on the ground.

    What cha hear Briiiito-Man?
    If you want to meet one of my foundation kids, two are going to Mty next week for medical.

  12. yo any mouse

    i was being sarcastic..when you read something, and at the end of it , it says NOT..FAIL... it means sarcasm...

    but you were so quick to call me an idiot...i guess you missed it do you feel now?


    read your comment in front of a mirror


  13. Yeah, can't you people tell when the brilliant Lito Brito is being sarcastic? Certainly I can.

    'Lets all go play in the streets...there is no danger ...just a bunch of yokel chicken littles who don't understand the sophisticated machinations of the evil American police state.'

    In fact, he's one of the geniuses here on BB that thinks that the US government remains with tentacles totally outside of all Mexican governmental and military affairs! Since he has his eyes wired wide open to detect any such US penetration of other countries political happenings, we can all depend on this authority's intellectual abilities to let us know if there would ever be the slightest sign of US involvement down South.

    Relax and let Lito Brito and friend Buela let us know the true dope about Mexico and how the US government respectfully stays uninvolved in what's going on that way. In fact, perhaps they both have already earned their official certs as watchful agents of 'Secure the Border'? If not, they certainly should join up with these kind people, and/or the people at 'Border Narcotics Intelligence'.


  14. Brito must be some nerdy fat kid eating oreo cookies playing on the internet. You're always on here. yak! yak! yak! away. You must not have a girlfriend. Go outside. Catch a movie. Read a book. Do something else! Such a cool website but seeing your name plastered all over it is getting annoying.


    You guys work so hard and these clowns making it look bad...

  15. No bomb - hand grenades. That's why the drivers had to run away and thereby call attention to themselves. Amateurs. But keep it up with the "car bombs" you idiots because now you've got public opinion strongly against you. Now people who would have ignored you will denounce you because they feel totally vulnerable. It will only take a couple of seemingly "minor" incidents like this and the whole thing will start to fall in on the cartels.

    Soo keep it up you stupid fuckers. You have started the end.

  16. @ juan pablo

    I agree with you, these are true terrorist tactics. EXPLOSIONS, The element of surprise with the intent of causing mass casualties. These scumbags are definitely traitors to mexico, they give all mexicans a bad reputation. Now they are resembling FARC. Charles bowden said years ago before the explosion that happened in juarez that he feared that the cartels would raise the level of attacks by using explosions and that this would create an even higher level of terror towards the citizens of mexico.

    The mexican government needs to act now and use the same tactics that the colombian government used to destroy pablo escobar. The colombian gov. had the help of the U.S. and los pepes, an anti- escobar group of angry citizens and rival cartel members who fought back by using psychological tactics, the U.S.'s technology, and reverse terrorism. They sequestered escobar's family while they were trying to flee colombia causing him to panic then they forced him to corner himself and with the help of the U.S. they traced one of escobar's phonecalls, found him and didn't capture him, they killed him. The colombian and american gov. with the help of the people took their country back. Now colombia lives under a more peaceful environment. They can walk the streets safely again.

    But it starts with the true intent of wanting your country back. The attitude of anger caused by the pain of being bullied by terrorists and the determination of wanting to fight back without any political, greedy, or fearful interferences. Mexico has to use extreme force on the cartels like colombia did but I don't think mexico's government has what it takes.

  17. @ B

    i think the buses are ok...other than flying for sure the safest...but flying is flying..that has it's own risks.. i haven't heard of any incidents since way back last year when a couple of buses were held up..try to plan the trip for during the day, and yes i would say go for it ..

    there have been some incidents regarding overcharging by some taxis, operating out of the area around the main station on Colon..but you can get a ticket inside the station for a "secure " taxi...of course the best would be to arrange to have them picked up , but i am sure you are already on all that


  18. Mr Ajulio, so you advocate that 'Mexico has to use extreme force on the cartels like colombia did but I don't think mexico's government has what it takes.'

    Let me translate that from estadounidogles to English for our BB readers here. Ajulio is castigating the Mexican government for not jumping as fast as the Pentagon wants into their US dirty war hands like the Colombian death squad government did. He says that he doesn't think that the government in Mexico has the huevos to do it! Boy these honchos at BB are tough, Marlboro smoking dudes!


