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Thursday, October 7, 2010

The drug war in pictures pt 2

The dismembered body of a man was found around 2:30 am on Thursday on national federal highway of Acapulco-Pinotepa in the state of Guerrero.

His body was found in garbage bags along with a narco-message:

This is what happens to ANYONE who supports Hector Beltran Leyva and Daniel Encinas.”

Police quickly secured the area after the homicide was reported. As of this post, there had been no identification of the body.

In Sinaloa, a municipal police officer if found dead along with his two sons after they were kidnapped by armed men this past Sunday. The victims had signs of torture, the brothers were identified as Christian and Freddy Acosta Aiajas, sons of the officer, Concepcion Acosta Alarcon, all residents of Colonia Solidaridad. No bullets wounds or casings were found.

On January 12th, brother of Concepcion, Medardo Acosta Alarco was kidnapped and executed. His body was found in la comunidad de Las Brisas. He was also a member of the municipal police.

The Last 48 Hours in Juarez


  1. la vdd esos weyes no tienen madre. q horror!

  2. Sweet Jesus Smurf!!!

    Isn't one dismemberment pic enough?

    I realize you must post the reality but it seems overly ambitious...excuse the pun.. but overkill.

    This is why none of my sissy friends will look at narco blogs

    Of course this is only my dos centavos

  3. Point well taken. I def wonder about this stuff being out there, whether its better NOT to post it... I suppose this one is a bit overdone. Some of the narco blogs are more sensational than others and that's mainly where I get these obituaries. There usually isn't enough material to post just one story and Nota Roja was doing updates in pictures of the Juarez murders. They have been posting daily until Wednesday. I hope its just small delay and nothing else. I've always wondered what happened to this person who put out similar material and hasn't posted since June 7th.

    Perhaps the blog has changed to another name, maybe there is a good explanation. Worst case situation, stuff like these pictures got them silenced in one form of another. No one wants to look at this. I will agree on that.

    Still, this is happening. I don't know if we should be looking at it or not. Perhaps I should use this type of material sparingly. As an amateur at this journalism thing I will certainly take your comments into consideration for future posts.

  4. I know this has been discussed before. Most people don't want to see the graphic "on your face" aftermath of the violence, but it is what it is. We present to you what is happening, in the raw and give it to you without watering it down. I guess it might be hard for some to take, but that is the reality, people in Mexico see this every day.

    I mean, if you are a regular reader of this blog, I don't have to tell you that the media refuses to report it and the Mexican and US government are in denial and most of the people in the United States have no clue (some think we make it up).

    BB is known not to hold back, and as unpleasant as it is, we have an obligation to show it to you for what is worth. It is ugly, brutal, violent, graphic and unbearable at times, but we must see it and be repulse by it for we must never forget what a country is enduring.


    Sorry to sound so cold, but it's just hard to paint it pretty when it's ugly!

  5. What a great line: "It's hard to paint it pretty when it's ugly!"

    Mainstream media waters this down to statistics...but Lucilla wasn't a statistic, was she? She was a beautiful 19 year-old girl with her whole life ahead of her, wasn't she? I didn't know her, but I have a daughter her age.

    Her death was prety ugly wasn't it? I would be an outraged if I was a citizen from Mexico. She's not the first, but who will be the last straw??

    When are you going to demand to your government that outside help is needed--what are the UN peacekeeping forces for anyway? And the US should get involved in some strategic way--this is not just a divided border any longer.

    I don't see the current plan making much headway--yes capos are being arrested but it is not stopping the violence.

    Figure out a way to reach out "abroad" with the help of your media? Also, politicians who are honestly just as frustrated as you are.

  6. @Smurf

    I think to be "authentic" you cannot shy away from reality, and this is reality. My gripe is my associates/family/friends who refuse to "look at that gory shit" and worry that i do. I think a disclaimer warning of tsunami level graphic pics then a "click here" would really serve everyone well. way back I would have these images disrupt my sleep and now I hate to say but Buela is desensitized. Initially I forced myself to "look"..however I draw the line with the beheading videos I will never watch those.

    I noted the same thing at the link you reference..strange indeed.

    Speaking of Juarez...have you checked out the video by Travis Fox titled Day With The Body Collectors? it is posted on washington post website. It is an amazing insight on the job with the poor souls whose job is to collect the Juarez dead...

    In addition a good piece "CARTELS FACE ECONOMIC BATTLE" re: prop 19 I just read that and surprised it actually mentions the cartel MJ farms on the west coast, cali. ore and wa...which I predicted earlier today and posted that ore and wa will be the next to legalize MJ because of the farms existing, BUT will that provoke violence on US soil? One has to think it will.

