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Friday, November 5, 2010

Brownsville Billboard Draws Attention

Brownsville billboard draws attention to reward for drug cartel capture.

by Daisy Martinez

A new billboard in Brownsville is drawing attention to a government a multi-million dollar reward for the capture of members of the Gulf Cartel and Los Zetas.


  1. That's pretty crazy, is that the first of it's kind? Billboards and wanted posters on the US side of the border? You can only guess those pictures are so outdated that those guys look nothing like that anymore, although I guess Tony Tormenta was almost picked up a month or so ago, the other one seems to be really out of the way, never hear anything about him.

    I grew up seeing the posters of the Arellano brothers in Tijuana for years, crossing the border and in the city, I guess Ingeniero ones are plastered all over now, but I haven't been down there in awhile.

  2. It will be hard to get them

  3. Maybe they were making sure these guys didnt sneak across the border to Vote.(Sarcasm)

  4. Preasure...there's nowhere you can can't hide from us. Yea right.

    We're at the seat of CDG power and support. Its my uncle, sister or brother, cousin, dad, boyfreind, etc, ect...

    Brownsville and Matamoros know that the more of "our" soldiers get nabbed, the more exposed we are to Zetas and zetitas. We can't rely on the cops or the army (in case you hadn't noticed). Who wants to become Monterrey or Reynosa?

    Here's a tip:

    Yo vi a estos bueyes en el Mr. Taco por la McDavitt. Tambien en La Garra del 77.


  5. Wow just think maby Mexico will some day start a Crime stopper public motivation program say in 2020 or so.

  6. I'd turn them in for five million, then go abroad and get plastic surgery.

  7. Chapo is estimated by Forbes at 1 Billion...

    Escobar was estimated at over 16 Billion in the 1980's!

    What goes up, must come down.

  8. el chapo wont get arrested, because the c.i.a. paid him to transport muslims to redention sites under the table. but he will get killed. dead men wont talk, end of story.

  9. Ezequiel Cárdenas Guillén, aka Tony Tormenta, was killed today in the big shootouts in Matamoros, they reward is no longer available.

  10. thats what he gets for sneaking across the border to vote Republican! (sarcasm)

  11. wtf is a rendition site?


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