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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Ruthless Sicario is only 12 years old

Cuernavaca, Mexico - A 12 year-old nicknamed “El Ponchis” has become a well-known, bloodthirsty murder in the world of narcotraffickers. He is a member of the South Pacific Cartel(CPS), in the state of Morelos, Mexico, and can be seen in videos cutting the neck of his victims, hitting another, and posing next to a corpse.

According to El Universal, the CPS is backed by Los Zetas (and presumably Hector Beltran Leyva) in a war against La Familia Michoacana and the remnants of La Barbie's cartel for control of the plaza in Cuernavaca.

The CPS is considered by some to be heirs apparent to the cartel of the Beltran Leyva brothers in Morelos. This particular cell of CPS liked to upload photos on the internet to show off their weapons, drugs, cars and the brutality they inflict on their rivals.

However, it was this habit that led investigators to discovering the location of one of the CPS' cells whereabouts. Some members were caught by soldiers late last month when they performed an operation in the town of Tejalpa.

Both “El Ponchis”, whose ID is unknown, and another man named Julio Jesus Radilla managed to escape. According to the Mexican army, the killers are protected by the local authorities in the hands of the center-left Democratic Revolution Party (PRD).

Radilla worked with El Ponchis, the 12 year old who was identified during the investigation as a torturer and executioner who disposed of bodies by dumping them on the side of the road or in abandoned parking lots.

According to police sources, “El Ponchis” committed his crimes in the company of women, some of them his own sisters, known in the town of Tejalpa as “The Chavelas.” On several occasions, the women helped drive the bodies of the victims to the drop location and left the corpses and messages arranged at different sites.

On October 29th six members of the CPS were detained at a house in Tejalpa, the military officials in charge of the operation stated they believe the sicarios have been operating for a long time in the area with the full support of the municipal authorities and the local PRD party governor.

The military acted on several anonymous tips indicating that certain houses in the area were being used to house victims of kidnapping.

The Videos

In the videos being circulated on YouTube, El Ponchis is seen cutting the neck of a rival cartel member, several other photos show the group itself and the large caliber weapons they carry.

In one of the these videos (which is no longer available on YouTube), a man with CPS tattoos is beating a corpse at it hangs from its neck. The one below shows El Ponchis posing next to a corpse.

The investigation reveals that the group was responsible for the death of two men hung from a bridge in Cuernavaca back in early April of this year.

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  1. faggot kids, with out guns anyone could smack the shit out of them,Sad he prob wont make it to turn 15

  2. I know for a fact, he's already dead... his sister's too... short fuse on a small bomb...

  3. I give this kid a few more days now that the word is out on him, he is living in a fantasy world. I wish I could get my hands on him. Just wait, he will feel some real pain when he meets up with a bigger, stronger sicario cell. He will be crying for his mama!

  4. It is not sad he won't make it to 15. Let's hope the little mass murderer doesn't make it to 13!

  5. i hope this kid doesnt make it past tomarrow, what he has done to others, so shall it be returned the favor.

  6. When I first learned of this on a Mexican television station. I was shocked to hear that there was a band of " Sicarios " in Mexico led by a twelve year old...Pre-teens basically doing the killing for the scumbag BLC. A true man would not allow should a young kid to do this work, instead try and guide him elswhere. But I guess anything is game in the Narco war in Mexico..And the comment is true, this kid will most likely not see too many days unless extremley protected by the people in Cuernavaca Morelos. It's still sad to think that such a young soul went to the dark side at a such a young age...Think about it 12 years old and slitting throats and chopping heads...Crazy....

  7. Somebody needs a spanking...

  8. I think the bigger issue is how many more like him are set to come along in the coming days, weeks, months, and years as this meat-grinder of a war touches every fabric of Mexican society.

    I remember being that young and impressionable and basically wanting to be known by your peers as 'bad-ass'..throw in all this murder and mayhem..corrupt officals, corrupt authorities, glitz and glamour of money and fame, violence/g in games & music, and you have yourself a nice cocktail towards the downfall of humanity.

  9. He is not the leader of a group of sicarios, who would listen to him? He takes orders, he is a follower and will soon meet his demise.

  10. Wow- a lot of them look really young.

    He looks like a psycho.

  11. He will b dead this month now that the heat is on and the cps is hector bL side

  12. Wow, I have lost a lot of respect for the Beltran's lately, they seem to have a very low standard of doing business, and employing people. 12 years old? Cutting peoples throats on youtube? That's despicable behavior, and sickening that CPS management would allow children to do their dirty work for them. However, the kid was probably pretty twisted, narco obsessed, poor, it happens more then we think I'm sure.

  13. When Mexico can provide a job and futures for the youth, this life won't be attractive. However, they have nothing to lose because being poor and hungry is already dead to them.

  14. Hang him upside down and cut him open with a chainsaw. Then before he dies cut off his penis and stick it in his mouth. That would make a great photo.

