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Friday, October 8, 2010

Enough is Enough

A reader forwarded the following anonymous e-mail from a resident of Monterrey to the Borderland Beat Wednesday night at 7:00 PM, coincidently, at the moment that the tragedy at the Plaza Morelos unfolded.

Wednesday was a typical day in Monterrey. At 5:00 AM two men were murdered outside of a “table dance” nightclub by unknown gunmen.

At 12:15 PM military authorities arrested an important Monterrey Zeta lieutenant, 22 year old “subcomandante” José Raymundo López Arellano alias “El Ruso”, in the suburb of Guadalupe. In December, 2009, “El Ruso” was arrested and jailed in Escobedo, another Monterrey suburb, and soon after was rescued by a force of gunmen that stormed the Escobedo jail.

Late Wednesday night and into Thursday morning, a violent pursuit of armed criminals by Army troops occurred that zigzagged from Guadalupe through much of central Monterrey. Shots were fired along the route at various locations but there were no reports of injuries or deaths. The gunmen escaped after several Army vehicles involved in the pursuit were heavily damaged.

To whom it may concern:

We, the citizens of the city of Monterrey, Mexico, are tired of the violence created by the drug cartels and the organized crime. We don’t know where or who to ask for help since our governor and president have failed to protect us.

We have been living in fear since February this year and until now we have no answer on how to stop this. The drug cartels and the organized crime have taken our peaceful city along with its citizens prisoners; they have kidnapped men, women and children.

We never asked for this nor support any group or organization that is in connection with them. We never thought that something like this could happen to us and now here we are living a nightmare, our worse nightmare.

Today we are asking for your help. We know that you have the power to communicate and inform people about our real situation. We as good Mexican citizens are imploring for your valuable help. Please, inform the rest of the world about our current situation and let people know that we are pleading for clemency.

If there is an organization out there that can help us to find a solution, we are in the best position to accept the help. We don’t trust our government since our government has failed protecting us and there are no warranties for our lives.

Nuevo Leon Governor condemns murder of Lucila Quintanilla, “promises more security”

After holding the customary security meeting with federal and state authorities that serves the purpose of political damage control for murders that cause a public uproar, the youthful, handsome, inexperienced and largely ineffective Governor of Nuevo Leon, Rodrigo Medina, issued a statement condemning the violent incident at the Plaza Morelos.

"We condemn this cowardly murder ... of innocent people that have nothing to do with this fight against organized crime,” he said.

Medina noted that law enforcement forces will unite in order to maintain increased security in the city and prevent similar situations.

"We will take advantage of the close cooperation we have between both federal and local authorities in order to deliver our best efforts to prevent such incidents in the future," said Medina.

He added that there will be no rest in the fight against organized crime, which requires the efforts and participation of everyone.

Governor Medina also sent his condolences to the family and friends of the now deceased student of Visual Arts at the UANL, Lucila Qunitanilla.


  1. these people should stop writing e-mails and should get together and start arming themselves. remember los zetas killers?? or los pepes?? che guevara?? pancho villa?? they should start fighting back NOW. they are acting too passive, just like their government. they are the majority and if they got together, they could take their country back...but they have no leaders to follow. nobody wants to step up to plate. that letter is begging for leadership.

  2. The anon email is heartwrenching. A thought occurred to me why didn't this person appeal for help before now? Surely she/he must be aware of the violence in Juarez, where was the outrage for those citizens? I see this is Mx, little compassion and concern for others, more so for themselves. . This person is appealing for help that I do not see a way to fulfill her request. She wants the world to know what is happening in Mx. I as a person who has offices/residences in multiple countries, and friends of many cultures, have tried to promote this message, and have failed miserably! People do not want to listen, some tease me about being obsessed. A few months ago I had horrific timing when I posted the link to BB on my FB and begged my friends to follow the blog, be informed and spread the word. It was the day that BB had pics of a slaughter where one man had his skull cracked open and brains spewing forth. My friends were pissed.

    How do we spread the word? BB is one of the few that serve english speakers, but most folks will not follow it because of the displays of violence in pics, ignorance is bliss. I have written letters, emails fwd info to media etc.

