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Friday, November 19, 2010

Zetas Capture Mexican Soldiers, Cd. Mier

By: Farrah Fazal
CIUDAD MIER, MEXICO - A new Mexican troop buildup in Mier has todo with five Mexican Army soldiers captured by the Zetas.

This is according to Gary J. Hale, the former Chief of intelligence for the Drug Enforcement Agency in Houston.

He says the Zetas didn't just capture those soldiers on Monday but they also killed four more soldiers. He says the Mexican military is going into Mier tonight partly as payback.

"For the Zetas to go to the point of attacking a military unit tells you they are dead set for that territory," said Hale.

The gun battles are more fiery and deadly in the little Mexican town of Mier just feet from the U.S. border. The Zetas are fighting the Gulf Cartel and the military is fighting them both.

"Four soldiers were killed and others were taken captive," he says.

Gary Hale says he is getting that information from sources on the ground in Mier.

He spent more than three decades in the intelligence community. He now owns a think tank called Grupo Sarvant in Houston.

Hale says three reasons will make the battle for Mier even more deadly in the coming days. The area is strategic because it's the gateway to the drug highway from Monterrey.

"Monterrey is a critical juncture you can access Eagle Pass, Brownsville, Matamoros, Reynosa, McAllen. You can access all of those citires," says Hale.

The cartels know the Rio Grande near Mier is their friend. Hale says neither the Gulf Cartel or the Zetas could end up controlling Mier or area all along the border from Falcon Dam to Camargo.

"All of that territory belonged to Sinaloa. It was upsurped by a long war in Nuevo Laredo," he says. "At the end of the day when the smoke clears, the Sinaloa Cartel could dominate the territory."

Hale says the Gulf Cartel fought for the Mier area of the border from 2003 to 2007, but this year the Gulf needed Sinaloa's help to fight off the Zetas. He says we may know as early as next week if the Zetas can hold off two enemies from the territory they are determined to control.

Hale is working on a report he'll release this weekend that will show exactly how the Gulf Cartel could take back the territory that once belonged to the Sinaloa Cartel and what it would mean for the bloody war along that border right now.


  1. How in the hell are Z's capturing military? Didn't they just send 3000 troops in there? What the hell?

  2. what is going on here the army pussyfooting around here or what...unreal that the Z can stand and fight with the army...and some people think the Mexican army could resist the American army..somebody needs to wake calderonz up and tell him about the all out shooting war going on in his country...I am totally against becoming involved in ANY foreign wars ...but if these fucks are this powerfull as to be able to stand and fight like this , maybe we better get into it ...better to fight them in Mexico than fight them on our soil

  3. Zetas need to die, they are becoming americas second biggest threat, these parasites are willing to go in bed with anyone. It is not that hard to believe these dumbasses are talking to terrorist groups from the middle east... I think an all out hunting season should take place. 100 dollarzs for every Z that is killed, and 200 for everyone captured alive..


  5. @lito

    Military tactics. You don't necesarily need to be more powerful than your opponent in order to overcome them. They're using the "roach" tactic.

  6. The z may be underestimated ' we may also find out why the cdg needed help with the z'

  7. The z may be underestimated ' we may also find out why the cdg needed help with the z'
    I disagree with you. The Z's do have sufficient man power to fight with other long standing cartels but it ends there. The reason why the Z's have suck man power is because they force people to work for them. If they don't, they tell these people that they'll kill their family. What would you do?? CDG and the other cartels all have a common enemy so why not unite. CDG is patiently waiting on the real Z's to come in and fight instead of the lowly trained trash the Zs send.

  8. somebody send obama an emaIl and tell there is a war right across the river from Roma and Falcon Heights Texas...i think he is asleep

  9. Nice work Rise. Good article.

    I would like to know what Mr. Hale thinks the Mexican Army should be doing to eradicate these people completely. That Sinaloa Cartel could end up with anything is not a good prospect to me.


  10. I went to miguel aleman yeasterday..they were having a shoot-out right beside the shelter of the Mier refugees..About two weeks ago I past Mier in the Noreste bus line..saw two new trucks burned with a charred body...damn..I moving back to Austin!

  11. If the fighting is concentrated to a general area then simply send in a small tactical nuke to kill everybody and everything, even the good guys. Collateral Damage is worth exterminating savages.

  12. commrade Obama is a pussy.He wants the illegals vote & he doesn't care how many good Mexicans get killed in the crossfire or their 3 yr old & 15 yr old children...Obama just doesn't care,he has to fly off on another vacation & buy a slurpy as the Zetas push further into Texas land,some of the ranches are even being abandoned,but Obama is too busy kissing & bowing & apoligizeing for America..good grief Obama get up off your knees


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