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Friday, November 12, 2010

Video of confrontation in Valle Hermoso, Tamaulipas

The following video was recorded Tuesday, and you can see part of the shooting that happened in Valle Hermoso, Tamaulipas.

The incident occurred on a public street, witnesses watched sicarios moving around in daylight.


  1. the real citizens from valle hermoso are under great expectation of what is forcoming, classes were interrupted after the night nobody dares to go out their houses,in the town you can breath a very strange air of what is going to happen.which group is better? none of them,both of them are used to killing and kidnapping.the point is that when they do this they not only eliminates one human being, they destroy the whole family.GOD HELPS US¡

  2. it's mind boggling the shit that is going down in the streets of mexico. how could such a beautiful place be transformed into this warzone. man these guys have some set of balls doin that shit, especially in broad daylight.

  3. Northern Mex has degenerated so badly and so quickly that I'd say 99% of us north of the border have absolutely no idea how bad it is. Thankyou for providing this blog and keeping us informed. I worry for the good people left in Mexico.

  4. Why should these "shit for brains that don't know how to work real jobs like real men" have the guns? If every citizen had the right to bear arms, this shit wouldn't go down. I guarantee if this happened in the US, these stupid bastards would have been put out of business a long time ago. I'm a wife and mother of three. I would love to go to Mexico and do some target shooting on these pendejos who would go running to their fucking mothers. MEXICAN PEOPLE, STAND UP FOR YOUR COUNTRY!!

  5. I am confused as to who is fighting here? Is it CDG vs Zetas or someone else?

  6. It looks like zetas....cdg usually always have military fatigues. Cdg are alot more organized with uniforms.

  7. "Capo said...
    I am confused as to who is fighting here? Is it CDG vs Zetas or someone else?"

    I don't think anyone went up to them and asked!

  8. The hardworking honest people of Mexico are not allowed to fight back with the same type of weapons that the criminal uses...this is FEDERAL LAW...and the USA backs it up by helping the mexican government....Nevertheless 8:23am has a point if all civilians had guns to defend there families and property things would be different. Try explaining this to the mexican government.

  9. I posted somewhere I had been alerted that "La Familia" had arrived in Matamoros. Couple days later this shows up.

  10. The person holding the camera needs to pick up a rifle, shoot the sicaros and start defedning his community.

    There is no gov/military solution this situation

  11. I'm sorry, scratch that, not Matamoros, Valle Hermoso.

  12. @Resilient Tucsonian

    La familia has been in Tamaulipas for quite some time along with the Sinaloa cartel vs los zetas. Hence "CDG and the New Federation". This started in March 2010

  13. I'm from Matamoros, and i was scared to read that la familia was in Matamoros, thanks for clarifying, although at this point, I guess it does not make a difference, if they're in Valle Hermoso, it wont be long until they get there.
    The one thing we do not realize, is that the people living there, are either so used to this that they have been desensitized, or they don't realize the severity of it, everyone who I've asked, and still live there, has said that everything is "back to normal"

  14. I'm from Matamoros, and i was scared to read that la familia was in Matamoros, thanks for clarifying, although at this point, I guess it does not make a difference, if they're in Valle Hermoso, it wont be long until they get there.
    The one thing we do not realize, is that the people living there, are either so used to this that they have been desensitized, or they don't realize the severity of it, everyone who I've asked, and still live there, has said that everything is "back to normal"

  15. The new federation is in ALL of Tamaulipas and Nuevo Leon...anywhere donde estan los zetas

  16. I made a call to valle hermoso but was not able to get through, I'm pray my people are ok. Problem with this, if la Familia got reinforcements send to Valle and that shoot out is the end result of it, Nuevo laredo is currently run by Los Zetas. How long till peace is lost there too.

    Saludos y cuidense, las cosas andan muy feas y tengo palabra que este fin abra mas problemas. Tengan mucho cuidado a toda mi gente de Matamoros, cualquier informasion que les pueda pasar se las dejo saber. Si acaso me quieren contactar bajo mi perfil pueden encontrar mi correo electronico.