    I wonder if a blog where there are few graphic photos would have greater acceptance. Americans are too soft. I don't know, but what I have tried doesn't work. I can clear out a room by speaking of the Mx Violence. Acknowledgement is the precursor to change but few are interested, it is "Mexico's problem".

    Mx government did not learn from the mistakes of Juarez, they could have protected Monterrey by martial law, feds replacing municipal authority. Protection as they established for the maquilas of Juarez.

  3. To be credible, the Mexican politicians must admit that the problem is not just warring drug cartels, it is lawlessness throughout Mexico. Life is not worth shit in Mexico. Anyone can murder anyone else with impunity. That is the problem - impunity.

    My heart breaks for my beloved Mexico.

  4. "If there is an organization out there that can help us to find a solution, we are in the best position to accept the help. We don’t trust our government since our government has failed protecting us and there are no warranties for our lives."

    The organization is you are looking for is within. You know who the psychopaths are better than anyone. Bring yourselves together, pledge your lives, your fortunes, and your sacred honor.

    Arm yourselves and kill them.

    Shoot 'em, shovel 'em, and shut up.

  5. Stand up and fight! If your government can't do it, then the only ones left to do it, is you. So stand up and fight for what you believe in.

    Or another idea is to bring in outside forces. A town could raise the money and contract the services of a capable private military company or security consultant. A group like this could help organize the town and advise them on the best way to defeat any local organized crime forces. US special forces do it all the time throughout the world, to help villages and towns protect self from well armed enemies.

    They could also create an environment that would make it too costly for the cartels to do business in that town--both financially and physically. There are some very smart and capable folks out there that do this type of thing quite well.

    But back to fighting these guys. If the town is united and organized, they can do a lot with very little. You see it time and again throughout the course of history and warfare. Hell, you guys at least know who the bad guys are, and that is half the battle in many of todays conflicts. There are all sorts of things a population can do to fight these thugs, and there is strength in unity. Being a student of warfare and strategy, along with constantly thinking of innovative ways to defeat these guys, will be key. Intelligence is key as well. Know your enemy, know yourself and leverage your strengths to take advantage of the cartel's weaknesses.

    Also, you must tell your government that if they can't protect you, then they should at least allow you to arm yourself so you can protect your family and neighborhoods. And if your government won't let you arm yourself, then you will have to make a choice as to what is more important to you. The protection of your family, or abiding by a law that prohibits you from your basic right to self defense or the defense of what you love.

  6. the policia are too corrupt/untrained/afraid/ to to the job...after the fact a hundred of them swarm the place ...AFTER....

    i don't know what is up with the army...not enough of them....not enough training....incompetent commanders... it is amazing the way the narcos can shoot it out with them and survive...i cannot imagine Any criminal group engaging in a firefight with American soldados, and living long after...

    the good people are gonna have to take up arms for their own self is the only way...isn't that the way it always works in Mexico

    it always makes me think of that old NRA ADAGE " WHEN YOU OUTLAW GUNS , ONLY OUTLAWS WILL HAVE GUNS...Mexico is the poster child for the effects of gun control

    real gun control is being able to hit the target,

    pray for Mexico, pray for Monterrey...and pass the ammunition

  7. Putting a face to the tragedy:

  8. Easy to say... arm yourself, stand up and fight...

    Let's visualize the whole picture:
    * Government is part of the cartels or are threatened by them, the Governor's acts only speak out they have him threatened and under control...
    * Police is part of the cartels, so the Army has extra job...
    * Mexico has for long, built a military service oriented to social issues, not war: military duty can be donde teaching, helping at national disasters, and feeding the poorest. In consequence, our poorest youth, those who cannot afford to go to school or come from very far away and poor towns, are the core of our (Mexican) Army, which of course lacks of megaspecialized training...

    We are trapped.

    Buy guns?
    They come from USA, and the gun market here is controled by cartels.
    Buy a gun = give money to the cartels. Wise.

    Kill them all?
    The cartel heads, of course, live in USA.

