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Thursday, October 7, 2010

New Mexico Family Loses Relative To Juarez Violence

Duke City Family Warned Slain Relative Not To Travel There


Authorities said the death toll in Juarez and other parts of Mexico increases on a daily basis.

Drug cartels in Mexico are fighting and often shoot anyone in their path -- and one local family said they lost a relative because of it.

According to some reports, more than 1,000 people have been killed in Chihuahua, Mexico since the beginning of this year. Now, the violence has hit home for one Duke City family.

"My brother was the joker of the family. He was really happy all the time," the victim's sister, Carmen Alcantar, said.

Alcantar said her brother, Miguel, had a girlfriend and a 2-year-old daughter in Chihuahua. Despite warnings from his family, Miguel went to see them last week.

"We've always told him not to go down there and that he should perhaps get his family here," Alcantar said.

Alcantar said her brother was sitting outside at a friend's house when the gunfire began.

"Two cars drove up beside him and there were two others with him in the vehicle. They took out their machine guns and they were masked men," Alcantar said.

She said her brother was shot several times and died.

"The government in Mexico should do a lot more to try and stop this violence because a lot of innocent people are dying," Miguel's brother, Isidore Alcantar, said.

The Alcantar family said even though the violence seems so far away, they want New Mexicans to be cautious.

"Especially here in Albuquerque, a lot of us have Hispanic roots, family and so it effects us all," Carmen Alcantar said.

"I don't want to see anybody in our shoes and what we are going through," Isidore Alcantar said.

The Alcantars said altogether, three other people were killed with their brother. One was a school teacher.

Miguel Alcantar has two daughters, a 24-year-old in Las Vegas and the 2-year-old who still lives in Chihuahua.


  1. Bad reporting on the death toll there saying more then 1000 people have been killed in chihuahua state this year its like just juarez has had more then 2200 murders they really should do a better job of being news reporters

  2. mexico has no effective government, it is a failed state...

  3. From the news in Chihuahua:

    Por otra parte tres hombres fueron brutalmente ejecutados ayer en calles de la colonia Los Olivos en las calles Olivar de Catamarca y Olivar de Abrusco . Las victimas se encontraban en el interior de una camioneta Gran Cherokee de color azul, los cuerpos de los hombres fueron identificados como Miguel Angel Alcantar Coronado de 44 años de edad ,Abel Meraz Meraz de 22 años de edad y Leonel Romero Fierro de 20 años de edad ,quienes presentaban varios impacto producidos por arma de fuego.

    En el lugar de los hechos se aseguraron 202 casquillos percutidos calibre 223 y 72 casquillos percutido calibre 308 , asi como el vehiculo en mención y una camioneta Toyota de color verde.

  4. I think BB should talk about the problem with sicarios and the games they play... I've heard from two completely different persons of how in a stop sign a truck in front of him failed to move when the light turned green, in both occasions the driver did not honk. After the light turned red two guys carrying assault rifles got off and went to the perspective driver and gave a man 500 dollars in one occasion and 200 to a woman in another... after the drivers received the money the men said "its a good thing you did not honk, bc if you did we would have to kill you. But now you won some money, have a good day". These guys are playing with human lives like nothing... I would doubt a good percentage of the killings is coming from stupid games like the one I just mentioned... sad, sad times we are seeing across the border..

  5. @ 8:59 AM

    You raise a very important issue. One that is not talked about. These "sicarios" have a gun and a pocket full of money and nobody to make them pay to play. So whatever their little immature minds come up with - that's what they do. Many, many murders have nothing to do with the cartel war - they are the random acts of a society gone out of control. There are no consequences. For anything. So some guy gives you an argument because you are stealing his money - shoot him - nothing will happen to you. The PF don't know who you are and the local cops are in the cartel's pocket. Mexico is a free-fire zone.

  6. That is the same story that I heard here on the border that occurred in Ciudad Acuna,Mx. A pickup with two guys in it did not move at a stop sign. A man with his family waited, but did not honk for the vehicle to move. After four or five minutes, the two assholes got down from their pickup and told the family it was a good thing that they did not honk. And for that reason they gave the family three hundred dollars.
    Another story is that some drug cartel criminals went into Manuel's Restaurant in Acuna. All the people that were eating at that particular time had their cellphones taken from them and no one was allowed to leave until the criminals left, but their meals were paid for by the criminals and their cell phones returned. Fact or fiction?

  7. The first story about the 'Red Light Games' kinda gave me chills, because I heard someone tell a story like that 2 years ago, not on the internet. The one about the restaurant is told about Chapo doing the same thing, I doubt anyone knows if it is true or not, makes a good story though.

    The other one is pretty scary though, people in Tijuana just avoid any late model luxury vehicles, esp. if in a convoy. Escalades, F350's, Navigators, etc.


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