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Friday, November 12, 2010

In Cold Blood

A video relates the way how they terminated the life of Mario González Rodríguez brother of the former Attorney General of Chihuahua.

In a video released yesterday by the Federal Public Security Secretariat (SSP), Luis Miguel Ibarra Castellanos "El Cora" explained how and why they killed Mario González Rodríguez.

He said that they used two cards for recording the interrogation of the attorney that would eventually be released on YouTube, on the first he answered the questions freely but on the second one he was pressured to read from some cards.

El Cora said that the brother of the former Attorney General of Chihuahua, Patricia Gonzalez, was abducted because he was in charge of making deals with the organization "La Linea" on behalf of the former Attorney General said the alleged gunmen who participated in the kidnapping and homicide of Mario Gonzalez.

"All the questions from the first recording he answer on his own, we never put anything ... In the second recording there were other questions, put there in order to incriminate, or I do not know the reason," he said.

The recording released yesterday by the SSP contains images of the other seven detainees, who claim to belong to the Sinaloa cartel.

The alleged gunman does not specify what questions the attorney answered on his own. He said that they tortured him "only on the soles of the feet and legs" and he was assassinated the next day.

The group was instructed to dig a grave in a vacant lot. "At six o'clock in the afternoon we are ordered to bury him. We killed him at that moment at the same house of the interview between all of us," he said.


  1. wow no body needs to die , in that way , what have we become as humans , but from what i see this guy is somewhere from central america , el salvador or guatemala , he should die the same way , and pay for his sins here and in hell .

  2. Now just take him behind the building and cap this mofo. Worthless, without remorse pile of shit.

  3. WHAT have we become as humans, judging someone based on the country of origin, i am from matamoros and the older people around me were harsh on "these people" from central america, and i grew up thinking they were 'bad' Luckily i understand now as an adult that people who are cruel come in all nationalities, as do people who are honest and good hearted...some people from central america who emmigrate thru mexico are abused and beaten too, they come to a point where if they are offered money and power as most cartels do, it's an offer hard to resist when the belly shouts for food and your body cannot resist beatings, so they become the ones who instill fear rather than the ones fearing for their lives...i feel sorry for them, some have no choice, even though that may sound a bit dramatic, these are also children who are left behind while their relatives try to cross and either get killed or forget about them, i do not think a child who is neglected and abused to the point that these children are, can grow up to have the capacity to feel remorse when nobody around them felt it for's just a sad terrible situation all around, it hurts.


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