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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Zeta Sicario Leader dies in Cancun

This is one I find particularly interesting because I just translated an article about El Memin yesterday. Quite frankly he was a ruthless narco from the description I read and his death comes as no surprise.


El Nacional - The jefe of sicarios for Los Zetas in Cancún Bernardo González Castillo, alias "El Memín", died yesterday during a confrontation with police. Six other sicarios of the organization were captured, according to authorities in the Caribbean state of Mexico.

The general prosecutor for the state of Quintana Roo, Francisco Alor, explained that during the gunfire, the leader of sicarios died in a hale of bullets.

Alor confirmed that the operation that lasted over 5 hours. During that time, the army and members of the federal police were called in. The aftermath left the infamous Zeta dead along with one person who was seriously injured. 10 other suspects that were arrested.

"We were on the trail of "El Memin" for several days. We knew he was involved with several executions last week. He was also responsible for an attack on a high ranking police official who was shot in the head. But that is only one of the crimes he was being sought for," said the official.

The spokesman for the state police also confirmed that the Zeta leader was spotted as he was boarding a taxi. When he noticed he was being tailed, EL Memin opened fire on police and the ensuing gunfight cost him his life.

Alor explained that the gang that was led by El Memin "was full of members of the municipal police, among them 3 women who were detained for their participation as Halcones (lookouts) for the criminal organization about the movements of fellow police officers."

That evening, 4 Muni-police were arrested on the suspicion of having ties with El Memin's group.

Excerpt that mentioned El Memin (read the whole article on Borderland Beat)

El Javi confirmed a man named El Chilango was murdered by a member of Los Zetas, El Memín, on the orders of Comandante Pelón and El Mayuyo.

He explained this person was killed because he came from Ciudad Juárez, with the intent of forming his own criminal group. El Chilango would hustle drugs through a system of taxi drivers working in the hotel district, and he did this without the approval of the local Zeta boss.

"He was abducted and we transferred him to a house in a neighborhood called Residencial Las Américas. El Memín took a butcher knife and beheaded El Chilango while he was still alive," said El Javi, quien añadió: "I watched him as he did it. Afterwords, he stuck the blade into the the body and kicked it repeatedly."

They had also tortured Chilango before killing him, asking him for the name and location of his supplier.



  2. This is great news, die zetas, die!

  3. I am going to go out on a limb and coin the term "Narco Terrorist" That's what these people are, no less.

  4. bet you will be able to buy used zeta ware soon at the street mercados maybe the patches will be collectables

  5. I don't think the death of Memin is a blow like the capture of El Amarillo which is a "Zeta Viejo". Memin was most probably a "Cobra Viejo" which is a pretty high position for Zeta Sicario leader but not the highest. Still good thing he was killed.

  6. Good work boys keep it up.

  7. SahidMarquez or anyone else, can you explain the "Viejo" thing a little more. I have never heard how the Zeta rank system works before.

  8. do men like this really think they will live a long, happy life with their piles of blood money? I can't imagine a lifestyle where you can't ever enjoy what you have because you're always hiding, looking over your shoulder wondering when the inevitable will happen. and it always does...

  9. Indeed, the cops are doing some good job in MX. But our cops have no less merit in the "war against drug". In the link below, you will see how our heroes are doing a heck of a job by busting a bloody criminal:
    This happened in Utah, US of A.
    Sorry I have to leave. Must puke.

  10. @ matanzas

    fucked up...really fucked up...that golf club must have been loaded

    makes me really sad...this country is all we have ..and we have the choice of anarchy ..Mexico style ..or police state utah style...

    all because some body wants to smoke a fuckin weed...what insanity


  12. Viejo, is just a term as founder. old school founder. OG, Someone who has been a Z since the beginning. Which from what I hear there are few remaining true founders. Actual " elite " soldiers who left the Mexican ranks to join the Zeta enforcers. Most of the dudes you here about all disposable guys that never were true military nor true narcos. Just petty criminals with a thirst for money and blood.

  13. @ Anonymous, Well the "Halcones" are the lowest level in the Zeta organization, they are in charge of looking out for police/military and report suspicious activity, they are the eyes in the street.