    Everybody knows it, they have airplanes and cross the border as you cross your living room. They own huge houses and control everything from there. And USA pledges to have great police and great strategy. Not even USA seems able to do something...

    I live in Monterrey, and BEWARE!

    We were a peaceful city,

    we had a wonderful reputation,

    we were considered - by many - as the most "americanized city"... we had more time in peace than the rest of the country by only one reason: the lords of drugs lived here.

    Now, the conflict has escalated to this city... and the lords could be your neighbors now...
    USA cannot stand aside and stay assured they are only witnesses...
    because we stood on the ground you are standing right now. We did not see, we did not act, and we have a war in our streets, growing, heading north...

  9. The comments I see are too simplistic. Simply arming themselves is ineffective against an armed group of sicarios. My family has had a ranch overtaken by los zetas and we have plenty of guns there. But when 30 men with automatic rifles and body armor show up, 4 people with rifles are simply going to die. Many people think the Dirty Harry approach works, but it doesn't. The cartels attack with overwhelming numbers and have paid the police and military to look the other way or directly help out.

    I agree with one comment that there is no way that sicarios would ever survive a shootout with the American military. And that speaks to a much larger problem of corruption within our government, military and police. As long as there is such deep-rooted corruption, we can never be free.

    I agree we need to arm ourselves, but we need coordination and numbers. Do you think the cartels will allow small groups to challenge them? Never!

    Sadly, the above sounds more like the start of a civil war, and many of us believe that is where our beloved country is heading.

    Curfews are a good start. Anyone on the streets is fair game after hours. How about going after the families of known cartel members. They are active participants in the crimes if they spend the money. Arrest some wives and children and see how the cartel bosses like it.

    Investigate the politicians and police and military. If you take money, you are going to jail or worse. Until we fight the cartels with the same methods they use, it will never be enough.

    Sadly, I just don't see this ending without international help. We need to invite the UN and the Americans in to help us, since we can't help ourselves.

  10. Well wake up and smell the coffee. Monterrey is no longer americanized after this incident. The citizens of monterrey better become mexican again and toughen up and defend themselves or else this will happen again and again and again and again and again...get the picture?

  11. Well said Abuelito cabrito. The closest comparison i can make towards the situation in mexico is the wild west. This is an era of outlaws for mexico. So you kinda have to think like an outlaw yourself or else the other bullies will see that your weak and they will keep hurting you until you stand up for yourself. And please borderland beat, don't censor yourself for anyone! Most of us would agree that your perfect the way you are. You guys give us a little bit of everything.

  12. "We don’t know where or who to ask for help since our governor and president have failed to protect us. "

    It is not your government's job to project you. YOU have the duty to protect yourself and your family and no one else. It is that DUTY that which gives the RIGHT to protect yourselves and the means to that protection. This right to self defense has been taken away by your socialist government. Take it back. Man up and fulfill your duty to protect yourselves.

  13. what a disaster...any who knows monterrey knows how hard it would be to really police this city...4 million gente y so many little hidey holes to hide in... ..realistically there is not much that can be done..maybe the ....only chance ...ten soldados on every corner...and i mean on every corner...backed up by an armored vehicle in the middle of la calle ...maybe a year of that and the narcoculeros would pick another city to fight in...but monterrey is a very attractive place to be in ...sin city...and that is no joke...all the beautiful opportunities at is a hard place to leave

  14. I Totally agree with 9:53 AM Anonymous, Mexico dont need a Revolution, need EDUCATION!!

    Its a Circle of Corruption, buy weapons, weapon seller are the cartels and so on, like the partner above says.

    What can we do? The new "Sicarios" are people with nothing to loose, are poor people, addicts and gang members, they grown in ghettos where the money is the power and the culture is null, gave them a car, a weapon and some money and you can get a "Sicario", a stupid boy with a gun... What else can be this people? Monterrey is a Snobish City, all the leaders are "hijos de papi" and Rich People.

    The poor people dont only need food and house, need CULTURE! Maybe with culture can Learn about the importance of life and respect, sadly, they live like animals... or worst.

  15. "most folks will not follow it because of the displays of violence in pics, ignorance is bliss"

    I have a friend who wanted the articles but not see the pictures. He installed adblock plus in Firefox and is a regular reader now.

