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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

USNORTHCOM: There is NO U.S. Spy Agency in Mexico

On November 17, 2010 I posted a translation of a Proceso article titled: U.S. SUPER INTELLIGENCE CENTER REVEALED IN MEXICO. The following is NORTHCOM'S response to the information originally published by Proceso Magazine:

Truth behind the Bilateral Implementation Office (BIO)

We have seen some mileage from a story out of Mexico alleging a “Binational Intelligence Office,” of U.S. Government officials in Mexico. It is unfortunate that other news agencies are starting to pick up this story, because frankly it simply isn’t true. In violation of standard journalistic practice, “Proceso” magazine never contacted the Embassy to seek confirmation of any part of this patently false story. The following points below are being communicated to media outlets who call us and we wanted to share them with you, our friends, so you can at least be aware of our perspective on this story. Links to the original story can be found below.

· There is no “Binational Intelligence Office” in Mexico involving USG agencies.

· There is a Merida Initiative Bilateral Implementation Office (BIO). It was announced by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Mexico’s Secretary of Foreign Relations Patricia Espinosa in March 2009, and it opened August 31 in Mexico City.

· This office allows for daily exchanges between technical staffers of agencies of both countries with the purpose of fully implementing equipment transfer and training programs under the Merida Initiative.

· Neither officials from Mexico or the United States working in the Bilateral Implementation Office engage in intelligence or operational activities.

· The BIO demonstrates the high level of strength and depth of the bilateral relations between both countries in terms of security, as supported by the principles of shared responsibility, mutual trust and respect of jurisdiction.

· This innovative, permanent mechanism for consultation facilitates the implementation of the mandate of the Merida Initiative High Level Meeting, which took place in Mexico City on March 23, 2010, that the Merida Initiative programs disrupt the capacity of organized crime to operate, institutionalize the capacity to sustain rule of law, create a secure, 21st century border infrastructure, and build strong and resilient communities.

The following link will take you to the press releases announcing the Bilateral Implementation Office (BIO)

This facility for ongoing consultation by the teams of both governments was inaugurated by David Johnson, U.S. Assistant Secretary of State for International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs, and by Julián Ventura Valero, Undersecretary for North American Affairs of Mexico’s Secretariat of Foreign Relations.

USNORTHCOM is proud of our military to military relationship with Mexico, and we hope that these false allegations of a U.S. spy agency is quickly debunked by our partners, neighbors and friends to the south.

Thanks for reading!
NORAD and USNORTHCOM Public Affairs


  1. Does anyone else smell bs? How about we go to wikileaks and find out just how truthful the US is in matters such as these.

  2. say it ain't true joe...yeah right ..and there ain't no guy in a santa suit ringing the salvation army bell in front of walmart either

  3. yeah right,
    and Oliver north never sold drugs.!

  4. This NDIC report doesn't exist either:


    Domestic methamphetamine production will most likely increase moderately in the near term. The resurgence of small-scale methamphetamine production, the relocation of some Mexican methamphetamine producers from Mexico to California, and the emergence of large-scale pseudoephedrine smurfing operations throughout the country create conditions conducive to a moderate increase in domestic methamphetamine production, particularly in western states but also in some eastern states. For example, law enforcement reporting indicates that much of the bulk pseudoephedrine compiled through large-scale pseudoephedrine smurfing operations in the Southwest Region is destined for Atlanta, Georgia. A stable supply of bulk ephedrine shipments to Atlanta could result in a significant increase in methamphetamine production in the Southeast Region.

    Increasing pseudoephedrine and ephedrine diversion and methamphetamine production on the part of Mexican DTOs in South American countries will quite likely continue in the near term, facilitating both an increase in methamphetamine production in Mexico and the subsequent flow of Mexico-produced methamphetamine into the United States. Conditions at many South American countries and their ports are favorable for ephedrine and pseudoephedrine diversion and smuggling. Such conditions include the high volume of commercial traffic through these countries, the free trade zone, and the lack of precursor chemical regulations. Moreover, many South American ports are susceptible to smuggling activity because of a lack of staffing and automated inspection systems and because of the limitations placed on customs inspectors by free trade zone mandates. As long as such activities are viable, Mexican DTOs will exploit South American sources for methamphetamine precursors and for production of the drug where possible.

  5. What was the point of this cut and paste story?

  6. Thats odd considering a close friend had a conversation over the holiday with a defense depatment employee who just got back from Nuevo Laredo. When asked what he was doing there he replied "its confidential but in effect we were killing people". I imagine the Mexican government is secretly allowing some help from the US in taking out cartel members. We all know about Mena Arkansas and the Contra scandal and the US involvement in removing Noriega from Panama among other things. I often wonder about the lack of US involvement and the media blackout, and who is making money of of the whole mess.

  7. You guys really need to interview Cely Castillo, who wrote the book Powder Burns.He lives in McAllen.

    Back to the story: I just saw politician speaking in front of the house denouncing the PAN party, accusing them of sleeping with the enemy el chapo after setting him free, according to a recently published book by a known journalist. At 6:20 he also vehemntly accuses the government of submitting to the U.S. for having what I gather he means is this supposed intelligence base in the middle of the city. Check it out.

    Was there a shootout in Moros today? I caught something about it on the news but found nothing on the blogs. Peace.

  8. If there isnt a Binational Intelligence Office then there should be one, only with Intelligence can the cartels be defeated.

  9. Baloney! Mexico should not be run by NORAD located in Colorado Springs, USA, or NORTHCOM which is also the Pentagon..

    'Anonymous said...
    If there isnt a Binational Intelligence Office then there should be one, only with Intelligence can the cartels be defeated.'

    The US fought in its own Revolutionary War so that the US could not be run by some king who answered to no one living in England . Many Americans today seem rather clueless about why the world now hates our government and military when these peoples are constantly overruled in their own countries by US bureau-hacks.



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