  19. another great post by any mouse , always so helpful and informative

    ..come over to my blog for some personal attention, i promise you will like could be my little favorita

    and you too would be fun..i know you want it

    urny... any moron already knows the US meddles in Mexico, Central y South America ,,and damned near every where else on earth..most of the major powers do

    if that is what you are so stridently trying to say have said it nauseam

    take another hit and ..go back to sleep...wake up later and eat..maybe go throw some frisbee or something


  20. @ ernest uno

    Well it's true urny. You fantasize about a peaceful world where everyone lives in harmony but the truth is, this world is shit. Every government's actions is motivated by greed and the mexican government has become too complacent and lacks any kind of passion or integrity. How can you have true passion and integrity when your motives are influenced by corruption? They just sit back and watch their soldiers and police drive around in circles in war torn cities while the violence escalates and capturing leaders but never being able to find el chapo when he is the reason why there is a war. This lil' maniac has feuded with every major cartel in mexico already, befriended them, and then betrayed them. He is just like pablo escobar but at least escobar helped the poor. Chapo doesnt do anything for anyone but himself. He's a taker. He is the root of this war and is fighting for complete power. This war is really the sinaloa cartel and the mexican government vs everyone else.

    So calderon has to get his head right first. To publicly declare an all out war against the cartels means to do this without any prejudice. That means all cartels included.

    At least colombia had the right attitude. They wanted their country back and fought hard and fought dirty but accomplished their goal of snatching their country back from the cartels while many brave leaders died as well as citizens but they didn't die in vain because the people fought with real aspirations. To me, that is a government with balls and pride.

    But the most important thing is the result. Colombia is a more peaceful country now that isnt ruled by escobar. The cartels know their place now. Mexico should learn from colombia.

  21. One minute it's so-called PEACE and the next moment it is meltdown again, ajulio. I certainly for one, DO NOT think that a death squad Colombian government allied with the Pentagon has brought anything even closely approximating real Peace to their country. And btw, the cartels are the current US allied government in Colombia. You've been fed a line of crap if you think that 'the cartels' have been defeated there.

    'But the most important thing is the result. Colombia is a more peaceful country now that isnt ruled by escobar. The cartels know their place now. Mexico should learn from colombia.'

    I'd say just from your conclusion, that you flat out haven't a clue to what's in place there now. It is not a democracy though, and the criminality continues to run rampant in Colombia, ajulio. 'The cartels know their place' there???? Sadly, they know that their place is in running the government... as always.


  22. Sounds like there are no visitors to Brito's blog if he is begging people to come over and give him some attention.....look at me, love me, kiss me, worship me.........

  23. Very, Very Ominous!! These are the most dangerous criminals yet to come out of this massive cluster fuck.
    Car Bombs are true weapons of terror and destruction. When placed in major metropolitan areas the results are catastrophic. They destroy anything and anybody in its path and cause extreme panic , terror and chaos and general disorder.
    The state should stop at nothing to hunt down these perpetraitors .Perhaps invite in the worlds best agencies, The F.B.I the D.E.A and others- hunt them down and teach them a dear lesson, a fatal one!!!!

  24. @ ernest uno(urny boy)

    chill out ernest. colombia is much better now. trust me. no country is happy when it's experiencing a war. the last that i checked, colombia is no longer at war with it's cartels and escobar is dead. the cartels will always exist but they should never have complete control of a country. mexico is just experiencing what colombia has already experienced but in a wider scale. but i don't believe that mexico's government is willing to do what is required to end the war any time soon.

    i see more explosives used in 2011. these filthy cartels do things in patterns. and if this happens? man, i really feel bad for the good citizens of mexico. i don't know why they have'nt made a movie about this shit. it has everything you would want in a movie: shoot outs, explosions, kidnappings, extortions, torture, decapitations, shady politicians, cartels, drugs, massacres, child murderers, dismembered cadavers, recorded executions, female assasins and crooked police, soldiers, lawyers and politicians.

    james cameron could direct it.

  25. @ LB
    I smiled at your comment about airport for miles around. Bus is it! and they are very nice nuses at that. good to know no added danger by taking the bus.

    @ Ajulio
    have you read Down By The River? Charles Bowden? another great read... and I don't know about E1 wanting peace, hell he can't even formulate a pretense of "peace" here on BB ...old worn out tired hippies are the worse, only bathe even less...I would imagine

  26. telediario news just reported four Monterrey municipal policia killed in Guadalupe..the cars were shot all to hell ..the attack occurred sometime this daylight in the middle of the road from the looks of it

  27. Can anybody recommend me a good English site similar to this one, one where I won't find the regular clowns who have made this once-great site into their personal daily dumping grounds with their mindless, idiotic, and pointless drivel? I'm looking at you Lil Frito, Pinche Vieja, and Pendejo 1.