    It would be good if there was an easier way. I've been referring people but always have to warn about the pictures.

    I'm not suggesting that you should stop the graphic pictures, but if there were graphic/non-graphic versions, I think the readership would increase.


  17. Mexico needs to hire backwater or other contractor services. Preferably groups with experience in the middle east.

  18. How stupid is sounds when gringos, who can't even keep the lid on drug consumption in the US and who then sell the guns to the narcos, say all you have to do is arm yourselves and fight the narcos. Why don't you fight your narcos with all your guns? How about you fight hard enough just to fall back to 2nd place on the list of the most drug-consuming country in the world. If you did that, your suppliers wouldn't be fighting with each other just to ship you more drugs.

  19. But I have a proposal for the gente who are caught in the cross-fire: organize a mass public action that shows everybody just how angry the public has become. It can be as simple as dedicating a day when everybody texts, emails, posts something everywhere they can that curses the narcos. It's your local capo or any of the top national figures fine. It would get some attention. It would tell those fighting that they have now hit a nerve and crazy things might start happening now. Just as importantly, it would create a base experience/proof that the people can unite. No telling what you could do with that once people are mobilized. I say this as a Mexican who has many loved ones along the border in Chihuahua and Coahuila. I come from a rural village and I can't go home anymore, y esto me tiene bien encabronado.

  20. I´m sure you meant Blackwater, not backwater. Fits your message

  21. As an Hispanic, I find it irresponsible and very funny how Mexico and lots of their citizens and supporters (mexus said... included) keep blaming and pointing the finger at the U.S. YES, we are the biggest consumers of drugs, SO WHAT.

    Stop and think, maybe if your government had tackled this problem from the beginning you and your country wouldn't be in this situation. And if the people their haven't looked the other then they wouldn't be in this situation. You can point the finger and blame us here in the U.S. all you want it doesn't matter. It's up to the Mexican Govt. the people to stop what is going on.

    And by the way, last time I checked, GRENADES and ROCKET LAUNCHERS aren't sold at you local gun shops here in the U.S. You might want to check South America on that.

  22. What is really behind these spate of killings and corruption? Mexican and American officials would have us believe that the trafficking in and use of illegal drugs are to blame. Mexican officials go even further than that by blaming the existence of the gangs, the attendant violence, and the corruption on the insatiable hunger of Americans for Marijuana, Heroin, Cocaine, Meth, and other illegal drugs.

    The real problem is the deep socioeconomic chasm that divides Mexican 'haves' and 'haves not.'. Our southern neighbor has a small number of extremely wealthy people and a small middle class. The overwhelming majority of Mexicans are dirt poor and live in abject poverty. Whenever any country has a divide between the poverty-stricken masses and a small well-off ruling class, it will have an insurgency – in Mexico it’s in the form of gangs and in other countries it’s Marxist militias.
    So, until Mexico’s socioeconomic chasm is bridged, it will continue to be plagued by deadly gang warfare, corruption, kidnappings and by the killings of office holders, judges, police officials, and news reporters. And, unfortunately, many innocent bystanders will continue to be killed in the crossfire.

  23. The graphic pics are only as real as the problems that Mexico faces. This is true life and there is no sense in hiding under a rock.

  24. What about this? If you add up the civilian casualties in the Iraq or Afganistan wars I doubt they would be much greater than the total casualties Mexico sufers in the same time period. And I'm talking about a fully declared war. Invite America and the UN peace keeping forces into Mexico--boots on the ground--a search and destroy mission. Seek and destroy cartel strongholds, cells and safe houses. Destroy the crops. Seize and destroy marine shipments,check and search private airline strips, railroads,trucking companies etc. Make it extremely hard for the drugs to leave and money and guns to come in. We would have to do our counterpart work here in US at the same time. Maybe in Columbia again too. Confine arrested traffickers in Guantanamo type prisons--for life--on both sides of the border.

