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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

"El Flaco", La Familia Michoacana, Arrested

Alfredo Landa and three other men were arrested in the area of Indeco in possession of firearms, cartridges and various objects, including 25 deeds of properties in the state.

Mexico, Nov 30 (EFE) .- The Mexican federal police arrested José Alfredo Landa Torres, alias "El Flaco", designated as an alleged cartel leader of the "Familia Michoacana in Morelia, capital of Michoacan state, southern Mexico.

The Public Security Secretariat (SSP) federal indicated in a statement that the capture of "El Flaco" came as a result of the operations against crime in Michoacán, where the detainee was responsible for his staff to coordinate, manage finances, corrupt officials and distribute drugs.

Landa said the agency assumed control of operations in Morelia after the capture of the former drug lords and Miguel Miranda Ortiz, alias "El Tyson" arrested last June and José Luis García Vázquez, alias "El Chilaca 'arrested in August.

The SSP said that Landa was arrested yesterday in Morelia, thanks to an investigation taking place on the said cartel.

According to the intelligence services of the department, "El Flaco" was arrested at age 17 in California (United States) for the crime of selling drugs, mostly marijuana and crack.

In 2007, "El Flaco", originally from the town of Arteaga, joined "La Familia Michoacana" on the recommendation of Servando Gómez, alias "La Tuta", one of the main leaders of that group.

The SSP added that after serving surveillance, the offender was assigned to the square of Morelia as head of informants (hawks) in the main entrances of the city under the command of "Tyson" and following the arrest of the operators the square, Landa was appointed chief in the plaza of Morelia.

The unit said the arrested confessed that the recent announcement by the cartel "La Familia Michoacana" to fall back in December of this year was to improve the group's image.

He explained that the strategy was to cause the band members themselves increase the number of ordinary crimes such as extortion, kidnapping, theft of property, and others to create a sense of "vacuum of authority and the need for their presence as a measure of crime control. "

As evidence of this objective, the police seized from "El Flaco" more than 25 deeds and documents collectible copies and originals in which the band wanted to "rob and extort money from their legitimate owners."

To date, the Federal Police have arrested in the last two years, seven capos of this organization responsible for the plaza of Morelia, including Arnoldo Medina Rueda, alias "La Minsa".

Together with the operator, the police arrested Sierra Campuzano Eden, alias "El Chino", 36, and second in command at the time, who was jailed in 1992 in El Paso (Texas, USA. UU.) For possession of firearms.

In the operation two people were arrested, officers seized an assault rifle AK-47, two pistols, vehicles, communication equipment and various documents.


  1. Boy, the Mexican Gov. just won't give up! Sad thing is though, when one goes down another is waiting in the wings to replace him. It will be neverending.

  2. Even more sad, some one will pay off a Judge and they will get a few months of prison then, then they will be loose to continue "working"

  3. This war on drugs is NOT completely correct... It should be a WAR on "Thieves" "Rateros" "Extortionists" "Kidnappers" "Violence"

  4. Poor guys they were going to retire in a few months hahaha. I thought these guys were calling it quit? La Familia has to have the worst PR group ever..

  5. when you get arrested in Mexico the first thing that happens is everyone gets a good ass kicking.Look at those 2 stupid fucks , ass beat just like everyone else they put on display. lol

  6. echele ganas mi flaco no seme acule que toda via le sobra agua al bule. att:el cartucho

  7. You never know whos telling the truth with these coerced confessions, one says the banners were legit, (makes La Familia) look bad, one says they are not, (also makes La Familia) look bad. Truth somewhere in the middle? Seems like they are hitting the Zetas and La Familia a little harder then the last 9 months or so.

    How do LFM stand in comparison to other cartels? Smaller then most, with equal money to mid size ones? Or a junior in every sense?

  8. Cartucho eres un pendejo, apoko respaldas a los rateros de la familia k hacen extorsiones y secuestros igual como los Z. Aver si piensas igual cuando te levantan a tu tia, hermana, o tu papa pidiendo dinero k no tienen. Vas a ver k mo mandaras tus saluditos de cheerleader hahaha ponte estudiar naco


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