    Like the guy above me posted...


    You guys work so hard and these clowns making it look bad...

  28. Ajulio, I was just in Colombia a year and a half ago,and it definitely is not as hot as it has been for the previous decade. It's had the US bathe it in its own blood, after all. Yet, for just one example, as I sat in a park in Bucaramanga where the police stood all armored up to one side of us and the demonstrators against a death squad leader having just been made mayor of the city on the other side of us, I did not feel any lasting 'peace' in the air at all. Lot's of weed smoke though...

    And do you think that Peru has found a lasting Peace either, for that matter, after their brutal suppression of their rebellion? I don't. And let's not forget El Salvador and Guatemala>> Peace in the air? Nah.

    Now @ Buela....

    'and I don't know about E1 wanting peace, hell he can't even formulate a pretense of "peace" here on BB'

    Aw come on, Buela! Let me hug you tight, GrandMa!

    'old worn out tired hippies are the worse, only bathe even less...I would imagine'

    Give lito hippie a bath now, with the soothing holy water of your Right Winger waters. Ugh!!!!


  29. This comment has been removed by the author.

  30. Columbia may appear peaceful to an outsider,but,not much News that is not Government Sanctioned ever see's the light of day.As one Journalist put it;"Here there is freedom of speech,say what you want to,and then they Kill You".The death toll for Journalists there is the highest in the World.

  31. yo any mouse

    i guess reporting four cops shot all to hell in broad daylight is mindless drivel to you ..

    you just keep saying the same thing over and over ..maybe that is all the english you know

    try bbc or cnn, or why don't you learn a little spanish and read blogdelnarco..or exiled online

    you are like a fly...and you know what flys do don't you ?

    you have been invited over to play ..but you are afraid

    so... shoo!!!

  32. Anonymous said...January 19, 2011 10:08 PM

    do you have any thing to say other than what you have already said and can you stop trying to kiss ass at BB

    just curious

  33. Ajulio...

    seems I told you as much in Dec. But as many things in life one has to have the up close and personal E1 exp. JAJA...he is articulate and I had hopes, but then realized it was a losing cause.

    @ E1
    Sorry E1, but you needed a slap down picking on folks simply for the name they choose to identify themsleves. No hugs please, even virtual hugs, remember I visualize you as Assange...even a clean Assange I want no part of..

  34. I didn't know that colombia had the highest death toll for journalists in the world. I've seen on t.v. the people getting interviewed and it seemed like they were much happier but maybe there are dark secrets lurking within the government.

  35. I really don't want to believe that the colombian government killed escobar for money or to have control of the cocaine business. I've seen documentaries on this subject and it seemed to me like their actions were noble but like I said, governments are the biggest mafias in the world.

  36. ajulio said...

    I didn't know that colombia had the highest death toll for journalists in the world. I've seen on t.v. the people getting interviewed and it seemed like they were much happier but maybe there are dark secrets lurking within the government.

    Just go on YouTube,was just browsing one night and found a lot of documentaries,some with once prominent Journalists that fled Columbia.A lot of problems because they did stories and interviews with the I Indigenous People and FARC and were accused of being on their side.

  37. Ajulio...

    Pakistan has the highest...Mexico is tied for 3rd place and colombia not even in the top 5.

    Here is more data than you want but figures are for 2010...charts, stats etc, very well done by the committee to protect journalists

  38. Ajulio and Buela discusss my supposed character deficits from the Right Winger POV....

    'It is good that BB does censor some of the junk that spews out of his mouth but overall, he's rude but harmless.'

    Ajulio celeberates the idea of censoring somebody for being Left Wing. (It's not my rudeness that actually bothers him.) Can you imagine how much he would shit in his pants if BB posters began to suggest censoring him? What an intellectual coward this guy is.

    'Yeah, I think Ernesto is a man without any solutions.'

    Well, I tried to post a response to this with a discussion of 'solutions', but guess what, ajulio? It got 'lost'. Go figure???? I guess comparing obliterating an Afghan village (it was in the news a few days ago) with 25 tons of Pentagon bombs with this coverage of two car bombs going off in Monterrey wont be allowed here at BoBo Land. But why not? We can only guess why this happens here? I find it rather sad though. And it really is censorship when it is done and it has nothing to do with me supposedly being 'rude', as ajulio implies it does.