    Make it hard for US (and other) druggies to get or aford their drugs. They won't die without them. I quote from a movie "No, you won't die.) This will skyrocket prices and force many off drugs. Maybe they will get a life. And make treatment clinics the only medical aid that's paid for by the government. You get one shot at the freebee. Then your on your own. "Now you won't die." Show them videos of the carnage in Mexico 4 hours a day. Better than group therapy! Then talk about it in group therapy.

    Mexico, you've got to let us help you. Down to the root cause of corruption. Build your civic structure from the ground up. And yes, you have to help yourselves! Take control of your family's lives, repeal anti-gun laws and open up gun shops like we have here. When we can help and its the right time...

    We are with you. We want to see this carnage stopped also. Maybe we can destroy drugs and have future generations who know what life is like to live without them.

    I've seen how Mexicans can be such entepreneurs...even village folk. You can build a strong country...but you may be willing to have a little "war" first.

    (By the way, I am a woman--is it a suprise?)
    I think all of us have something valid to offer in what we've said here.

  25. Oh, no question about it, the nacro war is happening in Mexico this time. And Mexicans have to deal with it. Thanks for pointing out the obvious. Bud I did know that It used to be in Columbia, and instead of Chapo it was Pablo, your former drug supplier. Before that it was Asia. For people who worship free enterprise, many Americans don´t seem to understand that where there is demand there will be supply in a capitalist system. Likewise, if there is no demand, suppliers try to make a living doing something else. If you shut down the supply from Mexico, it will come from somewhere else. The Caribbean maybe. And all of the problems will follow, like corruption, violence and conceited gringos sermonizing that if they only gave everybody a gun and just said no to corruption. And if cannabis and poppies grew well in Canada, we would be having this conversation about that border. Don´t believe me, ask about the illegal prescription drug trade from Canada. Don´t you get it? As Bolivar said, ¨it is like ploughing in the sea. So, maybe Mexico should stop pissing in the wind and just legalize the export of dope to the US. That way the narcos will be shoved aside by Lily, Pepsico and Coca Cola (they used to put cocaine in their drinks, remember). Clean dope. Yeah.

  26. Regarding grenade launchers and rockets coming from South/Central America, you are wrong. Almost all of that material was manufactured and sourced from the US. To be sure, a lot of it is coming from military arsenals in Latin America because that is who the US shipped it to, and a lot of it is from dealers who are setting up in Latin America. But it is all US manufactured. Not to mention 50 mm rifles, those are sold in gun shops in Texas and Oklahoma. There was even a story in Border Beat and Narco not long ago about a US cop who was caught running 50 mms from Oklahoma. Yeah, blame somebody else.

  27. i agree JJM said...

    it is the national pastime of SOME Mexicans to blame anyone else but themselves...our friend MEXIS is a prime example

    mexis want to blame Mexicos problems on the USA...even if the USA stopped all the drugs mexico would still have a crime problem, what about all the robberies, extortions, levantons, and the corruption from top to bottom...

    so if all drug traffic to the usa was stopped tomorrow , all Mexicos problems would end...jajajaj...funny

    so guard your borders and stop the transport..Mexico does nothing to guard their side , but typically they leave it on the USA to do it all..

    we don't have headless bodys hanging from bridges, or gangs shootin it out with the army, or culeros blocking roads and taking cars , most of our police are honest , we don't have mass jailbreaks of dangerous criminals , you can drive about anywhere in the USA at all hours of the night on any road without fear of being killed...we DO have the right to keep and bear arms for self defense...some gang trys to take over a little town and go to raping and robbing, ain't gonna happen...BECAUSE WE ALL HAVE GUNS..

    in the USA everbody fears the police ..
    in Mexico everbody fears the police EXCEPT the criminals...
    in the USA the government and the police fear the people...

