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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Sinaloa cartel leader gunned down

Los Mochis, Sinaloa – Reyes Castro Molina, the alleged assassin of corrido singer Sergio Vega aka EL Shaka, was gunned down yesterday along with two other people on a farm known as “Baceran” in Obregón, Sonora .

The name Castro Molina, age 48 has appeared in different narco messages hung from bridges in the city and the surrounding region, presumably by his rivals. The last one threatening him was found with the two young men who were found dismembered and stashed in coolers that were left on the side of the road in Sinaloa de Leyva the other night.

The catalyst to his downfall was a crime that was committed a few days ago in which five youths were kidnapped from a house in colonia Rubén Jaramillo, among the victims were two brothers Arturo and Germán Martínez Castro, who were nephews of Rey Castro. They were killed near a farm in Álamos, Sonora. It has been said that this was the beginning of a manhunt during the last days of Rey Castro's life.

The Events

Rey Castro was found dead yesterday at 9:00 am at the previously mentioned farm along with two other people who were with him at the time to work on the construction of a hen house. Using the element of surprise, several gunmen approached with stealth and began shooting with high powered assault rifles. Rey Castro ran and at the same time fired back with a semi-automatic pistol he was carrying until he was hit with an AK-47 round.

Also among the dead was Pablo Rodríguez Quintero who was there to help with the construction of the hen house. Their bodis were found about 50 to 100 meters apart. The other dead man was Manuel Zing, 23 years old and was a resident of colonia La Estrella in Cócorit. This man was apperantly at the farm 'Baceran' looking for legitimate work. The gumen who surprised Rey Castro and his companions did so by approaching and leaving the farm on foot. Their vehicles were found about 100 meters from the crime scene.

The Evidence.

Officers found dozens of spent AK-47 shell casings, 3 trucks including a tractor and a dump truck. It is suspected that there were who people were working nearby who could hear the gunfire but they ran off to avoid becoming victims themselves. Agents of the Public Ministry took possession of the bodies and evidence for further investigation.

These are some of the narco messages found before his death.


  1. So, was this Juarez, or Beltran Leyva? Was this something following him from Sinaloa, or Sonora? What did the narco messages that had been threatening him say?

  2. it was 9 kids were kidnapped not 5. i know 3 were released and 4 were found shot on the side of the road but 1 of them survived. dont about the others.& this was definitely beltran leyva.these guys did anything and everything to get to rey.

  3. Trash cleaning up trash, the problem is? Until this is common north of the border I say "sell tickets"

  4. I guess rival cartels members can easily find the cartel leaders can't seem to find.

    1. Do you visit cocorit sonora often? You should try living there for 3-6 months. If you survive...enlighten me on how YOU managed...

  5. @ anon 2:00pm

    The first article I sourced claimed 5, the second claimed 9 with the details you described and was about the kidnapping. I took the safe bet of 5.

    Details are always a bit murky, I admit sometimes they can get lost in translation.

  6. @ J
    They're all blurry and a little hard to read so bear with me.

    The bottom one that mentions him by name reads:

    Society Ahomense (people of a town with a name similar to that ex: Sinaloa/Sinaloense),

    Now that we have captured the delinquent, sicario, kidnapper, extortionist named El Gaeacho sent by El Rey Castro mastermind of --cut off--- who brought death from terror to our homes, its the hour that we don't leave them this state or the PGR and the DF or whatever, --- worth our sons suffering nightmares, and we return to hide --- The capture of --- 26-6-2010

  7. Nice reporting, the saga continues!

  8. "Trash cleaning up trash, the problem is?"

    The problem is that they killed innocent kids, dumbass.

    1. One man's trash is another man's treasure...

  9. Its not easy molinas are everywere in the sinaloa cartel


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