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Friday, November 5, 2010

UTEP Students Killed in Juárez Were U.S. Citizens

By Maggie Ybarra
El Paso Times

 In this photo from Oct. 20, Bravo Cadillac and Chevrolet owner Raymond Palacio greeted UTEP students Manuel Acosta Villalobos, left, and Eder Diaz Otero, second from left, as he entered a Business Administration room for a talk with students. Acosta, 25, and Diaz, 23, were shot and killed Tuesday in Juarez, UTEP officials said Wednesday. (Victor Calzada / El Paso Times)

The two university students who were gunned down in Juárez Tuesday were U.S. citizens who lived with their relatives in Juárez while they attended the University of Texas at El Paso.
Manuel Acosta Villalobos, 25, and Eder Andres Diaz, 23, where attacked about 8 p.m. in colonia Rincones de Santa Rita, Chihuahua state police said. Their assailants fired 36 rounds, shooting the students multiple times, according to a Chihuahua state police report.

Both men were undergraduate students at UTEP's College of Business Administration. Acosta was to graduate in the spring. Diaz had just transferred to UTEP from El Paso Community College.

Diaz was born in El Paso, according to El Paso county records.

Acosta had just become a U.S. citizen earlier this year, said Richard Adauto, UTEP's executive vice president.

The U.S. State Department had yet to verify their citizenship.

UTEP officials did not say Thursday whether they have been in contact with the families of either Diaz or Acosta. Also, they did not say whether they had been in contact with Mexican law enforcement agencies.

In other news coming from Juarez, , , ,

2 more El Pasoans killed in Juárez

By Daniel Borunda
El Paso Times

Two more El Pasoans have been killed in Juárez, a spokesman for the Chihuahua state attorney general's office said today.
Edgar Lopez Ochoa, 35, was shot and killed Saturday evening on the patio of a home in the 5200 block of Cruz Meraz de Valles street in colonia Colorines, officials said. Two other men, Alejandro Enriquez Santana, 36, and Jorge Gomez Duran, 40, were also killed.

On Friday, Lorena Izaguirre Castañeda, 24, was fatally shot along with an unidentified man inside a tortilleria at Altamirano and Articulo 27 streets, officials said.

Arturo Sandoval, a spokesman for the state attorney general's office, said Izaguirre and Lopez are U.S. citizens from El Paso.

The deaths are in addition to the two other U.S. citizens and El Pasoans killed Saturday.

Bowie High School student (Luis) Jose Carlos Araiza, 15, and Joanna Herrera, 27, of Oregon were fatally shot along with while traveling in a BMW near the Zaragoza international bridge Saturday, said an official at the U.S. Consulate in Juárez.

Araiza's brother Guillermo Araiza Hidalgo, 23, who authorities said is a Mexican citizen, was also slain.

4 maquila workers slain in attack on bus in Juarez valley

Gunmen opened fire on three company buses early Thursday, killing four maquiladora workers on the main highway between Juarez and El Porvenir.

Chihuahua state police were at the scene where three company buses were attacked, gathering evidence and interviewing residents this morning.

Gunmen killed a man and three women about 1 a.m. as they were traveling back from the industrial parks in Juarez to the Valley of Juarez. Officials this afternoon said four people were killed, not five as they originally reported.

State government identified two of the four maquiladora workers who were killed as Rosalía Ester Vázquez Holguín, 24, and Rosa Escajeda Galindo, 23. A 37-year-old woman and 30-year-old man have not been identified.

Fifteen other people, 12 women and three men, were injured. Only two people remain in the hospital, both women, in stable condition, state police said.

Those injured were Martina Hernández Alonso, 42; Jesusa Adriana Valles Luna, 20; Silvia Mónica Araiza Hernández, 27; Noemí Collazo Salazar, 21; Sonia Orozco Martínez, 21; Rosa Isela Rocha Torres, 24; Josue Tenorio Lucero, 35; María de Jesús Alanis Reyes, 31; Gregoria Vela Gámez, 38; Maria de la Luz Castañeda Aguilar, 38; Luis Antonio Barriga Rodríguez, 35; Maria Luisa Torres Carranza, 45; Jesús Erasmo Hernández Gurrola, 30; Angélica María Alanis Reyes, 28; and María Irene García Márquez, 35.

