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Thursday, October 28, 2010

"Silence Kills"

September 1, 2010

One day has passed since Rodolfo was abducted.

Rodolfo was kidnapped in broad daylight at an intersection as he made his way to his office yesterday. The ransom has been paid. We're praying that he is returned to his loved ones.

We are praying for his safe release.

This is an open letter to his kidnapper.

I wonder how it feels to live a paranoid existance?

I wonder how you feel that your family is eating from spoils bought with someone's blood?

What races through your mind each time you see someone in uniform?

What sort of anguish eats at the pit of your stomach when you see the PFP or the Army soldiers?

The nightmares you must have when you sleep, as the faces of all the innocent people you've killed come to pay you a visit.

The paranoia you must feel when you go to supermarket, the movies and even taking your children to their schools?

Surely you don't believe that bullets respect all of your fine clothes, trucks or your expensive 14K gold chains that you wear?

When you look in the mirror each day do you see a man or a beast that has their days numbered?

When you fall asleep do you wonder, if you will wake up in the same bed or on the cold gurney in a morgue?

How old are you? 40? 30? 20?

How long do you think you can continue to live like this?

How does it feel to live the life of a parasite, the ephemeral life of a microbe that lives only to take without giving anything in return?

To know that the only sign of life within is that you're still able to breathe.

To question whether there will come a day when your life has meaning.

To know deep inside that all you have or what you've worked at is not your own.

To know that you're working for your replacement, who is sure to be there to take your place soon.

I feel deep sorrow for you, your life has no semblance of living and no real meaning.

I should hate you or wish you a painful death but I can't because you are the walking dead.

You always are fighting amongst yourselves and with the authorities and in a bloody war over with the rightful owners of Mexico - the people.

Yet you must know that your fight is worthless, because the territories that you've fought over are already allocated to someone else.

So live and sleep in luxury tonight, enjoy for a moment all the fruits of your kidnappings, murders and the drugs you've sold.

But I am sure that you'll end up drowning in your own blood and defecating in your pants on some out of the way dirt road.

You will end up dying like a lone cornered animal, howling and groveling for the last few seconds of the life you have.

All that will be left is the sweat that gets in your eyes and sense of terror carved in your soul.

The overwhelming fear that gets caught in your throat and the agonizing screams as the piercing hot bullets begin to enter your putrid body.

With the only photograph that everyone sees being one of those final graphic ones.

And society will always says the same thing about you, that you died just like the animals that you were.

Suffocating between excruciating pain and tears.

I've heard that more than one of you remembers God and asks for forgiveness.

But as you lay there dying and gasping for the little bit of air that can squeeze through your gurgling blood you have an epiphany... but its too late.

There is only one place to go to next and that is to hell.

Forever forgotten into oblivion, your wife and family ends up worse than before for they too are now condemned to live in social exile.

Many of us in Mexico might have little to eat and no money for even the most basic of things, yet in comparison with you, we are all rich.

Because we continue to live with our loved ones, sleep and eat when and where we want.

We keep going to church, movie theaters, the supermarkets and the neighborhood parks without looking over our shoulders for the police or the soldiers... but more importantly we all continue to enjoy the company of our loved ones.

We are able to enjoy our birthdays and holidays and we are able to freely enjoy the food, the music, the dancing and the joy of celebrating with our loved ones.

I never, never thought I would thank you, but because of you every Mexican is increasingly coming together.

Joining a united front against this huge drug war and against each of you... and in record numbers

We will continue to defy you, to fight you, and we will report you, we will continue to call you on every barbaric situation.

We know where you live, where you eat, the cars and trucks that you drive, we know your friends and who you like to hang out with... we even know who your children, wives and families are.

You are incredibly ignorant to believe that you are somehow untouchable.

You, your falcons, regional commanders, territory chiefs, other sicarios and kidnappers and all of your entire organizations will one day face the ultimate justice.

That is the only thing that I can guarantee.


For our family the fate of our loved one Rodolfo Acosta Benavidez was imposed through a failed Mexican government and a deaf mute society.

Where its citizens no longer speak of or listen to each others supplications for help.

Minutes turn into hours and hours into days, each filled with confusion, silence, powerlessness, rage and more hell.

Painful emptiness that transforms itself into an abyss - where Faith seems to begin waning.

The ransom was paid!

The pact was broken.

A promise of a safe release and with it all credibility was vanquished.

So the streets remain filled with their walking dead.

Whose own reality is questionable... they too no longer believe what exists around them.

Perhaps we have all been guilty!

We close the window shut when we hear a neighbor arguing, but who might have needed our help.

We turn our backs to the brother who needs a hand up.

We look the other way without ever looking back.

We minimize the bad and allow it to happen.

We do nothing.

