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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Another child 'Sicario' arrested in Morelos

Two suspected associates of the “boy hit man” captured last month as he was preparing to leave the country were arrested Thursday in the central state of Morelos, Mexican official sources told Efe.

Giovanni Molina Ortiz, 18, and 15-year-old Erick Gomez are accused of working for the South Pacific drug cartel.

Molina and Gomez were apprehended in Jiutepec, Morelos, by army troops and agents from the federal Attorney General’s Office, one source said.

According to Gomez's statement he was forced into killing by José de Jesús Radilla, "El Negro", leader of the CPS hitmen in Moreles, who kidnapped his sister and threatened to kill her if he did not join them.

On the other hand, Geovanni Molina, 18 years old and resident of Jiutepec, stated he worked as a halcon, or lookout, and was paid to alert the cartel of military operations.

"They paid me $1000 pesos a week, but I got out about a month ago, because we didn't have anymore people, I was working for El Negro and after they picked up all of his crew, I left, there wasn't anyone left, we didn't have anymore people", said Molina Ortiz in a statement to the press.

“Boy hit man” Edgar Jimenez Lugo, 14, is said to have carried out executions on behalf of the same criminal outfit.

Jimenez Lugo, alias “El Ponchis”, was arrested early last month with two of his sisters at the airport in Xochitepec, Morelos.

The three were planning to travel to the northern city of Tijuana and from there to neighboring San Diego, California, where they have family.

The search for El Ponchis began in October after soldiers arrested six suspected members of the South Pacific cartel. One of the suspects told authorities that the most brutal assassin in the group was Jimenez Lugo, released earlier by the troops because he was a minor.

After his arrest, Jimenez Lugo reportedly confessed to beheading four victims, but insisted the cartel forced him to carry out the murders.

Morelos, which is close to Mexico City, has been caught up in a turf war between rival drug cartels and the state capital, Cuernavaca, was the scene of a dramatic December 2010 battle that ended with the death of kingpin Arturo Beltran Leyva.

More than 34,000 people have died in drug-related violence since President Felipe Calderon militarized the struggle against Mexico’s cartels shortly after taking office in December 2006.

Many victims of the gangland violence have been found decapitated and hung from bridges, as the drug mobs seek more and more grisly ways to intimidate their rivals.



  1. CPS is done. Hiring children? Cells of a children? Shameful.

    That bit about having no more people puts CPS compacity in perspective.

  2. If anything they should be a little more feared, I mean think about it, this kids are gonna play the victim role as they should, and do the minimum allowed, which in mexico is nothing and a chance to kill whomever told on you.but how many 12 yr olds do you know? and how bad are they or worse good, obedient and smart?

    i remember this kid from the videos, he was the one in the car and on the car . i guarantee you he probably uploaded it. if he is
    killed soon we will
    definitly know the answer to that question. and
    many like it.
    how could you blame the kids, ... how could you not?????


  3. he needs a bath and a haircut

    what moron
    if he thinks his acne is bad now wait till they pump him full of protein.

  4. This kid I have more sympathy for, not because I believe he was forced, but he truly looks sad and appearing to be in shock or PTSS. Whereas Ponchis looked anything but, cocky lil bastard he is.

    so this was poorly written article...they we leaving the country? where? WHen? and going where? How many do they suspect he killed? when? how?

    Inquiring minds want to know! what I do know is El Negro may be the antiChrist.

  5. This really tells you how the Beltran's really aren't the powerful dons they once were.

    CPS is a lower-tier glorified, over-sized sicario cell. When other cartels are bringing in military vets, the CPS sends recruiters to orphanages.

    That's a low, desperate move.

  6. 2 young kids wth no future n the front hav been caught,but how many hav been hired to take there place!cartels grow and grow everyday,1kingpin falls and 2 or more take there place!these kids or adults will rather spy,sell drugs,or kidnapped and get frm $1,000-3,000pesos then 2wake up at 5-6am everyday 2pick vegetables and b on there back allday in the sun for $20-50pesos a day!the drug war in mexico is never gonna end..real talk..mexico is so kurupted frm the president to the govermnt!its sad 2see all this,but its what u hear and see! THERE IS NO1 2BLAME BUT UR OWNSELF..AND THATS PERIOD...FOR ALL THE YOUNG KIDS AND ADULTS THAT WANNA JOIN AND CONTINUE TO WALK IN THE WRONG PATH!....REAL TALK FRM A CITIZEN,BUT BOTH PARENTS MEXICANS FRM MICHOACAN..I LOVE MA PARENTS,THEY RAISED ME RIGHT,I CHOOSE MY PATHS!

  7. Torture them and hang their little asses off a bridge so all the other little "children" can see what will happen to them. The whole concept that young people should be immune to responsability is a romantic notion, the publics right to protection is more important than allowing horrendous crimes to go unanswered for the possibility of rehabilitating some kid.

  8. 'Anonymous of 8:35 AM said...
    Torture them and hang their little asses off a bridge so all the other little "children" can see what will happen to them.'

    Then we should hang your ass OFF THE BRIDGE, since it is your mind set that produces the world so full of these types of kids, Anonymous. Let's recognize 'our' own torture nuts out there pretending to act like they are normal patriotic citizens when they're just thugs. And let's reject the road they want us all lynch mob like to take.

  9. "Ernest1 said" I guess your suggestion would be to pat them on the head and let them do it again? I take it you have never fought in a war.

  10. buy them ice cream..and tell them it isn't really their faults ..and it is all the fault of the "gringos"...

    and piss on all the other kids who have it hard and don't go for the life of crime

    just don't hurt these little darlings

  11. This little monster is the same little monkey shit asshole that BB printed pictures of with that other little trud- El Ponchis.
    I hope that they cut his throat in jail....

  12. Put them in jail, let them stand trial.

    No one really wants to see anymore bodies dismembered or thrown off bridges do they? I have to agree with E1 on that point.

    "They paid me $1000 pesos a week, but I got out about a month ago, because we didn't have anymore people, I was working for El Negro and after they picked up all of his crew, I left, there wasn't anyone left, we didn't have anymore people", said Molina Ortiz in a statement to the press.

    Now this statement reveals a lot about CPS. They are running scared, and they are prob the weakest of all the organizations out there who claim to be cartels. The kid said it himself:

    They don't have anybody left to fight for them.

  13. That's what I thought, but when they almost arrested El Negro, they caught like 7 or so of his crew, I guess that was it, it wasn't like 30 of them. Those guys are finished.

  14. Just shoot the little turd.

  15. Waste this fukhead on the spot !

  16. hang em high..... forget get about a trial....


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