  28. Whew, so many folks willing to send US soldiers south of the border. Didn't we already spend a lot of their blood and our tax dollars for worthless "nation building" in the middle east?
    The root of the problem is not in Mexico, even if the country has always been a social mess and corrupt to the bones - Juarez makes me remember of Beirut in the 80s - killing fields are the symptom, not the disease.
    Mexico's plague is a multi-billion drug market north of its border and the huge financial incentive to carry loads of dope to the border. Let's be honest here folks, most victims in Mexico are thugs, and most thugs were good neighbors before they got lured by easy bucks, a SUV, an AR-15 and respect from table dancers in a country with no social ladder.
    Sooo, and I'm just saying for you law abiding Mexican citizens reading this board: you are fighting a proxy war for North America. We are unable to enforce our drug laws in our own northern countries, and war casualties are your families and businesses, and nobody north of the border cares unless a good looking white US citizen gets killed - see Falcon lake.
    It comes to that:
    There is a demand and there is a supply. By definition, supply cannot be exhausted, this is a law of business. And the poor results of such suppression policies can be seen since your country spirals out of control and cartels become more and more powerful (isn't El Chapo within the top 1,000 most rich people in the world, up to Forbes?)
    The equation can only be controlled on the demand side. If the US makes soft drugs legal, US corporations will grow pot in Kentucky, annihilating more than half the revenue for the cartels; that would be a solution with a health care approach for users of hard drugs. But this is unlikely to happen soon, even if prop. 19 goes through in CA.
    Now, you have very little time before a collapse of your country's institutions. You have a last chance to prevent Mexico to go on the slide like Columbia in the 90's, & you can't wait for your northern neighbor to act since it is locked in sterile internal political feuds. The remedy is in your hands, and only you can administer it. It ain't be pretty but may be you'll get it right: the other way to eliminate the demand is by creating a scare in the market. Think Polonium-210 or Castor bean. Good old cold war tactics.
    I only consume US products, grown locally, organically, blood free.

  29. In the USA the government and police fear the people because they have guns? Are you serious? When the Feds want to take you out, they will. Ask the people in Waco and Ruby Ridge about that one. It does not matter what kind of arsenal you have. You think your Mossberg 500 and semi-auto AR-15 are going to save you? Maybe your WASR-10? Give me a break.

    The problem in Mexico is too complicated for simple knee jerk solutions. The pressure will finally be eased when SOMETHING is done about the consumption up north. Legalization of marijuana is a very good start. As for the corruption in Mexico, how do you root that out? Thats been festering for over a century. It won't get solved in 3-4 years.

    US troops will never be sent to Mexico. Especially not after the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Its just too sticky a situation, and besides its easier to just give them money and clean up the messes the cartels make in the states anyway.

  30. Yeah why not hire american contracters just to protect the border cities? Test out a city like juarez first. Once it becomes a financial investment, americans start to care.

  31. Let’s suppose that both Mexico and the United States legalized drugs. Would that cause the demise of Mexican drug cartels? No way Jose! Remember that the end of Prohibition in the U.S. did not bring about the demise of the Mafia. The drug cartels, just like the Mafia, would simply find some other criminal enterprises by which they can enrich themselves. The gangs are not about to go away because drugs are not the real problem behind Mexico’s violence. As I said before, it's the deep socioeconomic chasm that's behind Mexico's gang problems.

    As for those guns, do you really blieve that thousands of those military-style weapons made their way to Mexico from Texas and Oklahoma gun dealers? If you do believe that, I've got a good deal for you on some ocean front property in Arizona.

    President Obama, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, U.S. Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano, U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder and Mexican authorities are all flat out lying when they claim that the Mexican drug cartels are getting 90 percent of their military-style weapons from the United States, mostly from Texas gun dealers.

    Joan Neuhaus Schaan, a fellow for Homeland Security and Terrorism programs in the prestigious James A. Baker III Institute for Public Policy at Rice University, has exposed the Obama and Mexican administrations for throwing out phony statistics on the drug cartel guns. Her research revealed that of the weapons acquired by Mexican drug cartels, only 20-25 percent come from the United States. The remaining 75-80 percent are believed to come from Asia, Europe, South America and the Soviet bloc states. Schaan believes that to the extent U.S. military weapons have been found, they have most likely been sold to or provided by the U.S. government to another government and subsequently diverted to Mexico.

  32. I am a private contractor I have met the Panamanian equivalent DHS secratary. Both the US and panama know full well many weapons are smuggled up from Columbia through the Darian province by land or sea in small boats. They then head to the canal zone where they are shipped up to mexico. I have wintnessed these actions first hand. Most of the grenades, AK's are shipped from china to columbia then north.
    The US gov knows this. The rhetoric from DC is just that rhetoric bravo sierra.