  17. Who runs the major citys like reynosa,matamoros and nuevo laredo? Zetas are gay

  18. You can own rifles up to 300 win mag in mexico for target and hunting. I would put a nice nikon optic on a browning bar safari semi 300 win mag with powerpoints and do some long range sicario varminting from a roof top. I wouldn't let this happen in my neighborhood. Stand up for Mexico and for loved ones. I'm glad that our 2nd amendment rights aren't that infringed here in the states. When guns are banned or severally restricted only criminals have access to them.

  19. and no polizetas...because calderonz dosen't send them against his putitaz...too bad the good mexican men y mujeres can't have guns to fight back with ...but that is the beauty of gun control...right liberal little dreamers?...this shit will never happen in the long as we keep our guns

  20. Austin, TX ... Ya hemos empezado a estudiar y seguir nuestro Z aquí, tenemos 28 conocidos, esperamos la orden ...

  21. honest hard working people in matamoros barely have the money to eat one, maybe two meals a day, well, we that was us back when we lived there on my mother's only income, we had no money for extras, much less money for weapons and "licenses" to carry these weapons...unless some organization "volunteers" to donate weapons and ammunitions, but then again, this will probably end up's easy to say to stand up for your country when you have no idea the scarcity of funds to get the basic necesities or even education to understand the law that protects your right to bear arms...

  22. These constant 'arm yourselves' comments are really tiring, insensitive and insulting, I'm sure to people living this. I think you guys are just looking for reactions to gun control, go to a gun nut forum.

  23. I love reading all the macho American bullshit that somehow arming civilians is going to solve the problem. You have been brainwashed by too many Dirty Harry movies.

    Give me a break!!! There are many of us with weapons in Mexico, but let me enlighten you as to what happens. I guarantee you would be shitting your pants and running away, even with your guns.

    My family owns a ranch outside Monterrey. In August, 3 truckloads of heavily armed men with Kevlar ran through our gate and told us they were taking over and to get our and tell no one. So do you know what we did? We got out and told no one in authority. What exactly are 4 adults and 4 small children going to do against these 17 men with AK47s and kevlar? We run to keep our family safe, and still pay the bills on the place in hope of going back one day.

    So next time you want to play Dirty Harry, be my guest. You'll die really fast with that attitude. These people are well trained to kill. Are you?

  24. Sorry but this is the truth. The Mexican revolution wasn't won by unarmed anti-gun types during their luck break from starbucks, it was won through courage and sacrifice by the men and women who joined the armed fight. I know this for a fact, Tamaulipas and Nuevo Leon have the highest rate of legal registered guns in the country. If you google Mexico armado it will take you to a the forum site that has a wealth of information on gun laws in mexico,target shooting, and hunting all posted by common people in Mexico. I was born in the us and have dual citizenship. I own 1 beretta 84fs, 12ga Remington 1187 and a Remington semi in 243 in Mexico legally. I hunt and target shoot a lot while on yearly vacations in Mexico. I'm sorry if some of you find guns in the hands of responsible people offensive, do some research and learn the facts. I can tell you that if these thugs go into my property here in the states or in Mexico I will fight and shoot until I kill every single one and I would run out of cleaning supplies before ammo. I doubt the criminals spend as many hours at the range and in training as I do. Yes you may consider me a gun nut and do enjoy guns, but love my life and my loved ones even more.

  25. I hope the CDG is gathering troops in large numbers because if lascano is the tactician i think he is....hes gonna mount a blitzgrieg. Hell summon thousands of zetas to decend on matamoros and reynosa and rain down an apocalypse. Please smart and gather thousands from sinaloa, la familia and hit them NOW in san fernando and valle hermoso and seek them out to destroy them where they lie...not wait for them to come into reynosa and matamoros. Suerte mis amigos CDG....