We work at forgeting by closing our eyes.

But what will happen when we finally open our eyes?

Will we recognize the colors of trust, peace, tranquility and justice?

How much of the positive will we remember?

How much will we recognize?

Will it be too late?

How much of the good will we have forgotten?

Will we ever be able to find meaning in this life again?

We must not allow this inept and corrupt government to remain unnaccountable.

We must not allow its citizens to remain silent.

We must not be that society, the one that does not hear the pleas.

We must not allow them to impose a death sentence on us.

We don't want their imposed destiny.

We DEMAND our own.

We have grown tired of living in the valley of the dead and the desperate.

A life of lost faith.

Where justice is deaf...

We must not allow the death of Roberto Urrea and now Rodolfo, like so many other innocents before them to go unpunished.

If we do, then they all will have died in vain.

We must demand justice, stop the hatred, drug crimes, corruption, kidnappings and the murdering of the innocent.

Never to allow any family to relive this nightmare and reside in this HELL.

We must have courage and conviction.

We must have faith, sow hope but demand justice.

Let's quit closing the windows, stop turning our backs and acting as if we do not see.



Our Mexico deserves a just government, a fair one, where citizens are heard, where its people can live safely and where families can thrive.

Where people do not keep silent or worse fear speaking up.

To keep quiet in front of an injustice is accepting all injustice.



This abduction happened in day light on a busy intersection, with aprox. 50 witnessess including several public works city employees that were just 15 feet away. With over 6500 soldiers and 4000 state and federal police patrolling the streets. The first police car arrived within minutes and gave chase only to have that patrol car run out of gasoline. No one saw anything. Fear paralyzes and blinds. Since January, Juárez has had 2,006 homicides that authorities said are connected to the cartel wars. Silence kills.

By Dr Tomas

Rodolfo Acosta Benavidez was abducted on Tuesday, August 31, 2010 as he drove to his job as Dean of the University Center of Ciudad Juarez.

According to police reports he was murdered soon after he was abducted. The authorities recovered his body Tuesday evening but failed to inform his family.

Meanwhile, Dean Acosta’s family was extorted by the alleged kidnappers of a ransom for his safe release.

After the ransom was paid his body was “recognized” by a state police official on Thursday, September 2, at the state forensic services morgue.

During the investigation, the state prosecutor’s office announced that one of the main lines of inquiry was that a friend or associate was probably responsible for the crime. Of course, no suspect was produced.

At the time of his murder Dean Acosta was working in conjunction with the Journalist’s Association of Ciudad Juarez to develop a course that would elevate the training and standards of journalists, particularly for those covering law enforcement in Juarez.


  1. I can feel the anguish in this letter. The anger felt towards the kidnappers and government. I know that calderons plan is for one cartel to rule the drug" business" but so many innocent and good hard working people will die meanwhile. Im seeing that the people are starting to express their anger through letters and banners. Good. This is hopefully a beginning to something better. In the future, i hope that these words become actions. The people should vent their anger more towards the government than the cartels. An uprising should happen.

  2. If the people just got together and created an uprise, the mexican government would shit in their pants. I have seen how weak the mexican army and police force is. There is no way that the mexican government could stop large groups of pissed off citizens all over mexico. They would not be able to handle the mass hysteria.

  3. As mexico celebrates it's bicentennial year, perhaps they will remember their beginnings:

    Hidalgo: "¡Muera el mal gobierno!”

  4. We are all victims of Governments that we have intrusted public dutys to. Mexico is a great example, the irony is that the govt is opposed to the public doing the job that the govt is responsible for. The post is heart rending people everywhere are sick of the failure of Govt performance. There are signs that the responsible citizens in Mexico are beguining to Realize that the govt will not create law and order unless the public gives them no other option. Can you believe the police removed banners crying for public involment in law enforcment, The police should be putting up billboards asking for help the Fed should have a media blitz?? Whatever

  5. If anything, it makes me happy to see that the mexican citizens are starting to express their anger towards their government. This is a timebomb ready to explode. I wish more mexicans both american and from mexico would use borderland beat to learn more about what's going on in mexico because knowledge is everything. But i feel like this is just the beginning. Mexicans will start to fight back. They should at least come together and protest everywhere throughout mexico. They just need to get LOUDER.

  6. When I was young I remember being told" It's the squeeky wheel that get's the oil." So you have to speak loud to get your point across. I think writing letters is better than nothing but it's still a passive way to express anger. The people have too protest loudly everywhere and the media has to help as well. This is getting interesting. I am waiting to see what the mexican citizens will do next.

