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Saturday, September 25, 2010

'Nacho' Coronel's successor captured in Jalisco

Federal Police have arrested presumed narcotrafficker Margarito Soto Reyes, alias El Tigre who is one of the suspected leaders of the Sinaloa cartel and successor to Ignacio Coronel, alias Nacho Coronel. The office of the Secretary for Public Security (SSP) say his duties included planning the transportation and financial logistics for the exportation of several tons of various drugs to the United States on a monthly basis. Eight other suspects were also arrested and found to be in possession of several synthetic substances, a late model car and truck, an AK-47 assault rifle along with spare ammunition, radios, a computer along with other communication equipment, and an undisclosed sum of cash.

Names of the suspects: Juan Pedro Mora Mora, Martín Terrazas Leyva, Frederick Figueroa Gómez, Hilarión Díaz Rosas, Maximino Martínez Sánchez, María Luisa Meza Rodríguez, María Engracia Santos Núñez and Elías Meza Martínez.

The office of the SSP says after the fall of Nacho Coronel during a gunfight with the Mexican Army this past June, there was a restructuring within the ranks of the Sinaloa cartel which resulted in El Tigre being given control of a smuggling route known as 'Pacifico Sur' and transported mainly base chemicals to make synthetic drugs (most likely methamphetamine), to many states in Mexico and other countries in central and South America.

It was a collaboration and the sharing of intelligence between Mexican and American customs and border authorities that brought down Soto Reyes. The suspects and evidence are currently being held by the office of the Sub-prosecutor for the Investigation of Organized Crime (SIEDO).

Sources: La Jornado, El Diario


  1. The government/military is really starting to pres the Jalisco, 'Pacific Sur', area, I wonder what the reason is, if it's just my imagination, and the government is hitting all areas of conflict hard, or something else. The route that Nacho/Sinaloa used for decades, quietly, is now all over the place, was the Nacho's oversight, or what?

  2. Let's remember tat Calderon is from Nayarit. He wants his side of the street clean, at least.


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