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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Another Confession of a Zeta

This is an old video we recieved a while back. This is of a supposed Zetas that was captured in Coahuila. Not sure of his fate, but rumor is he was found executed, but we have not been able to confirm. What caught my interest was the person in the back armed with a .50 caliber Barrett.


  1. I saw this video a while back on BDN. That 50 cal es bien chingon. I doubt the Zeta was let go with a stern warning. They probably used him for target practice like Jack Black in that movie "The Jackal".

  2. Would someone get their hands on real good video analysis software and decode the script on the wall clock and the postings on the fridge? Why out a helmet on him?

  3. They removed the damn video!

  4. Sorry, Youtube has been deleting these videos larely, here it is uploaded to Blogger

  5. wish these vids had english subs


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