  26. November 12, 2010 3:07 PM
    Anonymous said...
    Austin, TX ... Ya hemos empezado a estudiar y seguir nuestro Z aquí, tenemos 28 conocidos, esperamos la orden ...

    I don't think so.....there is no Calderon to protect you here my little brown amigo. So take your 28 genocidos back SOUTH of the frontera and play nice, porque here we have real citizens with very bad attitudes towards punks. Adios little zzzzzzz's. You bore me.

  27. Lo Que debemos de hacer es jusgar a Calderon por genocidio pinche pelado bastardo. Al cabo un dia de estos dios Lo VA a jusgar pinche. El se hace pendejo Lo Que deben de hacer es mocharle la camera a lazcano y zeta 40.

  28. @Anon 6:40pm

    dude i think most of these people aren't having their lunch breaks at starbucks...i respect the fact that part of your joy in life is owning guns and using them responsibly....and also that you go to great measures to train yourself to handle them doubt that if almost EVERY honest mexican citizen was like you, the cartels would be in trouble...

    but lets see reality for what it is bro..and have some compassion for those less fortunate then us to be in our own privledged situations.

    we need to see all sides of the coin is what i'm saying.

  29. Austin, TX ... Ya hemos empezado a estudiar y seguir nuestro Z aquí, tenemos 28 conocidos, esperamos la orden ...

    Por favor estas bien marijuano... (please you must be high)
    especially in Tx, your stupid z army would get mowed down via a lead delivery system in a heartbeat as soon as they made a move.

  30. @kevin
    I do understand very well what's going on in mex. I go to mex 2 times a year and I have to be on constant alert, and avoid driving further that 2 miles from my property at night time. I do feel compassion for all the innocents who are suffering. I just feel that its time to something is done about this before it gets much worse. Cocaine and machine guns are flowing from south/central america making the cartels very powerful. Drug money proceds and some small arms are flowing in from the us. It's only getting worse.

  31. if you had guns ..and men to use them the truckloads would not come at you so quickly...

    these constant accusations of being dirty harry are tiresome

    in mexico men with guns have the power, whether it is narcos , or police/ army

    are you happy with the way the men who have the power are behaving....

    si? esta es tabien? don't want a gun...

    no?.. esta es no bueno?...then to change it you are gonna get a gun

    and before you accuse Americans of being some sort of cowards....

    where do you anticipate running to to be safe...

    we will see what cowards we are when YOUR trouble spills over the border and we deal with it

    nobody is saying Mexicans are cowardly...I respect Mexicans as very brave tough wife is Mexican ..i have many friends and inlaws in Mexico...and we are all nervous in these days

    we have a saying in the USA

    you don't bring a knife/rock/club to a gunfight

    meaning you cant fight men with guns with sticks and stones

    I think what everbody is saying is IF the men and women of Mexico were able to defend themselves on an equal basis , the narcoculeros would not be so powerful

    mebbe you don't like Americans , and our little sayings

    pero aqui es un otra

    god made all men ...colonol colt made them equal

    when our government allows us to man our borders, there will be thousands of well armed men who will pay their own way to kill these assholes

    I am one of them

    i have owned a gun since i was ocho anos, some people get worried when they see everbody with guns, i get worried when i see only certain people with guns...i grew up in a gun culture ...when i was 4 years old men shot up our house father with his auto 12 guage shotgun shot back and repelled them...had he not been armed ...these men would have killed us all...i remember seeing them running and falling to escape...all of my life i have known...when they come for you ...and you can shoot back can survive...laugh if you want...but this is a true story from my come at me i don't care if there are a dozen...i will shoot back...mebbe i will die ...but mebbe i will take one or two with call me dirty harry....ok at me with a gun...and mebbe you will laugh your last

    i don't blame you for running away...when i am in mexico ..unarmed and defenseless...i am gonna run away also...but only as far as the river ...when i cross that river and lay my hands on a gun...running is over

    why do some of you insist in insulting those of us who are on your side and only want you to be able to stand your ground...if the government and people of Mexico invited us to come help...don't you think there would be thousands who would, and even bring an extra gun for you

    so accept it as you are going to do nothing..y callate tu bocasera

    or accept it as to do something , you are gonna have to fight fire with fire

  32. Alert: As of this morning at 6:00 am my uncle who lives a little north of san fernando tamaulipas called me and told me that he saw a convoy of over 100 trucks some with "Z" on them pass heading down the highway towards matamoros. He told me to watch for the rain of bullets in brownsville.


