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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

El Chapo will bring war to Tijuana


Tijuana– Headed by Fernando Sanchez Arellano (member of the Arellano Felix dynasty), the Tijuana cartel is recovering territories and markets it had previously lost. They kill, kidnap and offer drugs on a massive scale to a state that is already flooded with them, the ministerial police have been corrupted and are now considered the armed wing of the cartel.

People who live in the city recognize that the violence has diminished, but there are still murders and decapitations, kidnappings and shootouts which are largely ignored by the central government in Mexico City. There is also suspicion in Tijuana that there is some type of pact between the state government, local business leaders, and the news media to collectively turn a blind eye to these actions.

“What's coming is much worse,” says Alberto Capella Ibarra, former president of the advisory committee to the Public Security of the State, he believes there will be a 'calentamiento' or a 'heating up' of the plaza similar to Cuidad Juarez because Jaoquin El Chapo Guzman, leader of the Sinaloa cartel appears to have decided to take control of the state when he is done with his war in Chihuahua.

“What can prevent the onslaught of El Chapo when he decides to claim Baja California?” asked the former functionary of the state who, in 2007 survived an assassination attempt by sicarios at his residency.

“Perhaps at the end of the year, at the beginning of 2011. But there is no doubt the war is coming to this plaza.”

General Alfonso Duarte, comandante of the 2nd Military Zone has publicly said that the war is approaching Tijuana.

The rule of law is often tested here. On Sunday Sept. 12th for example, the corpses of two decapitated men appeared of the streets of colonia Lagunitas in the zone known as El Tecolote. One of the dead men had a yellow index card with a message that read “We won't kill anymore people because we don't feel like it..” it was directed at colonel Julian Leyzaola, Secretary of Public Security for the municipality, who has been known to say that the executions in Tijuana have diminished thanks to the work of the municipal police.

Although in Tijuana the brutal executions that made Benjamin and Ramon Feliz infamous don't occure with the same frequency as back then, the murders in general continue to happen at an alarming rate. Many of those were attributed to Teodoro Garcia Simental, El Teo operator of El Chapo Guzman with Fernando Sanchez Arellano, El Ingeniero.

Federal Police arrested El Teo with incident this past 12th of January in La Paz. Baja California. Almost a month later on the 8th of February his brother was also captured, Jose Manuel El Chiquilin, and his associate Raycel Lopez Uriarte, El Muletas.

For the Attorney General (PGR) the Tijuana cartel's strength is depleted, but their financial structure can be attributed to one woman, Ededina Arellao Felix, account by trade a known as La Jefa.

Consulting Attorney Alberto Capella, expert in matters of public security, confirmed that he has information to confirm El Chapo Guzman has a tremendous amount of weapons and ammunition stockpiled in Baja California. Capella expects the wave of violence to reach the levels of Ciudad Juarez and his forecast is that the full impact of El Chapo's strike won't be felt until after the end of the term of the PANista mayor Jorge Ramos.


  1. As I said in the other post, good to see Tijuana coverage, it's an interesting place, and worthy of attention, the violence and narco politics of the city are a little more lesser known and low key then other places, so it's overlooked, but undeserevedly. That being said, I am close to Tijuana, and I really hope a full scale Chapo/Engineer war doesn't take place in the city, it would be a disaster, a bloody, horrible ordeal, and many innocents would be killed/affected.

    However, the bulk of this article seems to be near blind speculation, besides the recent Sinaloa activity in Ensenada, there is no/limited evidence to suggest he is actively moving on the city. Also, Chapo and CAF have been at this for years, he has always wanted Tijuana, why would it take till 2010, when he is neck deep in other fights? I think Engineer and CAF will fight to the death, and it will be as bad or worse then Juarez if it happens, but I hope it doesn't. Maybe a mistake for Guzman too, not likely at the hands of CAF, but every dog as it's day, as the saying goes.

  2. i can't believe the balls of el chapo. this prick doesnt like to share his pizza with anyone. the vendors in TJ are suffering so much from a huge drop of business caused by the previous violence. he's ruined juarez. now he wants to destroy TJ. man, i pray for the day that he is captured or killed. i would LOVE to see a video of el chapo getting beheaded. all he does is destroy and keeps all the money to himself. at least escobar did a lot for the community. piece of shit chapo does nothing for anyone but himself. felipe calderon is also an incompetant president becuase he's had 4 years to capture this prick and still, nothing! i cant imagine another 2 years of this useless president. let's wait for the next asshole president to take over. i can't wait for what the other idiot president has in store for mexico.

