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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Marines deliver another blow to the Gulf cartel.

The Naval Ministry presented 17 alleged Gulf Cartel detainees to the media on Tuesday, October 5th, at a naval base in the border city of Matamoros, Tamaulipas.

Naval spokesman Rear Admiral Jose Luis Vergara said the suspects were arrested by Mexican Marines within the last few days in separate actions in the municipalities of San Fernando, Matamoros, Reynosa and Nuevo Leon and surrounding areas.

Those detained included six municipal police officers belonging to police forces in Matamoros and Rio Bravo, Tamaulipas, although this was not confirmed by their respective city administrations.

"The arrests and seizures are a result of follow-up by Marines on information obtained by naval intelligence work aimed at disrupting the operational networks of criminal groups by weakening its logistics structure," said Rear Admiral Vergara.

Also presented to the media were 49 rifles and assault weapons, two side arms, 101 thousand rounds of ammunition and 42 vehicles. Among the vehicles were tractor-trailer rigs, vintage cars, SUVs and luxury cars and off road vehicles.

Some of the vehicles sported bumper stickers advertising the PRI and Rodolfo Torre Cantú, the candidate for state governor of Tamaulipas who was killed on 28 June, a week before the election.

Also seized in the operation were 125 military type uniforms, five bullet proof vests with the initials CDG, 10 bulletproof helmets, 8 packages of of cocaine and 16 packages of marijuana, 1,200 assault weapon magazines, 31 cell phones and 10 pieces of mobile radio equipment.

The detention of these 17 alleged members of the Gulf Cartel comes a week after the arrest of another 30 Gulf Cartel criminals by Marines in Tamaulipas.

Those arrested were identified as Angel de Jesus Gamez Meza, Marcos Aurelio Méndez González, Luis Lauro Barriento González, Antonio Morales Reyes, Rafael Rodríguez Olvera, Oscar Alexander Mendoza Rodríguez, Óscar Ramírez Rubio, Israel Barron Uriel Garcia and Juan Guerrero Abundis.

José Alfredo Cavazos also Montoya, Francisco Zuniga Salas, Gonzalo Márquez Alvarado, Heriberto Mendoza Arvizu, Burgoin Mario Cesar Garza, Leonel Zúñiga González, Emiliano Ruperto Ordoñez de León and Jesús Rodríguez Piñeiro.

Recently released photographs that reportedly show the results of one of the September street battles in Matamoros, Tamaulipas.

Mexican military helicopter engaging a target with what appears to be a "mini-gun" Gatling style weapon.


  1. I like the emblems, and clothing that all these guys have. Imagine the Mafia soldiers in shirts 'Gambino 01', would never happen, just kind of shows how some parts of Mexico are like the Wild West, I mean, where would you wear that shirt? Only in battle I assume.

    Anyway, what is going on here? Why are the hitting the Gulf so hard? Why aren't the military hitting the Zeta's in the southern region of Tamaulipas?

  2. I think you would attract the wrong kind of attention wearing any cartel emblems anywhere. So yea, only in battle.

    Just speculation, I know everyone hates the Z but... Its possible they have deep enough pockets to pay the military and local police more than the crippled CDG, the war and a lack of strong leadership are depleting their forces and coffers. Strange that CDS, LFM and the Z aren't being arrested in droves as well.

  3. Yeah I don't like this at all... did any of you guys caught that article Diario De Juarez wrote a month ago and how the Z were cooperating with local federal and aduana officials in the extortion of money from illegal imigrants? If you ask me, both CDG and Z are bad groups, but Z are far worst... Smurf is right, it seems certain groups are getting hit pretty bad lately CDJ and CDG are two that can't seem to be able to get away...

  4. CARTEL DEL GOLFO not only has clothing with emblems, but their vehicles as well have the CDG LOGO on them. The Zetas are not well organized and don't have deep pockets. Their time is coming, just you wait and see. The Mexicans and US Americans are working closely together to bring down the more powerful Cartels. The Sinaloa Federation will be the last to go though because of its political infuence and strong roots.

  5. Maybe CDG is just the bigger target, and are being hit harder because of it. Zeta's are less organized, and less centralized, while the CDG strongholds are well documented, Zeta's are living under rocks in small villages. I don't know, I'd like to see things turn for the Z's, I don't know if you can call CDG weakened yet, Juarez definitely, I think they are a few strong hits away from the floor.

  6. looks like the mex gob is working hard for the pinche Z...too bad figures ...the gob would take the side of the worst of all the cartels....

  7. The mexican government is after any target of opertunity. Cdg might be in patrol in a certain place, then they run into zetas and a shootout happens. Military responds and cdg members are still in the area after the zetas got there butts whooped, or escaped to a safe house from where they can call military to pinpoint the location of cdg to take them out.

  8. The reason why CDG is getting hit early and often is because OF the tactics that the Z's are using. its real simple... one group creates chaos and the area gets hot. If the area is hot, the chances of stuff like this that is happening to CDG is greater. In my opinion, its going to be a long war between the CDG and Z's that is going to be won by the CDG. The Z's are weaker than the CDG in money and their arsenal but they have 1 thing going for them... They are Zetas and are world renowned and that is how they recruit. just the name it self attracts people who want to be something in a country where you don't have many options of being someone of importance. Regardless of the fact, i hope this shit ends so people can go back to living "normal" lives in Mexico.