  7. The newspapers or news websites in the US will not print any photos that show blood. This the same type of thing that the US government refused to allow to be shown to the public when our solders are killed and hurt in Iraq and Alghanistan. If the public could have seen just what was happening we would have been out of both wars pronto. I know its pretty bad but it will be happening here it's just a matter of time. When the bodies start being found on the side of roads in the US then this government might start cracking down the gangs and drug dealers that are in every city in the US but you never know they may not.

  8. @Buggs

    sure was not my point.. I was speaking of overkill..why 3? If anyone I know would log on for the first time and see that, there would not be a second chance to learn the facts. Dismemberment pics are a complete turn off to most people I thought a warning would accomplish a win-win. I really want people to search for the info and learn, and then react. You have to know some,...and dare I say many? out this gory shit for entertainment they do not give a fuck about Mexico...just my opinion

  9. Certainly, I just find it hard to apologize for inconveniencing some reader when showing them the hell that is going on in narcolandia across the river. If it makes them outrage as a normal decent human being should feel, then it served it's intended purpose. If some sick person sees the gore as entertainment in some pervasive way, I think they were fucked up already no matter what and we just don’t have the time or the professional expertise to save them from their repulsive ways!

    But we do have a disclaimer on the site, for the faint at heart who chose not see it for what it is, by all means we don't want to inconvenience them with the hell that the people in Mexico themselves have no way to run away from.

    So we don't have a problem with a disclaimer, but we need to be careful with limiting our resolve for the sake of a few who chose to shut close the blinds and pretend everything is honkey dorey!

    But I am glad you have retained a soul Buela, you always have my total respect!

    Love ya!

  10. @ Buggs

    Touche mijo! I have to share this;
    last night a friend who works in Mx with his 501C3 org is finding it difficult to raise donations. He had "tours" to see poverty in Mx something I find insulting to the core. But he is a good person. So, yesterday he sent an appeal to folks to ignore the "exaggerated" claims of Mx violence bla bla bla. Me being fresh from complaining of the graphic pics I thought "hmmmm?" so I simply replied with a "exaggerated? suck on this..." added the BB link and hit "reply all" . Well, my bad for sure. He is pissed, his wife opened the reply and linked on and "could not sleep" ...jaja..mission accomplished. Just keeping it real, verdad? Perhaps your right Buggs...BTW Honkey Dorey? Jesus that is a blast from the past..jaja

    keep up the EXCELLENT work tsunami graphics and all

  11. You did her a service, she will be a better person for it, if anything learn to appreciate what we have, eh?

  12. Borderland Beat, just another media sensationalism trying to appease its readers not by informing them but by trying to get the most violent pics or hardcore stories for their rating. I ask all all of you who post these stories and pics, haven't you ever thoughts of the family members whose loved one are in these pics, how about you show them some respect? All of you idiots who comment about trying to show the face of reality how about you see it person to person. Its one thing seeing them in a pic but another seeing a family member head shot to pieces, how about you loose a love in violence and then we can talk about reality.

  13. i disagree with buela chivis. DO NOT CENSOR YOURSELF FOR ANYONE! if you do, you are selling yourself out for people who really cant handle the reality of what happens in mexico. you will probably lose supporters, including myself. the kind of people who cringe easily are not the people who will understand this kind of lifestyle that is dominating mexico. these kind of people want their news sugar coated. i think you handle the violence with much insite. where as other blog sites glamourize the violence, borderland beat is much more political. you cannot please everyone...

  14. all of a sudden some people are starting to get offended by some of the violent pictures that are displayed on borderland beat. some people are concerned about their sissy friends getting offended by the violence that has become an epidemic in mexico. some people think that a censored version of borderland beat would please others who might be interested in joining the borderland beat community...well i strongly believe that what makes BB special to me, is that it has a radical approach of showing current events in mexican politics and lifestyle. and right now, mexico is experiencing a massive violent drug war. this kind of website is just not made for the weak at heart or sissy's, as the say.

  15. have you seen some of the crap that they show on primer impacto? or the mexican or even brazilian noticias? they dont sugar coat their news. what makes latin noticias unique, is their more radical approach to current events. they show it like it is. right now, the times in mexico are very rough. it just aint pretty!

  16. i think this is a good post, people need to wake up, and see what is happening out there and stop being so sheltered here in the USA anyway, people in Mexico have no choice but to look at this, whoever visits this blogs nows what's coming, why there is even a warning on the site for the thanks for posting this, keeping it coming!

  17. Yes I agree with everyone else, If we dont see the inside of a problem and what causes it and how it affects everyone. How will we know whats really going on? People are to sissy and scared. Well don't go on here.


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