  3. there already going at it in TJ the CAF are weak...all presidents in mexico are bought out by the cartels the president bfr fox the brother was involved in narcotrafico thats why all cartels worked outside the city everything was controlled now that felipe calderon took presidency there was no order but he still protects the biggest capo the sinaloa cartel

  4. Chapo does not have the resources (sicarios) to fight another war, especially with the tj cartel. The tj cartel has grown very much during the time that chapo and law enforcement have not focused on them. Chapo has enough problems with Juarez and the zetas trying to take over smaller plazas.

  5. Chapo is still alive because he PAYS a lot of money to EVERYBODY. He has control of 13 states in Mexico, 3 or 4 in South America,Spain,Ireland,England,Australia, and ????? Do you really think he would still be alive today with out the help of government agencies? With his money he can buy alomost anybody e.g;FBI,CIA,DEA,ICE,INTERPOOL,ECT...

  6. SMURF

    Thanks for this...when I posted this story the other day i had not gone through all my links and emails. Only the story above.

    If you followed the story you will see 2011 is projected to be the bloodiest on the border and Chapo is set to challenge from Tj;AcuÑa ;Piedras

    When I first read about this a few weeks back I honestly did not believe it, but now I would be surprised if it DID NOT HAPPEN.

  7. I don't think a war between Inge and Sinaloa would last that long, especially if Prop 19 is passed. Sadly, Sinaloa would be in Tijuana pretty quickly. I think it's amazing how long CAF has been able to last, given how hard it's getting to cross drugs through the Tijuana-San Ysidro port of entry and the blows it has been withstand in the last couple of years. Tijuana doesn't seem to be as important as it used to be.

  8. I thought I would re-post the link ..
    Credit where credit due...I gleaned the link from MUNDO NARCO..and it was edited by their staff..and I repeat, this is scary shit.

    I recommend Maggies Madness for baja narco news. she posts all the relevant links to full text, as well as op. I have found a mountain of info from her blog and I think one of best for baja..I have a weekend home in Playa Rosarito which we have used during this relative quiet lull in violence, but honestly it has escalated again leaving me feeling I do not want my family down there.

  9. Proceso's reporting is generally the most reliable in the country, so much so that this report cries out to be compared to the original Spanish. It does not make much sense.

    Calderón and Guzmán are partners. Hank and Salinas de Gortari and the CAF are partners. Like Coca-Cola and Pepsi, these two groups are currently fighting for market-share. The violence here in Tijuana happened when Hank mixed it up with Calderón.

    Now that Calderón's party has been turned out of office specifically because of the violence of the previous confrontation, it would be strategically inept for him to precipitate another confrontation … at least until after the next presidential election.

  10. Exactly, el chapo has the money and power to buy anyone he wants and runs the biggest states in mexico and has the help of the mexican government. No one can stop him. While the tijuana cartel is being helped by the oaxaca cartel. The oaxaca cartel??? The tijuana cartel is just remnants of there former self. El chapo will crush them. But i wish that they would destroy el chapo. He and calderon are to blame for this senseless war. I fucken hate el chapo. He's no worse than hitler.

  11. To 'The Real Tijuana', are you saying the report doesn't make sense because of the content, or the translation? Either way, I hope you are right, and I do think it's bad strategy to start another war, esp. in Tijuana. I respect Chapo as a businessman, but I think he has a little Napolean complex, because his greed and desire for power seems to be insatiable.

    He runs a million dollar business, most likely the richest drug lord, almost total control of a lot of states, and still has to come for Baja? That's not business, that's vengeance, going back to 20 years ago. Almost everyone from that generation isn't even around anymore, on both sides. They should just agree to co exist.

  12. If a mexican president makes it through his entire term as president, its because he's a slave president. And calderon is a slave to el chapo. He knows that if he turns on el chapo, he could be assassinated. And when a politician is good and wants to help his country, he gets assassinated before he even becomes president. Its a double edge sword for these leaders. But to be president, you have to be willing to sacrafice your life for the better of the people and money should never interfere with decisions made. Calderon should turn on el chapo and destroy him. Then there will be no war between tijuana and sinaloa.

  13. I wonder if el chapo and felipe calderon read borderland beat? Hey its possible. It would be smart if they did. They could get some valuable information from here. Well if they do, i just want to say to them, "fuck you el chapo and felipe!!!"

  14. El Chapo was born in April 1957? If it's correct, he's an Ariean sign and the Chinese Zodiac is Rooster (Water). He was born to become the richest bloke in the world, not just for the money but he controls some parts of areas in Mexico and others in foreign countries. He's a maverick. El Chapo, we have the best steak in the world so come over here (NZ) and taste it.

  15. @ Abuela

    I thought the same thing, this can't be right, why would El Chapo open a third front to his wars with CDJ and what's left of the BLO. But if the goal of the federal government is to create a monopoly for CDS then it would only be a matter of time before he made a move for Tijuana. Still, with all the rumors and misinformation going around its hard to tell the BS from the truth.