  15. @ 7:21 PM
    "Wow, I have lost a lot of respect for the Beltran's lately"

    Kudos, you come here and do not feign innocence. Being a cheerleader for the devil is hard work and you do a good job.

  16. Please spare me the overdramatic grossly exaggerated nonsense. I don't cheerlead for Beltran Leyva's or any other cartel, I have things I respect about some, and dislike about all. The Beltran's have been increasingly sloppy and brutal lately, and this latest development doesn't make them look any better.

  17. I don't know which is sadder and more pathetic? These kids or the idiot BB macho posturing posters with their many asinine comments?

    'Hang him upside down and cut him open with a chainsaw. Then before he dies cut off his penis and stick it in his mouth. That would make a great photo.'


  18. What these children need is to truly experience the power and transformation of the love of God. I am an American missionary to Mexico, and minister there,especially along the border. We see the violence. We have actually had drug cartel members come to our services and cry, repent, want out of it, and give their lives to Christ! We pray for them, because once you become a Christian, and want to leave this drug world, it takes a miracle to get out.Please pray for them, and our families protection. Thank you.

  19. I have been reading Borderland afor two months now and i have a problem understanding your readers comments.If i didn't know better,I would think a soccer game was being discussed.You seem to divided emotions on what side cartel you favor.I lived in the valley [RIO HONDO]for 15 yrs.and was impressed with the people of Mexican heritage due to their deep faith and respect for everyone.I don't see that same understanding from south of the border. The movies allways depict the cowardly grinning
    snake in the grass and from my own experience I have found from the illegals i have met ,the depictions appear to be true.I know you have many different tribes and then the Spaniards and French added there blood .Something has screwed that country up,,,,so would someone explain to me where in Mexico does the people that are of american descent that are so loving and giving come from?Please help me understand this difference between the Texmex and the natives south of the border.I'm through so now show your true personality. Jerry Va.U.S.A.

  20. @7:21 I agree with you.They put down the Prez.for trying to get rid of all the narco bums.I'm sorry J has lost a little respect for his favorite poison dealer but thats life.Lets continue the game and hope they govern themselves a little better in the future so J can recover that respect that he seems to have lost. JERRY

  21. When I first heard about this I was not surprised one bit.

    The collateral damage of this so called war is this generation of children. A large% of children exposed to horrific violence at a time when they are in character, moral and emotional development. I have seen children 8 9 yrs old at the scene of murders even decapitations and not flinch. They have desensitized, in order to cope. God help Mx as they mature into adults.

    the only win possible for Mx is that in tandem they restructure their education, economic and socio structure. As it is now, and I believe purposely, designed to keep apart the classes. The poor are not allowed to attain an education of HS and above, it is designed to keep them in poverty. AT the HS level one must pass rigid exams and pay $$ which in effect excludes the poor. The poor comprises 1/3 of the country. a population of Ni-Nis (no ed no employment) has developed that has provided a large pool of human resource that cartels can draw from to do their dirty work.

    It is the saddest thing I see in Mexico, also the scariest

  22. It's sad. I've watched documentaries on the poor and homeless children/adolescents/teens in Mexico. It's deplorable, beyond tragic. Hungry and high 99% of the time to not feel the hunger. Their eyes speak of untold horrors. I cannot pass judgement on the actions of someone who has lived or lives that life. Millions of children, dying of hunger, overdoses, being slaved and raped, being spit on by society... God help them and help us. This is what society has created, now they must deal with it. I do not wish anything bad for him, for he is not killing innocent men out there. Unfortunately, he must pay the consequences of his actions, and he will fall upon a gruesome demise. God forgive him and others like him. (By the way I am not a Christian or extremely religious.)

  23. @ Nov.15, 3:03 AM

    I totally agree. These children are easy pray to all that is evil and sad out there...May God forgive them like you say, because they do not know any better and nobody would step in

    @ Buela, you nailed it, a child that young, being in the presence of so much disaray and injustice, will only learn that. The lack of education opportunities, definitely designed to keep a population available to the market that needs people who will act without thinking. Se les paga por trabajar, no por pensar...

  24. @ 3:03

    I know you mean well and speak with compassion but it is misplaced. This is a choice, a choice that 99% of mexicans reject. Half the nation lives in poverty but they offer no excuses and find a way, whatever it takes, legal/moral means to eek out a living. Most people do what it takes to earn a honest wage.

    By excusing those who make choices that result in atrocities and damage the country and its people, you insult those that reject the life of crime.

  25. This is quite disturbing. At 12 years old and he’s already a killer. The Mexican government needs to start some sort of population control. They want to blame the drug problem on the Americans, but they refuse to address the issues of poverty in their own nation! The wealthy have ridiculed the poor for so long… well, they’re not too funny now, are they? Look at what Mexico has created. This is what happens when the governing class allows its people to go hungry and lose all hope. They have gone feral, and need to be conquered and civilized once again!

  26. where can i find the actual assassination videos?

  27. in November 20, 1910, a social revolution started in Mexico to "change" the status of the poor....look now a century later.... Lioness


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