    There are social economic issues in MX that need to address you first have to clean the mess up. Its going to take the citizens willing to put a stake in the ground and stop it with force. Gun control is only part of the problem,

    while a poster said good luck with your ar 15 and pump shot gun is true with one man. if you have a militia then that changes the tune.

    If we had road blocks by gangs in our neighborhood they would last about one day. We would organize and eliminate the threat. why because we are a law abiding society who happen to be packing heat. Its part of the reason the US is what it is even though the US is not on top of things it will be back.

    Why do you think emporer Hirohito in WW2 said the Japanese army will never invade the US because" behind every blad of grass there will be an armed civilian"
    The jap army would make the zetas look like amatuers

    Time to sack up and make something happen

  33. those ruby ridge and waco guys were small groups of crazys who advertised and brought it on them selves...
    what about all the people who you never hear about ...the millions of common people
    that dont talk about it, but just know ..
    god made all men ...
    colonol colt made them equal... it remains a Fact ....
    a well armed population is necessary for the preservation of a free people

    all Mexicans are not equal to one another
    one group is allowed to own firearms
    the other group isn't
    and the criminal element is in the middle,well armed
    who rules?
    stupid question?
    simple answer


  34. @ 11:50
    wow, I did not know of essentially it blocks all pics? or can you select? A great tool..thank you SOOO much for that info. I will ck it out. I agree the pics need to emphasize the reality and we are visual creatures..90% of what we learn and retain is visual. I simply suggest with the extreme graphic pics a warning with a "click here" would work beautifully...

  35. Hirohito was afraid that his army would be defeated by armed civilians? You gotta be kidding. I was in that war. Japan did not invade the U.S. because logistically it could not support such an invasion. We could island-hop our way to the far east. Japan had no islands to hop its way to the U.S.

    And it is far-fetched to think that people with pistols and rifles like myself could 'organize and eliminate' the threat posed by heavily armed and highly orgnaized gangs. Shit, if the Mexican army can't do it, we sure coudln't.

  36. No, Mexico´s national past time is to sell dope to Americans. It brings in more $´s than remittances and oil and tourism these days. Somebody has to do it. If not Mexico then Canada or Asia or whoever. Americans pass the doping, smug in their belief that since they have guns they are better than everybody and that they don´t have a drug problem. Like the Black comedian (Richard ?) once said, I have been doing cocaine for 15 years, and I am not an addict. Want to help the border, stop using drugs!

  37. Mr. Contractor, please look closely at the countless pictures in Blogdelnarco to see where these munitions are made. Of course, it could be that the Chinese buy them from the countries the US used to arm (until they turned into America´s enemies) then sell them to dealers who in turn sell them to the narcos, you know, to soften up the border keep the US mired in war just as they are about to disengage for Iraq. That´s what the Kaiser did just before WWI. It is working because you can always count on the popular American reaction: more guns to everybody, invade and make more enemies. I know there are many Americans who are smarter than this, but it does seem that they are overwhelmed by the sophomoric (high schoolish really) hordes who, despite all proof, believe that Jesus commands them to preach the American gospel to everybody. But I have two questions to all of you missionaries who truly believe that American soldiers/contractors (same thing) could secure Juarez: 1) how many troops would it take, 2) would you pay for it with more debt?

  38. Hey Mr. mexus,i have a question for you,you know those beheadings,mutilations and stabbings that people do?, are the knives also made and bought in US stores...

    /wake up.

  39. @ Barkgrowlbite

    What mr contractor here means is that with an armed population they make sure that these thugs get stopped BEFORE it escalates to were mexico is today.And US simply don't have enough problems with this for armed civilians to organize and start eliminating.If cities and hoods were normal working people in US lives start seing roadblocks and executions that open i am very sure people will take care of that.And since this hasn't occured yet i'll guess well have to see,right.See that day if the US population can handle it better.

    I now for sure in wich country and neighbourhood i would want to be in that situation,and its not mexico.

