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Friday, November 19, 2010

Mexican violence threatens Texas's Rio Grande Valley

Two international border crossings in Starr county are on high alert after heavy fighting erupts in Ciudad Mier and Nuevo Guerrero, Tamaulipas.

Heavy fighting between drug cartel gunmen and the Mexican military has broken out in the Tamaulipas towns of Nuevo Guerrero and Miguel Aleman this week, prompting the two international bridges linking both towns to Starr County,Texas to go on high alert to guard against spillover violence crossing into Texas.

Two international crossings in Starr County, the Falcon Dam crossing and the Starr County bridge, were put on alert Wednesday afternoon.

Starr County Sheriff Rene Fuentes reported that his office received reports about a battle south of the border in Miguel Aleman on Wednesday. Miguel Aleman is the main town housing refugees from Ciudad Mier that have been displaced by the fighting between Los Zetas, the Gulf cartel and the military.

Fuentes said the shootout forced authorities to temporarily close the Roma International Bridge for one hour late Wednesday afternoon.

Another shootout was reported in Nueva Ciudad Guerrero, which is located on the Mexican side of the Falcon Dam border crossing.

Zapata County Sheriff Sigifredo “Sigi” Gonzalez reported that there was of heavy gunfire coming from the Mexican side of the dam. According to the AP news service and Mexico’s Defense Ministry, 11 Zeta gunmen were killed in heavy fighting on the Mexican side of Falcon Lake Dam, also on Wednesday afternoon.

Sheriff “Sigi” Gonzalez also reported that his office has received threats from people identifying themselves as drug cartel members. The threats say that “if you don’t back off you will be sorry.” Other law enforcement departments in the Rio Grande Valley also report the same threats.

Sheriff Gonzalez said, despite the threats, his department will continue to do their job and that is protecting the citizens of Zapata County. Sheriff Gonzalez also said his deputies are on high alert and are told to be extra careful when out patrolling.

"We've received information that there could be mass exodus of cartel members coming here," said Gonzalez. "We're on the lookout and not putting our hands down we're on high alert."

Border Patrol confiscates more than 11 tons of pot

U.S. Border Patrol agents of the Rio Grande Valley Sector seized nearly 23,000 pounds of marijuana during a four-day period from stretching from Friday, November 12to Monday, November 15.

The Falfurrias checkpoint had the most significant seizures with close to 12,000 pounds of marijuana seized during several incidents.

In other seizures, agents assigned to the McAllen Station confiscated more than 7,000pounds of marijuana during multiple but unrelated incidents.

Several arrests were made during the seizures which totaled more than 11 tons and spanned across the Rio Grande Valley from Brownsville to Rio Grande City and north to the Falfurrias and Sarita Checkpoints.

In one incident Federal agents arrested seven men who authorities said were part of a three-vehicle convoy attempting to transport marijuana from to San Benito, located within the valley. One of the trucks reportedly carried an armed escort for the shipment.

The agents, who had intelligence on the operation, set up surveillance and spotted a convoy with a Ford F-150 and two Ford Expeditions. They stopped one of the Expeditions, but the pickup and the other Expedition sped away, causing a small chase. Sheriff’s deputies were able to stop the fleeing Expedition but not the pickup truck.

The authorities found more than 500 pounds of marijuana in one of the SUVS and three loaded semiautomatic handguns in the other. According to the court documents, one of the men told authorities that he had been paid $400 to act as a security escort.


  1. some of my old stamping grounds...been over the bridge in Roma many times...all around what a scene...unreal that the narcos can stand and fight the army, can't imagine a gang of criminals shooting it out with the US army...can they ( the narcos) really be that strong, the Mexican army looks tough enough to take care of is open warfare...

  2. Just a matter of time before the violence starts spilling over past the border. I am curious to see how the US will respond?

  3. If the Mexican military decides to go for the kill - block off all access to Mier and the Falcon Lake basin which is ground zero for zeta ops and go after every last one - you can expect the cockroaches to swarm across the border in desperation to get away.

