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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Video of Zeta leader from Ciudad Victoria

A Video has just appeared on YouTube that allegedly shows the body of a Zeta boss from the state of Tamaulipas, the scene of a heated war between the Z and its former employers, the Gulf cartel. Details are scarce at the moment.

I think this is the same person whose head was found on the streets of Ciudad Victoria two days ago.

It is interesting to note the user named elbertghon who uploaded this video, also uploaded the video of the CDG killing Zetas in Tamaulipas a few days ago. In that case the victims were decapitated and the photos were released through a video, much in the same format as this one.


This is the leader whose head was left on the corner of UAT in Cuidad Victoria. His name is Emanuel Cabrera Larios, alias El Veracruz, El Tavo, and El Moneneke, boss of the plaza of Ciudad Victoria in the service of los Zetas.


Video was removed by YouTube. Here are some stills from incident.


  1. Video has been removed, why waste time posting this when you know they are going to remove the video eventually? Why can't you just download it before it get erased and upload it on your blog like it has baan done in other instances????

    Just wondering!

  2. You live by the sword....

  3. Anon #2 - You just complained that Anon #1 complained. Just saying!!!!!!!!!

  4. How do I offer to host these videos from my server? I have crap load of space....

  5. Everyone just quit complaining period, i got back up photos if need be, this video is less than 12 hours old, the blogs that put this out have their links frozen as well. I appreciate those who comment on the stories themselves, but to all those just bitcing and picking fights, lets tone it down a bit.... Geez.....

  6. Well if You Tube took the video down, it should be real photogenic.

    Does anyone know where the "Zetaz de Victoria" might have been saved and posted on another site>?

  7. November 12, 2010 7:56 AM
    "Anonymous said...
    Why don't you go eat a doughnut and complain to your significant other??? People are always complaining. Just saying!!!!!!!!!!!"

    COMIC RELIEF...HOW GROTESQUE!!! -But I AM NOT complaining..

    borderlandbeat does an awesome job reporting and keeping us informed!


  8. Looks to have lost a bit of weight in the most recent photo.

  9. all i can say is this is another less puto that the mexican police has to worry about


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