    I have been doing research on this subject for a couple of wks. I was engaged in a conversation with a friend, a mx senator, how I thought disarming citizens is keeping weapons out of the hands of those that most need them, those who would not use them to commit crimes.

    his answer was shocking to me. Article 10 in the Mexican constitution ALLOWS CITIZENS TO BEAR ARMS.

    It restrict the caliber to 38 or 357 for handguns, and and various shot guns. There is no limit but usually only one handgun and one rifle is approved.

    The process is application generated and upon approval the weapons can only be purchased by one source...the mexican army.

    The law also allows for foreign citizens to carry arms while in Mx, when APPROVED prior

    can anyone give me mor data/info on this?

  34. Anonymous said..."Alert: As of this morning at 6:00 am my uncle who lives a little north of san fernando tamaulipas called me and told me that he saw a convoy of over 100 trucks some with "Z" on them pass heading down the highway towards matamoros. He told me to watch for the rain of bullets in brownsville."

    How come the Mexican marines/army doesn't see this? Makes no sense. Also, U.S. satellites would probably see a convoy of over 100 trucks with armed sicarios, especially since this is such a hot area right now. Not sure how a group can take that many armed men and not get noticed by authorities.

  35. I hope the CDG is gathering troops in large numbers because if lascano is the tactician i think he is....hes gonna mount a blitzgrieg. Hell summon thousands of zetas to decend on matamoros and reynosa and rain down an apocalypse.
    Lazcano started as a Halcon. I'm not sure if it would be smart for anyone to go ALL IN but if he is, CDG will be waiting and it will be a slaughter. The Z's have many soldiers working for them by threatening their families if they don't work with them but are poorly trained. CDG wants the top dogs of the Z's to come... I'm sure CDG will be well organized.

  36. too all u dirty harrys u talk brave behind your lab tops. truth of the matter is will u fight will u react. do u even know how to shoot a gun. remember practice does not make perfect. perfect pracitice makes perfect. while u sit in ur lazy boy and type away and say u will take arms when u have family to protect. imposible!get a grip of ur self. we all know talk is cheap. and we know thing happen without warning!when u have severe odd against ur self there is no point of defense u need to run not create a front or else die with ur family. let me tell u this this people are ready to die they dont care bout anything they are all high on coke or whatever drug. and this kind of crap is already happening here in the the U.S. havent u herd da new its all over. There s a lot of Zetas that are U.S. citzens or have possibilties go and come back as they wish from border 2 border.Cmon face reality this drug war has already spilled 2 the US and there is CARTEL CRIME happening, as we type away in our homes.So have we as people done anything? NA has any one with guns done anything?NA why cause it didnt happen at ur door step! Reality is that this people are here on our country already causing crime! let just be careful of what we say cause our tongues talk, and they talk without frame of thought, u never know who is hearing or sitting close by u. Remember they can follow u home.

  37. haha...havent you read? what authorities? just military and their ever move is motored by halcones working for the zetas. They know what roads are being watched etc. US is not and cannot provide counter surveilance for another county. Mexico doesnt allow it. I was reading a forum that there was a build up of zetas in san fernando so it sounds about right....sure hope the CDG which seem to be the good guys have a large army and are ready for the strike. Over 100 truck convoy from san fernando plus another convoy from nuevo laredo and miguel aleman.mier with another 100 trucks spells like disaster for ANY cartel. they could descend on matamoros with over 1000 gunmen. How many does CDG have? Seems the Zetas with reaches to south america are a bigger faction. Anywayz, will will pray the cdg kicks their butt

  38. Lascano didnt start as a halcon....he was an elite soldier for GAFE mexican special forces. Also if you know military strategy you know holding your position can be deadly. Thats why the US didnt wait for osama bin laden to strike again...but take the war to him. CDG, take the war to THEM

  39. yeah where is the army...calderonz has them somewhere else...fucking with somebody somewhere...