  9. They are Zetas and are world renowned........WHAT!!!!!


  10. The two cartels left standing will be the gulf cartel and the sinaloa cartel. Then those two cartels will become enemies again and will fight for the nuevo laredo route becuase more cargo passes through nuevo laredo then any other passage. and in the end, the sinaloa cartel will be the only cartel standing.

  11. Los zetas will get taken out soon because they are too reckless and are biting off more than they can chew. Just like the tijuana cartel who were dangerous but were also too aggresive, were eventually dismembered because of too many mistakes they caused on themselves. Many of these cartels destroy themselves.

  12. The Cheesy BS Photo op of Presenting the criminals is so GD typical of Mx Mentality,Performance is the name of the game Good work but cut out all the window dressing.

  13. Bring back the death penalty and you will definitely see a change. First you have to get rid of top officials who are corrupt. Mexico is a beautiful country but we can't travel there anymore because if assholes with guns that think they're invincible. Eye for an eye!


  15. they were let go right after the photos...what do you expect from a country where they have expensive mag wheels on the army trucks...

  16. I think you guys are missing something important. Regardless of which cartel was involved and your feelings on it, the video showed interesting and important information.

    If you watch these videos tactically, you can glean alot of info about whats going on. Two (theres a second, watch left side at end of video) MI-17s with three, one-second bursts (yes sounded like minigun fire). Thats alot of firepower. See the articles on the M134, the weapon possibly mounted on the helicopter below. If it is an M134, then according to Wikipedia its got a fire rate of 2000 - 6000 rounds per minute. With 3 one second bursts, that means each burst put anywhere from 33 to 100 rounds on target per burst. In turn thats 99-100 7.62mm rounds fired total. They must have really waxed something.

    October 3rd

  17. When i said the Z's were world renowned, i meant that they are very well known throughout EVERYWHERE and are feared. Don't you read any??? Yes, i do agree with what you said about them. Its true.

    To the person who clarified it to the other person... thanks. I guess some people can't comprehend stuff. lol

  18. This is all bullshit. I personally know half of those people arrested and can say they are not part of any crime organization. These folks
    Work as "transitos" in Progreso. And if you know what transitos are, you can safely say that they don't have enough money or make enough. They don't even carry weapons.
    Among those caputured where business owners in Progreso, and they have and been tourtured by the "Marina". Half where realesed the very next day. The other half, have had their rights taken away. They haven't been fed or been available to get an attorney.
    The only crime these people have commited is the fear of being killed by the CDG or the Zetas. If you own a business and a CDG member walks in to your business, and for fear of your own life, your not going to be rude and say "I cannot serve you, or sell you anything because you are part od the. CDG". That would be suicide. Those are the real charges that as up to this point they have been charge with. Because the guns, cars, drugs, ect. Are all bullshit. That was all for show. They are being charge with ties to a Cartel.

  19. lo siento por esta gente estupida que tiene el consepto del narco por los cielos i por las personas que dia adia la media de comunicasion les da de tragar dia con dia claro peperdido la mitad de esas pesonas son culpables de sus delito pero la otra mitad fue injusta mente culpada de portar todo ese arsenal cosa ke no conside si chekan bien los detenidos tienen botas militares de la marina armada de mexico mis respetos pa ellos pero estos senores son igual o peor que las escorias que tratan de radicar.yo de primera mano se que unos de los muchachos que presentan aqui fueron secuestrados i torturados por el govierno fueron levantados en diferentes partes de la region torturados i luego presentados ante los medios como criminales o !enpapelados!como se le conose por esos rumbos.asta aorita estos muchachos inocentes estan presos en el penal de matamoros los demas fueron remitidos a la siedo.esto solamente fue un vill theatro para taparle el ojo al macho i que el presidente de la republica diga que la lucha contra en narcotrafico sige avansando .....mentira en toda la frontera no aii justicia no aii ley aii controlan la akellos hombres de los que no se abla los centros de readaptacion social son una mentira si uviera mas control uviera menos extorciones telefonicas i menos muertes...........lo siento por todos los jovenes desorientados de mexico que piensan ke andar en una camioneta i armado i todo drogado es poder que lastima solo son titeres de gente con poder i mucho pero mucho dinero son desechables i esta comprobado.....igual alos policias coruptos ministerios publicos que enrealidad nada estan para echarle mas a lagente i a sus casos i a los governadores llenos de promesas i mentiras falsas todo pinta a un mexico seguro i limpio de gente contra la ley?????o a favor esta muii legos todo es muy complicado i muy extenso para comprender aii mucha gente involucrada i mucho dinero de por medio esto no para asta que el pueblo en si no se levante en armas i tome la justicia en en sus manos

  20. la persona de comentario anterior es verdad lo que dice no nadamas lo se yo estuve i convivi con esas personas


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