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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Gunmen open fire in downtown Monterrey Plaza

For the second time in four days, a public plaza full of innocent civilians has been turned into a blood stained war zone.

Wednesday evening at 7:00 p.m., at least three armed gunmen opened fire in a bustling downtown Monterrey shopping plaza, leaving five people wounded and a twenty one year old university student dead.


Last night, at a press conference, Adrian de la Garza, director of the State Agency of Investigation, announced the target of the attack was 35 year old Onésimo González Ramírez, a guard in Monterrey's Topo Chico prison.

"This is preliminary data and is not conclusive," he said.

According to witnesses, the main gunman appeared to be under 20 years old and traveling with two accomplices in a black and gray Toyota Rav4. Witnesses report seeing the young man get out of the vehicle and start firing at the guard, who had just gotten off a bus and walked to a nearby ATM machine in Morelos Plaza, just west of Juarez Street.

The shooting was said to have lasted for less than one minute.

Evidence found suggests the gunman opened fire using a 9 mm submachine gun.

"He got down from the truck at the intersection and just opened fire on another man. The other man was wounded and took off running." -Plaza Morelos shoe shiner

"We heard the shots and then all of a sudden people just starting falling to the ground, one by one, screaming". -witness

"People where just dropping everywhere. Everyone was screaming, there was so much blood. It was horrible. Everything happened so fast, I didn't understand what was going on. Then a guy from a store saw me and yelled: Drop to the ground, Drop to the ground!! and I did, I dropped to the ground and crawled on my belly to his local where he let me in."
-anonymous 19 year old witness

anonymous witness testimony

The guard was found shot in the neck and taken to San Jose hospital where he is, at this time, reported in stable condition.

A young woman dressed in a red sweatshirt, black athletic pants and gray tennis shoes lost her life in front of a computer printer store. Unofficially, it is said she received at least one shot to the head.

Relatives who arrived at the plaza, identified her as Lucila Quintanilla Ocañas, 21, who had been shopping at the plaza and at the time of the shooting, speaking by phone with her boyfriend.

According to her Mother, she was a student of Visual Arts at the University of Nuevo Leon.



Lucila Quintanilla O.

Three other women and one man were also found wounded in the attack. The State Health Ministry has reported 2 in critical condition and two in stable condition.

The deputy secretary of the department, Francisco Gonzalez Alanis, explained that a 26 year old man was admitted with bullet injuries in the pelvic region which have caused extensive vascular damage. He is reported to be in very critical condition at this time.

A 55 year old woman is also reported in critical condition after gunshots to the abdomen severed several vital organs.

Two women are in stable condition. One with a fractured tibia, and another, who is expected to be released from the hospital this afternoon, with injuries to her arm and shoulder.

The prison guard, although shot in the neck, is in stable condition. Although the bullet penetrated the neck area, it caused only only tissue and muscle damage.

Gonzalez Alanis reiterated that all hospital costs, which is estimated to be several millions of pesos, will be absorbed by the state as well as any subsequent psychiatric care for witnesses, victims and their families.

The Attorney General announced today a reward of 250,000 pesos for anyone with information leading to the identity and apprehension of the unknown gunmen.

Last Saturday, October 2, in an unprecedented event in Nuevo Leon, a fragmentation grenade was thrown into a crowded public plaza in Guadalupe, Nuevo Leon, injuring 14 people, including six children.


  1. Hey! Piece of shit calderon! Bring back the death penalty! You're the president of mexico. You have all the power to do what you want. This young vigilante wounded 6, and killed a young girl with a lot of hope. Destroyed her future and her family in seconds and got away. Yeah, its that easy! This 20 year old vigilante didn't even kill his intended target. These young punks don't fear government law because mexican law isn't harsh enough. If you take a life, you should be willing to sacrafice your own life. This 20 year old was probably coked up and obviously inexperienced with using a machine gun. He's probably proud of himself for what he accomplished for a drug cartel who he believes has more power than the government because he has no respect for its judicial system. Force respect and instill fear in these thugs by bringing back capital punishment to mexico!

  2. What a cute lil' girl. Her family is devastated. I read some of these people's comments. The people that buela chivis calls" rambosos" and i see how angry their comments are. I use to think that they were funny but now that i've been with borderland beat for about a year, i have to admit...these stories do get to you. My comments have also become angrier lately. I thank borderland beat for giving me a venue to express myself. But i just want to say this...WAKE UP PINCHE CALDERON! EVERY HUMAN BEING THAT DIES IS PRECIOUS AND YOU ARE RESPONSBLE! YOU HAV'NT DONE SHIT FOR YOUR PEOPLE! I DON'T BLAME THE CARTELS. I BLAME YOU! YOU PIECE OF SHIT! VIVA LA RAZA! AND FUCK LOS ZETAS TOO!!!! Sorry for that, buela chivis.

  3. Is President Calderon still saying most of the victims in Mexico's drug wars are drug cartel members.

  4. Drug cartels have a right to be pissed off and react violently, they had a blood signed contract that made millionaires out of polititians in Mexico, that contract was suppose to be perpetualy honored,and it was,,, until the P.R.I. lost their dictatorship in MEXICO

  5. This is terrorism plain and simple. Sicarios should be hunted down like terrorist that they are. Mexico needs the death penalty, the reason it not wanted in Mexico is because many bureaucrats and politicians are making illicit gain from all the wanton crime.

