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Friday, November 5, 2010

Reporter killed, Matamoros shootout continues

written by: The Brownsville Herald

Sources have confirmed that a reporter from Matamoros was gunned down while covering a string of shootouts in the city.

Carlos Alberto Guajardo, 37, from Periodico El Expresso, was gunned down while covering a string of shootouts in Matamoros, said a source with firsthand knowledge of the incident.

According to the source, Guajardo, a lifetime crime reporter, was on his day off when he was called to gather information about the ongoing shootout between the Mexican military and armed gunmen.

Details of the shooting death remain sketchy, but the source stated that Guajardo was gunned down along Calle Sexta near the Plaza Fiesta Shopping Center.

The information couldn’t be confirmed, but a coworker of Guajardo claimed that the shots that killed Guajardo came from the Mexican military after he got too close to the shootout.

Mexican authorities are reporting various firefights throughout Matamoros.

Details of the fighting which began Friday morning couldn’t be confirmed but authorities stated that some of the armed gunmen taking part in the firefight are believed to belong to the Gulf Cartel and the Zetas, as well as members of the Mexican military, said a Mexican law enforcement official whose name couldn’t be released citing security reasons.

Some of the fighting was reported on Calle Alvaro Obregon near the Hotel Residencial where apparently grenades were thrown at the hotel where Mexican federal police are know to stay, which is close to B&M International Bridge, he said. The street has been sealed off, he added.

Video Uploaded by: MexicanFatBoy1

Shootings were also reported along Avenida del Niño, and in the Colonia Mariano Matamoros. Another shooting took place near the outskirts of Matamoros along the highway to Reynosa where apparently a convoy of Zetas clashed with a contingent of Gulf Cartel members before authorities arrived, he said.

A source with firsthand knowledge of criminal activity in Matamoros claimed that authorities captured a group commander for one of the criminal organizations. He wouldn’t say who, or which organization.

The source claimed that the Mexican military was in the process of moving the alleged commander to the Matamoros airport.

The Mexican law enforcement official refused to confirm or deny the alleged capture.



  1. Well, well... What do you get on your day off? off'd. That is a shame, these guys need high powered cameras with telescopic lenses... too close is too close. My heart goes out to the family of this brave man.

  2. there is something going on still over there, there are military and cartels racing thru calle sexta by the principal plaza, does anybody know anything? i am on the phone and they are telling me -and i can hear-detonations and gunshots...

  3. Confrontation between military and cartel(s) continue in Matamoros. All international bridges have been closed! Narco-roadblocks, grenades, bazookas and non-stop gunfire continue.

  4. there are buses and "peseras" blocking streets too....
    Dear Lord! just heard a bomb, and i'm on the phone!

  5. Sounded like Bahgdad! I sure as hell wouldn't have went anywhere near that firefight. Especially if you don't know which way the bullets are flying and you might get mistaken for a cartel member.

  6. Hope CDG pushes the Zeta's out. I think the Z's are making a big push for control of Reynosa and Matamoros. I hope Cartel Del Golfo know what they are doing.

  7. Good reporting Ovemex. BB is the best source I know of. Do you think this is a result of the military and police pushing the cartel guys to the point where they either fight or get arrested?


  8. TONY TORMENTA IS DEAD!!! CONFIRMED story developing, will be posted briefly...

  9. Capo, the beach about 20km to the east is actually called Playa Bagdad.

    I wish they would mark the hotspot locations on a google map. I go to Matamoros sometimes and would like to know. I've been on Calle Alvaro Obregon, been on Calle Sexta in zona centro but not sure where Plaza Fiesta is.

  10. ahora vayan por los que les lavan el dinero

  11. La plaza fiesta is where Soriana is on Lauro Villar

  12. "La plaza fiesta is where Soriana is on Lauro Villar"

    Thanks, that's not the Calle Sexta that runs by Zona Centro but I've been at that Soriana anyway. You pass by it going to and from the border crossing at Veteran's Bridge.

  13. "ahora vyan por los que les lavanel dinero"


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