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Thursday, October 28, 2010

El Mayo's neice is interrogated

During the first week of October three females related to “El Mayo” were abducted as they were boarding a flight at the International Airport of Tijuana “Abelardo L. Rodríguez" (further details here on Borderland Beat).

Today, a video surfaced on YouTube showing two of the abducted females being interrogated by their captors. With desperation in her voice, María Isabel Gutiérrez Zambada begged her uncle Ismael "El Mayo" Zambada to save the life of her daughter, herself and her mother.

The 5 minute long video shows María Isabel Gutiérrez Zambada along with her daughter Sarita (who is still wearing her college uniform) with armed men in masks who are pointing large guns at them. There are several assault rifles displayed in the background.

The woman and her daughter appear to be at a safe house, they sit on the floor and seem depressed and desperate at the apparent lack of support they have received from the Zamabada family.

In the video they begin to break down and cry, begging "El Mayo" Zambada to save them and make sure that they leave the safe house alive.

María Isabel, confessed to being Zambada's niece and expresses the opinion that no innocent people should have to pay for her uncle's mistakes.

She kept repeating that her uncle had spoken with the kidnappers and she said that "El Mayo" had hung up the phone on her mother (his sister) when she had called him to open negotiations for their release.

“Uncle, if we are important to you as family, I beg you, please, for the life of my daughter, that you respond to the petitions of these people, who up until this moment have acted like gentlemen, something I haven't seen from my family. They (Zambada and his people) are responsible for the terrible things that have been done with or without my uncles' knowledge or consent, they have even cut communications with my mother," says the niece of El Mayo.

The demeanor of the women shows the very real fear they have at the possibility of ending up dead or worse, tortured like many other people who have become casualties of the war between the narcotraffickers.

The video suggests that the motives for the abduction were not monetary, although María Isabel is making these statements at gunpoint and there is no way to verify that the kidnappers haven't asked for money off camera.

“I don't think these people are asking for anything that you can't give them, only the release of several innocent women and children. From what these people have shown me, the people responsible for all the abuse and injustice are my uncle Mayo and his compadre "El Chapo" Guzman. I don't think the family is ever guilty of anything. Of all the terrible things they (Mayo and Chapo) do, this is the worst (kidnap family members)," said the woman, who was accompanied by her daughter Sarita.

"I am completely sure that these people have located all the wives and women of my uncle and his sons who are in and out of the country. These people have shown me proof that they have they ability to find them, and that they also have respected the family and that of his compadre, Chapo until now," said María Isabel. The voice off camera goes on to mention several women by name and she confirms that they have proved to her that they have solid intelligence on the whereabouts of these people related to the two capos.

“Work your problems out among yourselves, among men. Don't run away and respect the family,"

"Don't leave us by ourselves, the price they're asking is nothing unjust," she said through tears.

"Uncle, please I beg you for the lives of my mother and my daughter."


  1. Could this be Juarez? This doesn't seem like Tijuana to me. Or independents, just after money? It seems like a personal grudge though. I hope this girl is released, this is all getting so desperate and inhumane.

  2. Well it definitely doesn't sound like Tijuana but I have a suspicion about this. For some reason it appears to me that they are trying to bait Zambada to actively engage this himself. Meaning to expose himself so they can try to pinpoint where he is at. I'm sure other cartels would love to kill Zambada, but the best way really is to have him captured by authorities. Then we will see the domino effect of some sort. But even with that, I am sad to say. The cycle doesn't end.

  3. Nah, I hope it's definitely not El Inge that did this, we have too much shit going on in TJ right now. Although according to the latest edition of Zeta, a family member of Bejamin Arellano was kidnapped shortly before this took place. El Mayo's niece also talks about the captors wanting to exchange her for some of El Mayo's captives. Who knows what the hell's going on.

  4. Could you at least credit where you picked up all or part of the article from? I've read at least half of this article word for word on another blog 3 days ago.

    Anyhow, I hope the younger female is released unharmed. The older lady is whatever. From whats been said in other blogs, the older woman has benefited from her uncle's business and thousands of deaths/addictions.

  5. "Could you at least credit where you picked up all or part of the article from? I've read at least half of this article word for word on another blog 3 days ago."

    Please tell me you are not that stupid? First of all that blog is not the original source of the article they published, they copy and paste word for word in Spanish from other news sources without giving credit, so BB is correct in not giving credit (I doubt they even got their info from there).