One of the buses was used as an ambulance to transport the victims to the Regional 66 del IMSS hospital in Juarez.

The buses were transporting men and women who had completed their shifts at the Eagle Ottawa Leather


  1. Bill Clinton will go rescue two dumb Chinas from Korea (who the heck had them over there anyway), but no one is willing to show their face and speak on behalf of these victims. They too were US Citizens and were only trying to get a head in life. On the other hand you have these SONSOS going to Iraq or Korea for their extra-curricular purposes. It's so upsetting.

  2. what is going thru heads when they decide to travel to such a city a city that is going thru what juarez is going thru

  3. They appear to know this car salesman already and he looks shaaaadddyyy. Hope they were`nt involved in something they shouldn`t have been. By the number of shell casings found, they were they intended target. Sad world we live in now. I hate to even think like this, but everything that was up is down, everything that was flat is now round, and so on and on..........Corruption seems to trump morality these days and even the innocent seem guilty.

  4. They lived there! Many people on the border have duel citizenship, you live where your parents live.

  5. It's very sad to see innocent people being killed, but you don't travel to Juarez without assuming there is a high level of danger there. The two journalists who Clinton went to get were there to expose evil human rights practices in North Korea that many people don't know about. Everyone knows what goes on in Mexico with the killings and drugs. With so many deaths occuring on a daily basis one could say that the citizens are either cartel sympathizers or are too afrid to band together to wrestle the country back from the grips of the devil and his minions. People in Mexico are doing things I saw insurgents doing in Iraq. As a matter of fact, it seems that the beheadings are actually going beyond what was happening in Iraq.

  6. Their parents should never have sent them there to go to school.

  7. Protection money not paid by bus Co. sounds like it to me they shot up the bus in retaliation?? I wonder if anybody ever investigates these events?

  8. It's a shame, not even anchor babies are safe. Just forsake Mexico and wish them well on their journey to self-destruction. If you are a U.S. citizen, then you should have no business venturing into that wasteland. Forget ever visiting relatives or friends on that side.

  9. I have this feeling the Juarez Cartel/La Linea are choking the life out of local business in the city to supplement their income/fund the Sinaloa war. That means getting protection money from bus drivers, car dealerships, junkyards, bars, clubs, etc. I think probably a good deal of the seemingly random violence can be attributed to extortion schemes by Juarez. And Juarez doesn't seem to have the kind of support for the local group that places like Tamalupias have for CDG.

    Not saying everyone there loves the Gulf Cartel, but there are multiple instances, I've read on here, or other pleaces of the citizens supporting them.

  10. 10:03 a.m. I hope you're being facetious by jumping to that many conclusions from a single photo. How do they look like they know each other? It's just a high five. How does he look shady? Because he's a Latino in a suit? You'd make a terrible analyst if you're being serious.

  11. Hillary Clinton is in NZ, I was like she ought to be in Mexico focussing on drug war not getting in some politic issue with NZ govt that is not urgent.

  12. For those of us 'dumb enough not to know' what's what: Laura Ling and Euna Lee are two American journalists and television documentary reporters for Vanguard/Current TV who were captured by the North Koreans, imprisoned, and given life sentences for spying. They were doing a story on North Korean women refugees. That's who Bill Clinton got out of Korea: because the communist dictator, Kim-Jong-Il liked Clinton and he was able to negotiate their release.

    By the way, Laura Ling had just finished a documentary on the Mexican drug trade in Juarez and tracing it back to Sinaloa. She has traveled to some of the most dangerous places in the world and is an extremely acomplished journalist.

    Watch the video-

    ...and keep current!

  13. Oh, and the "guy in the suit" looks lile a successful businessman to me. Something mexicans should look up to and strive to emulate. The more people become legitimate businessmen and women, the less likely they will have a desire to become drug dealers. Some poeple like to keep their morals--they can sleep at night.


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