  40. lol lets see you take a bite out of crime in your community before you pass judgment on the poor undereducated citizens of Mexico.
    I have to tell you that yes we have the right to keep and bear arms but if you go up against these squad size all the way to company size elements you ain't gonna make it. Our government frowns on armed citizens groups so what are you going to do?
    I just saw an article today where a man living inside the USA is going to move his family away from the drug and human trafficking corridor
    "Special Report: Escape from FM 755
    Reported by: Will Ripley
    Last Update: 11/12 10:10 am
    Set Text Size Small Set Text Size Medium Set Text Size Large Set Text Size X-Large
    Print Story | ShareThis

    BROOKS COUNTY - Rancher Stephen Burns dreamed of a quiet life on his family's South Texas ranch. The cartels took that dream away.

    Drug and human smuggling has forced the family to barricade themselves inside their home, which is surrounded by an 8-foot electric fence and has security cameras.

    "It's basically a compound and we have to stay there at night. And most times during the day," Burns said.

    Twelve-year-old Finn Burns remembers when a man broke into the laundry room. His mother held the man at gunpoint until help arrived.

    "I like living here, but it's getting dangerous," Finn said.

    The Burns' 38,000-acre ranch is about 60 miles north of the U.S.-Mexico border along FM 755. The road runs from Tamaulipas, Mexico, through Starr, Northern Hidalgo and Brooks counties to US Highway 281.

    It's described by law enforcement in court documents obtained by CHANNEL 5 NEWS as a "main smuggling corridor" where the "criminal climate (has) become more violent and organized in recent years."

    Brooks County Chief Deputy Urbino Martinez said the cartels roam almost without resistance in the area because his county only has two deputies to cover an area roughly 20 times the size of McAllen.

    "They know our limitations," he said. "They know where we're at half the time. They have their scouts."

    He also said deputies can easily find themselves outnumbered and outgunned.

    "You can get in danger pretty quick," Martinez said.

    Complicating the situation, the oil and gas companies have free run of the ranch lands. Cartel members often disguise their trucks to blend in with oilfield traffic.

    "It feels like we are, you know, a border town because all the action comes right here," said David Vela, a Brooks County Deputy.

    The oil companies paved miles of ranch roads, which are not usually patrolled by law enforcement. The roads are ideal for smuggling massive loads of drugs past the Border Patrol checkpoints in Falfurrias and Hebbronville with little risk of detection.

    In addition to drug and human smuggling, deputies have also reported assaults, kidnappings and rapes on private ranch lands. Sometimes the Burns family hears gunfire in the brush at night.

    "We decided to leave because we don't have any control over the activity that goes on out here," Burns said. "Because I feel that my family is in danger, we have to move. And yes, it's crushing."

  41. US Right Wingers always believe that gun control causes violence when it is actually the complete opposite. The US allows guns all over the place and it then spreads violence (its constant wars) across the planet, including now into Mexico. A few dumb peckerwoods with guns do not stop institutional violence fed by armed to the teeth criminal governments like both the US and Mexico are infected with. Only semi brain dead Right Wing idealogues could believe that more liberal personal gun access in Mexico would stop any of this violence by armed gangster armies from happening. Right, Big Ol' Leetle Burrito Man?


  42. ...good one Ernie...

    Nothing opens the cracker-barrel like a discussion on guns. Those dummies seem to feel one can cure all ills with a piece of flying lead; maybe even a brain tumor. I wish they would prescribe some of that medicine to themselves.