  39. @January 19, 2011 4:23 PM

    "But the most important thing is the result. Colombia is a more peaceful country now that isnt ruled by escobar. The cartels know their place now. Mexico should learn from colombia."

    You are an idiot if you think Colombia is more peaceful and the cartels know their place, the US led war in colombia hasn't changed anything in Colombia. Colombia is still the country that produces and exports 90% percent of all the cocaine in the world. They are exporting an average of 430 tons of cocaine a year. Unfortunately, homicide rates are still quite high and even beat Mexico's homicide rate per citizen, and far worse in some cases. Why don't you hear about this, because this isnt covered in the news everyday like the mexican drug war check your facts before you speak.

  40. Actually Peru now produces more Coke than any other country. Quit listening to Fox News, 90% are you fuckin retarded?

  41. False Alarm. No need to worry..

    Nuevo Leon State Spokesman Jorge Domene says they aren't Car Bombs exploding but Bombs exploding inside Cars...

    What a relief.

    que pendejada

  42. @January 20, 2011 9:44 PM
    No im not fucking retard. Maybe you should do something called research moron. Here, I found two articles relating to the subject. I back my shit up with facts where are yours?? You have none...

    "About 90 percent of all the cocaine entering the United States originates in Colombia, according to U.S. officials."

    "In fact, roughly 90 percent of all the cocaine sold in the United States comes from Colombia."

    Read more at the Washington Examiner:

  43. @ any mouse 9:24 pm

    You are right. Colombia is a very violent country and the violence is growing. During escobar, the colombian government mainly had to deal with two rival cartels(the medellin and the cali). Now there are hundreds of smaller gangs competing for power. The violence doubled in 2010 while the government now finds itself battling cartels, street gangs, and guerilla groups. And now with a higher demand of drugs coming from the U.S. and Mexico, the violence is expected to escalate. Okay, I put my foot in my mouth. My bad mousey.

    @ ernest uno

    Stop getting your panties wet. I took off my comment. If they censor you, it's because you've crossed the line. Don't take it personal ernie.

    @ buela

    Always doing your homework buelita. You always keep your 44 magnum loaded with ammunition. In a perfect world, the drug war would end and you and ernie would coexist peacefully.

    Maybe it is better that mexico has just one or two existing cartels ruling instead of having many unorganized gangs battling with each other. It is easy to ramble at the mouth about a situation that is far too complicated. Mexico is a disaster right now. But colombia's situation is no better or worse. It's already written in the books. These drug wars are a manifestation of GOD'S wrath towards human's overindulgence of greed, power and hate. So pass me the popcorn with extra butter and extra large coca-cola please. I'm going to sit back and enjoy this one till the very end.

  44. @ 9:44 pm

    Funny! But you are right, peru is a major distributor of coke too.

  45. @ tom

    I was naive about colombia's situation. You are right, colombia's doing a good job at covering up their problems because I don't remember the american media talking too much about it. But colombia is still suffering bad. There are some good videos on you tube about colombia's drug situation.

  46. It's refreshing to have some sense finally enter into the BB discussion about the success supposedly of the US's 'war on drugs' in Colombia. A lull in this war there is not a victory for having totally militarized Colombia's internal politics, which is the policy that D.C. has pursued there for decades A lull in the fighting in Central America is not a success story for the US government's policy of having militarized that region. And a lull in the fighting in Mexico now would not necessarily become a victory for the US having now militarized the situation in Mexico.

    US foreign policy in Latin America is not full of 'victories' for the American people, nor Latin Americans.


  47. If I hear something I was unaware of I dig in and research...but I could not find anything about Peru being the greatest provding of still remains to be Colombia. I did find that peru is coming on strong and it will likely be the conduit for the distributorship of cocaine by the Mx cartels, fast becomming the major provider of cocaine in Europe

  48. Ernest1 I think you are "lull" of it... lol

  49. @ Ajulio

    Joven,,,you know I have been thinking the same thing that perhaps 2 cartels, divy the territory live in peace. But that will not work now. It is a changed market, global territory, 43+ countries of investments, perhaps Guate will become homebase for the first Narco state, new routes to US, via east-west coast and canada where they are dicovering tunnels, etc etc. fact is if cartels are cancer this is stage 5 and pretty much terminal.