  7. Powerful and moving letter. But something needs to be done...Why don't the rich of Mexico unite and build their own army to battle the corrupt...Wait the the rich of the rich are all tied with the Narcos in Mexico. Maybe not all have immediate ties but they all seek protection from someone down the line...Until that stops, corruption, drugs and kidnapping will always happen in Mexico. Too many lives survive off that way of life. It's sad but it's the facts. How many more lives in Mexico need to be lost before they admit they are in a Narco War and there is too much pride for Mexico to ask the US for help. They don't want to admit they have failed and they don't control their country. The downfall of a Mexican can always be pride...And admitting they are wrong. I know I speak from experience..We are proud people who like to stand up for what's right and wrong and now is the time to stand up for the rights and future of society in Mexico.....Saludos,

  8. Whoever can hear me, in Mexico: PRINT IT, SPEAK IT OVER THE RADIO, THE TELEVISION, AND IN THE STREETS!! Raise one united voice! "To keep quiet in front of an injustice is to accept all injustice."

    This is brillantly written. It speaks to the SOUL of a society. To the morality of a society that refuses to be eaten by cannibals. Germany needed this kind of voice before its march to the gas chambers.

    You've got it. Stand up. Everyone. And live it!

    Dare anyone who won't recite these words to call themselves human. Refuse to close your doors and be silent. In doing so, you are closing the doors to your own gas chamber. I would rather fight and die honorably, than to die for nothing and I know you would too.

  9. Wow Anonymous! Well said, just like Dr. Tomas. I'm saddened by all that is happening in my beloved Mexico but although no longer a citizen of the country, it holds my heart and I pray that something changes and this letter fully expresses the sentiment felt by those of us who love it there. Scum has always existed, we just have to uprise and squash them. VIVA MEXICO! QUE LA VIRGEN LOS PROTEJA!

  10. I have made a promise that I would get the message out here in the United States. I emailed part of Dr. Tomas's letter to CNN and told them to contact me and I could send all of it. Maybe someone will do a story on it. I could use some help. I need others to contact our media here and bombard them with stories from Mexico that demand to be heard. AnD not just snippets of news either. Its time to SPREAD THE NEWS...ALL of us!

  11. @ 7:58

    good for you it is a way we can do something. I would not stop at CNN...FOX is the only station covering narco news to any degree. send to all the stations. USA Today is a good printed source, I have had stuff printed there

  12. My heart ached as I read my Brothers letter. I see a world gone mad. A world devoid of morals and injustice everywhere. A world where innocent by-standers are gunned down, and the authorities are helpless and do nothing. I applaud you Carnal, for having the courage to speak up about such a heinous situation as is overruning Mexico. Tu Carnal, D

  13. Go ahead and protest, then end up like the college student gunned down by the soldiers. If my life or that of anyone in my family's were at stake, I would not protest. Nearly 30,000 dead already in Mexico since Calderon started this f'd up war tells us all that life there is no longer sacred. A photo of my dead body would be the only testimonial that I had existed at all. Go ahead and protest. I dare you.

  14. I visited with a Mexican family (my friends) that have been here in the US for 14 years now....they are now Christians in a Conservative Baptist Church and say that Mexico is paying the price for worshiping the Virgin instead of Jesus Christ.... that God is angry and allowing what is happening because the people are not and haven't been on their knees to Christ Jesus...the ONLY Savior...and my response as an American, Conservative was...then it will happen in the USA too ...because we aren't on our knees to Christ Jesus. Read II Chronicles 7:14 if you want to see what God has to say about it....we best take note. Actually, start reading the whole is the only answer for mankind! It is not about religiousity, it is about a true heart attitude, the right kind that can only come from God Himself..a personal relationship for us to have with Him and to live.... If you don't believe me ... study what happened in "Chamula"(Mexico) , land of blood (tierra de sangre) in the 70's and 80's thru the 90's when corruption was worshiped and they dis-allowed freedom of religion....especially freedom to worship Jesus Christ....they were driven from their land when they couldn't pay the corruptors who demanded their faithfulness to a Virgin and pay their was the same way in Spain before the fifties when I lived there as a child under Franco the Dictator, as an American,.... the church just wanted their devotion and money and offered little to the poor....except for fake miracles to keep the money coming in... this IS where it all begins...with a corrupt heart and every nation is in trouble when they as a people deny Jesus Christ, the true Son of God....any particular denomination is in trouble, and anyone who denies who He is and gives precedence to the Evil is one or the other...don't be fooled by substitutes. You can only serve one God. If you think it is religious hooey, then laugh and watch....or turn to Jesus who is the only Savior ..even when you die. I pray for the people in Mexico, who deserve better!! WE ARE PRAYING FOR YOU, don't give up, but get on your knees too to the real God. He has the power to destroy nations or raise them up. He ONLY wants our hearts is an easy thing....take a look in the mirror at who you are....there you will see the truth....then SEEK what is true.


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