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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Massacre-In-The-Making Interrupted, One Victim Dead

By Nick Valencia

Mexican federal police interrupted a weekend massacre-in-the-making in a Ciudad Juarez, Mexico, motel and captured two hit men working for a major cartel in the city, a spokesman for the federal police told CNN Monday.

"We received an anonymous tip that these men were sequestering a group of 11 in a motel," federal police spokesman Ramon Salinas said. "We acted on the tip and were able to catch them in the act of a massacre at a motel party."

The men were planning to kill a group of 11 youths and managed to kill one of them before police arrived, according to Salinas, who described the 11 only as young people, without specifying ages or sexes.

Police said they arrested two hit men who were working for La Linea, known in the Juarez area as the enforcement arm for the Juarez drug cartel. The group is mainly comprised of corrupt police officers and members of local gangs who have pledged allegiance to the Juarez Cartel.

"They had a group of young people ready to execute and we stopped them," Salinas said. "This is a big victory for the police and for the citizens of Juarez who are sending our department information about organized criminals," he added.

In January of 2010, 15 youths at a party in southern Juarez were killed after gunmen acting on bad intelligence opened fire on the group.


  1. La Linea still killing kids? They have the worst reputation next to Los Zetas, probably worse in their own city. Shouldn't be like that, ideally. I'd assume someone like Chapo has much more local support and loyalty then the Juarez group, who seem to leave the public terrefied in a frenzy of violence and paranoia. What were those kids doing? Moving Sinaloa product? At the very worst? And they are dying for it? Brutal part of the 'business'.

  2. All I can say is amen....

  3. So they were planning a repeat as we near the anniversary, if you can call it that, of the first narcomasacre. At least this one was stopped, although someone should investigate why those kids were targeted by La Linea.

  4. glad people are at least standing up and reporting these tips...keep the anonymous hotlines !!

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. what a joke! These criminals will be out of jail soon enough just like every other criminal who has been captured escaped or been let go by corrupt guards and wardens.

  7. Juarez cartel and the Z are the worst of the worst. La Linea especiallare nothing but a bunch of murderers, rapists and kidnppers. These guys seem to not give a F about public perception. I would say most of the people hate their guts over all the other groups operating.

    Although as much as Gente Nueva claims to be of a different mindest, their street solgiers, The Artistic Assassins are as bad as los Aztecs, who are la linea affiliated

  8. sinaloa cartel does the same bs,extort and that stuff.maybe thats why they havent won the war in ciudad juarez.thay keep suffering big losses to the la linea.


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