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Friday, November 19, 2010

11 Zetas Killed, Tamaulipas

Wednesday 17th, 2010

A reported 11 members of the Los Zetas cartel were killed and 2 captured in a gun battle which took place on the afternoon of Wednesday after an anonymous caller gave a tip about armed men downtown off Boulevard Miguel Hidalgo.

Upon arriving in the area, the soldiers came under fire by heavy caliber weapons. When the battle ended the outcome, 2 gunmen, Carlos Ambrosio Gonzalez-Mosina and Oscar Salomon Rangel where injured and detained, while 11 others where killed, Sedena officials report.

The gun battle took place on the Mexican side of Falcon Dam in Nueva Ciudad Guerrero located just above Mier. Another recent incident which involved several soldiers killed and others captured took place in Mier just recently, could this be a continued retaliation by the soldiers?

The Zetas began attacking Cd. Mier again just hours after the Marines in Matamoros killed Tony Tormenta and Tyson. Citizens all over are left guessing in the dark, "How is Mexico fighting this war?" While some places in Mexico get overcrowded with the Mexican military, other places are neglected and when pictures and stories spill out, the government just denies it and assures people that everything is OK and the war against drugs is being won.

After the gun battle in Nueva Ciudad Guerrero, Mexican military reported seizing :

25.25 lbs of Marijuana
9 assault Riffles
4 handguns
1 grenade launcher
22 ammo clips


  1. Now that's more like it, taking Zeta's out! Now let's just get a few thousand more! Ha

  2. Is cdg fighting for mier anymore or did they let the z take it? Also wat happened in m.A.?

  3. ....last time i was in N guerro it was already shot all to hell,,,can;t imagine what it looks like now

  4. Maki, I know its not you, but why do reporters and writers say "tip from someone"? It just puts everyone from that area at risk, I swear, sometimes the media can be the dumbest group of people around.. I agree with reporting everything, but when you single someone or some small number out, and put them at risk is just plain stupid.. like the family of that marine last december.. so please stop reporting if it was a tip or not... these animals see these blogs.. I know it not BB bc you guys only post what you hear or read, but still the change needs to start somewhere.. by the way their is nothing better than seeing zetas casualties pile up...

  5. and when you die you usually shit on your self...good end for the Z... die in your own shit

  6. I used to go to Nva. Cd Guerrero every weekend. And the Zorras that were there when i was there are mainly all gone...its mainly new people....but the one they need to get who is in charge of Guerrero is Juan Pedro...

  7. Rise...
    I heard about this story a couple of days ago...and the Mier violence earlier the story is so fluid. My team of 8 driving a del truck and van with supplies just arrived in Miguel Aleman 3 hours ago!! I am holding my breath, they were allowed thru the barrier of the city because the First Lady, "Karla" gave the request to allow them thru. Wed shootings broke out near the shelter, 1 blk away, so the situation is very tentative, I will be happy when my team is back in Coahuila..but we were determined to get to the people. I sent a photog and they have conducted many interviews with the firstlady, the people and the children...I am so pleased, it took 5 days to get a truck co that would go to MA!

  8. PS

    I am sorry...I forgot...A special THANK YOU to Ovemex whose resourcefull skills and knowledge of logistics, and networking was a tremendous help on this Mier Relief Project! I and my foundation are eternally grateful! Could not have done this without Ovemex..........

  9. I'm so happy to hear everything turned out great for your project Buela, although I do wish them a safe trip back, I am glad you were able to extend your hand and help those in need.

  10. buela you are a hero,,,are you one of those americans who loves mexico?

  11. Buela, we are so glad your team made it through and hope everyone is OK. You are truly amazing and someone who here in BB treasure from the heart!

  12. Thank you so much...they left the shelter 30 min ago...and because it is nightfall I sent them to Reynosa to stay the night then head back to Coahuila early AM. We expected 200-300 persons, that is what we ere told by the first lady..but 500 were there and it became a little overwhelming at times, but it is done and all the children are so happy and the adults. If you recall the pregnant woman in the latest video, ovemex asked us to find her, and we did and gave her a special gift, she was thrilled and sent me a video message, can not wait to see the footage....

  13. @ Nov 4:40

    Yes I am an American that is in love with Mexico, and have worked there for almost 7 years. But I am Mexican, the granddaughter of 4 Mexican immigrants. I did not began working in Mx because of that, as I work in several countries but this made sense logistically, the blessing was I became so connected to my culture in a way I had never felt before..

  14. wow...Buela...well even though u are a have bigger cajones then most of us men. I salute you for what you are doing! RESPECT.

  15. Maka, great report! I'm glad that it is reported what happens, anonymous or not.
    I find it hard to believe that those bodies belong to zetas.

  16. Like to see the Zeta's getting hit, and not CDG. My theory is that Zeta upper management is in the US, or South America, those guys are ghosts. Glad to see Matamorros hasn't gotten hot yet, hope they can keep it that way.

  17. Buelita, you led a group of people safely on a mission of mercy to a no man's land that is pretty much cut off by men with guns. That sounds like a miracle, which makes you our "Joan of Arc". All the people on the ground who got it done are also heros. You must let us know how we can help you with your next endeavor for these innocents.

  18. The cdg created the z and it is the cdg who started all this so y all the love 4 dem to hell wit em all

  19. Gerardo...

    Thanks mijo, I will confess this project I am still waiting to exhale. Not until everyone is safely back in Coahuila. I just sent some photos to you Ovemex and Buggs of the children in the shelter they are AWESOME...seeing the excitment and smiles made me cry.

  20. If the birth of a Zeta Cicario or any cicario for that matter, Begins
    at his official indoctrination, at what age are they brought to justice and how many paychecks does he receive before it all ends?
    im interested in this fact.
    for a new graph im constructing.
    Birth meaning not the Cicarios age in actual years of age, but Birth as a reference point as to when his service began and when it ended

  21. Aww why cant it be 111, il take 11 though not to greedy. Hopefully that prevents a store for getting extorted for a week, or someone getting kidnapped.

  22. @anon 8:20am
    i'm not sure how you would get any "factual" numbers for your sicario-graph short of handing out questionaires to the sicarios themselves.

    you would have an easier time making a graph showing cartel structures and how long he/she has been in and at what level did they come in on the organization..(and their current dead, detained or dealin)...then you can possibly track who was a sicario and wasn't..and maybe work out your numbers that way...


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