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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Don Diego may be released soon

The family of Diego Fernandez de Cevallos have come to an agreement with the kidnappers for his release, according to prosecutor Arturo Chaevz Chavez with information prvided by the newspaper La Jornada.

The General Prosecutor for the Republic (PGR) has received a letter from the family of Don Diego have confirmed they have received a proof of life and that his freedom is at hand but gave no other details.

Since three weeks ago the General Justice Prosecutor of Queretaro, where the kidnapping happened, dropped the investigation at the request of the PGR. The previous investigation was handled by Chavez Chavez.

A photograph of appeared on the 13th of September signed by “The Mysterious Kidanppers,” along with an email address;

The former PAN presidential canditate Diego Fernandez de Cevallos was kidnapped on the 14th of May. The information available suggests that the price of his release is $50 million USD, no motive has been established for his abduction.


  1. Smurf,I SUGGEST THAT $50 MILLION plenty motive.I know of non better.Jerry VA.

  2. lol, I agree. The reason I kept that in there was because some have suggested there may have been political motives. Strange that the SSP haven't been able to find any trace of Don Diego or his kidnappers...

  3. and lets all hope that his kidnappers are apprehended and subject to MEXICO'S NEW KIDNAPPING without parole..still too good for these bastards but at least it is a notch up.........

  4. The family's attorney has just reported the $20 million ransom has been paid. The kidnappers stated Diego would be released 40 days AFTER receiving the ransom. Family is expecting his release in the first or early part of second week of November.

    Why 40 days after receiving the money? To give the kidnappers time to get their shit in order and out of town, or what?

    Don Diego is said, by the kidnappers, to be quite ill and depressed, but stable.


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