    Gun hobbyists aren't the kind of people that can be counted on for serious discussions about any political matter; they are convinced that an armed mob can coerce any other armed mob to come up with a solution to a community's political problems:

    ...if you need an elementary school built closer to your neighborhood, a gun will allow you to coerce the school board to build one (no increased taxes, please).

    ...if you need more personnel at the police or fire department, an armed mob of citizens will coerce the city council to hire new people; and don't pay the new hires anything since we don't want to pay any taxes.

    So...lets take their argument for a mind experiment:

    Would it be far fetched to say that the Mexican cartels are trying to get resolution to their socio/political problems (to secure a drug trans/shipment corridor vital to their businesses) through the use of their guns?

    The cartels cannot petition their local, state and federal governments to protect them from competition, so they use their guns to "compete" eliminating the competition, no?

    For the peckerwoods out there that don't "get" what I'm saying: The situation in Mexico is exactly the subject of all your wet dreams!!! What we're seeing is armed citizenry fighting it out against the government and the other citizens that "disagree" with their opinion of who controls the "plaza."

    All they want to do is supply a product we (in the US) can't get enough of, right? Supply/Demand, right? We should let the market figure itself out, right?

    This ain't no Hollywood movie, Bubba. Get a clue.

  43. ok by me if you want to let the men with guns run the show...i am a US citizen so i can leave Mexico anytime and go back to the don't want to have any control..stay for me can have my gun when you pry it from my hand...all you dreamers just go play...and all those looking for god to fix it, go pray...for the rest ...go clean your gun and stay ready,

    it is a proven fact that when men band together to defend their homes and familys , it repels the opportunistic criminal types

    and when they do nothing the criminals run over them

    the situation in Mexico is the people are defenseless, no real police...the army is erratic...the criminals are running rampant

    other than fighting back what do you suggest...appealing to the humanity of the thugs?

    say we disagree ..i have a don't will do what i say or else

    this is the hard cold fact in mexico today

    Mexicans are not cowards, but they are out matched , and are realistic about it

    their government is afraid of some sort of revolution so they keep the people defenseless...maybe you can get permission to own a gun ...but i bet the process is unimaginably complicated

    and as for all you who blame the prevalency of guns on Americans

    the ak is the most popular and widespred gun on earth, and the last time i checked ..Anatoly Kalishnikov was a Russian... the UZI is made in Israel, H&K is german, glock is made in austria...

    why is it that some of you pull you heads up only long enough to quack ..."it is all the americans fault" and then you go back to playing/sleeping/watching tv

    so if you want to advocate living on your knees ..go ahead

    but don't try to impose your will on me...

    hahaha...oh , i forgot , you are unarmed ,i am , so you cant impose your will on me

    pretty simple when you look at it that way

  44. To the people saying why Mexican don't carry firearms: You have to understand that Mexico has very strict gun laws so only a special few can carry them(the rich) or bodyguards. Also guns in Mexico are very expensive and the standard of living in Mexico is very expensive.

  45. ...simply put...

    something other than guns will ultimately correct Mexico's narco-violence problems.

    You know it, I know it, the American people know it... your dumbass suggestions aren't helping anything...

  46. Lascano didnt start as a halcon....he was an elite soldier for GAFE mexican special forces. Also if you know military strategy you know holding your position can be deadly. Thats why the US didnt wait for osama bin laden to strike again...but take the war to him. CDG, take the war to THEM
    I meant in the group he is in now. Npt in the past. thanks

  47. so you think these narcos will lay down their guns ...get a job ..go in debt ...go into rehab for the coke...get counseling for addiction to whores...and just generally play nice....

    some of you people here really scare me by your sure naivete

    obviously you have never lived any sort of life of crime....

    so you don't know the lure...easy money...prestige ..women...the adrenalin rush of danger ...the romanticism associated with the lifestyle...