  4. And thats ok... we await them...

  5. A part of me is hoping they violate our boundaries so the US can take full force action on this attack against our country that is ALREADY underway. It is only a matter of time before the streets of all our Rio Grande Valley begin to mirror that of its Mexican sister cities . The plan should include Rangers Units, Air Force Special Forces Combat Control, Navy Seals. Non conventional war fare tactics, hand over all intelligence of locations , safe-houses, etc, seek to destroy kill on site.
    There is no other option, this is just like terrorism and the philosophy (dare I use such a formal word for their mentality) is to kill or be killed. These people are obviously in it to the death, so until we stop and exterminate them we will be going nowhere. There is no disbanding these people into ordinary civilians, they are a force to be reckoned with and must be destroyed. The Mexican military is now being slaughtered and captured, local government cannot stand its own ground!, come on already!
    God bless everyone in harm's way and all those who stand as innocent victims.

  6. Im sure Slick Rick Perry will begin airing his new Faux News photo-op infomercial,
    Blaming Washington even though he has been Governor since the SHRUBB left to screw things up globally.

  7. Once the cartels fighting gets close to the US border or there is some major incident with the Border Patrol all hell will break loose. I have been hoping for a large incident to happen with Americans because then Obama will have to bring on a full assault with the military and maybe we could save some innocent people lives. Our military will wipe the floor with the cartels because they have no corruption within its ranks they just see enemy and kill enemy. NO payoffs or favorites.

  8. 716 I agree siege the city, didn't they say all citizens left? Cut water, electricity everything... once they start leaving execute them or fly them over the gulf of mexico and drop them off... it is no use putting them in jail if their buddies will go in there and release them.. this cancer that calls itself "zetas" are destroying everything.. the economy, security, everything.. drug trafficking has been going on in mexico for years, but that did not impede foreign investment, or trades with other countries.. these cockroaches don't know how to operate, they think they can do whatever they want w/o repurcussions.. smart drug dealers know that good business is achieved by keeping everything low, and from public's view. One thing for all you zetas that know how to read "Hubris", look it up.

  9. The problem with any of them coming accross the border isn't dealing with the US Military. US civilians alone are just as armed or better than the local police and with the local police, sherrifs, highway patrols, etc to deal with they wouldnt even get noticed by the military.

  10. Sounds about right, what they pay as an escort should be more around 700$ for drugs and around 400-500 for escorting illegals.

  11. does anybody know what the US federal and Texas state law is concerning illegals crossing the river, especially ones who are armed, and may be fleeing the Mexican authoritys.... as a civilian,,,can you shoot them , or take them into custody, or are you prohibited from any action,,,,people need to know this

  12. so all of a sudden those crazy right wing gun nuts are making more know about self defense against criminals and all...all you unarmed left wing gun control nuts can run behind us guys with guns when it is time ....we will protect you.....we believe it is your right to be wrong


  14. The moment those bastards come over, I'll be waiting with my loaded rifle.

  15. lol get a load of all the help our prsident and military are going to be!
    remember this?
    "Barack Obama sends 1,200 National Guardsmen to seal Mexican border
    Attempt to stop illegal immigrants and drugs comes as critics warn Arizona law will lead to racial profiling
    * Ewen MacAskill in Washington
    *, Tuesday 20 July 2010
    "As well as the 1,200 members of the National Guard that Obama is sending, an extra 300 customs and border protection agents are also to be deployed. Of the National Guard, 524 will go to Arizona – which acts as funnel for illegal immigration, partly because of its remoteness and lack of population – 250 to Texas, 224 to California and 72 to New Mexico."

    Now get a load of Obama backpedaling.

    "Obama pulls US-Mexico National Guard security along border
    * November 18th, 2010 11:58 pm MT
    While Obama treats himself to billion dollar vacations to India or his wife decides to spend millions on a vacation in Spain, he has decided along with his Secretary of Homeland Security Janette Incompetano to pull all National Guard troops from the US-Mexico border leaving US citizens defensless."

    What the heck is this president trying to do to the citizens and law enforcement of all the US border cities?

  16. The Zetas will control most of south texas all the way up to Austin before the idiot in chief does anything in Washington.

  17. We have cross-border incursions many times each day, and the feds don't seem to notice. CinC doesn't care and won't send help. I wouldn't hold out much hope for getting the military to do anything unless the troops themselves get fed up with this nonsense and mutiny.


  19. It is not only this president that wants the border open but all of the last. It was Reagan that gave the last "amnesty". At the end of the day it is going to be us, defending ourselves and our property with our 2nd amendment rights, the illegals that come here and the criminals in our govts that let them.

  20. Ariva los Rojos putos


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