    You are right I do a ton of research and have reports, some being 300 pages, I read dozens of well written books on the subject. And my conclusion is hope is dangling from a frayed rope off Mt Everest in a blizzard.

    about E1:

    As for me and E1 being peaceful, I don't waste my time reading his stuff, but I defend his right to opinion and speech. As long as it is not personal. You know how one can tell when E1 is defeated? He attacks personally.

  50. The Colombian policy is to cut the heads of any cartel that grows too big, and may challenge the govt (Escobar, FARC). Nothing is effectively done against smaller organizations, because they do not threaten the political system. Actually, it allows the govt to tighten the control over the population.

    This strategy does not eliminate drug trafficking -and is not intended to, it merely put some policing into it.

    Mexico is on another route with its total warfare on cartels. I doubt they will have better results, I'm sure the casualties will be higher and that the population will eventually give up and kick PAN's asses.


    Guatemala is already controlled by the Zetas, they have bought off the politicians. Afghanistan is another narco-state, their unofficial GDP is coming from poppies. The problem is the re-investment of the proceeds. Not the poppies. Do you know our super-talented geniuses in the Pentagon are planning to invest $$$ on Pomegranate orchards to replace poppies in Af-PAk? ROFLOL.


    BTW, have you heard of the latest fart from windbag-Chavez? He got tired of having his country used as a launching pad for drug planes heading to Africa, and proposed to shoot down any civilian plane that refuses to land when ordered so. And the best of the story is that this got support from some officials in OUR administration. Remember when a previous administration did the same with Peru? A US missionary and her daughter got killed in their Cessna. So many morons in D.C., on the left, right, center. Aughhh, I'm surrounded......

    The war was lost before it even started. So the big question becomes: How can we move from a repressive system to a tolerant system, where we eventually accept that drugs are part of our nature, whether we stimulate our dopamine with Prozac or Meth? Where peones in LA or ex-talib fighters in Af-Pak can make a decent living out of their crops? Where we save big here by no more sending users to jail?

    Buela, you are right, this thing has spread to the bones and the blood of the planet. The old system is dying. Good riddance. Let's build the after-war.

    Stop the war on drugs.

  51. @ matanzas

    it is the war on people who use drugs..

    well that is , drugs that aren;t manu'fctrd by novartis or otra big pharma..

    and i agree... time to stop the madness

  52. Oops! Another one of my comments got lost in cyberspace once again. Apparently giving links to PRI Governor of Mexico State, Nieto, and his opinions about the 'drug war' cannot be permitted here at the seemingly ALL pro- Calderon PAN'sVille BB... How funny!

    Or was it that I mentioned that both PAN and PRI have been hooked into the US's international war to promote drug pushing, mayhem, and death squads together under D.C. direction? I guess I'm just not USA USA USA patriotic enough to mention any connections to how car bombs go off in the streets of Metro Monterrey, without being thought a bad boy by BB's regular sheeple herd of dittoheaded minded readers? Got to limit their exposure to Chavismo., etc.... Or they'll go into hussy fits.

    He is off theme, awful with his themes, and E1 is so damn 'rude', too.... and all the usual excuses for disappearing the comment.

    Oh well. What can I say then? Can I go a-head with this post and actually see it online?

  53. @ buela

    Hope is dangling from a frayed rope off Mt. Everest in a blizzard...that's pretty bad buela. Don't lose all hope. Let's wait for the next presidente. There's gotta be something better.

  54. @ Anonymous 4:23 PM, Isn't a lot of Colombia's deaths a result of paramilitaries fighting each other and the government, Colombia is considered a war-zone like Afghanistan and Somalia. Mexico doesn't have paramilitaries that have any significant power to threaten the Mexican government. The "strongest" rebel group in Mexico is the EZLN which are poor Mexican farmers with machetes and your occasional shotgun and they don't attack the government, in fact the one that does the attacking is the Mexican government on them. There aren't any major cartels coming from Colombia except for Cartel Valle del Norte which are weak compared to any of the 4 major cartels in Mexico, it's a bunch of small drug gangs these days in Colombia no real cartel.

  55. @ ajuilo

    Peru is the leading producer of leaf and 2nd largest producer of cocaine. They trail Colombia by about 12% at the moment. The other fellow wasn't right and neither were you. 90% is a rather large number to put on the table.


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