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Friday, August 20, 2010

Municipal Police Linked to the Abduction of the Mayor of Santiago

The state attorney general Alejandro Garza y Garza reported that the seven narco-policemen were arrested after confessing in the participation of the abduction of the mayor of Santiago. The policemen were actively working for a cartel and authorities still expect more arrests.

Garza y Garza said that through an investigation initiated by the Governor and the state police seven people were arrested for the murder of mayor Edelmiro Cavazos.

Garza and Garza said the seven people arrested, including a woman, were actively working as municipal police officers for the city of Santiago and that some were getting paid by a cartel. The bodyguard of the late mayor, who was present during the abduction, was also arrested.

"There are more suspects that remain at large," said the attorney general and said that they will apply the same attention to this case as any other case involving the disappearances and abduction of victims. The governor directed the state police with precise orders to be thorough and to give do attention to all issues necessary to resolve the murder."

What really helped this case was the information from city officials, the interview of ministerial agents and the intuition of the investigators.

"During the interview of the body guard of the mayor, they found it odd that the bodyguard had not been handcuffed, or beaten and it was uncommon to be release being a witness of the incident. After providing his statement, the bodyguard was place d under surveillance and his behavior was inconsistent with his statement.

"He was taken in to custody again and on the second interview, he confessed to having participated in the abduction of the mayor and provided the name of the people who also participated," said Garza and Garza.

Garza and Garza did emphasized that although some of the municipal police were involved in a senseless act, the vast majority of the other officers do an excellent job and that they should be given better conditions to continue working for the government.

More information as it becomes available.
Source: Milenio


  1. Yeah, but will any get convicted in court and do real time?

  2. ridiculous that good man had to die.

  3. Sadly, there are thousands abducted and no attention is given. Is it any wonder why people here do not report extortion, abductions and other crimes to the police.

    7 police officers from a town of only 40,000 are involved so far. The corruption in our towns, cities, states and federal institutions is a disgrace for all the honest, hard-working people in Mexico.

    Until we clean up the institutional corruption, it will only get worse. We need to start at the very top. Investigate the party officials, anyone who runs for office, the military, police and make sure that they are prosecuted.

    Our problem in Mexico is too much money and laws that are never enforced. Less than 5% of murders result in a conviction in our country

    The cartels own us and it is our fault for burying our heads in the sand. For decades, we ignored the cartels because it only affected the US and the drug dealers.

    Now innocent people are dying, being kidnapped and extorted.

    Our founders would be ashamed of what we have become.

  4. Dreadful.
    Must pay the LEO's more.
    Must weed out the crooks.

    Somebody knows, somebody always knows. There is somebody working in Santiago that knows another crooked LEO.

    Maybe it's time to hire mercenaries from another country, people with no connection to Mexico, their only concern - get the bad guys.

    Not just boots on the ground but a whole team -
    administrator to administrator
    accountant to accountant
    macho to macho

  5. His own bodyguard and local law enforcement officers, what a sour note to end on.

    They should be ashamed, because it's individuals like them that are helping to destroy any hope Mexico has.

    At least they are currently in custody.

  6. Dreadful.
    Must pay the LEO's more.
    Must weed out the crooks.

    Idiota Blackwater Teabag.
    go make money somewhere else.

  7. Not just boots on the ground but a whole team -
    administrator to administrator
    accountant to accountant
    macho to macho....


    you Blackwater Sonsof Bitches get booted from Iraq and need a new place to come and make money off of different Blood?

  8. wow what a corrupted authority. Who can you trust in me mexico, speaking of the authority? What a joke. It's no wonder things are the way it is. Like one of the commentaors wrote, "for decades we turn our face the other way now look at the consequences. God help us.

  9. Question - Regarding Internal Affairs departments, is there anything similar to IA departments in Mexican law enforcement agencies?

    Or perhaps a similar (neutral) department that deals with possible corruption or complaints within the law enforcement agencies (both state and federal) in Mexico?

  10. Yes, the Federal Police (SSP) has the Direccion General de Asuntos Internos. I'm sure the state level SSP's have some dept modeled on the federal asuntos internos. I dont know if the municipales have them except for maybe Mexico City.

  11. @Valentina
    No IA at the municipal leval. They "ïnvestigate"impropriaties at times but usually it goes no where because of corruption. Mx allows cities to have an autonomy which translates to; funding is pretty much their responsibilty.. so they do not have the funding for updated equipment such as communication & special task forces. There is IA at the federal level but of course reserved for high profile cases and appeal from the state level. Valentina you must remember Mx is developing and under seige. They have little funds and what they have is misappropriated. They do have an anonymous hotline(crime-stoppers) but the people do not trust it enough to make it worthwhile

  12. estamos realmente solos,sin ninguna garantia ante este tipo de gentes que con total impunidad porta estrobos,codigos oficiales en viceras,y chalecos de corporaciones de seguirdad federal o estatal..cuando sabremos cuando atender a una autoridad o no?me uno a la pena de la familia indignante que ante la mirada de todo mundo sucedan estas cosas.ya no podemos salir ni al supermercado por temor a morir en un tiroteo....ojala pronto nuevo leon sea lo que era.dios lo tenga en su gloria.

  13. Police in Mx its a joke at all levels. Many years ago the Army had certain level of respect which I don't think is there any more thanks to corruption.

  14. Thanks guys, I now understand that there's a lot more going on than just the violence between the cartels, the corruption itself is far more dangerous.

    The Mexican government has a lot to answer for.


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