    That's the original text. I checked it over, if you can find any translation error or misquote please be specific so I can make the changes but otherwise looks find to me, thanks!

  16. the most important plazas in mexico belong to the border cities: nuevo laredo, juarez, nogales, tijuana. tijuana doesnt have a powerful cartel. with chapo's ego, why wouldnt he want to take what already belongs to him?

  17. Calderon said today that TJ is an example of the success his war on drugs has had. lmfao

  18. Proposition 19 / POT VICTORY GARDENS in every home. That is the cure. This Drug war is destroying Mexico & US. We all know that the economy and our future is already in the toilet, so people would rather be high. Victory Gardens were small food Gardens duriing World War II in US. Mexico is going through WWIII right now. Wake up Folks.

  19. You guys that say that Prop 19 and legalizing marijuana will help don't know enough about the drug trade, in my opinion. For one, it's a fraction of the business, two, a lot of that work is going to out of state, not Califonia, and three the 'mexi' is considered the lowest grade, and smoked generally in very poor areas. As long as it has a market there, and out of state, it won't affect organized crime, although gradually it will diminish and eventually die out (marijuana), the street trade is already way down, because of dispensaries and clinics, but those people weren't buying pounds of mec in the first place.

  20. @J
    MJ is a big ass portion of the drug trade..60%

    WHat do you mean
    a lot of that work going out of state"? you mean potential crop? or?

    The farms will be in Cali...and small shops will distribute much like liquor stores.. already companies have formed such as WEGROW..set to open 28 stores in the first year.

    If Cali passes...and it will...and uncompromised by constitutionality, I forsee Washington State will be next and Oregon...Wa already has huge MJ farms, illegal of course.

    and the cartels have established a presence in Wa state converting vinyards to pot farms, in effect skipping the fear of being nailed on the border. This is an angle I have been watching for a year. My friends in Seattle say this is well known there and wonder why the press is not speaking of it, they claim cartels have "armed" personnel at the farms.

  21. @smurf

    I saw you posted the article on PITTS REPORT..
    You know many others are posting it or similar and I am stunned because this has been news for months and no one ran with it, but since one of your readers expressed interest I thought I would throw it up on BB.. Funny.

    I was not talking about your translation..sorry for the confusion, you guys do a good job. No one else bothers to translate to english and thereby missing the very people that need to educated on whats up in MX..

    I was speaking of Mundo had edited from original piece.

    The thing whith Chapo, once I began digging the more I am a believer he will make a run for TJ. It makes perfect sense and the timing is

  22. I find it so ironic that you guys talk about cartel wars and market shares like its legitimate business. Then we are accepting a new paradigm here: Wars over drugs are ok but wars over national security and terrorism are not ok!

    A war is a war and mexico is in one. Albeit one-sided. The cartels have all the money, guns, death squads and means to beat a whole country into submission.

    So while you all talk about El Chapo going to war in Tijuana, we should be talking about Mexico going to war on El Chapo--for real. Read my post at _about 8:20 pm_ in Enough is Enough.

    Enough is Enough--time to go to war! Got any better ideas?

  23. I can't believe the TJ city government did not crack down on the cartels years ago. The violence has driven most of the tourists.

    It sounds as though the only way to stop the cartels is for the military to assume control of TJ and post soldiers on major street corners.

  24. 7:28pm: A business is a business, whether it's sanctioned by the government or not.

    Buela brought a good point into the equation, Mexican marihuana, although of a lower grade than U.S. produced marihuana, still accounts for a large percentage of the drug trade. The worst that could happen with Prop 19 being passed is that extortion, cobro de piso, and kidnappings will increase, but that would be a very bad move for whomever controls Tijuana. If the next administration follows the agenda of Ramos, then they will crack down on anybody that starts to "calentar la plaza".

    As long as Sinaloa is battling it out with the Zetas in Chihuahua, I don't think he'll want to mess around with Tijuana.

  25. TJ erupted in violence over the weekend..mixing it up with decapitations and hanging headless bodies....just as the city was in celebration hosting dignitaries and Calderon....promoting business and the economic successes of the city..BAD TIMING???

  26. I don't know what the Azartes are doing, but it sure won't lead them anywhere. Rumor has it that El Inge finally came back to TJ and didn't like what he saw in regards to kidnapping and extortions. The Azartes have been flying solo for a while but it seems they'll be taken down in the next few weeks.

  27. Just think about how long "el chapo" has been trying to
    take over Tijuana,I think its a about 30+.Now also
    think that if MAYBE 1day he will take over and CONTROL TIJUANA
    how long will he enjoy it????the guy is about 60+
    Yrs......The Engineer is the favorite!

  28. I want el chapo to read this Chapito yo te voy a buscar y todos los zetas


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