    for the same reason you can't make a housewife out of a whore , you can't make a working stiff out of a career criminal

    let me open your eyes innocent children, once you have been a wolf , you don't easily transfer into being a sheep

    so some of you should just be quite and let the adults have a conversation

    some of us ignorant redneck peckerwoods are far more sophisticated in our world view than you protected little children who have never left the yard and think the world is all pink rosy butterflys , and think everbody wants to be good little boys and girls

    some people want to be bad, but some of you don't have the upbringing and / or life experience to understand that fact

    maybe you can grasp this
    two of Newtons laws of motion apply here

    the first law:

    I. Every object in a state of uniform motion tends to remain in that state of motion unless an external force is applied to it.

    in common terms as it applies to the narcos

    they will continue untill they are stopped

    and for the ones who you who think these people are basically good , just can't get a good education , or job

    the third law applies

    III. For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.

    meaning for every good little boy or girl like some of yourselves,,, there are some who want to be bad little boys and girls

    i hope this enlightens some of you as to the truth of the situation in this world today

    it is a sad reflection on some of you , and the education system as a whole , that you have to be spoon fed simple basic facts by folks that you refer to , and consider ignorant redneck peckerwoods, lacking in intelligence , and somehow less than yourselves

  48. Goodness!

    What would we Mexicans do without some of the sophisticated, worldly, (oh so smart!) peckerwood bloggers that know exactly what to do!!! Look at that!! Citing physics on a Narco-Violence Blog!! Show us the way, savior. You, obviously know all the answers! He's been everywhere, seen everything, is bad to the bone.


    Why don't you learn to wipe your own oblivious ass and do something about the tweakers that keep the the blood flowing down here? Of course don't because you cannot. You don't now what to do. ...other than to yap yap yap...

    You allow others to take care of the social ills that plague the the US and turn around and blab, blab, blab about other people's shit. What have the guns done to cut down on the recreational drug users in the US? ...not much...

  49. The most foolish mistake we could possibly make would be to permit the conquered Eastern peoples to have arms. History teaches that all conquerors who have allowed their subject races to carry arms have prepared their own downfall by doing so.
    -- Adolph Hitler, April 11 1942

    "Among the many misdeeds of the British rule in India, history will look upon the act of depriving a whole nation of arms, as the blackest." -- Mahatma Gandhi

    Every Communist must grasp the truth, 'Political power grows out of the barrel of a gun.'
    -- Mao Tse-tung, 1938, inadvertently endorsing the Second Amendment.

    False is the idea of utility that sacrifices a thousand real advantages for one imaginary or trifling inconvenience; that would take fire from men because it burns, and water because one may drown in it; that has no remedy for evils except destruction. The laws that forbid the carrying of arms are laws of such a nature. They disarm only those who are neither inclined nor determined to commit crimes. --Thomas Jefferson


    it seem like some of these gun control people are as ignorant as they are ...beware they will attack you personally, when they can't refute your logic

  51. I'm impressed that many Americans are saying that letting all the people have guns it's a solution for this problem. It's not that I'm against that right that you have in the US, but clearly that's not a solution for the problem happening here in Mexico. Solutions are: the US consuming much less drugs, which is not likely to happen, both Mexico and US legalizing drugs, which it not likely to happen, the US stopping or regulating it's production and illegal weapons sale to drug cartels, nor likely to happen. Or we stop fighting this bastards and letting them to carry as much drugs across the border as they like and that way theres no violence, the US gets cheap drugs, and Mexico gets lots of dollars to laundry. Choose an option.

  52. some people here are unaware that there is major drug use inside Mexico , by Mexicans

    so what if we legalize drugs in the USA... and stop the drugs coming into our country from Mexico

    then the narcos can compete for the internal market...

    do we as Americans still get the blame for Mexico's criminality problem?

  53. who's fault is it that all these drugs are grown/ manufactored inside of ,or transported through Mexico... not a lot of americans involved in this aspect...sounds like a personal problem to me ...

  54. Legalize marijuana in Texas then we won't depend on the cartels as much at least take the power of the marijuana away from them just saying it is all a big contest to see who has the most money and power we will never be able to stop the cartels just cripple them a little just saying

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