    Also BB does not saturate news, they limit their posts on a daily basis, so that is why most is not posted right away, so quit whinning and stay on topic!

  6. To post comments in Borderland Beat is a privilege and not a right, so play nice or be sent to the abyss.

  7. Some heads are going to fucking roll on this one for sure! Ever thought that maybe this is a setup by El Chapo to keep him running the show alone with the Government. El Nacho supposibly had to go, so why not El Mayo next. He would be a huge fish to catch. I wish I could make out the badges on these guys uniforms, they look like they got the best equipment out there. Mexican Military wants Zambada to give himself up! Who knows?

  8. You know what Capo, you could be right... Nachos death seems very fishy, it seems like it was a setup.. some people said Nacho was getting too powerful. Now zambada might get that same faith.. too powerful for chapo to control.. alliances are made and broken every day.. I don't think the juarez cartel would do this especially afyer getting carillos nephew back within a week. So who knows who or why they have zambada's nieces?


  10. This definately would not be a back stabbing approach by Don Guzman to Don Zambada. That clame is outrageous. Don Nacho was never Zambada status. He had money and power but just not the support from the people. Zambada employs and has just as much power as Guzman..Thousands of people are loyal to him to the death. Been around for a few decades. So don't underestimate the guy. I believe him and Chapo have more of a partnership and more of he never works under Chapo. I think it's Juarez cartel who might be responsible for this one...The bloody fued between Vicente and his compadre Zambada since the death of his brother in Sinaloa. Of which Vicente put the blame on Chapo and his people but at that time it could have been the Beltrans who made that call. Vicente Carrillo and Zambada at one time thru his brother Amada of who was his compadre were close but he felt backstabbed by Don Mayo for not showing enough support when his other brother was killed. To investigate to find out who made that call? The lady states that " these people have showed me proof that they have always respected the family and women " so this has to be a cartel that has been around a while.. Eliminates the Zetas because they respect no one. Arrellano I would eliminate them as well. The Golfo well they don't tread in those waters and La Familia either. So Juarez and La Linea are in a war with Sinaloa. I pick up your family for picking up mine. Vicente Carrilo until he runs out of the money his brother the lord of the skies made will never surrender...The guy is mad and crazy....He just will not give up his territory to no one.

  11. Instead of spending all their money on a war that seems to have no end in sight these guys should end it. They all have taken major losses and have caused their country alot of pain. You figure these "business men" had enough sense to see that they are eliminating each other. What a waste of energy and money. The group that comes out on top is the one that lets go and focuses their time on creating new markets not fighting over one. You can only milk a cow for so long. So get more cows!!!

  12. Why do these "relatives" keep the last name? It is kind of double standard.When times are good-The name keeps them powerful and safe.Times of war they hide.What gives? If they are trully not in it, change your name.

  13. With money comes greed. With greed comes uncontrolled judgement and irrational actions. The devil has been let lose in these peoples thoughts and actions. Business or not, if they let go of their territory they lose money. So I wouldn't say they aren't losing so much money per say unless they lose control of the smuggling routes and plazas then it's downhill for funds. Just expendible gunmen is all there losing in their eyes. The people you see get killed are low level gunmen they pay a medicore payment in order for them to kill somebody and prance around like they are untouchable. Most of them get caught or killed. Why? Becuase they are expandible for these cartels. The midlevel and plaza capos don't get stuck in those situations. They send the weak and put a cuerno de chivo in some guys hand and say shoot the law or shoot the contrarios. Simple, we pay if you perform and if they don't perform they get killed by other gunmen or the law. So until the drug business in America stops being a 40 Billion dollar plus business there is always going to be a Chapo Guzman or a Don Mayo Zambada. And if something happens to the Dons there will be someone waiting to fill their shoes.Face it! It's a Narco Society and supply and demand will generate money and blood. Here or anywhere. Sucks doesn't it? But we live in different times with difficult situations but maybe there is light at the end of the tunnel...Saludos,

  14. It's rumored these three were rescued in Tijuana yesterday, during a raid on a cell of El Inginero. I don't know if this is true or not, I don't believe Sanchez Arellano sanctioned the kidnapping though.

  15. This is not the Juarez Cartel. Eso No hace la Linea

  16. oh thats so bad.....i thought these cartel leaders were family oriented


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