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Monday, November 29, 2010

Shootouts in Reynosa

Mexican military actions in Reynosa result in "aggressors" killed or arrested.

Martha L. Hernández
The Monitor
The Mexican military has reported killing one “aggressor” during a shootout Saturday near the shopping center “Plaza Periferico” in the southern part of Reynosa.

According to a military press release, several men started shooting at a military convoy and soldiers returned fire. The press release said two of the “aggressors” were arrested and one was killed.

The soldiers seized two shotguns, four pounds of marijuana, a vehicle and $20 in cash in that incident.

On Wednesday, the military killed two other aggressors in another shootout, the press release said. That one occurred in the subdivision Villa Florida.

Also, in it the first report of actions to recover Ciudad Mier, which has been vacated by most of its resident since the town was taken over by drug cartels, the military reported detaining six suspects.


  1. lol 20$ in cash? Typo right? Hope it was Zeta's not CDG, as usual.

  2. as usual the money was kept by the authorities.

  3. Wow those $20 are really going to hurt the guy who dropped it from his wallet haha i'd hate to b that guy. major blow to the cartl lol

  4. as usual the money was kept by the authorities.

    Why will some one kept the $20? Cartels pay more. Is $20 a lot of money? Mexico has spend 9 billion dollars fighting the cartels since 2006 is $20 bucks a lot of money?
    I hate people who think all Mexicans are corrupted. Maybe thats why the richest men in the world is in Mexico.

  5. The prominent BB link to the so-called 'Texas Border Volunteers Org' is truly silly and pathetic, as we then get to see pics of vigilantes 'Woody' and 'Panther' (a dog) and hear talk of evil 'trespassers' in USA Today from China and Eritrea. Boogie! Boogie!

    Borderland Beat should decide what it is going to be, a true info source for its readers, or a device for referrals to Bobolandia and dispersal center of pablum?



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