  6. fukn shit ..what the fuck is happening to monterrey...when is it ever gonna end an my novia was just there a couple of nights ago....

  7. marshall law time for to house search time ...we got to get rid of these culeros...or they will never stop

  8. EL Universal posted this:

    and this

  9. Yeah, this saddened me, probably more in all honesty, because the girl is cute and around my age, but it's tragic regardless of looks and age. The cartel on cartel violence, doesn't bother me, mostly, because they signed up for it, but these people? Wearing that Mettalica shirt and funny smile? Pardon the cliche, but it's heartbreaking.

  10. what a fuckn mess...where are the street patrols...bring back the death penalty...the girls mother is on tv right now ...and she is fuckn mad ...they have offered 200,000 pesos reward... when captured, this asshole needs to be crucified, then burnt alive, with his huevos in his boca

  11. Yeah J, it is sickening. May be next time you'll see someone with a white nose in your hometown north of the border, you will take it down and down and again down against the table, until it's pissing red. The demand creates the supply. You are in charge of your generation. On both sides of the border.

  12. This is so tragic and senseless, like many of the other victims who lose their lives every day in old Mexico while amidst the drug war that is tearing apart the very fabric of this nation.

    The insecurity must impact the basic quality of life to a society that has been unable to lose the grip this cancer.

    All incidents hit home, but for some reason this one had a profound effect on me and I am certain on all good citizens of Monterrey.

  13. Ovemex will you be following up on this story, please? I want to know more about this young lady and what more information will develope as a result of this cowardly act!


    Lord have mercy on Monterrey!!!!!!!

  14. the american media isnt really talking about this incident because they dont care about mexico's problems. it's pure white collar prejudism. they are more concerned about what happens to lindsay lohan or if angelina jolie has adopted another asian baby. brothers?!

  15. 4:34pm made a great point. maybe they should impliment a new law called "the terrorist act". anyone who is involved in an extreme act of violence. causing harm or death to many people in public environments; using military weapons(machine guns,grenades); more than one person involved(including cartel members); will categorize you as a terrorist. and terrorists involved in extreme acts of violence, after being convicted by a court of law, should be prosecuted with the highest consequence, lethal injection.

  16. @Anonymous 9:03 pm

    I will continue posting updates on this story as well as any involving the grenades thrown in Guadalupe, N.L. on Oct. 2..

    Here's an odd fact. Blood donors are being solicited via Twitter for two of the victims of this attack. One is for a woman in her 50's (which I posted here and was reported in serious condition after being shot in the abdomen), but the other one is a 60 year old man..This man was not reported in the news , this makes me wonder how many other victims have not been reported.

    I am also surprised how little U.S. attention this has received. I followed this last night before I went to bed, then went to work. I wanted to check for more footage and was shocked that this afternoon, almost 24 hours after it happened, nothing was out yet in the U.S. (at least not of any magnitude....The Guadalupe grenades in the plaza was posted by Reuters and various other sources with 1-2 hours of it's happening...

    This week there has been non-stop shoot-outs throughout Monterrey and the press (Mexican and U.S.) has remained silent..At the same time Nuevo Leon governor and officials downplay the violence, even stating violence is down...

    There are alot of rumors floating around at this time. Most say CDG is back in town, others claim it may be political, and still others have been talking about the private business sectors hiring GUARDIAS BLANCAS to clear out the city..

  17. yeah not a word on is like monterrey dosen't exist...why do the media controllers want to hush it up....ask questions the web for answers...

  18. I am pretty sure calderon has hushed the american media, plus americans dont give a crap about things that happen anywhere but america... well i take that back, anything that doesnt happen to a non american... i remember when nataly holloway went missing in aruba, that single white girl got more coverage in one month, than the drug wars in the last four years....

  19. Lets flip roles for a bit....Mexican goverment, you play the part of the "Boss" and pay citizens $1000 UDA for every enemy of the state(mobsters,kidnappers,extortionist etc) they can capture or kill. Business would be booming!!!And fear itself would now be a two way street. Let the perpetual hands of capitalism move freely.

  20. some of you always look for some way to blame the boring

  21. El Presidente, why don't you hire at least 12 of us American gringo professional security personel to come down to Mexico, deputize us as Mexican FBI,a nd let us solve the problem for you. This tragic senslelss has to stop!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  23. Lucy was a brilliant student in her career and her parents are devastated, many people went to the place where she fell and put a canlde, prayers and complains against state goverment, that candle memorial growth and now a line of candles about one mile of long are in the downtown corridor where Lucy died.

  24. Lucila was an outstanding and brillant student. She touched in hearts to everyone and her friends. She gave three words "One of us". She loved the people of Mexico, her family, faculty staffs, and friends. In fact, some young people and Lucila was too young to die. Sound likes devastated.

  25. its sad to see innocent people die. the mexican pres is either a coward or a corrupt coward.i wonder if it will ever end? i hope so for the people of mexico.


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