  40. So much bitching and bickering..Same shit, different day..gun smuggling, immigrants, violence spilling over, victims, pushers, users, supply demand. How long has this been going on? This so called war on drugs, not just in Mexico, in general?

    Now that everyone bitched and pointed fingers, lets take a look at what we've accomplished? Are there any less cadavers in Mexico? Nope. Any less junkies smoking, snorting, shooting up? Nope. any less weapons moving in and out of every border? Nope. Any new social program to create stronger future generations? Nope. Any politicians stand up, after a sudden awakening, and decide to start really putting an effort into their work, instead of their personal profile and pocket? Nope.

    Alright, looks like we're good to go for another round, just saying.

    There's alot that can be done besides sitting around typing at eachother. Many people think it's not my problem, or what can I really do? but honestly, there is alot that can be done.

    In both countries, how many actually report what you see? See a guy pushing dope on the corner, did you report him? Nah, it's not my problem, doesn't affect me or mine.

    How many of you have actually gone to your local or state congresses and told them everything that you've typed here? Nah, they'd never listen to you.

    How many of you have actually volunteered your time with kids and youth in need, or lobbied to find safe places for kids to interact..well, I take care of my kids, what the hell else do you want, right?

    This drug war is bullshit, both sides. Nobody wants to STOP DRUGS, just want to hide the bodies that come with it.

    How can everyone sit around and complain about where drugs and guns are coming from? Isn't it obvious? It takes two to tango. Billions of dollars of drugs don't just casually cross various borders and distribute itself..Nor do guns and ammo just happen to load itself onto trains, boats, cars and planes and work themselves into Mexico on the sly.

    For Mexico, at this point it doesn't matter where the weapons are coming from. What matters is that they are getting in, they continue getting in, and they are being used. There is no way for them to get in without passing a Mexican official. FIND THEM.

    Same with the drugs, narcos, and killers in the U.S. find your loose link, they can't get in without passing a U.S. agent first by boat,air, or car. FIND THEM.

    Until then, carry on with the next round of finger pointing and compalining, after all, we're all innocent victims stuck in the middle, right?

  41. Well, looks like everybody agrees: it is a bloody distasteful war south of the border, and everybody here blames the other one. Guns are imported from the US and they are imported from former Yugoslavia. Fixing the gun show and straw buyer loop in the US will not fix anything in Mexico. There is demand, and there always be a supply. Whether the guns come from the US or the huge worldwide supply is not relevant, and you posters should stop acting like back-country politicians. You are disgusting. The root problem is not in the have gun/don't have gun thing: It is in the complete collapse of a region, where law and justice have given up to brute force. Do you think arming citizens would fix the problem? It could be a mitigation, but far from a remedy. So, could you think out of the box? Politicians can't, they have to be re-elected, on both side of the border. Populist freaks. But you can do that. Be creative. Hey, I have a personal interest, so far CR is clean and I want to retire there. But it may not last long. Namaste.
    Hey Barkgrowlbite, may be we were neighbors before going across the pound. Good to see you here.

  42. buela chivis will next suggest that some of our comments are getting a little too vulgar and maybe you should show warnings for those people who cant handle foul language. buela chivis should check out el blog del narco or the to see what extreme graphic violence really looks like. the video of the beheading of manuel mendez leyva is the most horrific and disgusting beheadings i've ever seen. even though i did see it, it serves no purpose as valuable news. borderland beat has surprised me a few times but they always keep a sense of integrity and consideration when showing graphic videos or pictures. i just hope that borderland beat doesnt become too pg-13. you have to be careful with who you recommend to this website. some people can handle it and some people cannot. i have turned several people on to BB and they get on regularly...but they are the kind of people who can handle it.

  43. The shadow govenment of the USA had Zetas trained so they can help eliminate a large portion of the Mexican population. This was done by brainwashing techniques new to Military technology. In addition, the Mexican government was told to look stupid and act stupid and they would, survive. It's the common law of the World, the rich will always survive and the poor will be scarificed. There are 6 billion people on earth and the super rich are very worried and ready to implement a human elimination plan.


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