    "Productividad" is the one above the Halcones, these guys are in charge of drug houses and rackeets etc.

    "Cobras" are basically civilian gunmen in charge of protecting the above. The usually carry a rifle and a pistol.

    "Manosos" are next, they are basically the ones in charge of the weapons, explosives and other equipment.

    "Zetas Nuevos" which a lot of them are ex-Guatamelan military that are named "Kaibiles", these guys are usually in body armor, assault rifle, pistol, carry grenades, military helmet, they are in charge of operations and order civilian gunmen around.

    "Cobras Viejos" are the people of confidence and are basically cell leaders.

    "Zetas Viejos" are basically the core group of Los Zeta organization which some of it's members are Amarillo, Rex, Cholo, Ostos etc. lead by the Heriberto Lazcano and the underboss Miguel Trevino.

    *Note this hierarchy is a bit dated, there are 4 more levels/ranks placed somewhere below the "Cobras Viejos" but this should get you the general idea.

  14. @10:50 A.M
    Thats the problem- you have fear!!
    Grow Balls and go and fight for your beloved country...
    Juan Pablo Smith

  15. Poor guy. Does anyone know if theres ghoig to be as rosary? Should i bring food for his widow?
    What times the funeral and where is it going to be?
    oh yea, i forget. this was satans son and hes being raped in hell as we speak. lolololol.
    FRY BABY FRY!!!!

  16. and then there is the level being called chopped up, they are the ones shortys boys get a hold of

  17. he'll probably reincarnate as a pebble at the bottom of the deepest ocean...

  18. Added a still of El Memin when he died. There were more, but they were autopsy pics. You get the idea...

  19. He had a "FEZ" tattoo on his one arm, so that's gotta mean quite a bit. He was the one in the "Confessions of a Zeta" article that chopped the guy's head off, then stabbed and kicked his headless corpse.

    Looks like the military filled his mind with something better than Zeta ideals.... Some high caliber ammunition. I'm glad they're finally going hard against the Z. Rot in hell, shitbags.

  20. Another Z dead "EL PACIS"killed in Veracruz by Mx Military..

  21. There is no comparison between the Utah cop and the Mexican marines shooting this scumbag dead. The Utah case is sanctioned murder and this is not the first time this same cop kills someone during a drug raid. If you read the interview, this so called cop brags about the efectiveness of his training and his bullets. The guy that got shot, probably heard noise and went to investigate and defend his home with a golf club and for that he gets a triple tap from a cop that loves the opportunity to kill. Even if the home was a drug lab/stash house, no one can justify the shooting of a person solely on the basis that he/she presents a threat by holding a golf club in a threatening manner... Bottomline; The Mexican marines were after a very dangerous murderer while the Utah case was more about a police force that is becoming more militarized and as a result unjustified shootings are getting out of hand.
    Or would the dead man had been justified for shooting back upon seeing his home being invaded in the middle of the night?

  22. @ ANON January 20, 2011 10:44 AM

    i agree completely...the guy with a golf club was undeservedly killed...and the shooter needs put in jail for his murder...what a bunch of punk asses who couldn't have just grabbed the guy and held him down...this whole crew needs to be doing time

    is this is what our country is coming to?

    a total police state where even the slightest appearance of resistance is brutally repressed

    or a Mexico style, near total anarchy ?

    what a great choice

  23. i was in Missoula Montana once when the hells angels came there ...over 500 hundred of them..there was about 600 cops some of who were utah cops ...there they were squared of across the street from each other ...what a fukn scene..

    ..after being intimidated by a four hundred pound hells angel... i decided it was time for me to go...disgusted by both sides ...two gangs of violent assholes ...on the way out , i was accosted by some utah cops and searched , and generally harrased

    i looked nothing at all like a hells angel or even a sympathizer...

    fuck all strutting criminals and strutting police as well

  24. This is all great news! All the Zetas need to learn a lesson.Karma will get them for all the innocent people they killed/robbed/tortured/etc.Keep It Up Mexican Army,Federal Police,Marines,etc.Good Job!


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